The 4 Best Open Face Helmets of 2022

Jet Helmet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When riding a motorcycle, prevention is very important, because you never know when an accident may occur; having the right protection can even save your life. Head injuries are sustained in many accidents, but helmets help prevent these contusions from becoming too severe. Among the variety of products that are offered in the market, you will find Jet-type helmets, which are designed for those motorcyclists who usually drive at different speed levels. To choose the right model, you must take into consideration the design, which must adapt to your taste and needs. For example, the Shark Jet DrakIt has a protective screen that is anti-fog and anti-scratch, which prevents the helmet from generating visibility problems while you are driving. On the other hand, the NZI Vintage 3 helmet has a high quality design, a comfortable front visor and an interior to give you pleasant comfort.

The 4 Best Jet Type Helmets – Opinions 2022

Head injuries are the leading cause of death for motorcyclists and are one of the most common injuries during accidents. If you choose the right one, you will have the necessary protection to reduce the severity of these bruises.

1. Shark Drak Jet Helmet

Main advantage:

The shell of the helmet is made of injected Tis Lexan resin. This is a polycarbonate material resistant to unexpected shocks, thus protecting the user’s head.

Main disadvantage:

It is missing that the face mask is made of a more resistant material, because in the event of an accident, it would protect the motorcyclist’s face more.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Thanks to the fact that it is removable, you can easily wash it, preventing dirt and bad odors from accumulating inside.

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It has a futuristic black design with easy screen release, so if you don’t want to use the screen, you can quickly hide it. In addition, due to this, this helmet can be used both day and night.

It comes in various sizes, so you can buy it according to the size you need, for example, XS, S, M, L and XL. This quality is very important, since if you choose one that is too big for you, it will not protect you in the same way against possible falls on the motorcycle.

Another aspect that you should check is its weight, since if it is too high, you will get tired after a few minutes. The best thing is that it is light, so that you can use it for long hours without having to take it off to rest. In this sense, the size L helmet weighs 1.7 Kg, so it will be a little more comfortable to use compared to other models on the market today.


It has an air inlet with a lid that you can close whenever you want. This hole is located at the top of the helmet so that you don’t sweat too much while riding the motorcycle in summer.

On the other hand, it has small air inlets located between the glasses and the front part of the shell, preventing the screen from fogging up when it rains, which provides greater safety for users.

In addition, it has perforations in the part of the mouth, with micro-perforated foam to act as a ventilation filter. Thanks to this you will be able to speak comfortably while you are wearing this helmet.

It is also important to mention that inside it has foams with natural fibers, which are very comfortable and are distributed for efficient air flow.


It has an all-terrain style screen, which is attached to the helmet through tapes. This has adequate space inside for users who wear prescription glasses.

Also, as it is a detachable helmet, it can be used in various ways, for example complete with visor and mask or just the helmet and visor. That is, you can adjust it to your liking or depending on the need of the moment.

Its smoked visor is manufactured by the German brand Karl Zeis and minimizes the sun’s rays or their reflections through other vehicles, that is, cars, trucks or motorhomes.

Last but not least, we mention that the screen has anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment, to provide a better vision while driving.

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2. NZI Vintage 3 Helmet 

The NZI Vintage 3 model is everything you need to move safely anywhere, thanks to a high quality and resistant design. This model is made with a thermoplastic resin shell, which is responsible for absorbing shock in the event of an accident. 

Something to which the multi-density EPS padding contributes, which also adjusts the piece on the head and is all you need for the helmet to fit comfortably on your head. A transparent screen is included on the front, equipped with an anti-scratch system that avoids problems with mosquitoes and objects projected on it. 

It also includes a high-level micrometric closure, which maintains the necessary tension so that the helmet stays in place, being able to properly adjust that tension according to your preferences.

Riding safely is much easier when you rely on quality products like this full face helmet from NZI.


Structure: The structure generates adequate comfort and protection on the head and neck, so you can roll safely.

Visor: The visor offers great comfort and safety when moving on any terrain.

Weight : The weight is approximately 900 grams, being one of the lightest alternatives on the market.


Ventilation: The model lacks interior ventilation, beyond the front intake, which can cause some overheating while using it.

Glasses: Although it has a visor, glasses or a sun visor are not included, so you will have to wear sunglasses to prevent discomfort during daytime driving.

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3. Scotland D/Jet Helmet with Long Visor

The Scotland brand brings us on this occasion an open model in the chin section, which may be appropriate to use when traveling either by motorcycle or scooter. It has been made of polycarbonate, which provides good resistance in the event of a fall and manages to absorb the blow so that it is not transferred directly to your head.

On the other hand, its exterior design allows it to be seen as a discreet model, which can be attractive to those looking for a compact helmet and its color options in plain white or black can be liked by many people.

On the other hand, its four air inlets help keep you comfortable while you use it, facilitating ventilation, and its padded interior can provide a fit that, without being too tight, makes it comfortable. In addition, you can easily remove it to wash it and due to its anti-odor and antibacterial composition, it is recommended.

For those looking for a simple and practical model, this may be the best jet type helmet they could find, here you have more detailed information regarding its pros and cons so that you can get to know it better.


Ventilation: By providing four air intake vents, you can stay comfortable and cool even if you wear the helmet for a long period of time.

Resistance: Thanks to the fact that it is made of thermoplastic material on the outside, it can fulfill its function of providing safety and absorbing impacts if that is the case.

Adjustment: Its clasp that allows a millimeter adjustment can help hold the helmet comfortably, adapting to the appropriate size of your chin.

Removable: Its inner pad can be removed for washing and maintenance, making it easy to maintain hygiene.


Noise: The noise isolation mechanism could be improved, to make the driving experience more enjoyable when wearing this helmet.

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4. Torx Jet Wyatt Glitter Motorcycle Helmet

It is one of the simplest models on the list, but it is attractive thanks to its elegant design and black hue with a glossy finish, in addition, it has a retro style, for that reason it may be suitable for those who drive a Vespa or other models. similar to motorcycles.

Although it is not integral, it is a resistant helmet, since it has been made of a durable material, so that you can use it for a long time to protect yourself from blows.

In the inner part it has foams that provide comfort. These are removable, so you can wash them when you consider it necessary.

You will have no complications when taking it off or putting it on, as it has a micrometric closure that allows this process to be carried out without complications, and its system is automatic.

If you are wondering which jet-type helmet to buy, perhaps a good answer is the TORX Wyatt, as it has several features that may interest you, so we present them below.


Design: It has a black and gray design that combines with almost any shade of motorcycle, in addition, it may also suit your style of dress.

Washable: It is removable inside, so you can wash it whenever you want.

Weight: It is a comfortable and light helmet, since it weighs approximately 1100 grams, so you can use it without worry.


Glasses: It is missing that this helmet has glasses in its design to protect your sight from dust, wind or rain while driving.

Ventilation: It would be good if it had some holes or a ventilation system to reduce humidity or sweating on the users’ heads.

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Shark Drak Jet Helmet

Although safety comes first, it is also important that you are comfortable when you use your helmet, because if it is too heavy you will not be able to feel comfortable while driving. Also, it has to be sturdy.

This model is considered the best jet-type helmet at the moment and one of the characteristics that allows it to have this title is the fact that it is made of polycarbonate, a material that is highly durable and resistant to fragmentation, which makes it almost unbreakable, and it’s also lightweight.

Thanks to this material you will have a resistant helmet, which you will probably be able to use for several years.

According to users, its screen is tinted, it can be used during the day and at night without problems, because it does not limit vision, and when you want you can remove it.

It has been made with washable foams, so that you can remove and clean them, and thus keep the case very clean and prevent bad odors from accumulating inside it.

It is considered by some buyers as the best jet type helmet of the moment due to its ergonomic design, therefore, we recommend you review the following points, perhaps this is the model you are looking for.


Robustness: It is made of polycarbonate, a resistant material that will provide this helmet with a long useful life.

Anti -fog: Your screen to protect your eyes has anti-fog technology, so that drops of water will not form on it, preventing you from seeing the road clearly.

Foam: The material inside is washable, which will prevent bad odors from accumulating inside the helmet after using it several times.

Removable: The screen can be easily removed, so you can use the helmet without it whenever you want.


Noise: If you go over 100 km/h on a long trip, this product may allow noise to enter, however, this does not affect its optimal functionality and protection.

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Buying guide – What is the best jet-type helmet on the market?

The helmet is one of the most important elements for motorcyclists, it is not only about protection, it also has to do with aesthetics. If you want to choose the right model, you need to look at the different characteristics they have. Here is a guide to buying the best jet-type helmet, which can be useful when making your purchase.


The main function of helmets is to protect your head as much as possible and considerably reduce the chances of suffering a serious injury, in the event that at a certain point you suffer an accident while driving.

Studies carried out by various organizations indicate that deaths from head contusions during road incidents are less likely to occur when you have adequate protection, for that reason, when making your comparison of Jet-type helmets, you must make sure to check the level of security that each model offers you.

The helmet must not only prevent external blows, it also has to protect the internal part of the skull, as these blows can cause very serious injuries.

Many times, when a motorcycle accident occurs, in a few seconds the brain is still moving and can hit the walls of the skull.

Therefore, many manufacturers design these helmets with an internal or external shell that has the ability to absorb the blow, this is because the outer part converts the impact area into a larger area that allows energy to be distributed over the entire surface..

Once this happens, the inner shell can be deformed or broken, in order to absorb the greatest amount of energy before the blow reaches the head. The internal padding of the helmets helps to decelerate the impact, in this way the head can gradually reduce its speed and internal damage will be less.


To give you the certainty that you actually have a safe model, many manufacturers are responsible for certifying their products through different standards. This feature can help you trust the model you buy much more.

Among the different certifications you will find the ECE R22-05, which is mandatory in more than 50 countries. For this, the helmets are subjected to a series of highly rigorous tests.

They drop an anvil on them to measure the level of shock absorption they possess. They test that the strap and buckle slide the right way, and are strong. Likewise, the resistance of the hull to abrasion and deformation is taken into account.

Another certificate they give to helmets is the SHARP classification. This is a test to which the different models are subjected to review the level of security they provide. According to her, the products that only obtain one point are deficient, while the maximum score, in terms of efficiency, is 5.

During SHARP testing, 32 impact tests are carried out, to test what can happen when hit at different speeds and in different situations. In addition, several helmets of the same model are analyzed, in order to know their different qualities, such as sizes.

Even when you are looking for a cheap product, you have to make sure that it is of quality and that it really guarantees your safety, for this reason it is important that you consider its certification and try to find the one that offers you the most security.


The materials in which the helmets are made can define how much each model costs, in addition, they indicate the level of quality that a particular product has, for that reason, when making your choice, this is one of the aspects that you do not you can stop checking.

One of the materials that is most used in its manufacture is polycarbonate, a resin characterized by its hardness, which allows it to be resistant to shocks, thermal deformation and weather conditions.


In order to choose an optimal Jet-type helmet, another factor to consider is the design of each one.

You will find integral models, these cover the head, in addition, they have a screen to protect the upper part of the face and a mask that covers the lower part of the face, these provide more protection.

There are also helmets that only have the screen, this can be of different sizes and should provide you with a good level of visibility. There are manufacturers that make them anti-scratch and anti-fog.

There are models that are simpler and only offer protection to the head area, but leave the face uncovered.

How to wear a jet helmet

If you are a lover of motorcycles and speed, apart from having a powerful vehicle, you will also need certain implements to ride safely. Helmets are an alternative for you to keep your head protected in case of rollovers, avoiding severe contusions. So for those who are looking for a jet type helmet, it is best to inquire about how to use and preserve the life of the product.

Check hull dimensions

Take a tape measure and go around your head at both ear and eye level; In this way you will obtain the measurement that the interior of the helmet must have so that it fits properly without bothering you. It is recommended that you do not choose an outfit that is too loose, since the material gives way with constant use.

Place the pads

Fit the center and front pad inside the helmet; Similarly, place the side upholstery. Finally, lock the pieces by pressing the Velcro strap system together.

install the screen

On the outer sides you will find two adjustment triggers that you must slide up, making it possible to fit the screen on both sides. Next, press the visor and bring it up and down until you hear a click sound. This will be the indicator that the mechanism closed correctly.

put on your helmet

Pull the closure straps to widen the structure and make it easier to put on. To do this you must turn your head a little and insert it inside the helmet. It is important that the ears are glued to it and not folded, as it will cause discomfort.

In addition, check that the upper edge is above the level of the eyebrows, allowing adequate visibility when lowering the screen or wearing protective glasses.

Close the outer adjustment straps

After wearing the helmet, you must take the closure straps and adjust their length until they adapt to your chin. In the same way, adjust the quick release pin.

clean the structure

The first thing you need to do is remove the upholstery. To do this you have to separate the Velcro straps and pull the pads backwards, so that they do not tear when you remove them from the compartment.

Now, the cleaning process is recommended to be done manually, so you will only use neutral detergent to rub the pieces and you must rinse them under the tap with plenty of water, thus avoiding the use of the washing machine.

Hang the tapestry in a ventilated place

As they are padded pieces, it is prudent not to press them to remove the water at the end of the washing process, but hang them in a ventilated place where they are not exposed to direct sunlight. Remember to check that they are not wet when installing them, because this would generate bad odors.

Clean the helmet screen

Pour a small amount of neutral detergent on a damp cloth and rub it on the helmet screen; in this way you can remove the dirt accumulated by constant use. Immediately, remove all the excesses, trying not to expose it to the pressure of the water. As recommended by the manufacturers, it is not appropriate to use non-specialized products, in order not to damage the surface.

The most popular brands

If you are a fan of motorcycling or simply riding a motorcycle is your most reliable and practical method of transport, it will always be necessary for you to remain fully protected to avoid any type of accident or injury that can cause different physical damage. That is why the use of the helmet should never be lacking, since it would help you prevent possible bruises on the head.

It should be noted that today there are countless models and designs available on the market, among which those sponsored by brands such as Astone Helmets, Romer and Viper stand out, so considering them at the time of purchase would be your best option.

The Astone Helmets brand was developed by the RiderValley group in 2008. Since its inception, it has been in charge of manufacturing and marketing motorcycle helmets, maintaining unbeatable quality in each of the products it produces for its most demanding customers.

Among its most outstanding products you can find full face helmets and cross helmets, whose available designs have safety, comfort, functionality and aesthetics so that you can drive your motorcycle while being protected and above all fashionable.

Likewise, this brand manufactures all its products under the relevant and current regulations capable of offering you the safety and comfort you deserve before each use. The best of all is that it maintains an excellent quality-price ratio between its different products, so that being able to acquire them will be easier than you thought.

It should be noted that the Astone Helmets brand currently has a collection full of totally new and innovative models, capable of attracting the attention of anyone. In addition, they offer high-quality materials, as well as a variety of colors and sizes so that you can acquire the right one for you.

Acquiring the accessories you need to be able to protect your life unconditionally will always be essential. Even more so when it comes to riding a motorcycle, where the helmet is a safety method that the same authorities require to be used to prevent different types of accidents.

Thus, the Romer brand has been available on the market for several years offering different products aimed at the general public, where the manufacture of helmets is one of its main strengths thanks to the designs, materials and innovations it possesses.

On the other hand, this brand is available in different countries marketing a wide range of products that undoubtedly provide an unconditional level of quality, also maintaining the same mission of guaranteeing each of its customers the best accessories they need for each type. of activity, whether it is the practice of some extreme sport such as motocross.

Founded 50 years ago, the Viper brand is a company located in the city of Barcelona with different offices in Spain, Andorra and Portugal, these being some of the countries where it currently operates and is listed as the number one brand in the distribution of sports products of great quality and durability.

It should be noted that it has a staff with a professional profile working in each of its factories, giving their best to offer the general public top quality products, manufactured with the best and most resistant materials to guarantee a long life. Useful.

Likewise, it distributes and markets the ideal products for you to practice the sports you prefer while maintaining a very affordable and competitive price in the market. On the other hand, it works with fully trusted suppliers to comfortably and adequately supply the latest innovation available in the different stores, both physical and virtual.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Kenrod Casco abierto Jet Sprint Star

Posee un diseño atractivo, debido a sus colores y al motivo que se ha utilizado en la elaboración de este casco, puede ser adecuado para personas que tienen un estilo moderno y también le quedará bien a aquellos motoristas a quienes les gusta resaltar en todo momento.

Para brindarte el apropiado nivel de protección los fabricantes han añadido a su diseño un revestimiento interior, el cual se encarga de absorber el impacto y reducir las probabilidades de sufrir las lesiones de gravedad, en caso de accidentes.

Te lo podrás quitar y colocar con facilidad, pues su hebilla es de liberación rápida. Además, cuenta con regulación micrométrica, lo cual te permitirá ajustar el casco apropiadamente. Debido a todas estas características es uno de los mejores cascos tipo Jet del 2022.

Kenrod podría ser la mejor marca de cascos tipo jet para moto, ya que fabrica productos de calidad y ofrece modelos elegantes como el Jet Sprint Star, que tiene las siguientes características positivas y negativas.


Protección: El forro de su interior es acolchado y el material externo está hecho con una resina termoplástica de gran calidad, lo cual te protege de impactos.

Hebilla: Su correa de ajuste tiene una hebilla de rápida liberación, de modo que puedes quitarte o colocarte el casco con facilidad.

Gafas: Las gafas son oscuras, para que puedas ver con nitidez la carretera en días soleados, lo cual protege también tu vista.


Tamaño: Se echa en falta que venga en diversos tamaños, ya que solo viene en talla XL, lo cual es una desventaja para algunos usuarios que buscan un casco más compacto.

MT Helmets City Eleven

Podrás sentirte seguro mientras lo utilizas, pues, aunque es uno de los más baratos, se trata de un modelo fiable que cuenta con 4 de 5 estrellas en la clasificación SHARP, la cual mide el nivel de protección que te brindan los cascos. Además, tiene la certificación ECE/ONU.22.05, para que te sientas más seguro con su adquisición.

Ofrece un adecuado nivel de absorción de los impactos, lo cual reduce las probabilidades de que sufras contusiones muy severas en caso de accidente.

La parte interna es de poliestireno, de elevada densidad, y tiene múltiples tejidos que contribuyen a la protección de la cabeza. La calota exterior ha sido elaborada en termoplástico inyectado, un material resistente que garantiza su durabilidad. Posee una pantalla antirayaduras que te ayudará a visualizar el camino con precisión.

Debido a todas estas características, se le considera como el mejor casco tipo Jet de relación calidad precio del momento.

Este podría ser el mejor casco tipo jet por 50 euros, por lo que recomendamos revisar sus aspectos positivos y negativos, con el fin de que escojas el producto que más se adapte a tus necesidades.


Interior: En su interior cuenta con poliestireno de alta densidad para mayor comodidad de los usuarios mientras lo utilizan.

Ventilación: Ofrece ventilación interna para que no sudes demasiado mientras lo utilizas, evitando así que te sientas incómodo al conducir tu moto.

Pantalla: Su pantalla tiene un espesor de 2,2 mm y es anti-rayas, lo que te proporcionará mayor resistencia al uso continuo.


Color: Su tonalidad es más oscura que como se ve en las fotos de Internet, no obstante, la mayoría de los compradores están a gusto con este casco.

Diseño: Debido a su diseño, no cubre la nuca, así que podrías sentir algo de frío en ella mientras conduces por las montañas o días nublados.

MT Helmets Boulevard

Contarás con un casco que puede absorber los impactos de manera eficiente, para garantizar la adecuada protección, y ayuda reducir las posibilidades de sufrir contusiones graves en caso de accidente.

Debido a la resistencia que tiene posee la certificación ECE 22-05, entregada por la Comisión Económica de las Naciones Unidas para Europa, es una de las más comunes a nivel internacional. Gracias a ello podrás confiar en la calidad y protección que te brinda este producto.

La calota es de policarbonato, un material resistente, ligero y perdurable, gracias a ello no se deteriorará con facilidad. Para algunas personas este modelo responde a las dudas sobre cuál es el mejor casco tipo Jet.

Te protege sin dejar de lado tu comodidad. Además, este casco se ajusta adecuadamente y tendrás menos riesgo de que se caiga mientras conduces.

Es uno de los cascos más baratos y tiene diversas características que lo hacen destacar frente a otros productos de la misma categoría. A continuación, te presentamos sus aspectos más importantes.


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