The 5 Best GPS Mounts for Cars of 2022

Car GPS mount – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A GPS is a modern piece of equipment that can keep you located in each space where you return, which is why they are widely used in cars because they give you the exact directions of the place where you want to go and also allow you to visualize the different routes to take when you are driving, that is why it is important to keep this equipment always in sight so that you can manipulate it with total comfort, but to be able to do so you need to have a good support. In the commercial world you will find different types and the variety is quite wide, so choosing just one can be a complicated decision, so to help you we analyze the main models and we can recommend the Aukey 0711091202692 first.that can be adjusted to the air conditioning outlet of your car without complications, making it always at hand and is made of resistant materials; and secondly the Mpow PAMCM3-V that you can place in the CD slot of the player and it is very safe, you can move it in an angle of 360 degrees, it is very useful.

The 5 Best GPS Mounts for Cars – Opinions 2022

Because GPS is a widely used technological equipment in today’s world, because of the variety of options they give us to keep us located when we are away from home, or to use them in our car and indicate distance and routes to follow; there are many accessories that can be attached to them for ease of use, such as bases.  

We will always ask ourselves what is the best GPS car mount that we are going to be able to acquire, but this question can only be answered by the same user, since each person has different needs and for each one of them, there is a model that fits what they are looking for. This determination will always be guided by the size of the support, the movement capacity it may have, the manufacturing materials, whether they are resistant or not, and the forms of use.  

To help you with the choice you are going to make and you are always sure that it will be the best decision, we will detail the 5 best GPS car mounts for 2022 that you can acquire so that you can analyze if the one you are looking for is among them. But remember, the most important thing is not to choose one of the cheapest or most expensive models, since any of these could be very useful to you. The most important thing is that it meets your personal needs.

1. Aukey Magnetic Car Mobile Holder Air Vents

Main advantage:

By having a magnetic support, this product avoids the problems of models that are mounted on a support with clamps or the like, making it easier to use, without the need to use tools or other elements in the process.

Main disadvantage:

Since the product is mounted on the product’s ventilation grilles, it is convenient to close the air when using the vehicle’s heating or air conditioning, to avoid spilling this air on the mobile.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The Aukey HD C5 model is one of the most comfortable supports to use on the market, since it is enough to place the mobile on it so that it is firmly fixed on the support without complications.

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Stand Installation

Since we are talking about a magnetic support, the mounting process actually translates into two different processes, which we must carry out both on the car and on our own phone. On the side of the phone, a circular piece is included that is placed on the back of the mobile, being the one that will carry out the hooking process.

The other piece of the magnet, which is the one that is placed on the vehicle, has four hooks. These hooks are inserted directly into the slots of the air conditioner, being duly fixed. A process that is reminiscent of certain car air fresheners and that makes the process easy, both for assembly and disassembly. And that incidentally allows you to orient your device where it suits you best, using only one hand to do so.

Support Security

Thanks to the high support capacity of the product, your mobile will always travel safely when moving on any terrain. For this, the product maintains the adequate stability of the mobile thanks to the high resistance capacity of the magnet and the intensity of the metal plate that sticks to the back of the mobile.

This is another of the security elements that avoids risks, since this metal plate does not interfere with the connectivity and operation of the mobile. A metal plate that also prevents the magnet from causing any damage to the phone when it is placed in the holder.

product compatibility

As the last characteristic of this product, we find the high holding capacity of the product. A capacity that is given by its four permanent magnets, which generate a high holding capacity for practically all types of terminals or devices on the market.

This allows the support to be used, for example, for all types of mobile phones from 4 to 10 inches. And, due to these measures, it is also possible to use the product to hold devices such as tablets or GPS navigators, among other elements. Therefore, you will only need a support to mount all kinds of electronic equipment in your vehicle in a simple and safe way.

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2. Mpow 360 Degree Rotating Car Mobile Holder

This model of support for GPS is designed to be placed in the CD slot of your music player, this will allow it to be in a place with easy visual and manual access to control it and, in order not to cause damage, it has on the base a system of soft rubbers.

It has a base with 360 degree movement allowing you to adjust it as you wish and in the position that makes it more comfortable to handle and despite the rotation, it remains firm in the place where you installed it, without running the risk of your equipment falling. this is one of its main advantages of use.   

In addition, it is easy to remove the GPS or mobile equipment that you want to place in the car mount.

GPS car mounts can help you save space and make your device more accessible.


Rotation: Probably one of the most practical aspects of this model is that it can rotate 360°, which allows you to position the device in the way that is most useful to you, making it easier to handle and read from any seat in the vehicle.

Compatibility: In addition to being suitable for GPS devices, you can also use it to locate your smartphone regardless of its size, as it is indicated to be compatible with Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC models and many more.

Installation: it has a somewhat peculiar installation style, but it stands out for not requiring cuts, screws, drills or any type of tool. Also, you won’t have to use suction cups either, which will keep your windshield clean and free of adhesives.

Colors: you can purchase this support model in different colors: black, red, yellow or blue and combine it with your car or your tastes if you wish.


Installation: a detail that you should not overlook is that its support base is located inside the compact disc slot of your player, so it will be unusable while you have the support mounted.

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3. Eono by Amazon Mobile Car Mount 

One of the latest developments in modern vehicle designs are HUD-like designs. A trend that has also reached GPS mounts, the system used by the Eono by Amazon model. 

This product can be placed comfortably in any area of ​​the dashboard, offering a wide and pleasant support in which to place our GPS efficiently. Its clip system keeps the device in place and makes it even easier to handle it safely. This format also makes it easier to orient the terminal in the way that suits you best, thus achieving a better view of it. 

To complete the installation, the design includes anti-slip pads, which prevent the device from moving or scratching.

Change the way you see your GPS thanks to this interesting HUD type support.


Compatibility : The support is compatible with all types of mobile phones, GPS and other similar devices.

Adjustment : Its format helps you choose the viewing angle that suits you best.

Pads : These pads give you extra security when holding the device.


Material : The product is made of hard plastic, so it must be seated correctly to avoid deterioration.

Mounting : It is important to check that your dashboard has adequate space for mounting.

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4. AmazonBasics GPS Navigator Dash Mount

The AmazonBasics GPS mount is quite modern and also attractive, since it is placed in shiny black to attract the attention of anyone who gets into your car; It is compatible with most GPS models on the market and the most successful brands and manufacturers. You can use it with Garmin, Magellan, TomTom and others.

It is a very light model, it weighs only 450 grams, however you will not have to worry, it is very resistant and keeps the GPS equipment firm; the size in centimeters is 20 x 20 x 3 cm.

It was designed to be placed on the dashboard, right in front of the driver, in an easy and safe way, as it is a very stable product and gives you better visibility.

AmazonBasics has everything you need to become the best brand of GPS mounts for cars and therefore you can’t miss out on everything this model has for you:


Visibility: This equipment is installed on the dashboard of your car and this allows you to have a complete view of the race without any blockage.

Compatibility: Can be used to locate GPS navigators from Garmin, TomTom, Magellan and more.

Packaging – Delivered in Amazon Fridge-Free Packaging made from recyclable materials to avoid excessive use of packaging and plastic and be more environmentally friendly.


Weight – They have a weight of 450 grams which makes them much heavier than other mounts mentioned here.

Dimensions: It is also larger with dimensions of 20 x 20 x 3 centimeters.

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5.  Apps2Car Universal Tablet Holder

The APPS2Car IP02-CD2-30001 model is another interesting alternative to place your GPS or any other device comfortably in place while you drive. Unlike other supports, this product is compatible with all types of equipment up to 11 inches, so it can be used for a mobile phone, a GPS or even a tablet. 

The bracket mounts conveniently into the CD drive slot, simplifying the installation process. Therefore, it will hardly take you time to get it ready for assembly. This mount also features an opening, so you can conveniently charge your device while it’s in use. A support with which you can rotate the device to the angle that suits you best. 

As an extra, a padded protection is also included, so you don’t worry about rubbing and scratches when placing the terminal.

Forget about the problems when holding your tablet during your trips, thanks to this comprehensive and high-quality proposal.


Assembly: The device is installed comfortably in the slot of the CDs, being embedded there.

Free turn: The GPS or tablet can be oriented in the way you like best, with a 360 degree turn.

Loading opening: The support includes an opening, with which to load the product while in use.


Instructions: The support is not accompanied by instructions, although given how easy it is to assemble, it is not a problem either.

Tightening: It is key to properly tighten the piece, to prevent its accidental fall.

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Aukey Magnetic Car Mobile Holder Air Vents

It is one of the most modern models on the market for having a free clamping mechanism, since it works with a magnetic system that will always keep your equipment in the desired position and within reach.

It is designed to be placed on the air conditioning outlet grilles, you can put it on or remove it depending on the use you are going to give it, since you can not only use it in the car but wherever you want. Its structure is black, it is much more attractive than other models and perfectly matches the colors of the interior of the car.

In addition, this model, despite being magnetic, will not interfere with the mobile signal, which is very useful; It will also not cause damage to the equipment system, which makes it considered by some users as the best car GPS mount.

This Aukey mechanism may be the best GPS car mount of the moment thanks to the fact that it is easy to use and does not require special installation:


Design: This mount has the advantage of being very discreet and won’t take up space on your windscreen as it mounts over the vent. It is made up of grip legs and a round support base where you will place the device, no cables or screws.

Compatibility: Thanks to its design and installation, the Aukey is considered a universal support.

It works thanks to magnetism: you just have to place the metal plate under the cover of your phone or GPS and that’s it! Now you can rest your device on top of the support.

Dimensions: it has dimensions of 7 x 6 x 4.5 centimeters, which indicates that it is very compact and will not bother inside the car. In addition, it weighs just 59 grams, which makes it easy to handle and move in case you need to install it elsewhere.

Installation: you should know that it has one of the simplest installation systems among the supports. Its base is equipped with four snap-in lugs that insert between the rack channels to hold onto the racks.

Warranty: finally, we highlight the fact that the manufacturer offers a 24-month warranty against any damage to the support, keeping your money protected in the event of manufacturing defects.

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Buying guide – What is the best GPS car mount on the market?

The GPS mounts will allow you to have the equipment or cell phone, at hand and in your sight to be able to handle them safely when driving. These come with various fastening systems, the most common being those that work with an adjustable grip to work with various models.

Knowing which is the best car GPS on the market will depend on the aspirations of each of the users who have been encouraged to buy one of these modern and comfortable items, to always stay well located in time and space.

The most important thing to buy a base for the GPS, is to determine what type of it we have, since there are many models that are of varied dimensions and you could even use your mobile device to stay located. It is essential that you bear in mind that not all supports can be adjusted to all models, you must analyze the specifications in depth.

Why buy a GPS mount?

If you are one of those people who likes to have everything under control and you cannot leave your house without your GPS equipment, you have to be able to count on a support base for the car, these will be able to simplify the handling of the equipment and will allow you to keep the route to do always in sight, also knowing the alternatives to take if you get traffic.

So that you can choose your model more easily, we have prepared a guide for you to buy the best GPS car mount on the market, in this way you will be able to know what are the main characteristics that you should analyze before making your purchase.

All the parameters that will be briefly explained in this guide were obtained after making a comparison of car GPS mounts that you can get on the market, we advance some that you must take into account, such as: the size, type of fastening and the price, because knowing how much it costs is also decisive.

clamping type

The clamping mechanism will give you an idea of ​​whether it will fit your car model and whether it fits what you are looking for. This point can be very varied due to the large number of models on the market, but the most common ones almost always work with suction through suction cups, which can be located on the car glass or on the dashboard, depending on your choice..

Other types come to be placed on the air conditioning outlet grilles, they are easy to put on and take off when you need it, and they are very stable. There are also others that you can adjust to the CD output of the car and even some that are located on the steering wheel, the variety is quite wide. Keep in mind that we are only detailing the mechanisms of the most popular GPS or smartphone mounts.       



The size of each GPS support model is quite varied, as there are some that can only be used with smartphones that have this application, as there are others that adjust to the dimensions of the equipment to be used due to their expansion mechanisms.  

It must be clear that the fastening mechanism inside the car also depends on the movement that the model can give you, there are some that you can move in 360 degrees and others that have a base extender to approach or remove according to the convenience of the driver.


When we are willing to buy a GPS mount for our car, we always pay attention to the essential detail of its design, because we want it to fit the model of our car and combine perfectly with it, as if it were not just another accessory.

Most of the bases for cars are made of plastic material, to be much more resistant and fit perfectly with the interior of the car. You can also get those that bring combinations with metal, this to make them more attractive to the eye and give them elegance.

The color is also another factor that we take into account, in the vast majority of models black is used as a base to adjust to the interior of the car, others are silver or lead color, in this way it will stand out with the bodywork.


The price of each of the items that we want to acquire is very important, it will always depend on the budget that we have the model to choose. As for the GPS mounts, we could say that they are mostly cheap, but highly resistant and versatile in use.

By reviewing the best-selling models on the market and those with the best comments on the market, we can give you an idea of ​​how much you are going to have to invest. Some range from 2 euros and up and generally the cost increases, depending on whether they have movement or not.

You must take into account that each of the models could vary in price depending on the place where you buy it and the time of purchase. The costs shown in this buying guide are purely for reference.

How to use a GPS car mount

Nowadays, there are so many ideal devices to make your life a little less complicated, such as GPS, which gives you the opportunity to help you with those unusual addresses that you do not know how to reach or, even if you are traveling, this could clearly show you the route to follow. That is why it is very important to be able to keep your GPS device always in sight.

Therefore, having a good GPS support would not be bad since it will allow you to see the different routes to take comfortably, without having to use your hands while driving. In this way, giving the proper use to your support will help you manipulate the GPS with total comfort.

Unpack and read the instruction manual for your GPS mount

Once you have purchased your GPS mount, the first thing you should do is carefully unpack it and check that everything is in good condition. Also, taking a look at the instruction manual would help you understand more easily both the installation process and the use that you will have to give your new GPS mount.

Proceed to install the support for your GPS

Depending on the model you have purchased, you must take into account the installation process that you will have to carry out. It should be noted that, in the case of such a simple GPS support, it will not be necessary to use tools or screws to adapt it to your car. On the contrary, the installation process is usually easy, comfortable and simple.

If you have the GPS support that works by magnetism, it will be easy and simple to install it in your car. You simply have to position the base of it in one of the air vents; this, in turn, will be held by four handles that work under pressure and will later be inserted into the channels of said grid.

Now, to ensure that the GPS can be held on the base of the support, you simply have to place the metal plate under its lining, which, when making contact with the base, will quickly attract each other, causing the union of both parts and that’s it.

On the other hand, if you have the model that is simply installed in the slot of the player, you will only have to place the base in said slot and it will be held gently. So you will not have to worry about any damage that may occur in the long run. What we do consider important for you to know is that while you use this GPS support, the player will be unusable, so if you want to play a CD, you just have to remove the GPS support and that’s it.

Now, if it is that model that has the most common installation system, you will only have to install it using suction cups that, in turn, you will have to position on the windshield and voila, you will be able to enjoy greater access to the screen of your GPS.

Position it at the angle that suits you best

Being able to have a better view of your GPS screen would be adequate to be able to see clearly and accurately the direction you should follow. In this way, and if your model allows it, you can rotate it at an angle of up to 360 °, ideal for positioning your GPS as you see fit, so that it can be seen from any of the seats in the vehicle.

The most popular brands

A fundamental part of the use of GPS is the search for a good support that allows you to manipulate the product hands-free. Taking into consideration the importance of these tools, and that a good part of our usual readers are curious about the subject, in this section, we want to analyze the most popular brands of GPS mounts for cars. Below, we explore the most important information around a few prominent manufacturers.  

Garmin Ltd. is known as one of the most influential companies in manufacturing quality GPS. Founded in 1989 by Gary Burrell and Min Kao, it had its origins in Kansas in the very heart of the United States.

The name of Garmin arises from the union of the names of both creators. This company has dedicated all its resources and ingenuity to the development of GPS equipment focused mainly on the civil field. Its products offer free navigation data that helps users to reach a planned destination.

Garmin has developed one of the most popular GPS systems and equipment in the world. The company’s success is based on the creation of an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, as well as software with very accurate and up-to-date data.

Although its main focus is navigation systems for land traffic, the company has also developed naval and air systems throughout history. Among its most notable successes we can highlight: its many car navigation models, its wearables, cameras and physical activity monitoring systems.

For its part, Mpow is a company dedicated to the creation of consumer electronics and various accessories. The company has a wide catalog of articles, which have been developed based on the observation of the environment. As a company, they keep a watchful eye on the needs of users and seek to develop the technological equipment that results in the full satisfaction of said requirements.

In addition to a listening system attentive to the user’s needs, Mpow’s other focus is always on simplicity and ease of use. In this way they pursue that each of their creations respond to a simple system of use that can be executed mainly by those people who are not very skilled in the use of modern technologies.

It is a great option when looking for GPS mounts for cars, as well as other complementary accessories in our day to day. The company manufactures a variety of models in the following categories: sports headphones, miscellaneous headphones, Bluetooth speakers, cell phone accessories, and car accessories.

Finally, Carchet is one of those accessory supply companies that, we believe, deserves to be among the most popular brands of car mounts due to the good level of acceptance and good reputation that its items have on the web. According to official information, it is a well-known supplier of auto parts that is mainly dedicated to providing a series of services in the automotive sector.

These services encompass the development of a variety of products, including automotive electronics, personalization, but also car decoration. Among its catalog of options you can find a small variety of GPS navigators, lighters, lighting systems, intercom headsets and many accessories.

The good reputation that Carchet has developed in the market is due to the fact that its main focus is always on the needs of the user. As a company they seek to provide both the person and the car with safe, fun and comfortable solutions. The real passion of the work team that makes it up is the love for motor vehicles.

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Carchet Soporte Ventosa Clip para Coche Parabrisas

Este modelo de GPS para vehículos está diseñado específicamente para ser colocado en el parabrisas, de esta manera podrás tener una mejor visión de las imágenes que va a mostrarte.

Está elaborado en plástico de alta calidad de color negro, para hacerlo más atractivo a  la vista y además, combina con el interior del coche sin ningún problema. Este modelo es estilizado, es moderno y se ajusta a casi cualquier modelo de auto. Los fabricantes aseguran que es compatible con el GPS Tomtom One V2 V3 2º 3º

Sus medidas son en milímetros de 56 en el diámetro de la base, mientras que la bola es de 17 mm, su clip de sujeción es un poco más grande, es de 6 centímetros, puedes emplearlo con mayor comodidad.

Si quieres evitar gastar demasiado y apuntas por obtener uno de los modelos más baratos, el de Carchet quizá sea el mejor soporte de GPS para coche por 5 euros:


Materiales: el BQ433 está fabricado en plástico ABS, lo que indica que es bastante resistente y duradero para que puedas disfrutarlo por mucho tiempo.

Instalación: es muy fácil de instalar, dado que hace uso de una ventosa que te permitirá ubicarlo en el parabrisas para ofrecer un mayor acceso al GPS.

TomTom: según su fabricante, es compatible con los modelos de navegador GPS One

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