Michelin Primacy HP MO Reviews

Main advantage:

This tire has a design specially designed for high-performance MPVs and saloons, with rigid but highly flexible compounds, so that issues such as braking or tire durability are improved.

Main disadvantage:

Although it is designed for high-end vehicles, it is true that the pattern is not particularly sporty or aggressive, so if you want a tire that has these characteristics, you should opt for another model.

Verdict: 9.9/10

One of the products located among the best tires on the market, in a classic design of the brand and that offers a combined mix between flexibility and resistance when driving.

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Main Features Explained

General characteristics

Michelin Primacy HP MO tires are among the best tires on the market for high-end sedans and large minivans, with high power and that move both on urban terrain and on highways or motorways. A summer tire, obviously suitable for all seasons, consisting of a versatile and efficient design when it comes to driving, according to the different opinions regarding the product.

To do this, the structure of the tire offers us a maximum contact surface with the ground on all types of surfaces, also having adequate rigidity with which to improve contact with the ground. This also allows the tire to last longer, through more regular tread wear, which also achieves greater stability and braking in the wet by always having fresh rubber in contact with the road.

In all this design, the compound used at the time of rolling, called Elasto Sport, also has a special importance. This compound has a unique mixture, with which a tire of high hardness and durability is achieved, but with the necessary flexibility to circulate on all types of terrain and perform conveniently. It is optimally combined with the Full Silica base, typical of the brand, to give that extra hardness and resistance that the most demanding vehicles require.

Basic shooting characteristics

In order to be clear about what this model offers, compared to other similar tyres, we will now analyze the rolling characteristics currently established by the European Union. In this case, we are talking about the parameters of the 205/55/16 91 V tires, and these may vary slightly depending on the different sizes offered by the manufacturer.

In the specific case of the indicated model, it has a C rating in terms of fuel consumption, placing it within the market average in this parameter. It is not as efficient as the class A tires, but it is true that it saves a good amount of fuel compared to the class F and G models, in line with the rest of the models offered by the manufacturer. Something that compensates, in part, the price of these tires.

Regarding braking, as we have pointed out before, it has a good level for the type of vehicles in which it has to be equipped. The specific evaluation of wet braking is class B, the second highest category in this parameter. As proof, compared to a class F tire, the lowest, this type of tire would brake in about 14 meters less. So the extra safety that the tire provides when rolling is considerable.

Offer of measures and other matters of interest

Within the range of these tires, we have sizes ranging from 16 to 18 inches in diameter, as well as from 205 to 275 millimeters in profile width. A very complete proposal, which is also presented with different load and speed indices, even reaching high-level sizes, such as 275 45/ 18 103 Y, designed for high-performance vehicles such as certain high-end models from Mercedes or Range Rover.

As for the rest of its characteristics, the tires have a noise level established at 70 decibels and class 2, within the current European rating. An acceptable level that is not too annoying, even considering the large tire sizes we are talking about. In fact, these seventy decibels is the noise level for all measurements in this product line.

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