Opinions about EJEAS V6 Pro

Main advantage:

This model has special buttons so you can make different adjustments. Likewise, its design is ergonomic and has a black structure made with quality materials.


Main disadvantage:

To mention a downside about this product it is important that you know that the level of volume offered could be improved, but for speed and regular use, it could be appropriate.


Verdict: 9.9/10

The EJEAS V6 Pro could be your best choice as it comes with all the accessories for comfortable and safe use.

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Main Features Explained


The best motorcycle intercoms should always have an ideal level of connectivity so that you can enjoy proper use at all times. It is for this reason that we recommend you take this feature into account when considering a particular model to meet your needs.

The EJEAS brand in this opportunity offers you the V6 Pro model, a motorcycle intercom that has considerable connectivity, therefore, you will be able to listen to music, as well as share it easily as long as it is paired with your mobile. You can also make phone calls using the speed dial option.

It should be noted that this model works with any mobile as long as it has a Bluetooth connection. In addition, you could use it even when you maintain a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, being able to talk for up to 7 hours in total without any inconvenience.

Among other details, the maximum range of this intercom is 1200 meters so you can have a fluid conversation with your partner, and, as if that were not enough, it works correctly under all weather conditions that may arise using the audio input of 3.5 millimeters. In short, it is a product with a good performance and a quality level of waterproofing.


When evaluating motorcycle intercom options, you should look at certain details to determine if it really is the product you are looking for. In this sense, not only the price of a particular model will be of great importance, but also the variety of accessories that it can offer you so that you can carry out a much more comfortable and safe use.

In this sense, the EJEAS V6 Pro model includes in the package firstly a user manual which you can read briefly to know in detail the product you have purchased, in this you will even find the steps to follow to achieve a successful connection. Likewise, a USB cable is supplied to charge the headset battery as many times as necessary.

For a much more comfortable and safe use, a headphone clip, two fixing screws, a screwdriver and two adhesive headphone plugs are also supplied. In this way, you will not have to incur additional expenses.

It is important that you consider that once you are using the intercom, you will be able to reduce background noise for incoming and outgoing audio, you will also be able to call in hands-free mode, as well as listen to music or voice instructions that are generally provided by GPS navigation applications.. 

Technical specifications

In the case of a motorcycle intercom, it is important that you can look at each of the technical specifications that it has to verify how practical and functional it could be when using it.

In this way, as for the battery used by this model, it is of the Li-ion type with a capacity of 530 mAh and requires a maximum charging time of approximately 3 hours, so that you can enjoy the autonomy it offers. It should be noted that the power supply of this product is 5V USB, while the plug input is AC 100-240V and the plug output is DC 5V.

Speaking a little about the design of this product, we must mention that its structure is completely black and it is made with quality elements to provide you with the longest possible useful life. Likewise, the intercom has several buttons so that you can make some adjustments, such as raising and lowering the volume, as well as answering a call or even resetting the device. Due to these and many more features, this product could be considered the best motorcycle intercom available on the market.

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