The 14 Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2022

Motorcycle Helmet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

Having a helmet not only saves you from getting a ticket, but it is a basic safety measure that could save your life. If you are about to buy a piece of equipment of this type, you will need to verify the characteristics of some of the models with the highest position in the market. So compare the alternatives that best suit your needs with each other. If what you are looking for is a modular motorcycle helmet that offers good impact protection and is comfortable to wear, the LS2 Scope model is a good proposal. Its construction is durable and offers you great comfort during your trips. Another interesting option is the NZI Must Wild Wolf helmet., which is made of thermoplastic resin and with a sporty design in white with traces in red and black.

The 14 Best Motorcycle Helmets – Opinions 2022

Although all motorcycle helmets are designed to protect the cranial area from the impacts that can arise on the road, not all of them have the same characteristics. It is for this reason that in the following section we present an analysis of the main attributes of the models, which stand out in the market due to their level of resistance, safety and pleasant aesthetics.

Modular motorcycle helmets

1. LS2 Scope modular motorcycle helmet 

More and more users are betting on modular motorcycle helmets as a solution to protect themselves during their trips. An approach in which this LS2 model fits perfectly, with a very comfortable design and that has everything you need to combine comfort and safety.

Its construction is passed in a quality plastic exterior, reinforced with elements designed to absorb shocks. An aspect where the interior is up to the task, with a fluffy padding and everything you need to fit the helmet comfortably on your head. In addition, this interior is removable and washable.

The piece is finished off with elements designed to give you greater comfort, such as the micrometric closure. An element with which to have a precise fit on the chin and to your liking. It also has very efficient ventilation, so that heat is not a problem.

If you like to invest in your safety, this LS piece is one of the most outstanding proposals on the market.


Safety: Both for its quality and its materials, this is a helmet that offers great safety.

Interior: The padded interior conforms to the head and gives you greater comfort on the route.

Modular design: The modular design allows you to open the entire front or just the visor, as needed.

Visor: The helmet has a double visor, one conventional and one solar.

Ventilation: The ventilation channels prevent you from passing more heat than necessary while driving.


Sizes: The size offer is somewhat tighter than in other models, although you should have no problem finding your size.

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Full face motorcycle helmets

2. NZI Must Wild Wolf Motorcycle Helmet

If you are looking for the best motorcycle helmets of 2022, then check out this model made by the NZI house. It is a robust, resistant, light and soft-touch thermoplastic resin helmet.

The interior is lined with multi-density rubber pads, a material capable of absorbing the impacts received, reducing the risk of bruising when hit. In addition, it incorporates a cotton textile cover, to guarantee better breathability and comfort.

The visor is made of 3D polymer, incorporates an ultraviolet treatment and has a lateral mechanism, which will allow you to quickly lift it and adjust it whenever you want. Its design corresponds to full-face motorcycle helmets, thus covering the entire face. The “XS” format has been designed for the cranial measurement of a child and the weight of 1.35 kilograms of the equipment will not cause discomfort when worn for long periods of time.

The Must Wild Wolf model has an aesthetically striking, resistant, safe and light design. That is why NZI currently qualifies to become the best motorcycle helmet brand.


Weight: You will be able to wear the helmet with total comfort because its weight is only 1.35 kilograms, being a fairly light model.

Size: This model of helmets was designed for people with a small cranial diameter, since it is an “XS” last that is equivalent to size 54.

Design : The design combines some geometric lines that are mixed with the image of a wolf in white, red and black colors.

Resistance: The casing was made of thermoplastic resin, offering resistance to impacts and weather changes caused by the road.


Visor: Some buyers comment that the visor does not fit properly and when driving, air and noise enter very easily, causing discomfort.

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jet motorcycle helmets

3. Astone Helmets Mini Jet Army Compact 

Astone Helmets is a manufacturer that stands out in the market due to the high level of quality of its products. This model of helmets for women is an example of this, since it has a minimalist but completely safe design, which has led it to be considered by many buyers as the best motorcycle helmet.

The shell of this jet motorcycle helmet is made of thermoplastic resin in a light pink tone with some black details. In the upper part it has a ventilation system and in the front area the brand’s logo is seen in a discreet way. For the interior, robust rubber covered with brown poly-leather and some pieces in breathable mesh textile material were used. Also, the visor is integral and has been treated with UV protection, the adjustment method is through an adjustable buckle and the weight of the helmet is just 1.10 kilograms.

Some customers will agree that this model may be the best motorcycle helmet of the moment, since it combines an aesthetically pleasing design, a resistant shell, comfortable interior and its weight is quite light.


Size: The model is available in size “S”, ideal for people whose cranial diameter is less than 56 centimeters.

Resistance: The helmet is made with a type of thermoplastic resin, which offers a high level of resistance to impacts that may arise on the road.

Weight: The equipment case weighs only 1.10 kilograms, being quite light so that it does not generate fatigue in the head or shoulder area.

Cushioning: The interior of the helmet has a robust padding system that offers comfort and isolates impacts, protecting you from severe contusions.


Cleaning: The cleaning method can be a bit inconvenient, since according to one of the buyers the inner pads are not removable.

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Women’s motorcycle helmets

4. NZI Must Multi Victory Motorcycle Helmet

This model is among the best motorcycle helmets, for having a high degree of integral safety, by including in its structure a thermoplastic resin shell and a padded interior, with multi-density material that absorbs shocks.

The visor is made of 3D polymer, so that adequate visibility of the route is guaranteed. Also, if you are interested in women’s motorcycle helmets, then this may be the right option, because it has a feminine and urban design in matte black, with pink details and the brand’s name.

The upper part of the helmet is equipped with several vents that allow fresh air to enter the interior. The inner part of the helmet is removable, both the side and upper pads, so they can be washed. On the other hand, it incorporates a micrometric quick release to facilitate its use and has ECE/UN R22.05 certification.

NZI is a manufacturer with a long history in the market, which provides its products with quality and safety. Know the pros and cons of this model.


Design: It is designed for women in matte black, with pink details and some messages.

Manufacturing: It is made with high-end materials that give it resistant and quality properties.

Ventilation: It has several ventilation areas in the structure, which allow fresh air to enter.

Cleaning: The interior of the helmet is removable, so that the pads can be removed and washed.


Closure: In the opinion of some users, the micrometric closure turns out to be short.

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Children’s motorcycle helmets

5. Wellto buy 555

If you are interested in children’s models, you can review this option that Welltobuy markets. It is an alternative that can serve as a toy for the little ones to enjoy their love of motorcycles or as a safety helmet, because it is made of ecological, resistant and durable materials, which have been treated with technological engineering against abrasion and stand out for their be gentle and don’t mistreat.

These motorcycle helmets for children are recommended for ages between two and eight years old, with a maximum head circumference of 53 cm. To increase safety, this alternative, promoted as the best value for money motorcycle helmet, being one of the cheapest, is equipped with a transparent visor with drop-down properties, internal pads and adjustment straps.

As for the design, it has been created with an aesthetic to be liked by the little ones, with yellow, blue or pink as the base color, with different lively and colorful motifs.

When it comes to safety, it is necessary to always worry about the well-being of children. Know the pros and cons of Welltobuy 555, promoted among cheap motorcycle helmets.


Design: It has a design available in three base colors: yellow, pink or blue, each with a different cartoon.

Size: It is used to protect the cranial area of ​​children between the ages of three and eight.

Interior: It has an interior with padded pads that absorb shocks in case of impact.

Visor: It has a transparent visor that improves the quality of vision and prevents the wind.


Structure: Some users report having received the model in poor condition.

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racing motorcycle helmets

6. Airoh VASM17 Valor Sports Road

If you want to buy motorcycle helmets that are resistant and provide safety for extreme sports, then you can review the attributes of this model from the manufacturer Airoh, which is among the best, for being approved by the Auto Cycle Union and having ECE certification. 22.05.

Located in the category of racing motorcycle helmets, this model has an integral style that protects the entire cranial area and the face, as it is built with a thermoplastic shell and a removable, hypoallergenic padded interior. In addition, it has a quick release visor and has a modern and sporty design in glossy black, with striking and colorful images that include a skull and the colors of the United States flag.

It has a light weight of only 1.4 kilos and has an integral ventilation system with holes on the top, rear and air intake through the chin and the front of the helmet.

There are many models, but there are few that are aesthetically striking and provide security. Get to know this prototype thoroughly.


Visor: It has a quick release transparent visor, so it does not require the use of tools.

Design: It has an integral design, with a sporty style in shiny black and striking colors.

Ventilation: For internal air circulation, it incorporates a ventilation system at various points.

Security: It has certification and is made of resistant materials that provide protection to the cranial area.


Noise: The model is quite noisy inside during use, due to the ventilation holes, which can be distracting.

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custom motorcycle helmets

7. MOTO Helmets H44 Motorcycle Helmet

With this model of motorcycle helmets you can drive for hours on the road with total safety and comfort. Its interior lining with a three-dimensional design and made of polyleather offers great softness to the touch, comfort, impact insulation and, in addition, it is breathable.

If you like custom motorcycle helmets, you will be pleased with the gray polycarbonate shell, which, although not integral, has a correct fit in the chin area by means of an adjustable strap. The visor has been provided with adequate protection against ultraviolet rays, incorporating a folding mechanism for easy handling and has an anti-scratch treatment that will extend its useful life.

It is important to mention the weight of 1050 grams of the equipment, thus being a fairly light structure. On the other hand, we have the issue of accessories, because in the purchase package you will find a waterproof storage case. In this way, you can protect the helmet when you are not using it.

After reviewing several models, it is normal for you to wonder which motorcycle helmet to buy. Therefore, we decided to present you the pros and cons of a product that has good reviews from customers.


Adjustment: In the chin area there is an adjustment clip, which you can quickly and easily release or close with one hand.

Cushioning: The interior of the helmet incorporates robust rubber and a soft-touch poly-leather lining.

Accessories: In the purchase package you will find a polyester textile storage cover for the helmet.

Resistance: The shell of the helmet is made of polycarbonate. It is a thermopolymer of great resistance and lightness.


Visor: According to what customers have said, the visor only covers the eye area, leaving the mouth and nose unprotected.

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Shoei motorcycle helmets

8. Shoei NXR 0018019 Counter

Shoei motorcycle helmets stand out among the favorites of users for being made with high-end materials, which have been incorporated in order to provide greater protection to the user, protecting the sensitive areas of the face and skull.

In the case of the NXR 0018019, it has an integrated matrix shell construction, which covers the entire cranial area in an ergonomic way. It also has an emergency unlocking system and is equipped with an interior made of multi-dense materials that absorb and dissipate impacts.

To improve air circulation inside the helmet, it is equipped with a ventilation system through grilles located at different points of the structure. In addition, it has a modern design, with bright and striking colors that noticeably incorporates the Shoei brand name on both the front and the side.

Shoei NXR 0018019 meets safety and quality requirements, with proper ventilation and design.


Design: It has a design that mixes the classic and the modern, incorporating various bright colors.

Ventilation: It has several ventilation grilles for the entry of fresh air inside.

Protection: To improve user safety, it has an interior in multi-dense and padded material.

Release: It has a double buckle closure and a quick release system in case of emergency.


Weight: The model is considered by users as heavy, because its structure is about 2.5 kilos.

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Shark motorcycle helmets

9. Shark Jet Drak KMA Motorcycle Helmet

This model of Shark motorcycle helmets is usually one of the most recommended, for having a striking and original design with an urban and modern cut, with a Shark tooth groove. The prototype is unisex style and is available in matte black, being possible to select between four sizes from XS to L.

The helmet is made with a resistant and light polycarbonate shell, with a sun visor that has been treated with anti-fog techniques, to prevent water condensation, and with anti-scratch properties. Similarly, it has a slot for glasses and the disassembly of the screen is quick.

Meanwhile, its interior is made up of foams of different densities that absorb shocks, these being removable and washable. For greater user safety, it is equipped with a micrometric buckle at the chin level. The total structure of this helmet has a relatively light weight of only 1.7 kilos.

Before you buy, compare quality options. Therefore, you can review the pros and cons of the Shark Jet Drak.


Design: The model has a unisex style design that is available in matte black.

Casing: Its casing is made of resistant polycarbonate and has light properties, with an integral weight of 1.7 kilos.

Sizes: It is available in several sizes that fit different sizes, starting from XS.

Properties: It is safe, it has a micrometric buckle, it has a dense interior and a visor with anti-fog and anti-scratch properties.


Speed: It is not designed for high speeds, because according to certain users it emits an annoying and deafening noise.

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Trail motorcycle helmets

10. O’Neal Men’s Sierra II Full Face Helmet

On this occasion, the manufacturer O’Neal presents a model of motorcycle trail helmets that has been designed to provide maximum protection and safety to the user when practicing extreme sports such as off-road motocross.

The design is integrated by a housing made of ABS plastic with light properties. Meanwhile, its interior has a removable lining to protect the face from bumps and impacts, being comfortable and washable.

Likewise, the Sierra II helmet has a visor that allows better visibility, isolating the wind from the eyes, and has a ventilation system made up of several channels, which allow fresh air to enter the interior of the helmet.

To maximize protection, it is equipped with a double-closing padded chin strap. It is black and white in color and has some discreet markings identifying the manufacturer O’Neal.

A helmet that has quality, resistance, safety and high-end materials is usually among the best. Get to know this model in detail.


Ventilation: It is equipped with ventilation channels that allow fresh air to enter the interior of the helmet.

Materials: It has a resistant structure, with solid protection made of ABS, with a padded interior.

Weight: Although it is resistant, it has light properties, weighing 1.6 kilos.

Design: Its design is modern with a sports style and it is available in black, with white details.


Curves: Its sides are curved, so it is not possible to add a GoPro easily.

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vintage motorcycle helmets

11. NZI Vintage II Motorcycle Helmet

This design manufactured by NZI is usually among the best price-quality motorcycle helmets for having high-end properties, resistance and protection at a competitive cost in the market, being one of the cheapest. The alternative has a vintage motorcycle helmet-like design, due to its open, compact and elegant retro-style modality, which is available in a wide range of shades. Despite not being a full face helmet, this option has a high level of resistance and safety.

The manufacturer has equipped this model with a thermoplastic resin shell and a padded interior with anti-shock protective padding. In addition, the interior is removable and can be washed for greater hygiene.

For better visibility of the road, it has a screen with 3D anti-scratch treatment. Likewise, the helmet has an adjustable and ergonomic buckle at the chin level, with micrometric properties, which can be used even with gloves.

In a helmet, safety, protection and design must go hand in hand for the prototype to be of quality. NZI Vintage II delivers.


Casing: It has a casing made of thermoplastic resin, with light and resistant properties.

Design: It has an open vintage style, with a retro cut that is available in various colors.

Padding: For greater safety, it has a dense and padded protective padding that prevents shocks.

Washing: Hygiene can be maintained because the padding is removable, so it can be replaced or washed.


Sizes: According to some users, sizes tend to run a little smaller.

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HJC motorcycle helmets

12. HJC Helmets IS Max II

This is one of the most sought after HJC motorcycle helmets by buyers due to its considerable resistance structure, having a shell made of polycarbonate. This implies that it will have good durability and will be easy to clean.

On the other hand, in order to avoid visibility problems, burns or complications due to exposure to the sun, a visor has been incorporated into the structure that helps circulate with a better range of vision and protection at the same time.

As for the design, we must point out that it is offered in at least three different colors, being black, white and green, with some matte tone variations, so that the user can choose the best finish that suits their personality. In the same way, the model is easy to remove and put on, while its interior is removable, which facilitates the cleaning of this helmet.

Below we present the pros and cons of this HJC model so that you can determine if it corresponds to your requirements.


Visor: It incorporates a transparent visor that allows visibility to be preserved, but also helps to protect from contact with the sun’s rays.

Casing: It has a polycarbonate casing that is quite robust, thus providing high durability and ease of cleaning.

Design: This helmet comes in three main colors such as green, white and black in some tone variations.

Interior: The interior part of this model is removable, which improves its cleaning tasks, as well as ventilation inside the helmet, preventing bad odors from appearing.


Size: Some users have questioned certain variations in size in this model, so it is necessary to take the dimensions into consideration.

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Other products

13. Leopard LEO-828 Double Visor Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

For those who want to acquire the best value for money motorcycle helmet, they will need to include this model developed by the Leopard house among their options, which is also one of the cheapest.

The model, in particular, stands out for its integral, elegant and sporty design. The matte black ABS polymer casing is impact and weather resistant. The interior is lined with removable EPS dense rubber padding, an insulating material that is comfortable, breathable and easy to clean.

The visor is quite innovative, since the manufacturer had a double system. In this way, you will have a dark cover that covers the eye area and a second larger transparent one with anti-scratch protection that fits the format of the helmet.

Also, it is important to remember the presence of a ventilation system, adjustable chin strap, storage bag for when you are not on the road and an instruction manual.

This model is characterized by having an elegant, minimalist and safe design. Currently, it is positioned among the cheapest models on this list.


Visor: The manufacturer incorporated a double visor mechanism, thus having a transparent layer on the outside and under it, another smaller dark layer.

Cleaning: The inner pad system is removable and can be uncovered, so you can easily wash them whenever you want.

Resistance: The exterior of the helmet is made of high hardness ABS polymer, which is a robust material and, therefore, resistant to impacts.

Accessories: The manufacturer incorporated a storage bag so you can store the helmet when you are not using it.


Size: The shape of this model of helmets is large, so you should take your forecasts when purchasing it and select a size smaller than the one you usually use.

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14. BHR 93833 Demi-Jet Star 710

If after checking several options you still don’t know which is the best motorcycle helmet, then it’s because you haven’t taken a look at the catalog of the BHR house, which competes with brands such as enduro.

The 93833 equipment has European ECE 22.05 certification, green casing with black details and light gray outlines, size “M” format, resistant structure and comfortable interior. The design is recommended both for driving in the city and on the highway, since its thermoplastic resin casing is quite light.

In the interior area you will find a suitable system of high-density rubber pads, covered with cotton textile, the latter being a breathable, soft-touch and hypoallergenic material. Also, you can clean them with ease because the padded section is removable.

Among other specifications we have the adjustable strap with ratchet closure, transparent integral visor with ultraviolet protection, anti-scratch and folding mechanism.

The BHR 93833 motorcycle

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