Opinions about PAJ GPS Easy Finder

Main advantage: 

In addition to being a car locator, this model is very complete, because it is equipped with different types of alarm and help button to use in an emergency. It is suitable for use with children, older adults, people with disabilities or who suffer from some type of mental disorder.

Main disadvantage:

You need to download the app and configure it from the manufacturer’s website, otherwise it may not work properly. 

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a high-performance battery-powered remote object and person locator that offers multiple options to configure it according to need. Its price is lower, compared to other car GPS locators with similar properties.

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Main Features Explained


Some user opinions qualify this device as the best GPS locator for cars. This appreciation is due in large part to its usefulness, since it can be used for different purposes, whether it is to locate the car or another type of vehicle, personal belongings or issue help alerts in emergencies. In addition, the PAJ GPS Easy Finder car GPS tracker offers the advantage of being able to track people, so it is recommended for use with children, the elderly and even serves to locate pets when they are too far away. 

Likewise, you can take advantage of the option of storing all the different routes that have been traveled during a period of approximately one hundred days and locate what you are looking for in real time. 

This locator has different alarm modes that can be controlled to turn on or off from the mobile phone. These are: SOS, for emergencies; vibration, to alert when its sensor perceives a lot of agitation; speed, in case of exceeding the preset speed limit; and low battery, to alert when the device’s battery has run low. Likewise, you can preset several zones that are considered more common to identify them and issue an alert in case of entering or leaving there. 


Unlike other GPS locators for cars, this model has a battery whose performance, with use of at least one hour a day, extends for around 5 days and, in cases where the device is not used frequently, but remain in standby mode, its battery has the capacity to last up to 10 days. 

This battery, when it goes into standby mode, better known as “standby”, uses an intelligent configuration that allows it to save its energy while the locator is not in motion. It is worth mentioning that the longer it remains immobile, the longer its charge will last. However, all its functions and alarms will remain on during this period, in order to be able to alert in the event of an emergency that requires sending an SOS signal. 

This locator also has an alarm that can warn when the device’s battery is below 20%, so it notifies the state of charge by e-mail. Also, you can check the battery consumption or its capacity through the corresponding application, so you will be able to know when a new recharge will be necessary. To do this, the device includes a charger with a USB adapter to connect it to the wall outlet.


The PAJ GPS Easy Finder GPS locator for car has a practical, comfortable and functional design, to be carried discreetly in the glove compartment of the car, in the bag, under the seat of the motorcycle, in suitcases and is also useful for athletes and watchmen. At the same time, it can be used as a bracelet to locate children or older adults.

In the same way, it allows it to be used with pets, since this small device is easy to carry due to its light weight, which is less than 50 g, while its structure has a length of 7.7 cm and a width of of 3.9 cm, so it can be easily hung on the harness or collar of the pet without being uncomfortable. Its versatile design also includes a metal buckle for safe carrying and hanging. 

Although this device appears small, it is a piece of equipment that provides optimized performance and maximum durability, since the structure that covers it, according to its most notable characteristics, is made of high-resistance material to withstand continuous use. Likewise, it has the particularity of being waterproof, so that its entire internal circuit will remain protected by a firm and compact cover that guarantees its protection, even when the device gets wet.

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