Opinions about Motul Specific 504 00 507 00

Main advantage:

This oil has a synthetic base design that complies with all the contamination requirements of the EURO IV, EURO V and EURO VI standards, also having a low content of sulfated ash in its formulation.

Main disadvantage:

Some opinions recommend checking the oil level more frequently than usual in vehicles with turbocharged engines, since this part consumes a very high amount of oil during break-in.

Verdict: 9.5/10

A product with a very advanced formulation and high quality in which harmful elements such as sulfur or phosphorus are eliminated, for efficient protection but also respectful of the environment.

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Main Features Explained

joint development

Located among the best 5W30 oils on the market, the Motul Specific 504 00 507 00 product is a quality option with which to enjoy adequate performance when running with our engine. A design that is not accidental, but is derived both from the brand’s extensive experience in the development of high-level lubricants as well as from strict compliance with the standards established by the VAG group for its vehicles.

This translates into an oil that meets all the requirements of brand vehicles such as Audi, Seat or Skoda, and can also enjoy extended maintenance intervals. Something that reduces the price of your maintenance even when the product does not receive Long Life consideration. However, in compatible vehicles it is easy to reach 20,000 kilometers of durability between oil changes.

Specific formulation

One of the aspects that is repeated the most in the opinions of this oil has to do with the way in which it works inside the engine. We are talking about an oil that complies with the current ACEA 3 standard, so that its performance is in line with the most current requirements of all types of vehicle manufacturers, compared to 5W30 oils that still maintain the ACEA 2 standard. An ideal oil to improve the performance of vehicles with current injection systems and modern particulate filters.

Another quality detail of this oil is that it has a low content of traditional elements in other oils such as sulfur, phorofo or sulfated ashes. All these elements are reduced in the composition of this oil, which adds an extra to the oil to perform better during the usual post-treatment process in vehicles with a particulate filter. So this oil not only saves you money with its longer maintenance intervals, but it also saves us all some of the pollution that your vehicle would emit into the environment with a lower quality oil.

Presentation of the oil

As a last aspect of this oil, it is time to see the different presentations that this product has. Among them, we have the presentation of the product we have chosen, which corresponds to the traditional five-liter can with a pouring spout and fill indicator on the side, ideal for keeping the amount of oil that we pour into our vehicle under control.

It is true that some vehicles have a crankcase capacity slightly higher than the 5 liters of that can. It is also possible that you need to top up this oil from time to time, especially if you have a turbo engine, as we have mentioned. In this case, you also have the presentation in a 1 liter container, although the truth is that the price of the product in this presentation is higher.

But for those who have great needs for oil, such as in workshops and other circumstances, the product is also available in large formats. These formats range from the traditional 208 liter barrel to 40 and 60 liter formats. Finally, we have the Ecotul design with a 20-litre capacity, which presents the product in a Bag in Box format. The oil is stored in a bag and protected with a cardboard box in a very practical and common format in hospital environments or in the world of wine, among others. If you need them, all you have to do is look for a distributor that will put them within your reach.

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