The 5 Best 2 DIN Car Radios of 2022

2 DIN Car Radio – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

2 DIN car radios, thanks to their larger size, allow you to have elements that 1 DIN systems cannot offer, such as large screens, video players, built-in GPS and many other elements that enrich your driving experience. However, you should always bet on complete and quality models, so that your experience is as fun and safe as possible. The option represented by the JVC KW-R520E model has an advanced panel with different buttons to select the functions it offers, with a blue, green or pink lighting system. It has a USB port, a CD reader and allows you to play the most common audio formats that exist on the market. If you prefer to have a large screen, you can choose the Ankeway ‎AW1001 model., 7-inch diagonal and that, thanks to its Android compatibility, offers you great versatility to do everything you want.

Buying guide – What is the best 2 DIN car radio on the market?

Compared to the 1 DIN design, the 2 DIN car radio has ample space, in which to have a larger control panel or a huge screen with which to gain comfort and functionality when using the product. Models that continue to evolve continuously, so it is worth taking a look at our guide to buying the best 2 DIN car radio and thus know what you should look for before opting for a specific model.

main design

The first thing that jumps out at you when you see any comparison of 2 DIN car radios is the existence of two types of products depending on the screen format they have. Two models that can give greater control capacity or turn the product into a complete multimedia player for your car loaded with all kinds of functions.

Starting with the conventional mode, in this case the size available for the control panel is simply increased and, in part, the space offered by the screen. In any case, this screen is still conventional, so that in this type of product we cannot navigate by GPS, nor can we watch movies. In exchange, we will have more and larger keys to control the equipment.

But if you are looking for a complete model with improved functionality, you should opt for a conventional TFT screen product. These screens have a size of about 7 inches and here we can, generally, watch videos, navigate with our favorite GPS app or control all the functions of the equipment to the extreme. It all depends on what we need, since the difference between how much one model or another costs is not very high either.

connectivity options

Another important aspect when looking for a cheap but quality 2 DIN car radio has to do with its connectivity options. And it is that, in order to make the most of its functions, we will surely be interested in uploading files with our videos or favorite songs, as well as connecting the mobile phone comfortably to the computer.

In the first section, it is convenient to verify that the product has a USB port, as well as an SD card reader. Both elements allow us to load all kinds of files comfortably, using the physical support for it. By the way, if you are looking for a 2 DIN car radio with a CD player, there are still some models that include it, although they are fewer and fewer.

As for wireless connectivity, the main function is Bluetooth. This function allows you to connect your mobile directly to the car radio, which makes it easy to play music files or answer your calls in a more secure way. And if you are looking for something more, some models include Wi-Fi connectivity features or a SIM card port, so you can have a data connection directly on the device.


We have called the last aspect of our guide accessories, since we are going to talk about some additional elements that may be interesting to complete the product. Aspects that are not fundamental, that are not always present in the cheapest models and that we can add to the chosen equipment without this implying a considerable increase in terms of the total cost of the device.

Among these elements we have the GPS navigation system. There are several modes here, in which we have the all-inclusive products, the ones that do not include anything, and the ones that include the antenna. Everything will depend on what we want, although since many of these devices include Android as the operating system, everything will be easier, even if the device does not include a specific app.

Another interesting addition is the rear view camera. An extra with which to park more safely and comfortably, with models that can be connected to this system and others that even have a camera. And since we are talking about assemblies, it is also convenient to take a look at the ease of installation of the car radio and the compatibility, for example, with options such as the remote control of your car or other elements that you already have included.

The 5 Best 2 DIN Car Radios – Opinions 2022

1. JVC KW-R520E CD Receiver

Main advantage:

Its powerful sound, with a surround effect, is one of the most remarkable qualities of this car radio, which has 12 equalization presets that optimize the experience of listening to music in the car with this equipment.

Main disadvantage:

This model is not compatible with iPhone iOS technology, according to several users, so this would be its main defect, although the many ways to take advantage of it make this a minor detail.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The JVC KW-R520E car radio has an attractive design, with a front LCD screen that lights up in various colors. Its sound is powerful and adjustable in 12 equalization levels. It is a digital AM and FM tuner, equipped with a CD receiver.

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A good radio never hurts when we go by car. On long or short trips, a company is always sought, either by tuning in to a particular program or listening to our favorite music, but enjoying it depends largely on the sound quality of our equipment and, in this case, that of the JVC KW car radio. R520E is one of the most remarkable.

The quality of its powerful and enveloping sound is capable of creating a pleasant atmosphere that will make traveling by car a very pleasant experience. This model also has 12 equalization options to adjust the sound to the type of music we are listening to. Thus, you will be able to make a better appreciation of each sound.

Design and assembly

The attractive design and easy assembly will always count when purchasing a car radio and the JVC KW-R520E model is noted in these items with good ratings. This equipment has a front LCD screen illuminated in variable colors, which will most likely attract attention inside the car, but will also make it easier to find the different commands to use on the control panel, especially at night or in spaces with little presence of light.

As for the assembly of the car radio, this process is also quite simple. This is due to the fact that the equipment is provided with an ISO-type connector, especially for cars, which when plugged into the radio drawer will leave it ready for use, with a very simple configuration process.

Connectivity and formats

The connectivity options and playback formats are also important in a car radio, as they allow knowing the scope of its use. In the case of this JVC model, the front panel has, in addition to the AM and FM radio tuner, a CD input, capable of reading different types of disc wherever you have your music or audio book stored.

Likewise, it is provided with an auxiliary input to connect your Android phone or tablet and play the stored music without problems. This car radio also has a USB port to connect a flash drive or hard drive and is capable of playing traditional audio formats such as WAV, MP3, WMA and FLAC.

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2. ANKEWAY 2022 new 7 inch 2G+16G Android 10.1

The Ankeway ‎AW1001 2 DIN radio is a comprehensive solution both for you to drive more safely and to enjoy all kinds of multimedia content comfortably.

This model offers you a 7-inch touch screen with Full HD resolution, where it is easy to enjoy your favorite content or clearly see the maps of the integrated GPS function. It is also easy to control the equipment both from said screen and through the integrated side button panel. Support for steering wheel controls is also included, making them even easier to control.

This model works with Android 10, so you won’t have any problems downloading your favorite apps and using them comfortably. And to top it off, it is one of the few 2 DIN radios that include the rear camera, with which to see everything more clearly when parking. 

Learn more about this 2 DIN radio with the results of our research, which we discuss below.


Screen: Its 7-inch Full HD screen makes it easy to see everything clearly and safely control the device.

GPS : Includes integrated GPS, so you will not need an external GPS to circulate.

Rear camera: Includes the rear camera, with which to park more safely and without bumps.

Android : Includes version 10 of Android, to enjoy compatibility with all kinds of apps.


Configuration: The radio configuration process, once installed, is somewhat complex. And the manual doesn’t help too much.

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3. Podofo Radio Tactile for Cars 2 DIN Android 

Among the best 2 DIN car radios of 2022, there is also room for cheap but quality options. Among them, we have the Podofo A2222EUA3AM1DE model, equipped with the classic 7-inch screen and which reinforces its control system with a comfortable side keypad.

This equipment offers a good image quality on its screen, with a sound that is also up to par. Regarding its functions, you can use it as a GPS, as a multimedia player or as a hands-free for your car, as well as as a conventional radio.

As if all this were not enough, it also includes a rear view camera, which is conveniently integrated into the system. The Mirrorlink function is also missing, to easily duplicate the screen of your smartphone on the computer. Ideal for sharing content easily, without cables or problems.

So that you do not lack information when looking for the best 2 DIN car radio of the moment, we leave you its most notable functions.


Design: The design is the usual, with a high-quality 7-inch screen embedded in a beautiful frame.

Control: This device is controlled through its touch screen and its comfortable button panel, located on the left side of the equipment and which makes everything much easier.

Security: The car radio adds an extra security through GPS navigation, hands-free and integrated rear view camera.


Operating system: The operating system included is Android 8.1, so you must update the equipment after receiving it. Something essential to get the most out of it.

Internal memory: The RAM of the device remains at 1 GB, somewhat scarce considering what we find today in these products.

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4. Summdey 2 Din Bluetooth Car Radio

Among the options we have chosen to equip your vehicle with a quality 2 DIN car radio, there are also affordable kits such as the Summdey ‎7018-2. This model has the classic seven-inch diagonal format and Full HD resolution, to see everything clearly.

And it is that this product is mainly designed to add a fun touch to your vehicle, with wide compatibility with all kinds of audio or video formats. It is also easy to share content from your mobile, thanks to the Bluetooth function that it includes. Perfect for converting the car radio into a practical hands-free for your calls.

As an extra, the rear camera is included, which is not usual in this type of equipment. Perfect for parking more safely and seeing clearly what you have behind your vehicle.

Get to know this device in depth and assess if it is what suits you with the data from our analysis. 


Formats: This model plays all kinds of video and audio content comfortably and with high quality.

Connectivity : Its connectivity includes options such as Bluetooth, USB input, auxiliary port and card reader, among other options.

Hands-free: Hands -free functionality makes it easy to connect your mobile and control your calls safely.


GPS: This model does not have integrated GPS, so you will not be able to use it to orient yourself on your trips or look for directions.

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5. Awesafe Car Radio 7 Inch with Touch Screen 2 DIN

The Awesafe TH-ESP-M3A30 model is another of those interesting options to give a new look to the digital entertainment center of your vehicle. A product with a traditional cut in its approach, where we find the usual 7-inch diagonal screen and a comfortable button panel, to better control the equipment.

Among the advantages of this product, we have the CD and DVD reader, which is currently being lost and it is not usual to find it in these devices. It also has an integrated GPS function, with its own maps, so you don’t need a network connection to move around. In addition, these maps are easily updated from the SD in which they are stored.

The equipment is finished off with details such as Bluetooth connection, to control the mobile and your calls safely, or its ability to play all kinds of multimedia content comfortably.

We summarize, below, the most outstanding characteristics of this equipment that Awesafe presents us.


DVD player: It is one of the few car radios that retains the classic CD and DVD player in its approach, being very accessible.

Functions : The model includes very interesting functions such as independent GPS navigation or support for a rear camera.

Button panel : The included button panel is one of the largest on the market, which makes it easy to manage the car radio and all its functions comfortably.


Compatibility: Given the characteristics of the device, it is important to check the compatibility of the car radio with your vehicle.

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How to use a 2 DIN car radio

When we drive, we always want to enjoy good music, even if it is to go shopping at the supermarket. In this way, our path becomes shorter. 2 DIN car radios allow us to enjoy audio and video in a variety of formats that make it more pleasant to reach our destination.

Check the installation features  

When thinking about buying a product for our car such as a 2 DIN car radio, it is necessary to verify that it has the necessary installation characteristics for proper operation of the equipment, that is, that they are compatible.

Although it is true that, currently, most cars have incorporated into their structure the specifications that comply with ISO installation standards, which are standards for safety when it comes to this type of connection, it may be the case that that this compatibility does not exist and, therefore, the 2 DIN car radio quickly fails.

Evaluate formats and compatibility  

In the market you will find a variety of 2 DIN car radio models, some may seem very attractive, but the most important thing is that they provide you with what you need to satisfy your need for use in the car.

If you like to listen to music, but you have no idea that each song that plays on the player can have a different format, which it cannot play, you are in for a surprise. Therefore, it is important that the car radio can read several formats. When it comes to audio, the most popular are MP3 and WMA, so the player must be able to read at least these formats. As for video formats, the standards are MPEG and AVI.

Another feature that you may need to make use of is the connectivity offered by Bluetooth to listen to the music you have on your mobile. It is also essential that it has a USB port or NFC connection.

Know how the 2 DIN car radio works  

Through a 2 DIN car radio you have a GPS to plot your routes and obtain a wide variety of valuable information, necessary to stay safe at all times when driving.   

You can also listen to music by playing a CD or DVD; or through the USB connection when docking any other portable music player device such as an MP3, MP4, iPad, etc. With Bluetooth you can also listen to music from your mobile phone.

display features  

Although there are models of 2 DIN car radios that adjust their size to add buttons and make them easier for users, there are also fully tactile ones.

The full size of this kit is 4 x 7 inches; in that space, in the cases of car radios that have buttons, they include the basic elements of a player, in addition to the button to activate Bluetooth, the slot to insert CD or DVD, the USB port and that of any additional connection that it incorporates. Touch screens offer menu navigation and minimal spaces for other connections.   

The most popular brands

Many times, in our daily transportation routine, either to work or anywhere, we want to enjoy some music to make our trip a little more enjoyable.

There are even alternatives on the market with which you can enjoy music videos or movies in the comfort of your vehicle. All this can be achieved by purchasing a 2 DIN car radio, which, thanks to its large dimensions, is capable of providing a more comfortable and exclusive experience. Today, the vehicle accessories market is made up of brands that offer the most varied features.

The brands that will be taken into account in this list are Pioneer, Xomax and KKmoon, for reasons of quality in relation to the price at which their products can be purchased.

We will start by talking a little about the prestigious company in the world of audio, Pioneer, which was founded in 1938 in Japan. Today this company offers excellent alternatives in terms of player equipment and speakers, especially for vehicles.

For many users who are dedicated to the world of music, Pioneer is one of the best purchase options, as for example its solutions for music producers and DJs have been very well received, especially in recent years, with the growth of popularity of electronic music.

In addition to car radios, the brand also offers us mixing equipment for DJs, headband headphones, speakers, microphones, turntables, among others.

The car radios of this brand have as their main characteristic, in addition to a modern and attractive design, good features in terms of connectivity and intuitive handling. The brand also offers us some models with full HD touch screens, so that we can not only enjoy our music, but also music videos and movies.

We continue with this company of German origin, which has built a good reputation and prestige, not only within Germany but in its surroundings, covering much of Europe.

Xomax mainly offers facilities in the field of car audio accessories, putting at our disposal products with the most varied features and prices.

The car radios of this brand come in different dimensions, that is, 1 DIN and 2 DIN, with which you will easily find one that adapts to your vehicle, in addition, you can choose your device according to the degree of complexity you want, depending on your budget and needs.

Some models of this brand even incorporate drop-down screens, with which it will be much easier to navigate through the menus and select your favorite track or radio station with ease and comfort.

Finally, when talking about this brand, it is important to highlight the extensive range of products that they have positioned in the market over the years, not only in Europe but also in America and Asia.

KKmoon is a brand that not only enters the car audio accessories market, but also offers more options including toys, design, security, audio, video and various electronic gadgets applicable to computers and mobile phones.

Among the most outstanding products of this brand we have security cameras, video processors, locks with alarms, Bluetooth systems, walkie talkies, watches, car air purifiers, screen protectors for mobile phones and of course car radios.

The 2 DIN car radios of this brand usually incorporate high-resolution LCD touch screens, which provide a comfortable and efficient experience when navigating through the intuitive menus. In addition, these players usually incorporate DVD readers and different ports to read files via USB and SD cards without any inconvenience.

» Review information from previous years

¿Cuál es el mejor autorradio 2 DIN del mercado?

Los autorradios normales o de 1 DIN ofrecen una pantalla de tamaño ajustado y poco más. Los autorradios 2 DIN ocupan el doble de espacio, pero amplían nuestras posibilidades con pantallas de gran tamaño, botoneras más amplias y muchas opciones más, aunque también es cierto que ocupan más espacio en tu frontal, que debes tener disponible.

No obstante, si quieres saber más sobre estos productos, te recomendamos que leas nuestros consejos al respecto y que le eches un vistazo a nuestra comparativa de autorradios 2 DIN para conocer tres productos destacados y altamente calificados por los consumidores.

Como primer aspecto, debemos hablar de nuevo de las pantallas. Las pantallas de los autorradios 2 DIN son generalmente mucho más grandes que las de los productos 1 DIN. De hecho, estos productos 2 DIN en ocasiones son solo una gran pantalla táctil, estando motorizada para permitir el acceso al lector del CD, ofreciendo nuevas posibilidades de funcionamiento. Otros modelos disponen de pantallas más pequeñas, pero amplias botoneras que facilitan el uso del producto.

Una vez que has elegido el modelo, conviene verificar que el producto es compatible con tu vehículo. Es cierto que tanto la norma de instalación ISO como el formato 2 DIN son estándares y, por tanto, no deberías tener problemas en tu vehículo, pero nunca está de más verificar las características y requisitos de instalación para evitar problemas o fallos posteriores. En caso de duda, consulta con el servicio de atención al cliente del fabricante.

Para concluir, es importante evaluar el número de formatos y la conectividad del equipo elegido. El número de formatos se refiere a qué formatos puede leer, tanto en formato audio como vídeo si está soportado. Cuantos más formatos lea mejor, pero al menos debería leer MP3 y WMA en audio y MPEG y AVI en vídeo. En cuanto a conectividad, el incluir Bluetooth es algo casi imprescindible, igual que el puerto USB. Si incorpora lector de tarjetas o conexión NFC, mucho mejor.


Ventaja principal

Una de las ventajas más importantes de este autorradio es que cuenta con conectividad Bluetooth para que puedas reproducir gran cantidad de archivos de audio. Además, te da la posibilidad de establecer conexión con dos dispositivos móviles a la vez para la recepción de llamadas.

Desventaja principal

Una de las desventajas que han señalado varios de sus usuarios es que si el equipo está apagado no podrás hacer uso de la función Bluetooth. Si recibes alguna llamada y comienzas a encenderlo, no tendrás su funcionamiento inmediatamente.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Es un producto apreciado por sus clientes por su gran relación calidad-precio. Su funcionamiento, sus prestaciones y su conexión Bluetooth hacen de este equipo un producto de gran tecnología.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Este autorradio 2 DIN JVC es una radio para coches que te permite hacer la reproducción de CD y DVD para que puedas disfrutar de tus artistas y tus canciones favoritas en la comodidad de tu coche, cada vez que sales de paseo o sencillamente cuando vas a tu lugar de trabajo para llegar con un gran ánimo.

Cuenta con puerto USB para que puedas conectar diferentes dispositivos de almacenamiento en los que tengas almacenada la música de tu preferencia, de manera que será más cómodo y sencillo llevar tus canciones favoritas a cualquier lugar.

Puedes hacer uso de la función Bluetooth, que es apreciada cada vez que vamos en busca de un dispositivo móvil o algún equipo para la reproducción de archivos de audio y video.


Un autorradio 2 DIN resulta ser ideal para conectarlo en el coche y llevarlo a cualquier lugar disfrutando de las mejores prestaciones. Sin embargo, siempre es importante considerar sus dimensiones y determinar si es el indicado para tu coche.

Las dimensiones de este producto son de 15,8 x 18,2 x 11,2, por lo que podrás instalarlo con total comodidad, debido que tiene unas medidas promedio para ajustarse a una gran cantidad de coches disponibles. 

En cuanto al peso, podemos indicar que el modelo apenas alcanza 1,6 kilos, de manera que podrás maniobrarlo, instalarlo y desinstalarlo con total comodidad y sin complicaciones.


Es un producto muy versátil que no solo podrás utilizar como radio para escuchar tus frecuencias preferidas, sino que dispone de reproductor para CD y DVD. Esto te permitirá escuchar tu música favorita cada vez que salgas de casa en tu coche.

Cuenta con una pantalla incorporada en la que podrás visualizar información referente a la canción y artista que estés escuchando. Además puedes ajustar el color para que lo adecues a tus gustos y preferencias.

Posee salida de subwoofer, reproductor MP3, RDS y sintonizador. Todo esto en función de ofrecerte un sonido de calidad y sobre todo para que no te pierdas ninguno de los archivos que deseas reproducir al salir de casa, bien sea para pasear, divertirte o para dirigirte a tu lugar de trabajo diariamente.

Pumpkin ES-0288

El modelo Pumpkin ES-0288 es otra interesante propuesta para quien aún no tenga claro qué autorradio 2 DIN comprar. Este producto cuenta con el habitual diseño de pantalla TFT de 7 pulgadas de diagonal y una resolución de salida Full HD. Esto te permite verlo todo más claro e incluso visualizar vídeo directamente en pantalla, convirtiendo el autorradio en un reproductor multimedia.

También cuenta con opciones para controlar todo lo que necesites en tu vehículo, desde las llamadas a tu móvil como la reproducción de música. Un modelo completo que puedes mejorar con accesorios como su antena WiFi o el puerto para tarjeta 3G, que por desgracia no se incluyen con el equipo pero sí están disponibles para su compra por separado.

Lo que sí se incluye es el mando a distancia, para controlar el equipo de forma remota y sin ir buscando botones. Una interesante propuesta basada en el sistema operativo Android, para que saques todo el partido a las funciones multimedia del equipo.


Pantalla: Su pantalla de 7 pulgadas de diagonal y resolución Full HD hacen fácil verlo todo claro a la hora de controlar el equipo.

Android: Al incluir Android como sistema operativo, este modelo puede usar cualquier aplicación disponible en su tienda sin problemas.

Diseño: El diseño de la pantalla y la botonera hacen aún más elegante el producto, colocando cada botón en su sitio para facilitar notablemente su control.


GPS: No incluye software GPS, aunque dado que su sistema operativo es Android tampoco tendrás problemas para instalar la app de

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