Opinions about Cardo Scala Rider Q1

Main advantage:

This motorcycle intercom has an attractive design available in black so you can combine it with any type of helmet. Likewise, it has small dimensions while its functionality will allow you to enjoy it at all times.


Main disadvantage:

It is convenient to evaluate the dimensions of the intercom. Considering that the device must be inside the helmet, and if it usually fits too tight it could be uncomfortable.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are looking for a practical motorcycle intercom capable of satisfying your needs while you are driving through the streets of your city, this model could be the one for you.

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Main Features Explained


Motorcycle intercoms are usually a very useful product when you move from one place to another through the streets of your city driving a motorcycle. In this sense, at the time of purchase you should consider some details that help you deduce which could be the most suitable model for you.

Thus, we present the Cardo Scala Rider Q1, an intercom that stands out among many for the variety of features it has to offer, starting first with its design, as it is available in black and is usually very comfortable to handle.

It should be noted that, in terms of its structure, the dimensions of this intercom are 26 x 21.4 x 8 centimeters, which means a product with an appropriate size to adapt to the helmet you use daily.

For its part, in terms of the manufacturing material available in this model, it is a high-quality plastic and can even withstand constant use, therefore, you should not worry about having to incur unnecessary expenses for a considerable time.

This could be considered the best motorcycle intercom for the fact that it offers you an intuitive use where you can use some special buttons to raise and lower volume, as well as answer calls without the need to make contact with the mobile, therefore, we recommend you take it into account at the time of your choice.


In addition to looking at the price of the motorcycle intercom you want to purchase, you should also consider the level of functionality it has to offer you, in this way you could determine whether or not it would be able to meet all your requirements while you keep it in use.

The Cardo Scala Rider Q1 is designed to keep you fully connected to your mobile while you ride your motorcycle through the streets of the city. First of all, it has voice control through which you can answer your calls without any inconvenience. It also has a technology called multipoint, this consists of being able to carry out the connection of two different mobiles at the same time. In this sense, it is considered a perfect model for the use of those people who usually use a mobile for professional purposes and another to maintain close contact with family and friends.

Among other details, this model also allows you to communicate with your passenger or travel companion while you are driving, being able to synchronize a second Q1 Scala device.



Now let’s talk a little about the level of practicality that this motorcycle intercom is capable of offering you, considering that some details even allow you to relax listening to your favorite station while driving, since it has an FM radio with built-in RDS. When we talk about RDS we refer to a special data broadcasting system that allows small amounts of digital data to be sent to the listener precisely with the FM radio radio signal.

Likewise, the Cardo Scala Rider Q1 has A2DP functionality, which means that you can enjoy a stereo Bluetooth profile. Thus, you will always be able to hear the audios, conversations and calls clearly as long as a proper connection is maintained via Bluetooth.

On the other hand, being the self-adjusting speakers, they are capable of changing the volume automatically, always depending on the speed at which you are driving and the external noise caused while you keep moving.

In a few words, according to the opinions of different users, you will be able to drive concentrated without having to worry about increasing or decreasing the audio when you receive a call or are listening to a voice note, since this intercom adapts to the needs of each occasion.

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