The 12 Best Car Cameras of 2022

Car Camera – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Driving is a simple task, but it has its degree of complexity, since you will never be alone on the road. However, the new technologies that can be included in the car open up a range of possibilities for drivers. One of these is car cameras. Although there are many proposals, two stand out as the best. First of all, Awesafe 7 inches appears, a multifunctional camera equipped with Bluetooth, GPS and a large screen that improves the driver’s rear view. There is also the Supoggy SQ11 model, which has a small size, but is capable of capturing high-quality images in low lighting conditions.

The 12 Best Car Cameras – Opinions 2022

The installation of a car camera will allow the driver a greater angle of vision. Similarly, some models are suitable for improving safety, both in driving and in the vehicle. Although many brands have opted for interesting models, not all of them are of quality. Therefore, to help you with your choice, we have reduced the list to the 9 best car cameras, with an analysis of their main aspects and functionality. 

rear camera for car

1. Awesafe GPS for Cars with 7 Inch LCD Screen 

If you want the best car camera on the market, then you should opt for this model that stands out for its multifunctionality, which serves to improve driving and avoid accidents. It is a car rear camera, which has been equipped with an angle that reduces the blind spot during reversing and can detect obstacles. 

It is waterproof, with IP67 protection, so it can be used in rain, fog or any weather condition. In addition, it has built-in Bluetooth and GPS, so it can be linked with the mobile to enjoy the functions of the phone from this device. 

It is not only a wireless car rear camera, but also a device with seven driving modes, which are: car, truck, emergency, bus, taxi, pedestrian and private vehicle, for better adaptation and performance. It has an SD card slot, with a maximum storage space of 32 GB to play music, videos, photos and more.

Considered to be the best car camera of the moment, this device has various functions that can be taken advantage of. Learn more about him below.


GPS: It contains preloaded all the maps of Europe, so internet is not required to follow the route.

Screen: It has a large, color screen with tactile properties to improve security.

Storage: Includes 8 GB internal memory, expandable up to 32 GB with microSD. 

Modes: It has seven driving modes according to your needs: car, truck, taxi, bus, bicycle, emergency and more. 


Battery: The autonomy time of this model is reduced, only 30 minutes. 

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2. 3T6B Reversing Camera and Monitoring Kit

Several options are positioned among the first places of the best car cameras of 2022 and this alternative is one of them, for providing the driver with constant monitoring for vehicle parking.

Reversing is one of the most complex driving techniques, but this car rear camera will facilitate it through a 4.3-inch LED screen, in which it will be possible to see obstacles and improve rear vision, by providing an angle of 160 degrees.

This device is easy to use and install. It just needs to be plugged into the car’s 12 volt cigarette socket. Collect images with high quality in resolution, because the camera is high-end, with anti-fog night vision function. In addition, it has waterproof properties, with a compact and discreet design that can be fixed on the car console using a gel suction cup.

Some manufacturers have the approval of users and the 3T6B camera is one of them, since this is often considered the best brand of car cameras.


Construction: It has a robust construction, with an ABS casing, making it a lightweight camera.

Resolution: It has an adequate resolution of 800 TVL to appreciate the images clearly. 

Resistance: It is a waterproof camera, so it will continue to work even in the rain.

Screen: It has an LED technology screen, with a size of 4.3 inches.


Cables: For its installation, it includes the complete kit, but the cables are long and not very discreet.

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3. MiCarBa CL-009

In this case, we present a rear camera for a car with a traditional design with a high-definition image that will work perfectly for you when you go to park your car. This car rear view camera stands out for its wide visibility angle of up to 140 degrees.

This car camera uses 480 lines thanks to its high quality sensor, providing clear and color images, providing a high level of safety and confidence when parking.

On the other hand, this product will fit perfectly into your car thanks to its elegant and minimalist design that will blend perfectly with the style of any vehicle model.

If you are interested in purchasing the best car camera, it is advisable to take into account all the features beforehand. This model presents a series of positive and negative aspects that we present below.


Design : It is a fairly compact device that can easily go unnoticed and will not break the design of your vehicle, since it is a minimalist and elegant model.

Field of vision : One of the most important aspects of this product is the field of vision it offers you, achieving up to 140 degrees of rear vision.

Night : Don’t worry about driving at night, as this car camera will work perfectly.

Waterproof : This device will work perfectly during the rain thanks to its construction with a waterproof function.


Misaligned – Depending on where you place this dash cam, it could be pointing a bit towards the road.

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surveillance camera for car

4. Supoggy Mini Spy Camera Full HD 1080P

If you are looking for the best value for money car camera, you have come to the right alternative, because this is one of the cheapest on the market, but with high-class functions.

This Sopoggy option is considered as a car surveillance camera, because it has a compact and reduced design, mini style, which makes the device go unnoticed. 

The model supports night recording and motion detection, so its use can be extended to offices, homes and more because it is portable and offers the possibility of discreetly capturing 12 MP images and videos in 1920 x HD resolution. 1080P at 30 frames per second.

Its mechanism of use is simple and, to store the content, it has an SD card slot from 4 to 32 GB. It has a 75º wide angle lens and a useful 200 mAh lithium battery.

This alternative is rated as the cheapest and most functional car camera in the selection, so you should review its pros and cons.


Design: It has a mini style design for spy mode, so it is small and compact.

Battery: It is equipped with a powerful lithium battery that provides 60-minute operation.

Vision: It works with motion detection and has night vision with 6 infrared LEDs.

Resolution: Despite its size, it records in HD at 1080 P and takes 12 MP photos, which are adequate resolution ranges. 


Card: Does not include SD card, so it is necessary to purchase it separately.

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spy camera for car

5. Rirgi Mini Hidden Spy Camera with Remote WiFi

Determining which is the best car camera on the market can be a complex task, but knowing the properties of this model could help you make the right purchase decision.

This car spy camera supports TF card up to 128GB. It has a portable and discreet design that can be installed in different spaces, where it will work efficiently. For greater user safety, it has a motion detector and night vision.

It is available in black, its weight is only 200 grams and it includes a magnet that allows it to be placed on metal surfaces, while its approximate measurements are 3.8 cm by 3.8 cm by 2.2 cm thick.

It can connect with the mobile through the HIDVCAM application, which allows remote control and viewing of live content from a distance. It is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

Those who are wondering which car camera to buy should review the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Accessories: Includes two USB cables, user manual and a magnetic mount to facilitate installation.

Resolution: It can record in an HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 P and has an angle of 150 degrees.

Modes: It has night vision mode at a distance of up to 5 meters and includes motion detection.

Compatibility: It works as a WiFi signal emitter and can be linked with mobile phones with Android and iOS operating systems.


Card: Does not include external storage memory, so it must be purchased separately.

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continuous recording car camera

6. Awesafe Dash Cam 1080P Car Camera

If you are looking for a quality option, then you might be interested in this Awesafe model that stands out as one of the best proposals for continuous recording car cameras. This device facilitates reversing by offering a wide angle of 170 degrees and recording with full HD quality at 1080 pixels. 

In addition, it is equipped with a night vision mode, with six glass lenses, a motion detector, and a G-sensor that can be adjusted in sensitivity. Therefore, it is a legal car camera, whose images could be used as evidence for insurance companies in case of accidents.

Thanks to its enlarged vision, with this device you can see up to 5 lanes. Its loop recording function can be set from one to 20 minutes and stores the most recent recording for space on the SD card. It has a compact size, weighing 200 grams that facilitates handling.

Next, we will review some aspects that could help you make a decision about this model.


Design: It has a compact, lightweight and discreet design that can be carried and installed in any car console.

Screen: Includes a small color screen where you can see the captured video.

Modes: It has night vision mode, motion sensor and loop recording.

Angle: Provides an expanded viewing angle of 170 degrees, providing greater safety when driving or reversing.



Battery: Although it has a cigarette lighter connector, the time of its battery is reduced.

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Surveillance camera for car with motion sensor

7. Apeman Dash Cam 1080P Car Camera 

If you are looking for a car surveillance camera with a motion sensor, you have probably reached the right option, because this Apeman model meets the requirements and is of quality.

Although it does not have a mini size, this camera can record in high definition at 1080 pixels and has a 3-inch LCD technology screen, in which images can be reproduced clearly.  

In addition, it is equipped with a 170-degree wide-angle lens, thus improving safety by reducing blind spots while driving. It also includes a G-sensor, which automatically records when an accident occurs and locks the footage so that the video remains intact and is not overwritten. It has several modes, such as night vision, and incorporates a cigarette lighter charger, mini USB, manual and suction cup support.

An intelligent purchase is one that is analyzed and studied. Therefore, here you will find the pros and cons of this model.


Accessories: Includes a user manual, suction cup mount, adhesive mount, cigarette lighter charger and mini USB cable.

Design: It has a black design and includes a 3-inch LCD technology screen.

Resolution: You can record HD videos even at night.

Sensor: It has a G sensor that is activated by sudden collisions and protects the video from overwriting.


Manual: Although it includes a user manual, it is poor and imprecise.

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car recording camera

8. Aukey Full HD 1080P Dash Cam Car Camera

This Aukey car recording camera is one of the most popular on the market because it has an adequate resolution and is practical due to its compact design, making it a functional device.

The camera is equipped with a Sony Exmor sensor that extends the field of view to 170 degrees and obtains images for videos with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. In addition, it has emergency recording and loop mode for continuous video recording. In case of any eventuality, it protects the recording.

Its operation is automatic and, when installed in the car, it will be activated when the vehicle is turned on and will stop as soon as the engine is turned off. Within its components, it includes a supercapacitor resistant to cold and heat. It has a 2-inch LCD screen, a compact size and includes a car charger with two ports and mini USB.

Bad purchases are the product of hasty decisions. So know more details of this model.


Design: It has a compact and lightweight black design, with a 2-inch LCD screen and access buttons.

Resolution: Capture HD video with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels.

Functions: It is equipped with night mode, motion detector and G-sensor to improve driving safety.

Installation: It is easy to install and can be attached to the windshield by the suction cup mount or adhesive pad.


Instructions: Although its use is intuitive, there are configurations that are not detailed in the instructions.

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front camera for car

9. Crosstour Dash Cam 1080P Full HD Car Camera

With a resistant but functional design, this model is frequently listed as the best car camera, because it has been equipped with a Sony 2MCMOS sensor, so it obtains images and videos in high definition, with a maximum resolution of 1080 P.

In addition, this car front camera can record in low or low light conditions, as it incorporates night vision and a 170 degree wide angle, which extends the field of view up to 4 lanes, and the 6-layer lens can capture every detail while driving. 

Thanks to the fact that it is equipped with a G-sensor, incidents that may occur are automatically detected and the information on the card is blocked. On the other hand, with the power button it is possible to lock the files manually. It includes motion detection function up to a favorable distance of 3 meters and has loop mode recording.

This model is considered one of the most efficient on the market. Learn about its positive and negative aspects below.


Design: It has a resistant design that has been built with a black plastic casing.

Resolution: You can record videos in high definition resolution, with quality in the details.

Modes: It has a loop mode and records over the oldest files and includes night vision.

Lens: It is equipped with a six-layer lens and a 170-degree wide angle to improve the field of vision.


Manual: Although it is available in several languages, the translation into Spanish is poor and some functions are lost.

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360 car surveillance camera

10. MiCarBa panoramic bird’s eye parking system

Despite being higher in price than other models, this alternative is considered by many users to be one of the best, because it has a 360-degree panoramic viewing angle, which makes driving easier and the journey safer.

This 360 car surveillance camera is resistant and has waterproof properties, so the vision will be guaranteed, even on rainy days. It includes a 170 degree wide angle and the captured content can be used as evidence for insurance, in the event of an incident. 

In addition, within its functions, it has been equipped with a G sensor (gravity) in case of collisions and with a loop recording function. Another of its most outstanding aspects is that it eliminates almost all blind spots and makes parking easier. It records in high definition with a resolution of 1080 pixels and all its lenses have 6 glasses.

This model has properties that make it stand out as one of the best. Here we summarize its pros and cons.


Design: It has a compact design with a black casing and waterproof properties.

Resolution: Allows you to capture videos in high resolution with a quality of 1080 pixels.

View: This camera is dual, since it covers the front and rear view of the car, for safe driving.

Mode: It can record at night, has a loop mode and provides details with a panoramic view.


Price: Although it includes some accessories, its cost is much higher than that of other similar models.

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11.Blueskysea B1W

Among the best Dashcam or security camera for vehicles is this model, which stands out for its 360-degree function thanks to its rotating lens, which allows you to achieve the best recording angle anywhere in the vehicle. On the other hand, you can store a large amount of audiovisual content because it is compatible with 64 GB microSD cards.

It has a very elegant and minimalist design in black that allows it to remain more discreet, in addition to incorporating dual B1W lithium battery supercapacitors that provide great results operating under adverse weather conditions.

This 360 car surveillance camera has a WIFi connection thanks to which you can share the recorded images with your smartphone through an application for iOS and Android. 

Choosing a car camera that suits your needs requires a previous look at the relevant characteristics of each model, so we present the most important aspects of this car camera below.


Dimensions : This device has compact dimensions of 90 x 29 x 38 millimeters, which allows this device to go unnoticed.

Storage : It supports microSD storage cards up to 64 GB, allowing you to store a large number of videos.

Supercapacitors : This camera is built with dual B1W supercapacitors that ensure optimal functionality under extreme weather conditions.


Language : The application is designed in English, so you must know this language to manipulate it. However, it is a very intuitive model.

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front camera for car 


If you are looking for a front camera for a car, we recommend you look at this AZDOME brand model, which stands out for its 4K or UltraHD recording function at 2160p with 24 fps that allows you to achieve higher image quality. On the other hand, this model has a wide dynamic range or WDR function that allows you to get better images under any light condition, improving the colors of the image.

It incorporates a wide-angle lens with approximately 170 degrees of field of view, which allows you to know your surroundings quickly, registering any object that is close to your vehicle.

This model of car camera is considered multifunctional thanks to its different functions such as night vision, timelapse, WiFi, GPS, G-Sensor and loop recording. In addition, you can remotely control this model thanks to its application for Android or iOS mobile phones.

It is recommended that, before choosing, you consider the extra functions that the different models of car cameras incorporate. Take a good look at the important features and functions of this model.


Image quality: This model allows you to record video with a resolution of 4K at 2160p, offering you a great level of detail.

GPS : This car camera incorporates a practical GPS location function that allows you to know your location at all times.

Application : Control this equipment remotely thanks to its application for Android or iOS smartphones.


SD card : This equipment does not include the SD card with the purchase, so you must purchase it separately.

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Shopping guide

To improve driving and make the journey safer, you can count on a car camera that provides an adequate angle of vision in reverse gear and facilitates visibility. There are many options and each one of them has functional attributes, but before making a random purchase, it is recommended to delve into the characteristics with a critical analysis to achieve quality. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best car camera, with the main considerations about this equipment.


A good, cheap dash cam is an attractive alternative, but to complete a functional kit, you need a practical design to install in your car. 

These devices are generally small, but on the market you can get from compact designs of regular size, to miniature equipment that is designed to be discreet and serve as a spy, since, after its installation, outsiders do not They will notice your presence. These cameras can be used to prevent theft and monitor the car, since, through the WiFi network they include, it is possible to access the image in real time from the mobile.

Display and compatibility

Larger car camera models generally incorporate a small color screen, which can be LED or LCD technology and is used to appreciate what is captured by the camera. The dimensions of these screens do not usually exceed 6 inches. 

In some cases, these screens can have touch properties, which facilitates use. Other times, it may be bordered by some access buttons that allow configuration. Similarly, there are some alternatives in which it is possible to link with the mobile, so the camera software must be compatible with the smartphone’s operating system and it is recommended that it include a cigarette lighter car charger. 


Car cameras must be made of quality materials. Commonly, the mechanism is covered by a black ABS plastic casing that protects the operation. However, the resistance of these teams must go one step further.

Since it is a device that captures images, it is necessary that it works at all times, so it is imperative that it has impermeability (that it is waterproof), with additional protection and resistance. So, before making a random choice, remember that they are equipment to be used outdoors, so they must be compact, but robust.   

vision and resolution

One of the most important aspects of these devices is the vision and the angles they offer, so when making a comparison of car cameras, you should not leave this aspect out. 

Depending on the model, the camera can offer a rear or front view, even both, with a wide angle, for a greater field of vision. Some alternatives offer a 360-degree view, while others provide an expanded view and a 170-degree wide angle. 

Similarly, camera lenses may have coatings that enhance vision and provide greater detail of the path. In this way, a greater angle provides a reduction in blind spots and, therefore, easier reversing, because with the camera it will be possible to perceive obstacles and avoid them. 

In relation to resolution, it is recommended to select models with the capacity to record in high definition (FHD), with a quality of 1080 pixels. This will allow better visibility of details and will be a more reliable recording, should it be presented as evidence for insurance or the police.

Advanced modes and features

Each brand provides its models with different options and functions that make the equipment more or less complete. So, if you want to have an estimate of how much a car camera costs, you should pay attention to the modes and functions that the device incorporates. 

Some alternatives are versatile and, in addition to the camera, they are equipped with advanced features such as Bluetooth, WiFi and even GPS. Other proposals, which could be described as simpler, include continuous or loop recording mode with time settings, night and fog vision, as well as a motion detector at 3 or 5 meters away. 

Even the most innovative models are equipped with a G-sensor or gravity sensor, which activates automatically and starts recording when it detects a collision or accident. In these cases, it is necessary that the camera has slots for SD or TF cards to store the content.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a car camera?

The operation of a car camera will depend on the brand and model, since, according to this, its functions vary and its mode of use also. However, on most models you just need to turn it on and they will start recordi

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