Opinions about Valeo Beep&Park

Main advantage:

There are four sensors with all the necessary installation tools to be able to detect any imminent risk of impact when parking, even when the obstacle is not visible to you. They can be installed on both the front and rear of your vehicle.

Main disadvantage: 

This model does not offer the combination of sound and visualization of obstacles on the screen; it only has the function of the loudspeaker as a way of warning to trust the system.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a warning system to park your vehicle and avoid impacts that imply expensive subsequent repairs for your pocket.

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Main Features Explained

4 detectors

Among the opinions of drivers, it is common to hear that one of the most important driving skills is being able to park the car between two other vehicles or obstacles, even more so when it involves moving in reverse. Sometimes, it feels that the side mirrors or the rear view are not enough to notice the proximity of a wall, garbage can, any other object or even a person.

These 4 detectors will be like having someone on the outside telling you if all your maneuvers are going well. They are ideal parking sensors to enhance safety against the misleading perception of depth of space, especially if you are parking in reverse. 

The detectors are part of a kit that comes in a box containing an electronic control unit, a loudspeaker, cables and extensions, rings and other elements necessary for a correct installation. In case you think that the aesthetics of your vehicle could be altered, they can be painted the same color without reducing the efficiency of their function. 

In addition to all of the above, you have the guarantee that each of the products that make up this comprehensive parking assistance system has the respective E, CE, RoHS, REACH and MALSO certification.  

Front or back position

Being calm while making wheel turns and other movements is highly valued by every driver. In fact, it’s when you’re nervous about not seeing when you finally end up hitting something or throwing off the idea of ​​parking in a certain spot. With these sensors, you can decide the convenience of their location to help you, since they are designed to alert you to the proximity of something with respect to both your front and rear bumpers and bumpers.

If it is decided to place them in the back of the vehicle, as soon as you put reverse, the system activates them to be alert. If they are positioned at the front, they are activated when the brake pedal is released, giving a time margin between 8 and 20 seconds. If you start and drive the vehicle forward, the activation remains vigilant for about 30 seconds.

Whether from the front or rear of the vehicle, you will be warned of any obstacle that is between 10 and 170 centimeters away. Being aware that the operability and proper functioning of the sensors are not obstructed by dirt or snow will help its technology to show you that you have acquired the best parking sensor on the market. 


A fraction of a second will be enough for the beep to sound when it barely detects a risky proximity. In this model, the warning system is only audible and, even if the obstacle is not in your line of sight, the sensor detects it and alerts you with an acoustic pulse, becoming a practical solution for daily parking. 

French quality Valeo has been growing since 1923 and today is valued as a reliable supplier of excellent technologies to the world of motorsports. Its Beep&Park creation aims to make you feel good at the wheel, giving you confidence when parking. 

For this, the first beep alerts and then begins to gradually increase its speed and sound intensity until it becomes continuous. This happens when you perceive the collision as about to happen less than 30 cm away from the other object. So stopping at the first sound can prevent unfortunate and costly consequences that are worth the price paid for this clever system. 

Hence, how important it is to ensure a good installation with respect to the position in which it is decided to place the ultrasonic sensors. In this way, a sufficient detection radius is guaranteed that will be delimited with an easily perceptible sound identification. 

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