Mobil 1 151060 ESP Reviews

Main advantage:

This oil has a high-quality synthetic base with which it is possible to enjoy less wear and better engine cleanliness when driving, even withstanding the demands of the most complex driving conditions.

Main disadvantage:

Some opinions indicate that the oil received may not be as recent as would be desirable, so it is worth taking a look at the labels and manufacturing dates once we have it at home.

Verdict: 9.4/10

A product designed to perform optimally in circumstances in which conventional oils do not offer good results and that is among the best 5W30 oils on the market today.

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Main Features Explained

Lubricant Design

Mobil 1 151060 ESP motor oil is derived from a state-of-the-art, fully proprietary blend of synthetic components for the best lubrication results in all types of engines. An approach that not only meets the requirements of the most common regulations and standards, but also exceeds them, in order to increase the level of protection that the oil offers to your engine.

This approach translates into an oil with a low ash content, so that the presence of the dreaded particles typical of combustion is reduced. Particles that are a big problem for pollution purposes and that also force modern particle filters to work excessively.

This improvement is also present on the side of sulfur and phosphorus. Two common elements in conventional 5W30 oils and that in this case have a more discreet presence within the formula of this product. Something that allows to reduce the poisoning and alteration of the catalysts of gasoline engines, also improving their performance and reducing the pollution levels of this type of vehicle.

Friction and consumption properties

One of the main tasks that oil has in an engine is to reduce friction between its different parts. Something in which this product also stands out, thus offering improved friction properties. Thanks to this characteristic, the oil keeps the protective film intact for longer, regardless of the level of demand of the engine, so that this layer does not deteriorate during break-in.

This protection is maintained during normal use, but also under challenging conditions such as low temperatures, where engine lubrication may not be complete. Thanks to its fluidity, the oil covers the different elements of the engine more quickly from the very start of the vehicle, regardless of how low the temperature is, so that the wear resulting from this phase of running-in is less.

These two properties better protect the engine, but also serve to extend its useful life by reducing internal friction. An aspect that also contributes to reducing fuel consumption, since the part of fuel that is used directly to reduce the resistance of the engine caused by friction now does not need to be spent. So you can recover part of the price of this oil with lower fuel consumption.

Durability and cleanliness

To complete all the properties that this oil offers us, it is necessary to take a look at its durability. This durability has also been improved, through greater thermal stability and adequate protection against oxidation. Thermal stability prevents the consumption of oil derived from operation at high temperatures, so that the cost of this oil is reduced compared to other products. Regarding protection against oxidation, this keeps the oil in good condition for longer, thus lengthening maintenance intervals and helping you save money on them.

In terms of engine cleaning properties, the oil incorporates the new active cleaning agents developed by the brand. Agents that further reduce the accumulation of dirt, shear and sludge deposits inside the engine, removing them efficiently through the catalytic converter or the particulate filter. In addition, these particles increase in size, thus facilitating their retention by the oil filter, so that the oil itself also stays cleaner for longer.

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