Scorpio SR 950 Reviews

Main advantage:

This model incorporates modern FM technology, which is capable of sending and receiving information between the alarm and the included remote control at distances of up to one kilometer. 

Main disadvantage:

The price of the alarm is somewhat higher than other options that we have on the market, although it is justified both by the quality and by the additional features that this model offers us.

Verdict: 9.7/10

A new trend within motorcycle alarms, which allows you to gain in security by having a direct connection with the vehicle, thanks to the FM transmission capacity that it incorporates.

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Main Features Explained

alarm connectivity

As we have been commenting, one of the most outstanding aspects of this product is its connectivity. Something that can be seen in the different opinions of the alarm that we read online and that place this product among the best motorcycle alarms of the moment.

This connectivity uses an FM transmitter located inside the alarm itself and powered by the motorcycle’s battery, as well as a receiver located on the remote control, which has a large screen. This FM technology has a transmission capacity at distances of up to one kilometer, and is even suitable for operation inside buildings.

Therefore, you will be able to park your motorcycle quietly on the street and have the status of the alarm controlled at all times. And what’s even better, in the event of problems such as the alarm being triggered or loss of communication with it, you will immediately receive a warning on the remote control, so that you can act immediately and take the appropriate measures on the fly.

Advanced technology

Another advantage of this modern product, within current motorcycle alarms, is its advanced technology. Among its functions we find a high-precision accelerometer, which is responsible for activating the system in case of problems. An accelerometer that comes from airbag technology, so the safety of the device, and therefore of the alarm, is more than assured. Something that allows you to read the specific position of the motorcycle once parked and activate the alarm in case it changes.

This avoids the problems with false alarms, typical of other products of lower quality. Something important considering that this model integrates an alarm of up to 125 decibels of power and a multi-tone system, which makes it easy to recognize it. All this in a product with high-quality sealing and efficient encapsulation, to give you greater resistance, in line with the price of this model.

Regarding the remote control, since the product has two-way transmission, you will not only be able to use it to receive alarms, but it will also help you configure it, activate it and see other aspects of interest, such as if it is on. or turn off the alarm. A control with a large LCD screen and an antenna, in which the transmitter is incorporated, which gives you an easy-to-read image of the status of the product at all times, while notifying you when you leave its coverage area.

Product Installation

At this point, you may be concerned about the device installation process. Well, nothing could be easier, since the brand has thought of everything. Specifically, this model does not require any modifications, welding or complicated assembly. In fact, you don’t even need to make an electrical connection. Simply use the current-stealing clamp, which clamps the cable but does not damage it, to connect the power cable to the motorcycle’s indicators.

So the installation process is as simple as fixing the equipment to the motorcycle, using the included fastening kit, and making the connection that we just mentioned. From this moment, the alarm takes power and activates the operating system, also having low power consumption during the process.

As if that were not enough, since the remote control is very complete in terms of the information it gives you, you will know the battery status at a glance. In any case, in the event of a low charge, you will also receive an alert, which prevents you from being able to start the motorcycle the next morning due to lack of energy.

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