The 5 Best Anti-Theft Bars for Cars of 2022

Anti-theft bar for car – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Nowadays, the immobilizer is a classic in almost all vehicles. However, anti-theft bars are still present, both for older vehicles and for those who do not trust technology so much and look for physical solutions. These bars immobilize the steering wheel and pedals so that they are almost sure that your vehicle will not move if you do not want it to. This is what we get with models like the Fac 82 bar. This bar has an extendable rack arch that we can adapt to our car and a 1 centimeter thick steel bar, practically unbreakable under normal circumstances, which gives it greater security. That is why it is the favorite of users. Another interesting option is the Elephant bar, of traditional style and high resistance with which to maintain adequate security in your vehicle, with a very simple assembly.

The 5 Best Anti-Theft Bars for Cars – Opinions 2022

Providing anti-theft systems to our vehicles will help us feel safer when we park in a place with criminal activity where we can be prone to theft, and there are currently several devices that fulfill this function. Below we present a list of products selected as the best anti-theft bars for cars in 2022, in order to guide you in your choice so that you make a smart investment and a successful purchase.

1. Fac 3010398 Padlock 82 Anti-theft Car

Main advantage:

The high-quality steel of this product has a high resistance to normal use and wear, without presenting the bad appearance that other models usually have after a certain time of use.

Main disadvantage:

Since the product is made entirely of metal, care must be taken if the car is exposed to direct sunlight, as the metal heats up during the process and can burn when handling the product.

Verdict: 9.8/10

An easy-to-use car anti-theft bar that will keep your vehicle safe from theft and keep it looking good for a long time.

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System use and compatibility

This model has the traditional design and format of the anti-theft bars that we usually see on the market. Specifically, the product has an upper arch that is placed on the steering wheel, with an adjustable system to place it in the correct position.

The other part of the product is the lower hook, which must be attached to one of the vehicle’s pedals, usually the accelerator or brake pedal. The union of these pieces, with the correct fit on the bar, prevents turning the steering wheel or stepping on the pedal, leaving the car immobilized. In this case, the Fac 82 bar measures 65.4 cm long, being suitable for blocking all types of passenger cars or even vans and vans.

Manufacturing materials

This Fac anti-theft bar has been manufactured entirely with high-quality metal materials and also has high resistance when used. This prevents thieves from trying to break the bars and try to steal your vehicle, being a good element to keep your car safe. Being somewhat more specific, this product has a rack arch made of treated and calibrated steel that is not only highly resistant, but also has a beautiful exterior design.

The metal has been chromed and brushed precisely to avoid the problems that old materials or painted models usually have, which end up deteriorating with friction and the passage of time.

closing system

Following the traditional pattern of this type of product, the Fac 82 anti-theft bar has a traditional lock closure, which makes the bar adjustment process easier. This lock is inserted in the main part of the bar, so that it is not possible to access it with a crowbar or try to force it with some other element. To do this, the product incorporates a closed area without visible joints where the lock is inserted.

A lock that is accompanied by three keys, so that all members of the family can have their own key. And in case you need more keys, you can make them at any hardware store, since it uses conventional keys.

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2. Carpoint Elephant Anti-Theft Bar

As a deterrent, the anti-theft bars work effectively, especially the Carpoint Elephant model, which blocks the maneuverability of the steering wheel.

Users recommend it for its robust design, since it is evident that it is made with high-quality materials and that it also does not produce any type of marks or tears on the steering wheel. At the same time it is very easy to apply and remove.

Due to its extensible properties, it adapts to any steering wheel safely, it is highly visible from the outside, so it will be easy for thieves to notice that the bar is there and that the task of stealing that car will be complicated.

With the electronic mechanism activated through two magnets that turn on the circuit, your car is always safe since the system is constantly working. Due to these characteristics, the Elephant is positioned as one of the best anti-theft bars for cars of 2022.

It is always important to maintain security in any aspect; If you still don’t know which car anti-theft bar to choose, we present the following model:


System: CARPOINT’s Elephant anti-theft bar will practically render the vehicle unusable as it locks the steering wheel, making it really difficult to drive the vehicle.

Extensible: It can be adapted to a large number of vehicles, since the bar is extendable, so it can be adjusted according to the size of the steering wheel and that’s it.

Robust: its buyers have let it be known that it is a heavy bar with very good finishes. In addition, it is a robust piece that will effectively deter thieves from taking your car.

Wrench – His key is not of the common style, as it looks more like a Phillips screwdriver, thus preventing easy copying.


Safe: its main disadvantage occurs when you want to remove the bar, since the key has four faces that must be inserted in a specific position; if this is not achieved, the bar will not fold.

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3. Sumex 2707090 Hercules Anti-Theft Bar

Among so many models available on the market, it is not easy to distinguish which is the best anti-theft bar. However, with this list of recommendations we show you highly effective products with good opinions among users.

One of these recommendations is the Sumex 2707090 Safety Flat Bar, also known as the Hercules bar. This easy-to-install system works effectively to prevent thieves from starting the vehicle by locking the steering wheel to maneuver it.

This tool, made with high quality standards, has the support and recognition of SUMEX, a group with a long history and a distributor of different brands such as Racesport, Car+, Butzi, Mr. Kleen, among others.

With the Hercules bar you can feel safe leaving your car parked in certain places, and although no one is exempt from being a victim of the underworld, it is always good to use alternative protection systems to make things difficult for the ruffians.

In addition to being perhaps the best car anti-theft bar for 25 euros, Sumex’s is made of resistant and very durable materials:


Lined: One of the positive aspects of this model of anti-theft bar is that it is fully lined, so there is no risk of damaging the steering wheel.

Extendable: it can be used with different vehicles, since it is extendable to adapt to various sizes of steering wheels.

Keys: With the purchase you get two keys so you always have one on hand in case you lose the main one.


Thickness: It seems to be a slightly thinner bar than other models on the market, so it may be easier to cut, although it would still take a long time for thieves.

Durability – One of your buyers complained that his anti-theft bar was damaged after two months of use, although this is an isolated opinion.

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4. Cartec 493222 Car anti-theft bar

Buying a car, for most people, represents the sum of many years of work, savings and effort, which is why we should not skimp to protect our assets. But having a loose or tight budget should not be a limitation to get an excellent quality product, such as the Cartec 493222 bar.

This composite system locks the steering wheel and pedals at the same time and uses a number panel to code with the possibility of entering 100,000 different combinations, ideal for those who always lose the key to their locks.

This mechanical system stands out for its efficiency and above all for being considered the best value for money anti-theft bar.

Users highly recommend it because it is cost commensurate with the quality and aesthetics of the tool, easy to install, widely visible, and works effectively as a deterrent against car thieves.

Even if you don’t know which is the best brand of anti-theft bars for cars, you can well evaluate customer opinions to get a more realistic idea:


System: the security system provided by this anti-theft bar is based on locking both the steering wheel and the pedals, so that your vehicle cannot be stolen.

Code – Unlike most, this anti-theft bar works via a secret code, so you don’t have to worry about losing your keys.

Design: It has an easy-to-handle and easy-to-fit design, so you don’t waste too much time securing your car.


Key: since it was already mentioned that it does not use keys, you must keep in mind that you cannot afford to forget the code, because otherwise you will not be able to remove the bar.

Color – This bar is dark in color (brown and black) which can make it difficult for thieves to see easily and the deterrent to be missed.

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5. ABC Locks Corona LOKL6003 Steering Wheel Lock Bar

Although not the best anti-theft bar, being one of the cheapest and most effective, the ABC Locks LOKL600 model deserves a place on our list of recommendations. This bar blocks the use of the steering wheel by means of a mechanical system that is firmly attached, providing a perfect closure thanks to the nylon bearings it has.

Users express that at first it is a bit difficult to install it, but with daily use you get used to doing it faster and easier.

This practical tool has a robust and durable design thanks to the resistant materials with which it is made. Includes two keys, so you always have a backup in case you lose the other.

It is good to know that this bar works as a deterrent, and a skilled thief could steal any vehicle if he wants to find ways to circumvent the anti-theft protection that it has, however you can invest little buying this bar and feel more secure.

In case you cannot invest too much in an anti-theft bar for your car, we recommend you take a look at this model, since it is one of the cheapest:


Lock: The ABC Locks security bar is located on the top of your steering wheel and its bar will block the movement of the steering wheel when it collides with the dashboard.

Bearings: it has nylon bearings that will help to secure the bar to the flywheel as well as possible to guarantee better performance.

Color: It is bright yellow, easily visible to people outside your car, so it can deter them from trying to steal it.


Placement – ​​Apparently the design of this bar makes it a bit difficult to place it on the steering wheel, which can cost you time and effort.

Marks – Some buyers have complained that this bar leaves marks on their steering wheels and can even crack the lining upholstery.

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Fac 3010398 Padlock 82 Anti-theft Car

Thanks to the trajectory of the FAC brand, a specialist in protection against theft and locksmithing, this padlock is considered the best anti-theft bar, since it is a practical security system made of materials of excellent quality, resistance and durability.

The 82 bar, among its characteristics, is distinguished by having a nickel-plated finish, the rack arch has a diameter of 10mm and, like the hook, it is made of treated calibrated steel, which is a guarantee of maximum hardness.

Taking into account the different types of pedals that vary according to the model and make of your vehicle, this lock is available with two forks for a narrow and wide pedal. Users express that the FAC 82 is very versatile, the adjustable height allows it to adapt to any type of vehicle.

According to customers, this anti-theft bar has a high level of effectiveness because it makes it difficult for criminals to fulfill their mission.

This Fac model could be the best car anti-theft bar of the moment, so you can’t help but value it if you want to keep your car safe:


Materials – Keeping your vehicle safe if you’re not going to be around for a while is a priority anywhere. This anti-theft bar is made of calibrated steel treated not to be easy to break. It has a nickel-plated finish for strength and durability.

Dimensions: It is very important that you evaluate the dimensions of the bar to ensure that it is compatible with your vehicle. This model has a diameter of 10 millimeters, so if they try to cut it, it will take a long time.

Adjustments: it should be noted that the bar can be adjusted to adapt to different types of vehicles and, in addition, the inner arch can be oriented so that it can be positioned as best as possible to guarantee maximum safety.

Cylinder: the insurance cylinder is made of brass, which makes it quite resistant to shocks and falls so that it does not break easily. Also, this material can last like new for a long time.

Keys – And in case you lose the key to this anti-theft bar, don’t worry, three keys in total are included with your purchase, so you can take one with you, leave one at home, and keep the last one in a safe place in case of emergency.

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Buying guide – What is the best car anti-theft bar on the market?

The safety of our vehicle is one of the main concerns we have as owners; having insurance against claims is sometimes not enough if the problem is high crime rates. That is why we resort to the use of alternative protection systems to keep our assets as safe as possible. Among so many options, it is not easy to identify which is the best anti-theft bar for a car, since this mechanical system is very useful. Next, we present a summary of the aspects you should know to avoid making a hasty purchase.

dissuasive system

Anti-theft bars are mechanisms that prevent the maneuverability of the steering wheel or the use of the pedals, depending on the type of bar, so that thieves who have broken into the car door cannot start it, much less drive it. Although they seem very simple, the bars are highly effective, especially as tools that deter the criminal from stealing that vehicle, since it will take more time to try to remove the protection mechanism.

The purpose of this guide to buying the best anti-theft bar is to give you the necessary information so that you invest your money well if you have decided to opt for this protection system; however, it should be remembered that you also have other systems such as alarms, circuit breakers or GPS systems. That is why we recommend, if your budget allows it, to combine several of these devices so that you have a more complete protection of your vehicle.

bar types

When making a comparison of anti-theft bars for cars, it is evident that there are different types: steering wheel bars, which go through the steering wheel so that it cannot be maneuvered because it collides with the dashboard; the pedal blocker bars that are more discreet than the previous ones, but prevent the thief from using the pedals when he has had access to the vehicle, and the steering wheel blocker that is a combination of the two, where the bar is hooked to the steering wheel and to one of the the pedals preventing the movement of both devices to start the car.  

It should be noted that each one varies in price and quality, so it is advisable before checking how much it costs, checking that it is made of resistant materials, that it has a robust design and that the padlock or lock system is strong.

keys or codes

It is a reality that we all want to make a good and cheap purchase, but when we talk about the safety of our assets we must consider making a smart investment. Among the different models of anti-theft bars for cars currently available on the market, you can choose those with the traditional lock and the most innovative ones with a code lock system.

If you are one of the many forgetful people who tend to lose the bar key and end up calling a locksmith, it is advisable to opt for the codes that, in addition, can be more difficult for the thief to violate, since the most cunning can quickly open the bar lock, while with the code system they will have to rack their brains before finding the key among the 100,000 probabilities.


As we mentioned before, the anti-theft bars work as visual elements that dissuade the thief from entering a certain car, since it will be difficult for him to start it because it has a blocking bar. That is why this aspect has a lot to do with aesthetics, as many customers prefer striking and large designs that are easy to perceive when approaching the vehicle so that the thief refrains from entering that one and looks for another target.

However, there are other types of customers who do not want to ruin the style and distinction of their vehicles, since these are an extension of the appearance of their owners. That is why they opt for more discreet but equally efficient designs. This aspect will depend on your tastes.


Before choosing the most striking or discreet bar or opting for the most economical, it is good to review its installation mechanism to verify how easy it is for you as the owner of the vehicle to place it every time you park the car and remove it when you are going to start.. Since it would not be functional for you to spend a lot of time inside the car trying to put on or remove the anti-theft bar, as this situation could make you a target for opportunistic bandits so that they have access to you, the car and the keys to carry out the theft..

With this example we want to recommend you to do a preliminary investigation and consult the specialized pages to obtain more information about the available models and the evaluation that the clients give them, to use their opinions as a reference. By having all this information, you can correctly choose which is the best car anti-theft bar on the market.

How to use a car anti-theft bar

A car is a highly valuable property, that is why we take great care in taking care of it and always keeping it in good condition. But its value also makes it an ideal target for theft. Today there are many devices to give them security and one of the most effective are the anti-theft bars for cars, since they manage to reduce the risk of break-in and theft.

Use that you should give

Although the anti-theft bar that you bought to secure your car may seem strong and, perhaps, ideal for use in other things, this should not be done, since it is designed to be placed in specific parts of your car and any other use can affect its functionality.

Although it may seem useful to lock other things such as doors, bars, bicycles, among others, it is recommended that you do not do it to keep the bar in good condition.

How to put the bar on the steering wheel

This is a simple task that you can do in a few seconds when it is appropriate to the measurements and physical space of your car. This will prevent you from being targeted for wasting so much time placing this security device.

To lock the steering wheel with the bar, unlock the lock with the key and insert the curved top into the steering wheel. Reduce the length of the bar and insert the lower part across the steering wheel. Next, move the bar so that it is vertically above the seat and close the latch to secure it.

Lock the shift lever

Another way to make your car safe with the bar is by locking the gear lever, which prevents bad guys from easily putting it in motion. To do this, you must follow a very similar procedure when securing the steering wheel.

Reduce the length of the bar and fix the tip just behind the gear lever, thus preventing any movement. Then you must fix the other end of the bar against the bottom of the seat; Make sure it is firmly fixed so that it does not move. When you have it secured, pass the key and remove it from the device.

press the pedal

The basic practicality of this type of car security device is that you can use it at three important points that prevent the car from being stolen so easily.

For this case, you should put the top end of the bar under the pedal and the other end against the front of the car; This prevents the pedal from being moved to accelerate, that is, there will be no way for the car to start moving. Set the bar and pass the insurance.

Keep the key safe

The bar key is what will ensure that only you are the one who can unlock the device. That is why it is very important that you always keep it safe and out of reach of strangers. You should also make sure to always carry it with you to avoid inconvenience.

The most popular brands

When it comes to caring for and protecting your vehicle, you should opt for anti-theft systems that can neutralize your car to effectively deter thieves. That is why a good anti-theft bar is an economical and effective solution. If you want to know the best brands that offer this product, continue reading.

Stoplock is a vehicle safety brand founded in 1992 in the United Kingdom, owned by the company Saxon Brands, which is a specialist in the car care and protection market.

Stoplock is one of the most recognized vehicle safety brands in Europe, with more than 20 years of experience, where the vision that it has as a company is to satisfy the needs of users, covering all the details and demands that they have suggested. since the brand was founded.

This brand has been a pioneer in the creation of a lock to block the steering wheel, as well as anti-theft bars for cars, so that in this way they can deter the thief.

This system has been evaluated by different vehicle safety companies, along with four other brands, and it has been placed in the number one position, due to the high quality of the product and the technological innovation for vehicle protection.

Currently, the brand continues to be the leader in the marketing of this type of product to ensure that your vehicle is safer.

ABC Locks is a leading brand in the manufacture of home and vehicle locks, being a property of the Spanish company ABC Parts, founded since 2012.

ABC Locks includes a wide range of anti-theft mechanisms, as well as various types of steering wheel locks and levers, along with the accessories such as screws and nuts that you need for the respective installation of this device in cars.

The brand, backed by the ABC Parts company, has a 5,000-square-meter warehouse to have the largest number of products on the shelf and thus satisfy customer orders throughout Europe, mainly in Spain and Portugal, allowing it to offer users an immediate response when they request a purchase order.

The purpose of this brand is to meet the needs of customers, since the foundation of the company, where employees have the vision of improving every day to meet the protection needs of vehicles. That is why ABC Locks has excellent customer service to listen to each of the consumer’s demands.

Mondpalast Global Limited is a registered trademark owned by MP Power Company, founded in 2003, in Hong Kong. The brand covers a series of electronic devices such as wireless headphones, selfie sticks, cell phone accessories, cell phone and computer adapters, camera accessories, among others.

It was not until 2015, when the brand decided to cover the need to implement an anti-theft system for cars, such as the steering wheel lock bar, being widely accepted by buyers, placing it in a privileged place in the market for the commercialization of this product.

Therefore, the MP Power company, under the Mondpalast brand, has continued to evolve and invent new product models of this type to not only protect the vehicle by locking the steering wheel, but also through the pedal, manufacturing high quality products in material Stainless steel for durability and strength.

Due to the high quality with which these products have been manufactured, the brand has committed to continue growing to remain in the market for much longer.

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