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Main advantage:

This model has a high-quality profiled construction based on high-level materials, such as suede on the outside, velvet on the inside and the profiled rubber of considerable resistance on the sole, which cause many favorable opinions among users.

Main disadvantage:

The height of the boots is somewhat lower than that of other similar models, so you gain something in mobility, but the protection is not as high as that of taller products or with a longer shaft.

Verdict: 9.8/10

These short motorcycle boots offer you a high quality design, good resistance and all the protection that your feet deserve in any circumstance.

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Main Features Explained

Manufacturing materials

The first thing that draws attention to this product and that places the model among the best motorcycle boots of the moment are its construction materials. Among them, we have a velvet interior that is very pleasant to the touch, which is reinforced on the outside with nylon. The result is boots that are very resistant when it comes to their use, but which are not a problem when it comes to enjoying pleasant sensations during the trip.

Additionally, the instep area also has a high-quality suede leather construction, which gives you the durability and resistance necessary to ride comfortably. A material that also protects you against the cold and the rest of the threats that you have to face during your trips, whether you are driving in the city or if you venture out on the road or circuit.

Finally, when justifying the price of the product, it is also necessary to assess its sole. This sole offers us high-quality support and considerable resistance when circulating, so its durability is not a problem. An aspect in which the product gives you more peace of mind where other models tend to falter.

High-level security

Since we are talking about some of the most recognized in the sector, it is fair that we also take a look at the security that these boots offer us. This security has the high resistance to abrasion provided by the suede of the upper part and that we have already mentioned. Different reinforcements are also included in the heel area, as well as in the toe box, so that the most sensitive areas of the foot are always safe.

Also safe is the sole of this product, which includes a mounting system with which to obtain greater stability when moving. The high adhesion of this sole makes it easy to maneuver comfortably with the boots and keep the foot safe in the event of an accident. A sole that also helps you to walk comfortably when you decide to leave your motorcycle parked.

As a final aspect, it is necessary to take a look at the closure system of these boots. A closure that joins the most traditional lacing systems with a velcro strap located on the upper part, so that you can achieve the necessary level of tension or adjustment when putting on your boots. In addition, the velcro has a high resistance and will last you longer.

considerable comfort

So that you also enjoy a pleasant comfort, you have other aspects in the design of the boots. We have already mentioned, for example, the comfort that the inner material of the shoe offers us and that allows the foot to perspire better while generating more pleasant sensations during your trip.

Something similar occurs with the profiled design of the interior, which is responsible for evacuating excessive heat and preventing moisture from accumulating inside beyond what would be desirable. This is not a problem when facing rain or wet terrain, since the interior protection does allow moisture to escape but prevents water from any source from penetrating inside, for greater comfort.

Finally, the boots incorporate a comfortable inner insole. This section is made of a material designed to absorb shocks and give you a better fit, which obviously results in greater comfort. To make matters worse, this template is interchangeable, so if you need to change it for another or simply replace it with one, it is very easy to do so.

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