The 5 Best 1 DIN Car Radios of 2022

1 DIN Car Radio – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The 1 DIN car radio is the most used model in our vehicles, offering us a compact and adjustable design that makes it easy to assemble. It also offers us a good number of options when it comes to enjoying our music or our favorite radio stations. And as soon as you search, you will also have proposals with the ability to connect to your mobile so you can talk safely in hands-free mode. To enjoy all these features, you have to select quality products, such as the IeGeek K305 car radio, which has Bluetooth technology and has a high-contrast screen for better viewing. In addition, it incorporates a digital clock on the top for greater versatility. Another option is the Kenwood KMM-205 model., equipped with a three-way equalizer, different audio enhancement systems and good file compatibility.

The 5 Best 1 DIN Car Radios – Opinions 2022

1. IeGeek Car Radio RDS 1DIN 

It is a 1 DIN car radio capable of receiving signals from stations on FM and AM frequencies, which increases its versatility. Similarly, it allows you to store a total of 30 channels so you can quickly access your favorite radio programs.

For added functionality, it offers an innovative feature that allows you to receive traffic reports to increase road safety. It also has Bluetooth 5.0, which not only gives you a stable connection, but is also compatible with a wide variety of devices, such as mobile phones, MP3 players, among others.

As for the design, its buttons with lights stand out that make it easier for you to control the device at night. Also, it is possible to select between 7 light color options to adapt it to your tastes. As if that were not enough, the screen offers a good level of contrast to clearly display the operating data of the equipment.

IeGeek could be the best 1 DIN car radio brand at the moment according to the opinion of different users, so this model may interest you if you are looking for a versatile piece of equipment. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Connection: It has 2 USB inputs on the front, designed to charge your mobile phone or connect a flash memory,

Button: It offers illuminated buttons with 7 color options to choose the one you like the most.

Remote: Includes a small remote control so that passengers in the back of the car can control the device.


Volume: It may be necessary to turn the volume all the way up to clearly hear a call in hands-free mode.

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2. Kenwood KMM-205 1 DIN Car Multimedia Receiver

When we look for the best 1 DIN car radio of the moment, there are certain brands that are always among the candidates. One of them is Kenwood, from which we have chosen the KMM-205 model. This 1 DIN car radio features a short body design and ISO connectivity, making it easy to mount in your vehicle.

Once installed, you can enjoy its high-quality sound, thanks to details such as its built-in three-band equalizer or Dual Accent technology, which gives more intensity to your favorite music. A content that can come from the classic radio, from a USB device or from any element that you connect through the included auxiliary port.

As for its appearance, the equipment has a good-sized screen and a large button panel, which makes it easy to move between the different options. All this decorated with the classic red color of the brand, which adds a note of style to the front.

Let’s know some more details about what this Kenwood car radio offers you to sound your vehicle and offer a high quality experience.


Body : Its short chassis design, together with ISO connectivity, make it easy to install the car radio even in the smallest spaces.

Formats : The radio can read formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV or FLAC, making it easy for you to load your favorite music onto the device.

Equalizer : The three-band equalizer helps you shape the sound the way you like it, boosting the bands according to your preferences.

Connections : The device is suitable for using USB devices and for connecting to different equipment via an auxiliary port.


Bluetooth : This model does not include Bluetooth, so you cannot connect it to your mobile if it is not through an auxiliary cable.

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3. Camecho Android 1 DIN Car Radio GPS

If you don’t know which 1 DIN car radio to buy, but you are looking for a complete option, take a look at this proposal from Camecho. We are talking about a 1 DIN device that has a 7-inch touch screen. This is displayed manually when the car radio is turned on, turning it into a 2 DIN car radio.

Its screen makes it easy to move around its multiple applications, managed by the Android operating system. In addition, it includes GPS, so riding the best path is extremely easy.

Something similar happens when it comes to parking, for which it even has the corresponding rear view camera. And how could it be less, it also has WiFi and Bluetooth, for better connectivity. For all these reasons, we would be facing the best 1 DIN car radio in its category.

So that you have all the information you need about this model, we offer you a summary of the highlights.


Screen : The drop-down screen is seven inches diagonal, has good image quality, and adequate tactile feedback when touched.

Functions : The car radio has all the functions of the larger equipment, such as GPS, multimedia player, WiFi, Bluetooth and many more.

Power : The device includes an efficient processor, 2 GB of RAM and 16 of internal space, which offer smooth operation.


Assembly : The assembly of the device is much more complex than that of a traditional 1 DIN radio, since it lacks an ISO connection and you will need to add the GPS and other elements.

Air vents : It is important that you orient the air vents away from the screen, if the mount covers them, so as not to get moisture or overheat the device.

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4. Rixow Hands Free Car Stereo MP3 Player Support

In our selection of the best 1 DIN car radios of 2022, cheap and quality models cannot be missing, such as the Rixow 079 car radio. An interesting product with an adjusted price with which to have all the functions you need.

Among them we have the ISO connectivity with which to facilitate the installation process or a wide front in which to keep all the functions under control. It also has a good file compatibility or Bluetooth connectivity with which it is easy to connect your mobile in a simple way and talk safely or send music.

A host of functions that place this model close to being the best 1 DIN car radio for value for money that we have analyzed.

If you are looking for a 1 DIN car radio for 20 euros, you will surely be surprised by the large number of functions offered by this proposal that we analyze below.


Bluetooth: Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to connect your mobile to play music or take calls safely.

ISO Connectivity: ISO connectivity makes installation easy by following the usual standard used by today’s vehicles.

Inputs: In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the product also has a USB port and an SD card reader, both located on the front.


Non-removable panel: In this model the panel is not removable, but is directly mounted on the car radio.

RDS: The radio does not have the RDS function either, with which to know the name of the stations, although it is not a particularly serious deficiency either.

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5. Boomboost 1 DIN 7 Inch 1080P Radio Player

Although at first glance it may seem that we have the wrong product, the truth is that the Boomboost 9601 model is a 1 DIN car radio. The difference, in this case, is that it includes a 7-inch drop-down screen with which to turn this model into something much more advanced than a simple car radio.

A screen that allows us to easily play all kinds of video and audio files, giving an extra to the digital entertainment of your vehicle and being able to reach Full HD 1080P quality. All this without forgetting the touch function of the screen, which adds extra security when controlling its functions.

A design that is finished off with the usual ISO connectivity, so the product installation process will not be a problem either.

Designed for those who want to enjoy a complete entertainment center in their vehicle, let’s see some more details about what this product offers you.


Screen: The 7-inch diagonal screen adds extra comfort to the product when using it, while allowing you to play movies on the car radio.

ISO connectivity: ISO connectivity makes installation really easy, having the same difficulty as a conventional model.

File compatibility: This device is compatible with virtually any current file, both video and audio.


GPS: This product does not include the GPS navigation function, so you will have to look for a different model in case you need it.

Screen deployment: The screen deployment process is manual and must be done carefully to prevent damage to the screen.

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Buying guide – What is the best 1 DIN car radio on the market?

If we leave aside the vehicles with built-in car radio, the 1 DIN car radio is usually the most used in most of today’s cars. A product that has evolved considerably over time, offering new connectivity and control options and other interesting new features. So that you know them easily, we leave you our guide to buy the best 1 DIN car radio, with which to update your knowledge and know what to look for when buying one of these devices.

Basic functions

Although it is usually an aspect that we often leave aside, when it comes to these products it is convenient to start by verifying the basic questions. Issues as necessary as the output power of the product, the radio functions included in the device, the output power it can generate or the installation system, to name a few.

Starting at the end, as far as installation is concerned, it is advisable to look for models that include an installation through an ISO connector. A common system even in the cheapest products, so we should not stop demanding it. In this installation it is also advisable to check the output power of the product, so that it is in line with that of the speakers that you have mounted in the car. The most common is the configuration of 4 channels and 50 watts per channel, although it can vary according to the different models.

Regarding the basic functions of the equipment, nowadays they usually include the option of radio and the reproduction of multimedia files, being strange that the product includes a CD player. In any case, with these options and the additional connectivity features that we will see below, you probably won’t need it. Previously, it is advisable to check the included file compatibility, so that it is as suitable as possible and does not cause problems when playing your favorite music.


Another element that we must not fail to assess in any comparison of 1 DIN car radios that we read is the connectivity of the product. Something fundamental in order to have a versatile team and with which we can do everything we want both by connecting it to our mobile and to other devices.

In this connectivity we can start talking about the USB port. A port that is already common even in the cheapest products, serving to play all kinds of multimedia content from a flash drive or similar. Function similar to that offered by the SD card reader, with which to access large amounts of files easily. Some models include specific ports to connect Apple devices, although if you do not need this function, it is not something that adds much cost to the product.

As for wireless connectivity, the main one is the one that refers to Bluetooth connectivity. This connectivity has a double function, since it allows you to connect to your mobile both to play music and to make calls in hands-free mode safely. In both functions it is important to verify the compatibility of the Bluetooth version with that of your terminal, so that this connectivity is carried out correctly and with the best possible sound quality.

advanced features

For the end we have left the advanced functions of the equipment. Functions that are not common in all models and that add different extras that can be interesting to have. Anyway, some of them tend to increase the cost of the car radio, so it’s all a matter of assessing whether they really interest us.

One of the most striking is the possibility of having a large screen with which to turn a simple car radio into a multimedia player where we can watch movies on our trips. A function already available in the models that include these screens, which can be folded down manually and with the same functions and comfort as the 2 DIN models. And in addition, this screen also offers greater comfort to the use of the product since that screen is touch.

Another interesting function is the customization offered by some models, thus being able to change the color of the keypad and the screen. Or the products that add the charging function to the USB port included on the front, so you can charge your mobile while you play your favorite music. And of course we cannot forget the models that include a remote control, so that you can control the different functions of the device remotely.

How to use a 1 DIN car radio

If you are one of those people who enjoy listening to their favorite songs while they go for a ride in their car, then you must have the necessary tools to enjoy such entertainment. For example, a car radio, since this could give you the facility to play your list of songs comfortably and in a few seconds.

In this way, once you have purchased your own car radio, you should look at our article described below, where you can find specific information about the use you could give it, as well as certain recommendations to use the functions you prefer depending on the model you have chosen..

Install your new 1 DIN car radio correctly

Once you have received your new car radio at home, you will need to carry out a simple unpacking in order to proceed with its installation. Thus, we consider it extremely important that you have the instruction manual available in the package at hand, since there you will be able to find the necessary information to install it comfortably in just a few minutes.

Carry out intuitive use

Depending on the model you have purchased, you will even be able to enjoy intuitive use of your new 1 DIN car radio, since the most common buttons will be present in its structure, either to change songs, increase or decrease volume and even pause it.

On the other hand, making use of the touch screen will be a very easy task that you will be able to carry out, since the buttons available on the cover are complemented by the aforementioned practical screen that with just several touches will provide you with optimal operation.

However, it is always necessary to refer to the instruction manual in case you do not understand any configuration process that you must follow to improve the audio system and activate or deactivate functions.

Use the remote

Making use of your 1 DIN car radio will be very easy since, depending on the model you have purchased, you will even be able to enjoy an ideal remote control to configure its reproduction comfortably.

In this way, you will only have to use the buttons available on the control and that’s it. On the other hand, if you wish, you can also use a hands-free service if this is your case, so that you only have to connect your mobile device to the car radio via Bluetooth connection to be able to use this practical function that will allow you to receive calls and messages without having to let go of the wheel of your car.

Tune in the radio and make use of the GPS system

Once you are using the 1 DIN car radio, you will also be able to tune in to the AM and FM radio, so that listening to your favorite radio programs will be at your fingertips. In this case, you only have to activate this function using a button available on the car radio, either to listen to any of the two stations.

On the other hand, if your car radio allows it, you can also use a GPS navigation system with 48 maps of different European countries. So you only have to look in the instruction manual for the steps to follow to enjoy this function.

Perform a Bluetooth pairing

A type of connection that is never lacking in electronic devices lately is the Bluetooth system, which you can use in your car radio to enjoy proper pairing with your mobile phone. It should be noted that this way you could even play the songs you have on it easily, in addition to being able to use the hands-free system that includes the car radio.

The most popular brands

Car radios have evolved to such an extent that they have merged with touch screens, CD players and USB ports. Thus, the 1 DIN car radio is presented as a very versatile piece of equipment. These are the most popular brands on the market according to users.

Since 1927, JVC has been developing technological solutions for leisure and recreation for millions of users around the world. Its headquarters is located in Yokohama, Japan. Initially it manufactured gramophones and from the 1930s, it sold records in the Japanese country. This decade was also characterized by the launch of radio receivers and a historic milestone for the company: the first television set in the Asian country.

During World War II, the brand moved away from American commerce due to diplomatic tensions between the United States and Japan. After the war, JVC began an expansion process that led it to own shares in other companies that positioned it much better in the market. In the 1970s, he had the privilege of creating the VHS system for video recording and playback, which was unique in its format up to that time.

The 1980s represented for the company its entry into the sports world as a sponsor of the Soccer World Cup and the UEFA European Championship. Since 2007, Kenwood became part of the company, strengthening the market for televisions, radios, camcorders, Hi-Fi, car radios and recording media, to be leaders in all continents of the world. Likewise, JVC has a workforce of more than 35,000 people in all the countries where it is present.

In the ruins and just after World War II, specifically in 1946, Masaru Ibuka started a small establishment that he called the Tokyo Telecommunications Institute (Tokyo Tsushin Kenkyujo Totsuken, in Japanese).

With a small capital that came from the savings of the founding father of the company and a staff that reached 20 people, the brand began with the repair and conditioning of radios, as well as the manufacture of components for the amplification of waves. But those who had started this venture wanted more, and they began designing prototypes of innovative devices, which initially did not give the best results, but ultimately strengthened the brand development processes.

In the 1950s, the Sony brand was born as we know it today; This name was born from the combination of the terms “sonus”, which would come to mean sound, and “sonny boy”, which was commonly used to refer to people with a free spirit. Its history is full of success and the company maintains a strong leadership in the marketing of products such as digital cameras, audiovisual content, car radios, computers through VAIO, mobile phones, and video games with PlayStation.

Kenwood is the brand that merged with JVC since 2007 to create JVC Kenwood, a world leader in the manufacture of Hi-Fi products and equipment for portable and car audio amateur radio. Its foundation occurred in Nagano, Japan, in 1946.

Since its inception, the company focused its work on generating solutions for radios of all kinds of models, whether to expand their coverage power or to develop components that would allow better transmissions, something very important at a time when communications depended a lot on the flow information via radio. Among the major innovations that Kenwood brought to Japan are: the first solid-state amplifier and the FM tuner.

For the 1980s, it developed the first of its car radio models, the XX880SR. From there, his team began the manufacture of new technologies aimed at expanding user options in terms of audio, music and of course, the best of the new advances in information, communication and data transmission.

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¿Cuáles son los mejores autorradios 1 DIN del 2022?

Los autorradios son equipos que actualmente se adquieren con mayor frecuencia y sobretodo con los mejores avances de la tecnología. Si ya tienes claro cuánto vas a gastar y para qué lo vas a usar, te invitamos a conocer los diferentes aspectos que te ayudarán a escoger un producto de alta calidad que pueda cubrir tus necesidades.

Debes considerar la potencia de salida de radio. A mayor potencia mejor será el sonido que puede proporcionar este producto, sin embargo debes verificar si cuentas con los altavoces y otros dispositivos que hagan posible la reproducción de calidad que te brinde el autorradio.

Con los diferentes avances tecnológicos es más fácil ver equipos de radio que dispongan de gran cantidad de funciones. Además de brindar el disfrute de las frecuencias AM y FM, puedes acceder a tu dispositivo móvil a través de Bluetooth y así escuchar a tus artistas y canciones favoritas mientras viajas, paseas o vas al trabajo.

Otros modelos te ofrecen la conexión de puertos USB para que insertes algún pendrive cargado de buena música, asimismo aceptan tarjetas de memoria SD que cuentan con una capacidad más amplia y así evitar la compra y utilización de CD.

También será importante que tomes en cuenta el tamaño de tu coche y el espacio con el que cuentas para la instalación del autorradio. De esta manera podrás definir mejor si el equipo que te llama la atención por su funcionalidad, podría ser el adecuado para las medidas que tienes a disposición para ser instalado fácilmente.

Algunos modelos cuentan con pantalla LCD que te permiten visualizar y controlar de manera táctil todas las funciones del reproductor.

Para que puedas comprar uno de los autorradios 1 DIN mejor posicionados en la comparativa, te presentamos algunos modelos que seguramente llamarán tu atención al momento de decidirte por el que dejarás en casa.


Ventaja principal:

Su alta compatibilidad para reproducir archivos de los formatos más actuales multimedia concluimos que es la mejor ventaja que proporciona el modelo.

Desventaja principal:

Algunos usuarios mencionan que cuenta con demasiadas funciones, por lo que consideran que hay que dedicar tiempo a comprender todo el funcionamiento, algo que podría considerarse una desventaja.

Veredicto 9.8/10

Este modelo de autorradio te ayudará a amenizar tus viajes de manera eficiente con su atractiva resolución y tecnología. Por otra parte te permitirá disfrutar de la reproducción de archivos en formatos actuales y en los medios de almacenamiento que son más comunes para un viaje más placentero.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Sonido y video

El modelo se encuentra provisto con una pantalla de 7″ de longitud y un aspecto de radio de 16:9 muy cómodo y práctico para instalar en tu coche. Además te ofrece una resolución WVGA 800×480 píxeles que te permitirá observar con comodidad y claridad tus películas, sin olvidar mencionar que cuenta con función touch para simplificar su uso.

Para brindar mayor comodidad, incluye un recubrimiento antideslumbrante para brindar una experiencia de visualización mejor ante una iluminación exterior abundante, de esta manera puedes observar desde varios ángulos con claridad. Otro rasgo interesante es que puede almacenar en su memoria el último ángulo utilizado para evitar configuraciones que te hagan perder tiempo.

En cuanto a su sonido, cuenta con con un sistema de conversión Digital/Analógico de 24 bits, que ayudará conservar el mejor sonido en la reproducción y un sistema EEQ de ecualizador sencillo para encontrar el mejor ajuste sonoro para la reproducción en curso.


Cabe destacar que se trata de un modelo que te brinda una gran compatibilidad con archivos, tanto de video, como de audio, por lo que no te verás restringido para utilizar los formatos con los que cuentas, puedes disfrutar de ellos sin complicaciones. También puedes hacer uso de tus archivos guardados en una memoria USB al conectarla en su ranura especial, con el conveniente ahorro de espacio y portabilidad que esto representa.

Por otro lado, gracias a que soporta RDS, puedes visualizar en la pantalla información especial enviada por las radiodifusoras en sus señales. Otra función incluida en el modelo es su visualizador de imágenes, con lo que te permitirá observar con comodidad tus fotos en el mismo autorradio con una buena resolución.

Por todas estas características de compatibilidad, el modelo se convierte en una opción versátil multipropósito, para incrementar tus opciones de entretenimiento desde tu coche.

Funciones y utilización

Uno de los rasgos que caracteriza al modelo es su intuitiva utilización, ya que por una parte combina en la carátula principal los botones más utilizados y se complementa con la práctica pantalla de tipo táctil, desde donde puedes acceder a al resto de las funciones que ofrece con pocos toques.

Si lo prefieres, también puedes hacer uso de su mando a distancia que cuenta con botones sencillos para configurar la reproducción. Por si fuera poco, también te proporciona un útil servicio de manos libres HFP 1.0 mediante bluetooth bastante eficiente para uso en coches, que te ayudará a recibir y realizar llamadas sin distraerte mientras conduces.

Otras funciones para las que se encuentra preparado este modelo es para recibir entradas de video correspondientes a la cámara de visión trasera en el vehículo, que puede ayudarte a una conducción sencilla, además su placa frontal es de tipo desmontable, esto ayuda a desalentar a los ladrones para evitar que traten de ingresar a tu coche para robar el autorradio.


Este modelo cuenta con sistema de Bluetooth para que puedas utilizar manos libres y recibas llamadas cómodamente mientras conduces hacia tu destino.

Dispone de una pantalla LCD de 7” táctil con resolución HD para que puedas disfrutar de una excelente calidad de imagen.

Puedes sintonizar las diferentes frecuencias de radio AM y FM para que estés al día con las noticias o cualquier información o programa que desees. Incluye el sistema de navegación GPS con mapas de 48 países de Europa junto a su software de actualización de mapas.

Cuenta con 7 colores de iluminación que son azul, rojo, amarillo, morado, rosa, verde, blanco y turquesa, los cuales podrás ajustar de acuerdo a tu preferencia.

Adicionalmente, incluye la conexión para subwoofers, el control a distancia con su conector para ajustar al volante, todo en función de brindarte un funcionamiento sencillo y práctico de excelente calidad.

La conectividad de este modelo podría l

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