The 5 Best Car Subwoofers of 2022

Car Subwoofer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To give your vehicle audio a special touch, with extra bass power, a good car subwoofer is just the solution you need. A product that, if it has the right quality, allows you to enhance your system, improving reception and the sensation of surround sound typical of these devices, so that you can enjoy a different sound experience. Something you can get with models like the Kenwood KFC-W112S subwoofer. This model has great power, reaching 800 watts and has a diameter of 12 inches, also offering an impedance of 4 ohms. More straightforward is the Pioneer TS-WX300A subwoofer, boasting 350 watts of power with a 1,300 peak and high-quality construction.

The 5 Best Subwoofer for Car – Opinions 2022

If the sound of your vehicle needs a dose of power, nothing better than a good subwoofer to achieve it. In our selections of the best car subwoofers of 2022 you will find an interesting selection of excellent quality products to enjoy your music more during your trips. And surely at cheaper prices than you expected.

1. Kenwood KFC-W112S 12 Inch 800 Watt Subwoofer

Among the best subwoofers on the market we find products such as the Kenwood KFC-W112S. This device offers you a power of no less than 800 watts and 4 ohms of impedance, with which to achieve high sound pressure and enjoy the best sensations when listening to your favorite music. 

Something that is helped by manufacturing through a high-level injection system, also based on quality materials, such as silver-plated terminals or urethane, which is part of that cone. A comprehensive approach with which to enjoy that high sound quality, in a 300-millimeter-deep model. 

Therefore, it is ideal for the high levels of sound depth that the device can achieve. As much as to have a sensitivity of 90 decibels per mW, thus improving the final result of the product.

If you want to bet on a quality model, nothing better than taking a look at this high-level subwoofer. 


Power : This subwoofer offers you an output power of 800 watts, one of the highest on the market.

Manufacturing : The injection system generates a result of high quality and performance.

Measurements : The cone has dimensions of 300 millimeters, to generate a high sound depth.

Materials : The subwoofer has quality materials such as its silver terminals or the urethane corrugation.

Impedance : The device has an impedance of 4 ohms, at the level of the rest of the product.


Magnet: The magnet is somewhat small, although this is not a problem to generate quality sound.

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2. Pioneer TS-WX300A Subwoofer  

We continue to review quality products in today’s subwoofer market, such as the Pioneer TS-WX300A. This equipment has a speaker diameter of 12 inches, a reference power of 350 watts and a tip of 1,300 watts.

Unlike other models, this equipment incorporates a grid area in the upper part of the cone, which helps to better outline and distribute the sound output and the sound wave. Perfect for these sensations to be perceived with a higher quality inside the vehicle.

Something that the technical parameters of the speaker help. In it, we find details such as a frequency response of 20 to 130, a sensitivity of 113 decibels and high quality materials, both in the part of the coil and in the cone, made of high quality polyamide.

We give you more information about this model, belonging to what is the best brand of car subwoofers for many users.


Amplifier: The device integrates a class D amplifier, which gives even more strength to the sound without the need for external elements.

Grille: The included grille guides the sound wave more efficiently than in open models, where it comes out freely and without orientation.

Materials: The device is made with high-quality materials, such as copper for its coil, quality wood for the box, steel for the grid or polyamide for the cone, among others.

Installation: The subwoofer approach makes the installation process easy and helps you customize the audio output to your liking.


Finishes: Some finishes can deteriorate over time, so it is advisable to properly protect the product.

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3. Pyle Blue Wave PLBW84 Subwoofer Speaker 

Among the different models that the market offers us, we also find the Pyle Blue Wave PLBW84 subwoofer. This device maintains that high-power approach, with a total output of 600 watts in an 8-inch diameter. A high level combination with which to generate very powerful and resonant basses when enjoying your music.  

Thanks to this smaller size, the subwoofer does not take up as much space or require boxes as large as other similar models, which makes it easier to mount. The product comes in a nice blue finish, combining a metallic body with a plastic cone, which makes the process of generating that quality sound that we have been commenting on easier. 

An approach that also offers good durability and resistance.

If you prefer a somewhat more compact proposal, check the parameters of this high-end subwoofer.


Power-to-size ratio: This ratio makes it easier to enjoy quality sound and great depth.

Profile: The bass profile adds extra performance when it comes to better enjoying your music.

Measurements: Its compact measurements make the process of placing the product in your vehicle easier.


Odour: The device has a characteristic odor during the first days, although it disappears in a short time.

Finish: The finish is rather matte, compared to the shiny appearance that it seems to have in the photos.

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4. Sony XS-NW1202E 12″ Subwoofer 

For the bass to have a high power, it is key to resort to high-level solutions, such as the Sony XS-NW1202E subwoofer. This device has a general RMS power of 420 watts that reaches 1,800 peak watts at maximum performance.

This force drives a twelve inch diameter cone, encased in a high quality rubber surround. An element that is not only decorative, but is also capable of stabilizing the impulses when it comes to sound, giving you better audio quality and more strength in those basses.

Quality is also present in details such as its box, made with quality materials and beautifully upholstered. As for the connection, this is done directly with a cable, through the corresponding connection panel included on the side.

Boosting the bass of your vehicle with quality is easy with proposals like this high-level subwoofer.


Power: This subwoofer has a nominal power of 420 watts, with a peak of 1,800, one of the highest of the models we have analyzed.

Diameter: The diameter of the speaker is 12 inches, thus being able to generate a wave of high power and performance in response to the bass of your equipment.

Finishes: The finishes of the subwoofer are very elegant and give a different image to any vehicle, also having good durability.


Size: As expected, the size of the box is considerable and requires a lot of space for assembly.

Connection: It is essential to verify that the installation of your vehicle is adequate to power the equipment, given its power.

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5. Isudar SU6901 Slim Active Car Subwoofer

The Isudar SU6901 model is a proposal from an alternative brand to the main ones on the market, but it does not detract from these products at all. We are talking about a 6 x 9-inch subwoofer, with a rectangular design and that is installed comfortably inside the cabin. 

This generates a higher sound quality, which is also contributed by a frequency range that goes from 50 to 150 hertz in pay-through mode, supporting 20 to 150,000 hertz of frequency sensitivity. A complete proposal that is finished off with an increase in power of up to 18 decibels of reinforcement with which to have that power that the most powerful bass requires. 

The device is accompanied by all the necessary elements for its assembly, making it easy to leave the product correctly installed.

Let’s see more information about this model, coming from an alternative brand to the most common, but that does not envy anything to those high-level designs.


Amplifier : The amplifier built into the device adds extra power and sound quality to the product.

Dimensions : Its rectangular and compact design is ideal so that the model does not take up too much space in your car.

Materials : Its cast aluminum frame gives it high resistance, reducing the effect of vibrations.


Power : The device must be connected directly to the vehicle’s battery, which makes it a bit difficult to install.

Wiring : The subwoofer requires a fair amount of wiring to be installed, so it is not a process suitable for newcomers.

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Buying Guide – What is the best car subwoofer on the market?

Even if you have a good audio system in your car, you may want to give it an extra touch of strength. Something that with a good subwoofer you can easily obtain. If you want to take the leap, we offer you our guide to buying the best car subwoofer on the market, especially considering your specific needs and some important elements in your decision.


For the effect of the subwoofer to be adequate, it is necessary that it has adequate power. Power, as always, is measured in watts and is the key element of any car subwoofer comparison you can find. The higher the power, the more bass boost effect, so the higher the power, the more the speaker “booms” and the more surround you get.

However, it is important that you check that the audio equipment of your team and its installation allow you to install a car subwoofer of the power you are looking for. If the system is the one at home, an economical or simple system may need some additional element such as an amplifier or a fuse, for example. Please confirm with the specific characteristics of the product before buying.


It is another important element when making your purchase. Regardless of how much the chosen car subwoofer costs, it is necessary to see that its dimensions fit what you have available.

In many cases, the subwoofer is mounted on the rear tray, where the rest of the wiring is also mounted, so if the measurements are not correct, you may need to do some DIY to fit. Still, do not be afraid, since these products usually include a reference template that helps with the necessary cut and fit.

If the problem is by default, because the subwoofer is smaller than the hole, normally you will not have problems because the brands have accessories for mounting and to hide the excess space, always leaving a perfect result. Don’t forget to leave enough space for the speaker to “dance” once it’s up and running.


As a last element we talk about materials. Given the operation of this type of speakers, which have an active movement beyond normal models, it is important to bet on products made with high-quality materials. Among these materials we find Kevlar, polypropylene, aluminum or even carbon fiber.

These materials would be for a high-end or mid-high-end model that, although it will cost more, will offer excellent results that you can enjoy for a long time. On the contrary, you should avoid those made of urethane or even some extremely cheap models that are made with paper or cardboard fibers.

These products will hardly be able to maintain adequate resistance over time and the behavior of these second-line materials will surely end up disappointing your expectations. That is why it is key to spend a little more to access a product with better quality materials.

How to use a car subwoofer

Providing an impressive bass effect to your vehicle’s audio is possible thanks to the installation and use of a subwoofer. And since you don’t want to be left behind, you have decided to buy this product to make the sound of your vehicle more powerful. That is why in this article we will show you how to use a subwoofer, so that you have a unique sound experience.

Check the instructions for the user of your product

It is very important to review the user manual of your product, so that you know a little more about the characteristics and specifications of power supply, voltage, type of installation required, if your equipment needs an amplifier, among others.

Gather the necessary tools for the installation of your product

To install the subwoofer in your car, you will need at least one cable for the power supply, another for the amplifier, the player. Make sure you have these accessories before proceeding with the installation. In case your subwoofer needs an amplifier, you should use one.

To do this, place it in the appropriate place inside the car; this is usually in the trunk or on the floor. Next, locate the wiring that runs from the amp to your car’s battery, so it can be powered.

You may need to make holes with a drill to hide the cable under the trunk or inside the car doors, so it is recommended that this type of work be carried out by a specialized workshop. Don’t forget to connect a ground wire to your amp.

Connect the aux cables to your car player

Here you will need another installation of a cable that runs along the surface of the car, but you must make sure that the auxiliary cable that goes from the amplifier to the player is far from the power cable, so as not to cause interference.

Depending on the model of your product, you will need to locate the subwoofer in a place in your car. Those that are extra-flat, with a metal drawer, can be placed under the seat or in the trunk near the amplifier. Then, connect the subwoofer to the amplifier through an auxiliary connection, depending on whether the model of your product is one or two channels.

Other subwoofer models will need the placement and installation of a box, this type of work must be carried out by a workshop specialized in vehicle sound. You may need to use a capacitor to prevent voltage fluctuations from occurring while using the subwoofer, for example when turning on the lights and using the subwoofer at the same time.

Turn on your player and enjoy your new sound

Once the subwoofer is installed, along with the amplifier, you can now enjoy surround sound quality with quality bass from your car audio player. Some models of this type of product have a control, which you can connect to the subwoofer using a 3.5 mm Jack cable. You can use an extender cable to keep this knob close at hand and make it easier to control the subwoofer.

The most popular brands

Having a good sound for our vehicle is essential, since we will always be interested in harmonizing our spaces and for this, car subwoofers are ideal. In such a sense that sound, amplitude and power are aspects that we take care of the selected product and model, but it is also worth emphasizing the JBL, Auna and Pioneer brands.

It is an electronics and audio company that was born in the United States in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing, the initials of this brand arise from its name. This company was founded a year after JBL quit his job. He has a dramatic background because he committed suicide three years later and the company was left in the hands of Bill Thomas vice president at the time.

After that, the company catapulted to a global level during the following two decades, where it gained prestige and reputation. In 1969 it was decided to sell the company to the Jervis Corporation, now known as Harman International. This company initially designed products for the home, but years later it decided to expand the sale of its products to a professional level, for companies or sound professionals.

It is a company that manufactures studio products, as well as portable equipment, travel sound, and some cinematography products. One of the main components was a 15-inch coil that is still in production 55 years later. Vehicle companies rely on their sound system and incorporate it into their build.

Car subwoofers are some of those sound systems that JBL is responsible for making. It has ideal and clean finishes, to place this product in any space of the vehicle. In addition, the power it presents is satisfactory and responds to particular needs.

Ten years ago, some young entrepreneurs sought to democratize the world of sound and that is where the story of Auna was born. Focused on sound design to meet the demands of individuals, this brand takes care of bass and bass, as well as musical nuances. Coupled with technological advances, this decade-old company also seeks to present an unbeatable price.

One of Auna’s philosophies is the fact of incorporating current trends, with technical advances, as well as feedback of ideas provided by users to consolidate products that have a modern sound. It is a company present in more than 15 countries with high quality sound developed by qualified technical personnel.

Auna includes a wide range of products that are constantly growing dynamically and rapidly, summarized in five main categories. This is how there is a variety of equipment that offers high sound fidelity, with speakers and microphones of considerable range, and some models of headphones to adapt to the specific needs of each user.

Car subwoofers are one of the products included in one of these ranges. They are designed to provide a satisfying experience in our vehicle that can accompany us on long rides. It is a quality product that guarantees an appropriate duration, due to the composition of its materials. All this added to the fact that they have prices designed for the use of various audiences.

The history of Pioneer Electronics is well known and that its foundation was promoted by Nozomu Matsumoto in 1938. This individual had the qualities and attitude of every entrepreneur who manages to make his business emerge. The passion for the work he did and especially for music motivated him in a substantial way that he decides to create the technology that he expected to hear and with unsurpassed sound quality.

Pioneer has gained and established ground globally and is known as one of the world’s largest audio and video manufacturers. But it is not only about audio or electronic products, but about musical instruments that offer high sound quality and a range of musical colors that harmonize with our ears.

This is how sound products such as subwoofers, pocket sound devices, as well as a variety of sound and video equipment were created. Inspired by a premise, Pioneer has already crystallized its initial goal of sharing with the world the true quality of sound in devices, equipment and other audio products.

The car subwoofer is another of the functional products that this company offers to the public and which can be absolutely trusted. Despite the high competition in the market, many individuals trust the brand for its global significance and quality that goes beyond words.

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Pioneer TS-WX120A Potente sistema de subwoofer amplificado

Ventaja principal:

En función a las opiniones emitidas por sus compradores, tiene unos buenos graves que permiten escuchar con nitidez lo que se coloque a reproducir. Y precisamente esta es una cualidad que se busca al momento de comprar un modelo de subwoofers para radios, es decir, que cuente con gran calidad al realizar su funcionamiento.

Desventaja principal:

Su desventaja principal, de acuerdo a los comentarios dejados por sus compradores, es que no tiene un manual de usuario para manipular su control de mando. Esto resulta complicado para quienes no son versados en la materia, por ello resulta complicado su manejo para quienes desconocen todo lo referente a su funcionamiento.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Tiene un tamaño compacto que es adecuado para ubicar en cualquier lugar de nuestro vehículo. Dispone de una membrana de aluminio que da posibilidad a que se mejore la calidad del sonido. De tal manera que sus amplificadores darán un funcionamiento óptimo, con unos buenos altos y bajos. Con él viene incluido un mando a distancia para gestionar mejor su rendimiento y satisfacer las necesidades de sus compradores.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Tiene una potencia en su salida de audio de 150 vatios que están auto-amplificados y que mejoran su calidad de sonido al momento de poner a reproducir nuestras canciones favoritas. Dispone de una membrana de aluminio entre sus materiales que funciona para expandir el sonido que emite. La sensación y experiencia de los audios que se coloquen en lista de reproducción, será satisfactoria.

Cuenta con un útil sistema de filtro de paso bajo que oscila de los 50 a los 125 hertzios, todo ello para optimizar la salida de sonido. Se podrá escuchar en el vehículo las canciones que se deseen con un sonido adecuado y la nitidez pertinente. Nada mejor que un buen sonido que nos acompañe de camino al trabajo o de paseo a algún lugar.

Alcance de sonido

Tiene unos altos y bajos de calidad que permiten que el sonido que sale de ellos cumpla con las expectativas que se tienen. Gracias a su filtro paso-bajo variable con el que viene incorporado y que oscila entre los 50-125 Hz, llega a armonizar los espacios de nuestro coche. Tiene  20 dB/oct de potencia sonora que no son excesivos pero que logran llegar a todos los espacios.

Tiene un control de mando con el que se puede seleccionar la música que se quiere poner en reproducción. Es así como no se tendrá que tocar directamente el artefacto, sino que se podrá manipular a una distancia prudente. Es decir que si somos los conductores podremos mantener los ojos en la vía y dirigir las canciones que se quieren escuchar.


Tiene una entrada de línea RCA para que su altavoz pueda difundir los sonidos que se quieran. Con la membrana de aluminio el sonido se mejora de forma nítida, por ello la satisfacción en los sonidos limpios y graves que se escuchan con el modelo Pioneer TS-WX120A.

Tiene un diseño compacto y pequeño que tiene unas dimensiones de  28 x 7 x 20 cm y un peso de 3,6 Kg que se suma a lo adecuado de su funcionamiento. Siendo de la marca Pioneer su calidad es destacable pues es garantía de durabilidad y de calidad en la eficiencia de su puesta en marcha.

JBL Car CS12 Subwoofer para coche

Aunque no responde a la pregunta de cuál es el mejor subwoofer para coche del momento, este modelo de JBL sí tiene muchas funciones que lo acercan a ese puesto de honor.

Entre ellas están sus 1.000 vatios de potencia, que suponen añadir un extra espectacular al audio de tu vehículo. Una potencia que además se genera en un enorme cono de 12 pulgadas de diámetro equipado con las míticas membranas y conos de JBL fabricados en polipropileno para ofrecerte la mejor calidad de sonido.

Algo a lo que contribuye la membrana progresiva que mejora su rendimiento a medida que le exijas más esfuerzo. Sin embargo el producto no ocupa demasiado espacio en el maletero y tiene una fácil instalación gracias a las guías incluidas con el mismo. Ciertamente no será el mejor del mercado, pero sí es el mejor subwoofer para coche por relación calidad precio.

¿Sigues buscando y no has decidido cuál subwoofer de coche comprar? Te ayudaremos. Aquí te describiremos aspectos positivos y negativos de un producto que puede ser el subwoofer que buscas.


Compacto: Es un producto compacto que puedes instalar fácilmente en diferentes partes del automóvil sin que te quite mucho espacio, pues sus medidas son 37 x 35 x 42 cm.

Material: El cono del subwoofer es diseñado en material de polipropileno que le brinda mayor duración y calidad de sonido, así que tendrás un equipo que combina eficacia y resistencia al mismo tiempo.

Potencia: Cuenta con una potencia de 1000W para ofrecer una buena calidad al escuchar la música de tu preferencia.

Movilidad: Es una bobina móvil totalmente individual que alcanza los 4 ohmios; la puedes ubicar cómodamente en diferentes lugares del coche.


Batería: Su funcionamiento dependerá de una batería de 12V que no está incluida en la compra del producto, de modo que debes adquirirla por separado.

Pioneer TS- WX110A Subwoofer para coche de 150 W

Con unas características similares a su hermano mayor, el modelo Pioneer TS- WX110A ofrece un sistema perfecto y fácil de instalar en tu vehículo de forma sencilla.

Este subwoofer autoamplificado para coche dispone de una potencia de salida de unos 150 vatios con una entrada de solo 50 vatios. Esta potencia de salida va autoamplificada de modo que no necesitas instalar etapas de potencia si tu autoradio no tiene potencia suficiente, facilitando así el montaje.

Un montaje facilitado también por su diseño compacto, que incluso permite colocarlo debajo del asiento del pasajero con el cable debidamente ocultado, ahorrando así en molestias y trabajo de instalación.

Para un mejor control dispone de sistemas de control de ganancia así como de interruptor de encendido para evitar que accidentalmente pueda agotar la batería. Y si no tienes ganas de agacharte su mando a distancia permite la operación remota de todas sus funciones.

Aunque la marca Pioneer es muy reconocida y cuenta con equipos de gran potencia y calidad que pueden resultar costosos, también promociona algunos subwoofers de coche más baratos entre los que te ayudaremos a conocer las características positivas y negativas de uno de ellos.


Potencia: Cuenta con una potencia RMS que le permitirá producir un sonido suficiente para el área del coche.

Material: Está diseñado en aluminio, metal y plástico lo que le proporciona ligereza, durabilidad y un estilo agradable para conservar la ornamentación del automóvil.

Manejo: Cuenta con un interruptor integrado que funciona para encender y apagar el subwoofer de manera muy sencilla.

Compacto: Las dimensiones de este modelo son 20 x 28 x 7,5 cm lo cual indica que es un diseño compacto de fácil ubicación e instalación.


Graves: Señalan los usuarios que el sonido es muy bueno pero que baja la calidad de los graves al mantener las puertas abiertas.

JBL Car bass Pro Sistema de Subwoofer de vehículo

Con un precio muy interesante, el subwoofer para coche JBL Car Bass Pro ofrece una salida total de 100 vatios de potencia pero con la novedad de disponer de cuatro canales separados para ello.

Algo que contribuye a enriquecer aún más los graves, así como a darte una opción de configuración mediante su mando que permite disponer de esta potencia de la forma que más te convenga.

Para ello cuenta con una ampliación de rango que va desde los 20 a los 120 hertzios. Por sus pequeñas dimensiones puedes montar el equipo directamente en el suelo del vehículo, bajo un asiento, sin apenas trabajo ni dificultad.

Y gracias a su sistema de filtro variable podrás mejorar aún más la calidad de sonido de forma directa gracias a su sistema interno de gestión y funcionamiento con la calidad propia de JBL.

En caso de que

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