Opinions about Uniroyal RainSport 3

Main advantage:

This model is specially designed for rainy terrain, with a more efficient drawing when it comes to evacuating water and giving you greater safety when the weather gets worse when driving.

Main disadvantage:

Due to the characteristics of the pattern, specially designed to achieve superior grip in wet conditions, it is important to comply with both the balance and the tire swaps, in order to improve durability and performance.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Tires specially designed to run in very wet areas, with a high-quality design and manufacturing material, with which to “glue” the vehicle to the ground in the most complex conditions.

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Main Features Explained

shooting in rain

One of the aspects that Uniroyal RainSport 3 tires stand out for is their grip in wet conditions. Something for which the brand is widely known in the market, offering users superior grip, even where water falls in large quantities, even as a conventional summer tire.

A grip that is verified on the European product label, which indicates a class A rating when it comes to wet braking. Therefore, we are talking about a product that is at the level of the best tires when it comes to braking safely. In fact, this model is able to offer the shortest braking distance in the conditions of this test, stopping the vehicle around 4.5 or 9 meters than an equivalent class B or class C tire.

But perhaps the most important thing about this point has to do not only with the technical parameters but with the opinions that the product raises. Comments that affirm both the high efficiency of the vehicle when braking in the wet and offering high quality grip, as corresponds to a tire with measures designed for vehicles of a certain level and demand, due to the motorization and power of the tires. cars that are going to fit..

Fuel consumption and noise

Since we have already talked about the grip in the wet that this tire offers us, we are going to see some more details about the product, beyond its price. Starting with fuel consumption, this tire achieves a C rating, placing it in the middle of the rating according to this parameter. Something that is in line with a tire specially designed to obtain great grip, which generally has the effect of increasing fuel consumption, due to the greater rolling resistance that this tire offers, and which we have already mentioned.

The other aspect that the tire offers, in its ecological label, is the noise level. In this section, the product receives a two-wave rating with an estimated noise generation of about 71 decibels. However, if we take a look at the opinions about it, the general perception is that the tire offers a lower interior noise level than other similar products. Thus, in addition to the grip in the wet that we have mentioned, the rest of the technical parameters of the tire also maintain the level.

By the way, the parameters mentioned belong to the 205 / 55 / 16 91 V measure. In the rest of the measures the level of fuel consumption varies, mainly in category C although it is reduced to E in the larger models. In what does not vary any of the models is in the grip, which in all cases maintains the category A that we have already mentioned.

Other aspects of interest

As we said before, the range of sizes for this tire is more than considerable and can be fitted to practically any vehicle. In fact, the versatility and wide range of this specific model allows it to be equipped from small vehicles, such as the Fiat 500 or the Hyundai i20, to top-level luxury SUVs and sedans, in a range that reaches enormous sizes such as the 305/ 30/ 19, what is the one that mounts the Porsche Cayenne.

A range of vehicles in which having good stability when making turns is essential. Something that helps the design of the flanks, in a resistant but also flexible casing, so that the cornering grip when there is no rain is also remarkable.

To top it off, within the range already mentioned, Uniroyal includes several models with modern SSR technology. This technology allows the tire to keep running when a puncture occurs, so you can drive up to 80 kilometers at a speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour. With them you will not have to stop your way for a puncture.

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