The 5 Best GPS for Motorcycle of 2022

Motorcycle GPS – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Although it may seem so, not all car GPS are useful for motorcycles. Among other things, because the GPS for motorcycles have to have special supports to offer adequate resistance and stability, as well as to have a much more comfortable display in the face of problems such as glare from the sun and glare during use. The TomTom Rider 500 model is one of the most valued, with a 4.3-inch screen, good performance and remarkable resistance that is not affected by the sun, humidity or dust, and can also be used with gloves, thanks to your level of sensitivity. Another interesting product is the DracoTek Terrain 4 model., which stands out for its wide resistance. So much so that it can be submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water, also with a protective support against the sun and inclement weather, to improve the display and use of the product in the harshest circumstances.

The 5 Best GPS for Motorcycle – Opinions 2022

1. TomTom 1GF0.002.00 Navigator for motorcycles

Main advantage:

This GPS is one of the most traditional of the brand, for having a compact size and for being resistant to all external threats that the product may have, such as sunlight, cold, water or rain.


Main disadvantage:

This model does not include the protective cover or the anti-theft support, which must be purchased separately, with the corresponding increase in the cost of the product.


Verdict: 9.8/10

A motorcycle GPS with a large number of options to choose your favorite route and make it easy for you when organizing any trip.

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Screen and interface

One of the most appreciated aspects of this device is its screen, 4.3 inches diagonal and very well used when moving. This screen is fully legible, even in direct sunlight, so you won’t have to worry about reflections or glare when driving.

This screen also has good functionality, so it can be handled with gloves on, without any problem. Regarding the interface, it has TomTom’s minimalist design, so that you have at a glance all the instructions of the route, the points of interest of the same or even the lane warning, for greater security.

Navigation system

Another strong point of this navigator is the navigation system that it incorporates, with which it is quite easy to locate your route and any destination you want to reach. A road in which you will have various additional information of interest, such as dangerous curves, speed limits and other informative data, which will make your trip much safer.

However, if it’s fun you’re looking for, then adventure mode is all you need. This particular mode of the router allows you to search for curvy roads, leaving highways and expressways aside. You can even choose “how much mountain” you want on your way. A way designed to experience the road in a different way. 


device connectivity

To finish off this model, we find first-class connectivity. It includes both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Starting with Bluetooth, this allows us to connect our mobile directly to the GPS, to receive instructions in any set of helmet headphones that we have. Ideal therefore to have everything under control and be well informed, since it also allows us to answer our phone calls.

On the other hand, the device also includes WiFi connectivity, which considerably facilitates product maintenance processes, such as updating maps. Now it is no longer necessary to connect the GPS to a computer, but you can do these operations directly from the interface of the browser itself, simply by connecting it to any available network. And as if that were not enough, the product is compatible with Siri and the Google assistant, to make everything even easier.

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2. DracoTek Terrain 4 GPS for 4.3″ motorcycles

If we look at the incredible value for money of this device, we would say that we are facing the second best GPS for motorcycles currently available. Users are surprised by its low price and its many features.

The DracoTek Terrain 4 features a 4.3-inch waterproof touchscreen LCD display with a highly intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. It has an adapter to connect it to the motorcycle and its battery has a range of approximately two hours.

It has been tested and can be submerged up to one meter under water for about 30 minutes without damage, which means that it is very durable. It has the capacity to store data directly in the internal memory of 4GB and has a slot to insert a microSD card of up to 16GB, so that you will never run out of space.

Through its Bluetooth, with the DracoTek Terrain 4 you can use the hands-free function to take advantage of voice prompts, which is much safer. If you want to be even more focused on the road, you can use echo cancellation.

As a way to help you find a model that is interesting for you and really suits what you want, we present you the pros and cons of a design of the best motorcycle GPS brand.


Resistant: It is a rain-resistant product that you can submerge up to one meter under water without it deteriorating at the same moment or in the future.

Autonomy: It has a battery that you can use for a period of time of up to 2 hours so that you can reach your destination.

Screen: It has a 4.3-inch LCD touch screen so you can clearly see the details provided by the GPS.

Memory: Its 4 GB internal memory is expandable up to a maximum of 16 GB through the SD card slot, which allows you to store a large amount of data.

Bluetooth: Its Bluetooth technology offers you the possibility of synchronizing with your Smartphone and answering calls with the hands-free function.

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3.  Garmin Zumo 396LMT-S 4.3” Motorcycle Navigator

The Garmin Zumo 396LMT-S motorcycle GPS is a model highly appreciated by users, thanks to its functions. Among them, we have its screen, 4.3 inches diagonal and very well used when moving, in order to show you everything you need. 

This device also makes it easy to find the route you want, either conventionally or through the modern Adventorus Routine system, which searches for routes off highways and highways and on much more fun terrain. In all of them, the product performs adequately, thanks to considerable protection against elements such as rain or dust. 

And so that you do not miss anything, the model also has the corresponding support, in order to carry it well mounted and without vibrations during your trips.

So that you have a clearer idea of ​​your route and everything that this model offers you, we give you some more details about this interesting device.


Visibility: Your screen is fully legible even when full sunlight falls on it.

Garmin Adventurous Routing: This particular navigation mode focuses routes on the most winding and bumpy roads, for more fun.

Connectivity: The equipment includes WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it easy to connect your mobile or download maps more comfortably.


Filming in the city: Some comments indicate that the product has a little trouble capturing the signal more when the environment is complicated.

Power : USB power is canceled when mounting it on the support, since it covers the connection port.

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4. TooGoo Waterproof Motorcycle GPS Navigator

The Toogoo 199863A4 model is one of those products that is worth evaluating even though it is not from a well-known brand. We are talking about a GPS navigator designed for motorcycles, with 256 MB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory and a 4.3-inch screen. Enough to offer smooth operation and adequate performance when planning your routes. 

Something that helps a simple interface and a touch screen, which is operative even with gloves on, so you do not have to worry about anything during the route. For this reason, the product also includes the motorcycle support, as well as a small visor, with which to cover the sun and orient the product as it suits us. 

Classy details that make this economically priced model an interesting idea to equip yourself when riding.

Let’s get to know some more details about this interesting motorcycle GPS navigator, with which you can comfortably keep your route under control.


Screen: The 4.3-inch screen has a good view and can be used even with gloves on.

Battery : Its included battery offers 2 to 3 hours of autonomy, being also easy to recharge.

Support : In addition to the motorcycle support, the product also includes a car support, so it can be used in any vehicle.


Radars : Although the product includes a fixed speed camera warning among its functions, it is necessary to activate it manually.

Simplicity : It is a product with a simple approach, which may fall short for users who need more functions or options.

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5.  N avman 5000 LM GPS 44 countries in Europe 

Within the compact GPS navigators that can be used on a motorcycle, we have the Navman 5000 LM model. A light product with a useful 5-inch diagonal on its screen, with which to see our routes and receive instructions through a very simple interface. 

It includes all the data needed during the trip, as well as a very easy to see lane and junction based approach. Also easy is navigation by voice, with spoken instructions and including street names. 

As easy as updating the maps, in a totally free process, guaranteed forever and that runs four times a year. To do this, simply connect the device to a PC and run the corresponding update wizard.

So that you have all the necessary information regarding this model, we give you some more details that you are interested in knowing.


Screen : The 5-inch screen makes it easier to see route instructions than conventional 4.3-inch models.

Simplicity : It is one of the simplest models when it comes to managing its operation, as well as showing your route, eliminating everything that is left over.

Maps : The product includes maps of Europe with free updates for life, made 4 times a year.


Cable: The PC connection cable for map and software updates is not included and must be purchased separately.

Bluetooth : Bluetooth connectivity is not included either, so you will not be able to connect your mobile to the browser.

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Buying guide – What is the best motorcycle GPS on the market?

As with our car, when traveling by motorcycle it is necessary to have a GPS to guide us along the route. But as every good biker knows, riding on four wheels is not the same as riding on two, especially when it comes to the characteristics of the model, so knowing the details that make a product stand out in any motorcycle GPS comparison is key.. Data that you will see below, so that the purchase of a good and economical GPS is easier for you.

Display and processing

As with conventional models, when looking for a quality motorcycle GPS it is necessary to take a look at both its processing capacity and the screen size that the device includes. Two fundamental aspects that, if not fulfilled as they should, can end up being a problem.

On the processing side, we need to verify that the product is capable of running smoothly, capturing the signal in a short time, and not losing it except in extreme conditions. It is also convenient to see that the user interface is easy to use and allows us to do what we want without many complications of use.

And since we are talking about the interface, where it is most important is the screen size. A size that should never be less than 4 inches, which is the basis of measurement so that the product is comfortable to look at. However, since we are on a motorcycle, we are not going to find huge models either, the largest being about six inches. Even so, remember that the increase in diagonal has a notable influence on how much the motorcycle GPS we have chosen costs.

product protection

We have mentioned it in the introduction, but now it is time to expand on this issue. And it is the one that refers to the protection that the product needs, which is one of the main differences between conventional GPS and models specifically designed for use on motorcycles.

This protection must necessarily include adequate resistance to water and humidity. A product that, when it starts to rain, ends up breaking down is of no use to you. For this reason, it is advisable to verify that the product has at least IPX7 protection, which is what guarantees that rain and humidity will not cause problems with the equipment. Something that must also occur against dust and dirt.

And since we are talking about protection, it is also convenient to see that it is adequate as far as the screen is concerned. And it is that many products include protections that leave the screen sold, especially in the sun. And others include such strong protection that we even have a hard time using the product’s touch screen. So it is best to bet on a model that is in the middle, so that we can use it and not have problems due to deterioration or excess protection.

Additional functions

To conclude the tips in our guide to buying the best motorcycle GPS, it is time to take a look at the additional options that many of these models include and that give us extra comfort or safety on the road.

Among these functions we have Bluetooth connectivity. This connectivity allows you to receive instructions directly on your headphones or on your motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth, giving you extra security by not having to constantly watch the screen. And since we are talking about the screen, many models include a kind of visor with which it is easy to prevent the sun from hitting the screen directly, thus hindering visibility.

Also take a look at the included mount, which should be easy to mount, stable in position, and include a quick release option for when needed. And it would not make much sense to have to disassemble everything to remove the GPS from the motorcycle just because we are going to make a brief stop. They are small details, present even in cheap models, that give an interesting extra to the product.

How to use a motorcycle GPS

Being always well located geographically is not a privilege destined only for cars, today GPS can also be had on a motorcycle. To use them properly, in this article we give you some recommendations that can be very useful when using a motorcycle GPS.

Verify that the GPS is for motorcycle

Sometimes, GPS for cars are usually used on motorcycles, which is not recommended, as they have obvious design limitations, such as the type of support, the size of the screen, the display, therefore, it is recommended that, to have optimal operation, it must be verified that the GPS that is being used is specifically for motorcycles.  

Read the instructions  

Another relevant point is to read the instructions carefully, this allows us to use the GPS properly, knowing what functions we can have available and how to use them on the road, preventing last minute surprises for not having read the equipment instructions.  

Properly locate the support  

GPS for motorcycles have a special support to locate it; it is advisable to make sure that you have made an adequate installation, verifying in said installation that the display of the screen is adequate. The support must be fixed, without being able to move during the different routes on the road.  

Take advantage of its benefits  

Many times, due to ignorance or lack of interest, we use the equipment in its most basic functions, wasting quite useful functions when traveling on the roads. Make sure that this is not your case, making the most of the features offered by your motorcycle GPS.  

Take into account the autonomy time of the battery  

To avoid setbacks, it is convenient to be aware of the autonomy time of the battery. Check if it is charged before leaving, once on the road try not to exceed the autonomy time, it is not known when it will be necessary to use the GPS.  

insure your motorcycle  

If you are one of those people who know how to get everywhere easily, do not think that you cannot use your motorcycle GPS. The GPS also acts as anti-theft insurance, a very important aspect in these times of great insecurity, especially in large cities where the rate of theft is quite high.  

Control of the routes  

When you lend your motorcycle to your children or close relatives, you can control their routes with your GPS, if as you hear it, you will be able to control their route, know where and where they went, as well as the amount of fuel they spend, do not underestimate this function, not so much out of curiosity, but for security.  

emergency messages  

In general, these GPS usually detect accidents suffered by the motorcycle that owns them; when this happens, a message is sent to the phone designated for this purpose. Carefully choose the number you signed up for, make sure it is not the telephone number of the elderly, or of people who have some type of illness that may worsen when they receive the message.

The most popular brands

If there is something that we all seek to have, it is safety when traveling with our motorcycles through the streets of the city and outside of it. When we are going to acquire a new GPS to integrate it into our motorcycle, sometimes we do not know which is the best to choose, that is why we have reviewed the most outstanding characteristics of some models and we have compared them with the opinions of some users on the internet. In this opportunity we will see the most important brands that distribute this type of device, Garmin, TomTom, Mappy.

Garmin is one of the most recognized brands in the world among manufacturers of satellite navigation systems. This Asian company founded in 1989 by visionaries Gary Burrell and Dr. Min Kao. The original idea arose from a brainstorming session between engineers to subsequently become a manufacturer recognized worldwide.

This technology company is responsible not only for manufacturing navigation systems for the automotive industry, but also for fitness, aviation, nautical, outdoor and even mobile Apps. Many people around the world have put their trust in the Garmin brand when it comes to sailing, due to its extensive experience in the market.

Currently, the manufacturer Garmin is present in almost every country in the world, either through distributors or by its own representation, the brand has an extensive presence worldwide, being one of the most used for this type of product.

The brand’s navigation systems are designed with the destination in mind, so the design and functions of the device vary when they are going to be used by an aviator, by a fitness or by an adventurer.

Currently this company has its main offices in Olathe, Kansas, United States, with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Taiwan. Even this technology multinational has its own store located in Chicago, on Michigan Avenue.

Another important brand within those responsible for navigation systems is the European TomTom. This company is originally from the Netherlands, and is recognized for being a high-level manufacturer of dynamic positioning technology within the entire European continent.

The TomTom company was founded in 1991 by Peter-Frans Pauwels and Pieter Geelen who initially developed applications for handheld computers under the name of Palmtop, after which the company began to develop other commercial applications such as dictionaries, finance products and some games until finally getting into the route planners.

In 2001 the company changes its name and adopts the one it maintains until today (TomTom) and develops the company’s first official satellite navigation system. From that moment on, the company began to have a great boom in Europe, assisting to important business events and obtaining recognition among users and experts in the technological area in the continent. In 2005, it developed its first satellite navigation system for motorcycles and scooters.

The company currently develops navigation systems for the automotive industry and portable watches, as well as applications for both iPhone and iPad mobiles, where they provide secure hold services, GPS receiver, maps, voice instructions and audio output to play music.

This important technology company currently has its headquarters in the Netherlands, but with a wide spectrum of action throughout the European continent with offices in major cities such as Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin, London and in some Asian countries.

Another important European navigation system company is the French Mappy, which is responsible for providing cartography and location services for specific products for pedestrians, vehicles and aircraft.

This company was founded in 1987 and develops applications for both GPS and mobile phones, tablets and through the Internet from any computer you can access its services.

Its main headquarters are in Boulogne-Billancourt in France, although it also has operations in Madrid and the United Kingdom. It currently manufactures GPS and wristwatches with its embedded technology.

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¿Cuál es el mejor GPS para moto del mercado?

Aunque las motos nos ahorran mucho tiempo cuando nos trasladamos de un lado a otro de la ciudad porque es posible sortear el tráfico gracias a que vamos en dos ruedas, cuando se trata de encontrar una dirección en un lugar desconocido los problemas son los mismos que con el coche. Perdemos mucho tiempo dando vueltas sin saber dónde estamos, así como los coches ahora cuentan con el Sistema de Posicionamiento Global, las motos también tienen esta posibilidad.

Cada día más motorizados se unen a la tecnología GPS, por eso ya no tienen que detenerse a cada rato para preguntar la dirección a otras personas en la calle que muchas veces tampoco están del todo seguras. Pero sucede que cada vez hay más marcas y modelos de GPS para motos disponibles en el mercado, lo que complejiza la situación a la hora de escoger uno. Por eso hemos preparado esta selección de los mejores GPS para moto que esperamos te pueda ayudar si estás haciendo una comparativa. El principal objetivo es que puedas escoger uno bueno y que no represente un gran gasto.

Como hemos observado, un GPS es una herramienta muy útil, no sólo para encontrar direcciones, sino que al saber exactamente a dónde vamos, ayudamos a mejorar el tráfico en general y se evitan algunos accidentes de coche.

Pero hay ciertas características que hay que tomar en cuenta antes de escoger un GPS para moto. En primer lugar hay que tener en cuenta que el GPS debe ser resistente, probablemente mucho más resistente que uno para coche y la razón es muy sencilla: estará expuesto a las condiciones atmosféricas, por lo tanto es bueno que sea resistente al agua y que su pantalla sea lo suficientemente brillante para ver la información aunque se trate de un día muy soleado.

Otras especificaciones importantes son el tipo de conectividad y la autonomía de la batería. En cuanto a la conectividad los mejores GPS para moto cuentan con tecnología Bluetooth, a través de la cual se conectan con dispositivos celulares o cascos inteligentes. Por su parte la batería debería durar dos horas o más, pero sobre todo, debe poderse conectar a la moto sobre todo si sueles hacer viajes largos.

Veamos a continuación algunos de los mejores modelos de GPS para moto del mercado actual. Procura prestar atención a las características de estos dispositivos pensando siempre en tus propias necesidades, así podrás decidir cuál comprar.

Garmin Zumo 390LM EU

Ventaja principal:

Este modelo de GPS para motocicletas destaca principalmente por la comodidad y funcionalidad de su pantalla TFT de 4.3 pulgadas, que permite una fácil y cómoda visualización, en la cual la información aparece con total claridad. Es además táctil y bastante sensible, lo cual te permitirá manejarlo aún con guantes puestos. Por si fuera poco es resistente a la claridad del sol, por lo que podrás visualizar tranquilamente los datos aún con luz directa.

Desventaja principal:

La desventaja de este equipo, reseñada por algunos usuarios en la web, consiste en su sistema de soporte, que se sujeta a la moto con una tuerca. Ciertos compradores manifiestan que esta tuerca podría ser sustraída con facilidad por alguien que deseara acometer robo del equipo, por tanto es conveniente adquirir un anillo o arandela adicional para garantizar una mayor seguridad del dispositivo en caso de que dejes la moto durante largo tiempo sin supervisión.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Se trata definitivamente de un equipo muy funcional y de fácil manejo e instalación, que te brinda variadas herramientas de navegación y optimización del viaje en tu motocicleta, y facilidades que hacen del equipo un soporte excelente en las carreteras, por lo que lo recomendamos ampliamente.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Uno de los atributos más destacables de este modelo es su magnífica pantalla TFT de 4,3 pulgadas, completamente táctil y muy sensible, la cual podrás programar incluso con los guantes puestos. Es resistente a la claridad por lo que podrás visualizar datos incluso a la luz directa del sol. Así podrás programar y acceder a las diversas funciones que ostenta el equipo de manera sencilla, y visualizar los datos con total claridad, a color y con indicador de rutas bastante fácil de interpretar.


Este modelo destaca por la variedad de funciones que facilitan la navegación y la ubicación en carreteras. Posee indicador de carriles con visualización de cruces e intersecciones, así como nombres de carreteras y avenidas, zonas, y otros datos de ubicación con total claridad.

Asimismo, indica puntos clave como gasolineras, restaurantes, hospitales, entre otros. Un aspecto clave que lo hace muy óptimo es su sistema automatizado de actualización de por vida, que permite al equipo renovar constantemente la información de mapas y ubicaciones de manera automática, durante toda su vida útil y de forma gratuita.

Posee también tecnología Bluetooth, con la cual podrás conectar el dispositivo a tu teléfono móvil o casco compatible con Bluetooth para recibir o realizar llamadas prácticamente en cualquier lugar, además de poder transmitir indicaciones de voz al equipo.


El equipo está fabricado en una robusta carcasa de plástico sólido, resistente a la lluvia, líquidos y combustibles, incluso a inmersiones accidentales de hasta 1 metro de profundidad durante 30 minutos. Es además resistente a los rayos ultravioleta, por tanto su pantalla no se desgasta por la luz y el calor.

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