Meet the Tesla Cybertruck

The launch of the Tesla Cybertruck left no one indifferent. A vehicle that is literally unique in its class and that, beyond its appearance, has some details that are interesting to know, at least to try to understand its launch.

November 22, 2019 was a date that will remain in the history of Tesla vehicles. We are talking about the date on which the new Tesla Truck, better known as the Tesla Cybertruck, was presented. A product that, from the first moment, aroused all kinds of reactions among users. Some were amazed by the vehicle’s futuristic design, which bucked the trend of more classic models in its segment. Others, however, thought that the vehicle looked like a design created by Elon Musk on a hangover night after having smoked a joint, the kind he takes to radio interviews.

In any case, the truth is that Musk’s will to innovate is not limited to cars. He has also made the leap to sectors such as alcoholic beverages, with the launch of a Tesla tequila. The only problem is that the little bottle is worth no less than 250 dollars, almost 8 times more than what a bottle of Don Julio Reposado costs, one of the best tequilas on the market today. 

Jokes and drinks aside, the truth is that this latest model Tesla car has marked a before and after in a somewhat sleepy market. Therefore, we are going to analyze this particular vehicle in detail.

vehicle exteriors

The first thing that strikes you about this new Tesla car is its appearance. Compared to the usual rounded shapes in today’s vehicles, the Cybertruck is committed to a design of flat lines, large surfaces and a futuristic appearance, which even reminds us of certain movies such as Mad Max. It also has considerable measurements, 5.88 meters long by 2.03 centimeters wide and 1.9 meters high. Therefore, space is not going to be a problem when moving around inside the vehicle. Nor is it when it comes to carrying what you want, since this pick up has a storage tray of up to 2,831 volumetric capacity.

This exterior also incorporates large glazed surfaces, with which to improve visibility and give the vehicle a different look. Theoretically unbreakable crystals but, as we saw in the presentation, they seem not to be as hard as they said. To top it off, the roof area has solar panels, with which to recharge the car battery and increase its electrical autonomy. Although we will talk about this later.

Engines and autonomy

As befits the brand’s vehicles, the Cybertruck has an integral electric motorization. Something that would be harmed by its large size and weight but, thanks to the space available for the motor and batteries, in the end works in its favor.

We have the proof in the three versions that the vehicle offers for its motorization. One of them is rear-wheel drive, with a range of 400 kilometers and acceleration from 0 to 60 miles/96 kph in about 6.5 seconds. The second option mounts two electric motors, which add the option of all-wheel drive, reduce acceleration to just 4.5 seconds and give it a range of 480 kilometers. And the most powerful option is the one that includes three electric motors, which reduces acceleration to 2.9 seconds, leads to 209 kilometers of maximum speed and offers a range of 800 kilometers. Data more typical of a sports car than of a “tank” type all-terrain vehicle like this one.

As we said before, the vehicle has solar panels in the roof area, which allow it to gain a little energy and achieve the indicated autonomy. However, they are variable depending on the driving style we carry out and the load it carries, as happens with all electric vehicles.


Considering the measurements of the vehicle, it is obvious that the interiors are anything but cramped. In fact, the product offers six useful seats, in a 3 + 3 configuration. The seats maintain the vehicle’s own futuristic line, with a rear area in which the central seat can be unfolded and used as a table. 

On the other hand, thanks to its autonomous driving functions, the driver’s area consists of just a large screen, the pedals and a small F1-type steering wheel. A quality approach and in which users will surely have various options to choose from.


We said at the beginning that the Tesla Cybertruck was a risky bet, whose evolution could change the way we drive in the future. And the truth is that to start seeing these vehicles roll on the roads we will have to wait until 2022 or even 2022, in the case of the vehicle with three engines.

In what seems to be no doubt is the success that the vehicle is going to have. At the time of writing this article, Tesla already had more than 250,000 reservations for the Cybertruck, in its different versions. In fact, even before its release. The company has already made some improvements to the vehicle prior to its first release on the market, which demonstrates the brand’s degree of commitment to this particular project.

A commitment that is surprising both for the particularity of the vehicle and for the starting prices that the Cybertruck has. Specifically, the base model with one engine costs $39,900, which increases to $49,900 for the dual-engine model and $69,900 for the triple-engine model. In any case, we will see when the real launch takes place in which situation this particular vehicle is left.

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