Parrot Mki9100 Opinions

Main advantage:

The model stands out for having a simple configuration and intuitive use through commands and voice recognition, which speeds up its use and gives the person greater freedom to perform its functions. In addition, it can be controlled by remote control.

Main disadvantage: 

Although it is easy to use and the operating system is not usually a barrier, it may only be available in Eastern European languages, making it difficult to understand. 

Verdict: 9.7/10

In general, this device has a high-end performance and is made up of a set that can be installed in any car to provide greater safety while driving. Hence, it is considered one of the best on the market. 

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Main Features Explained

Functionality and use 

Car hands-free devices are commonly and frequently used devices that make life easier for the user through applications and functions that serve to make driving time safer. Due to this basic function they have become popular, so that there are many brands that market them. Among them, Parrot, with its Mki9100 model, is one of those with the best user opinions regarding performance and usage attributes. 

In this sense, this alternative is equipped with state-of-the-art innovative developments that have been added to the device to make it more efficient. For this reason, controlling the Parrot Mki9100 is easy and fast, since it has a double system for interaction with the hands-free car kit.

On the one hand, it can be controlled by remote control through the use of buttons and keys that, when pressed, generate an immediate and effective response on the device. In addition, to make the driving journey safer and not have to use the remote control or divert attention from the road, this headset is equipped with a multi-user voice recognition function, as well as a function for voice synthesis. Both interaction options have been integrated to facilitate use and provide a better driving experience.

design and accessories

Design is one of the most important features when purchasing an efficient device. Hands-free devices should have compact sizes and light weights, as this will make handling and installation easier. To meet general standards and provide better use, the Parrot brand has taken care of giving its Mki9100 alternative a practical design, which can be installed anywhere or carried in a trouser pocket without causing discomfort, thanks to its compact size..  

Its weight does not exceed 200 grams and it has an OLED technology screen, through which it is possible to access the useful information of the device. In this way, the user will be able to navigate from the screen and observe the name and number of the person who calls the mobile. In the same way, you can have contact from this screen with the content of the mobile device and make some adjustments.

In general, this headset is equipped with a remote control, a mounting kit on the steering wheel for the remote control and another for the screen on the dashboard, a cable for the screen, a mute cable with an ISO connector, a guide quick access, as well as a Parrot universal mute radio box, which includes cables for iPod, USB and iPhone. 

Technology and access

Under the premise of being connected and living a new experience on the road, this Parrot model is positioned as one of the best hands-free cars on the market, because it includes technological developments within its options that give the user access to all the information of the mobile with just a glance.

From the device it is possible to access contacts, menus, mobile status, playlist and other functions. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, with this device you can hang up, pick up and make a double call. In addition, by linking both devices via Bluetooth, the calendar will be immediately synchronized to manage up to two thousand contacts. 

If you analyze the technological functions that are included in the Parrot Mki9100, you will notice that its price is not excessive, but that it is adjusted to the benefits and advantages offered by the device. For example, within its technical specifications, it has an adjustable and adjustable double external microphone, as well as audio treatment for echo cancellation. 

Regarding music, you can play it from any device. It has a 20 W class D digital amplifier, sound effects and several connectors for both iPod (from the fifth generation) as well as auxiliary and USB inputs. All functions are produced thanks to the 32-bit Parrot microprocessor.

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