Pioneer MVH-S310BT Reviews

Main advantage:

This sound system has an RDS receiver with Bluetooth that allows you to make hands-free calls. Additionally, it’s designed to listen to music stored on your Android smartphone, so you can safely enjoy content from Spotify or Pioneer’s Smart Sync app.

Main disadvantage:

It is not compatible with CD or DVD players, but you can play your favorite music through its USB and SD input, or also through your smartphone with Bluetooth technology.

Verdict: 9.7/10

A high-tech car radio system that offers a great sound experience, thanks to its different connectivity options.

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Main Features Explained

Connectivity and compatibility

Pioneer’s MVH-S310BT model is a high-tech car audio system that offers a new sound experience with smartphone connectivity, which is why, according to the opinions of many users, it is the best car radio that we can find anywhere. the market, with good quality and affordable price. 

This device stands out because it is compatible with Pioneer’s Smart Sync app and Spotify. To activate it, you just have to connect your smartphone to that application and you can enjoy all your favorite playlist, tracks, albums, artists, using the controls of the main unit.

In addition to this, you can listen to the music stored on your smartphone without having to download additional applications, being compatible with Android and iPod/Apple iPhone Direct Control devices. Likewise, we can highlight that this gadget has a USB input, which allows connection to any device with a USB interface cable, through which you can charge it or enjoy the sound in a clear and defined way.

Another interesting aspect of this model is the Bluetooth connectivity. With this technology you can enjoy the music from your smartphone, because it connects via wireless streaming, playing all the content automatically. You can even connect two Bluetooth phones at the same time to maximize the experience.

sound quality

When we look for car radios, the first thing we think about is sound quality, which allows us to enjoy a musical experience adapted to our tastes and preferences. In this context, we can mention that thanks to Pioneer’s exclusive Advanced Sound Retriever technology, the sound quality of this device will be comparable to the original recording.

It is equipped with a 13-band graphic equalizer, with which you only have to adjust the audio output precisely so that you can enjoy your music. Additionally, it has a built-in 4 x 50 W MOSFET amplifier and a digital processing RDS tuner, which will allow you to obtain high power and great clarity. 

On the other hand, we must mention that this sound device can read FLAC files, so you can enjoy music content with digital audio and CD quality, without having to do conversion actions. Furthermore, it is designed with Mechafree, so it is compatible with all modern digital music formats such as MP3, WMA and WAV audio files. It also has subwoofer control and two RCA outputs.

Additional functions

Among other additional functions of this car radio system, we highlight that you can tune in to your favorite FM Radio station and save the selection to listen to it whenever you want, but you can also do it manually. This can be done, thanks to the large rotary knob and easily accessible preset buttons.

For its part, the LCD screen has Cyrillic character display, as well as lighting effects and timer, all customizable both on keys and screen. Also, brightness control can be done in 10 steps. Includes 1 external Bluetooth microphone and you can use karaoke to enjoy your music. 

We must also highlight the automatic transfer function of the phone book, which is possible with the Bluetooth connection, as well as the navigation through the audio system wirelessly, which is done with said technology. Also, you can make or receive hands-free calls from this device.

Another point that we must highlight about this product is its modern, attractive design, with a nice black color and red details. It also has a slim profile and short chassis for easy installation, as well as a removable anti-theft panel. Its dimensions are 8.5 x 18 x 5 cm, so it has enough space for you to comfortably view all the useful information on this gadget. 

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