Shell Helix Ultra Reviews

Main advantage:

It is one of the most versatile 5W30 oils on the market, being suitable for diesel and gasoline engines but also for biodiesel, ethanol and even those that run on gas, providing high performance in all types of environments.

Main disadvantage:

Although the oil reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicle, this effect is not as intense as that produced by other oils on the market, remaining in a nominal saving of only 1.5%.

Verdict: 9.6/10

An interesting novelty within the best 5W30 oils that we have at our disposal, offering a cleaner base and better performance in all types of uses.

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Main Features Explained

oil base

One of the issues that most draws attention to this product is the origin of the oil. In general, almost all lubricants come from synthetic sources made with oil obtained in its different distillation phases. But thanks to Shell’s Pure Plus technology, this oil is not obtained from petroleum but from natural gas.

This component is used to obtain 75 to 90% of the base lubricant that is used to make the final product, to which the rest of that percentage is added in the form of additives and other elements that improve the useful life of the engine and intensify its properties. However, being based primarily on natural gas, this oil improves the viscosity, friction and volatility of traditional lubricants because this natural gas “extract” practically eliminates the impurities that crude oil tends to add to conventional oils.

To achieve this result, natural gas is treated with pure oxygen, thus obtaining the so-called synthesis gas. This gas is liquefied and subsequently processed in a hydrocracker, which is responsible for altering the organic structure of the compound and generating new molecules, which are used as the basis for the production of the products of this new batch of oils. A much cleaner and more efficient base that raises various positive opinions regarding its quality.

Oil protection and cleaning capacity

Thanks to the Pure Plus system that we have just mentioned, we are faced with a high-level and considerable quality oil that has much more efficient properties when it comes to eliminating all types of residue from our engine. Some properties that are also applied to all types of engines beyond conventional gasoline and diesel. So whether your car runs on gas, biodiesel or uses conventional fuels, you won’t have any problems keeping the inside of your engine clean like never before.

This cleaning goes hand in hand with special protection against internal engine wear and corrosion from use. The new bases made with natural gas eliminate impurities typical of the usual oils, so that the oil that circulates through the engine is much cleaner than the one you would have with other cheaper and worse quality oils. To understand it better, we could compare it to cleaning a countertop with a new cloth versus a used cloth with residue. 

Improved performance and fuel consumption

All these properties that we have discussed translate into improved oil performance when it comes to lubricating your engine. Something that is demonstrated in aspects such as three times faster fluidity at temperatures of -40 degrees, which allows for easier starting and more efficient engine warm-up, even at very low ambient temperatures.

The same happens with compliance with API and similar standards, which in the case of this product are surpassed with flying colours. So compliance with current standards, such as ACEA 3 or API SN, is more than guaranteed. In addition to these general regulations, there is also compliance with the specific regulations of manufacturers such as BMW, Renault or the Volkswagen group, to name a few.

As for fuel consumption, this oil also reduces that expense by around 1.5%, according to the manufacturer. Something that helps offset the price of oil, which is slightly higher than other similar products. Anyway, in addition to that fuel economy, we’re also going to enjoy less engine wear and less incidence of vehicle breakdowns, which is also another nice bonus.

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