Pioneer TS-R1750S Reviews

Main advantage: 

The design is one of the things that stands out the most and, in this case, it is thanks to the incorporation of metallic red with a completely black background. This gives contrast, with a touch of modernity. 

Main disadvantage: 

Piezoelectric elements are not of the best quality, as they create flimsy structures. Therefore, you must take care of the tweeter of this set avoiding to increase the volume too much. 

Verdict: 9.8/10

With a good price, beautiful design, ease of assembly and brand quality, this car speaker set is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy music on the way to work. 

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Main Features Explained 

Structure and design

When comparing car speakers, one of the most outstanding aspects of this set is its design. Unlike the models that are unicolored and created to match and go unnoticed, this set combines black with red in the central part. In this way, it will stand out in any car. 

In addition to the modern and unique design, the structure is also something to take into account to make the most informed and appropriate purchase possible. The woofer is the largest piece and is made with a multi-layer mica matrix for extended durability; this has a diameter of 16.5 centimeters. 

The tweeter is the small part, made with piezoelectric-type resistant elements for the reproduction of high frequencies. This tiny artifact has a diameter of just 1.5 cm, therefore it has a significant difference from the woofer. The assembly of the speakers is also simple, not only because it is intuitive, but also because of the lightness of all the elements that are part of the purchase. For that reason, you only need to read the instructions and in a short time the sound system will be ready. Both pieces require an installation depth of 4.7 centimeters, adequate measurements for the vast majority of cars. 


Pioneer is quite a famous brand in the world of car speakers, so buying one of these products from the company is always a guarantee for proper sound for your car. The opinions of buyers towards this model have been positive due to this, in addition to its affordable price. 

Regarding the energy of the electrical current with which this product can work, the device has a musical power of 250 W, so, as long as it remains in that range, there will be no risk of damage. Additionally, it works with an impedance of 4 Ohms, usual for this type of product. 

Focusing on what really matters, which is the nominal or RMS power, this product has 40 W. Thanks to this detail, the sound will be louder than other models, without being distorted by the higher or lower tones. The brand has not included a data for the peak power, although this is usually twice the nominal, however, it is better not to risk forcing the speakers, as they could be damaged due to the effort. 

Its amplification is passive, therefore, it is single-way and its filter is responsible for separating the frequencies towards each speaker. 

coaxial system  

This product, considered by many as one of the best car speakers, shares the same playback system as most Pioneer brand devices, as it has been manufactured with a two-way connection, coaxial type, in order to offer a more versatile and practical design.

In this way, this set of car speakers comes with two pieces that are responsible for reproducing all the sounds. The woofer acts as the main speaker and has the ability to reproduce low and mid-bass sounds, while the tweeter, for its part, works as the secondary speaker, producing high and mid-high sounds. Both work together, complementing each other to cover the widest range of sound possible. 

In the case of this model, the maximum frequency response is extensive to try to capture sounds in greater detail, reproducing them as accurately and as stable as possible. The scale goes from 36 to 31,000 Hertz, so as long as an adequate volume is maintained and the device is in good condition, the loudness will be stable and without distortions. 

This type of coaxial systems are used in appliances whose performance is required for frequent non-professional use. 

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