The 5 Best Hydraulic Car Jacks of 2022

Hydraulic car jack – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Hydraulic jacks have the ability to lift very heavy objects to different height levels. For this reason, they are a suitable tool when changing parts and checking the bottom of cars. If you are interested in acquiring one of these products, it is convenient that you take into consideration different characteristics, including its design, size, resistance, stability, maximum load capacity, maximum and minimum elevation level, among others. To facilitate the task of choosing between all the available models, we will mention some of the most outstanding ones. The first is the Einhell BT-HJ 2000, a bottle-type jack that has the capacity to support a weight of up to two tons, in addition, it lifts cars to a maximum height of 35.4 cm. On the other hand, theMichelin 92416 has swivel wheels that will help you move it more easily and its maximum lifting range is 35 cm.

The 5 Best Hydraulic Car Jacks – Opinions 2022

Different types of products are offered in the market, each one with different load capacities and different designs, this makes it a bit complicated to select a particular model. For this reason, we have made this exclusive list with the best hydraulic car jacks for 2022, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

1. Einhell BT-HJ 2000 Hydraulic Car Jack

Main advantage:

This hydraulic jack offers you an appropriate level of safety so that you can use it with total confidence, since it is protected against overload due to the safety valve integrated in its design.

Main disadvantage:

It should be noted that this model is not compatible with any vehicle due to the maximum height it can reach. Likewise, some users miss the presence of a briefcase where they can store it comfortably.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Its bottle-type design does not leave much to be desired, because in addition to being available in blue with black details, it is a completely fixed model, so it will be able to stay in one place for as long as you need.

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Being a product designed to raise vehicles to a considerable height, it must be resistant and durable, capable of guaranteeing you the security you need to work comfortably.

In this sense, the BT-HJ 2000 model is a device with an adequate level of security so that you can use it with total confidence whenever necessary, since it should be noted that it is protected against overload thanks to the safety valve that it contains. has in its design.

On the other hand, you could manage to raise your car to a considerable height of up to 34.5 centimeters so that you can carry out the tasks you need comfortably and without any inconvenience. Also, the elevation bar is visible.


The design that the hydraulic jack that you decide to buy can offer you will also be of great importance at the time of your purchase, since this way you could determine how practical and functional it could be for each use.

The Einhell brand this time offers you a bottle-type model available in blue with black details. Likewise, its weight is only 2.65 kilograms, which makes it a light but resistant product for each load and, of course, easy to transport from one place to another. You could even carry it in the trunk of the car easily without taking up much space.

For its part, this results in a totally fixed design, since it does not have wheels in its structure. Therefore, you can keep it immobile where you need it while you carry out the repairs you want.


Hydraulic jacks are a special machine to lift certain heavy loads depending on their capacity. These same ones, according to the model, have a series of important details that you should take into account before the purchase so that you can make a good choice.

It should be noted that this model is made with high quality materials, among which the resistant metal stands out. Thus, we are talking about a compact and solid product at the same time, with which you can easily carry out the repair, maintenance or revision of your vehicle, since it can even support a maximum weight of 2000 kilos.

On the other hand, the hydraulic jack has a support disk with an adjustment spindle, as well as a lifting lever housing for greater comfort and, of course, a bleeder screw.

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2. Michelin 92416 Hydraulic Jack Load Capacity 1800kg

Another model that could be of interest to you is the Michelin 92416, which according to some users can be considered the best hydraulic car jack at the moment, thanks to the variety of features it offers.

It is Plant Jacks type and has been designed with the ability to lift heavy cars to different levels. The maximum lifting range it achieves is 35 cm, while the minimum lifting height is 10.5 cm. For this reason, you will have the possibility of using it every time you need to change an automotive part, carry out repairs or eventual revisions to your car.

In addition, you will be able to feel comfortable when using it, since its lever has been designed with an ergonomic handle, which will help you hold it correctly and precisely, avoiding possible mistreatment.

To acquire the best hydraulic car jack of the moment, you must take into account details such as the practicality and lifting capacity that it offers you.


Lifting capacity: With this hydraulic jack you can enjoy a maximum lifting capacity of 1,800 kg at a height of up to 35 centimeters.

Dimensions: The dimensions of this hydraulic jack are 50 x 15 x 24 centimeters, while its weight is 12.9 Kilograms.

Lever: The lever that this hydraulic jack has has been designed with a very ergonomic handle, ideal for holding it properly before each use.


Lowering the car: Once you need to lower the car from the hydraulic jack, some users comment that this action is somewhat uncomfortable, since it lowers very quickly because it does not have a pressure shutter.

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3. Silverline 457050 Hydraulic Bottle Jack

If you are still wondering which is the best hydraulic car jack, the Silverline Tools 457050 has a robust design that can lift up to 6 tons at a height of 38.2 cm. This is because it has been made entirely of steel, a material that favors its resistance and contributes to its durability.

This bottle-type hydraulic jack offers a large base that allows you to maintain a good level of stability, while you carry out repairs and revisions to your car. In addition, it does not have wheels, which will prevent unwanted displacement.

It offers a safety valve that protects it from possible overloads and that will help you avoid different inconveniences when using it. It also incorporates a quick coupling handle to carry out the jack adjustment process in a short time and, as if that were not enough, it has a type A energy class, to guarantee adequate energy consumption.

Being able to know which hydraulic car jack to buy will depend first on the design that it can offer you, as well as the manufacturing material that has been used during its preparation.


Design: It has a fairly robust design with which to lift a total of 6 tons to a considerable height of 38.2 centimeters.

Materials: The material included when manufacturing this hydraulic jack is steel, this being very resistant and durable before each use.

Stable base: The base of this jack is large and capable of providing you with a good level of stability so that you can use it with greater confidence as many times as you want.


Lever: Some users comment that the lever included in the package is very small, making it uncomfortable to raise and lower the car when necessary.

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4. Sealey 1153CXHV 3 Ton High Visibility Hydraulic Jack

With this hydraulic jack you will have the possibility of lifting cars weighing up to three tons. It is a model with a resistant pump support that you can comfortably use in your home garage.

It is portable since it is of the Plant Jacks type, and you will be able to store it in your car and transport it wherever you go, so you can have it on hand whenever it is necessary. On the other hand, it has been made in green, this hue is highly visible, which contributes to safety and allows it to be easily found in a workshop.

In addition, it has a long chassis, a base with wheels, a safety valve to prevent possible overloads and a pumping handle with a rubber grip, which you can hold comfortably. The range of elevation that it has varies between 14 and 43.2 cm.

If you need to carry out the inspection of your vehicle comfortably, then you should consider buying a hydraulic jack that can guarantee you comfort, practicality and functionality.


Pump support: This hydraulic jack has a resistant pump support with which to carry out a comfortable use of it, being able to easily raise the car.

Portable: Thanks to its portable design, it will be easy to take it from one place to another, storing it in the trunk of your car.

Color: The green color of this cat will allow you to find it easily in the workshop, your home or wherever you store it, since it is highly visible.

Design: Its design consists of a base with wheels, a safety valve, a long chassis and a pumping handle with an ergonomic rubber grip.


Instruction manual: Users consider the fact that the hydraulic jack is not supplied with the instruction manual in Spanish to be a drawback, since this makes it difficult to understand.

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5. Unitec 10008 Hydraulic Jack 2T

Another option that you should take into account when making your purchase is the Unitec 10008. This Plant Jacks type jack has been developed with the capacity to support a maximum load of up to two tons, so you can use it to lift different types of jacks. of cars.

It has a base with four swivel wheels that will help you move it from one place to another with ease. It also offers a carrying handle by which you can hold it comfortably.

It is red in color and according to some buyers it can lift the cars to a height of up to 38 cm, this will allow you to carry out revisions and changes of parts correctly and safely. In addition, its lever has a handle to hold it when you perform the lifting process.

Unitec could be considered the best brand of hydraulic car jacks available on the market, thanks to the benefits it offers through each of its products to make the lives of its users more comfortable and easier.


Load capacity: With this hydraulic jack you can easily lift cars weighing two tons.

Easy transport: Its base equipped with four swivel wheels makes the transport of this hydraulic jack an easy and comfortable process to carry out. Likewise, you can also have a grip handle where you can hold it.

Height range: The height range that you can have with this hydraulic jack is 38 centimeters. In this sense, you will be able to carry out the revision of the car easily.


Oil leak: Some users are unhappy when they notice that the jack leaks oil through the hydraulic system. In this sense, they are obliged to return the product or solve the loss of it.

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Einhell BT-HJ 2000 Hydraulic Car Jack

It is a bottle-type model, which could be considered the best price-quality hydraulic car jack at the moment, since it has the ability to withstand considerably high loads and does not cost too much money.

It has a structure that allows it to lift cars weighing up to two tons without much effort. Because of this, it will come in handy when you need to service or change your vehicle’s wheels and other parts.

Likewise, to guarantee its proper functioning, a safety valve has been incorporated into its design. This will help you avoid possible accidents and offers protection against overloads.

This hydraulic jack does not have wheels, so it is able to stay fixed in one position while you use it. As if that were not enough, it is one of the cheapest in our selection.

Einhell offers you the best hydraulic car jack for 20 euros. In this sense, it is one of the cheapest models that you can find available in the market.


Structure: The structure available in this hydraulic jack is very resistant and capable of lifting cars weighing up to two tons without much effort.

Safety valves: This hydraulic jack offers you proper operation, thanks to the safety valve incorporated in its design, capable of avoiding any accident.

Fixed position: Thanks to the free base of wheels in this hydraulic jack, you can enjoy a totally fixed model.


Stored: The presence of a special case where the hydraulic jack can be stored after each use is missing.

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Buying guide – What is the best hydraulic car jack on the market?

Choosing a particular piece of equipment is not an easy task, so knowing its operation, capabilities, lifting range and other characteristics could be helpful when making your search. For this reason, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best hydraulic car jack, so that you can select the most suitable model to lift your vehicle.

Loading capacity

If you are making a comparison of hydraulic jacks for cars, it is necessary that before making a choice you take into account the load capacity of each model. The type of vehicle with which you can use these devices will depend on this feature.

Before selecting a particular product, it is convenient that you take into consideration the weight of your car, in this way you can acquire a jack according to your needs.

There are hydraulic jacks in the shape of cylinders or bottles, which do not weigh more than 3 kg and yet are capable of lifting up to 6 tons with minimal effort for the user. This feature can influence the price, so it is important to define the use that we are going to give it. If we have a small car that weighs little, then we can buy a jack with less load capacity and cheaper.

Trolley-type jacks are usually very stable, are widely used in workshops, and most can lift an average car. However, these are more complex to move from one place to another, because despite offering wheels, they usually weigh between 10 and 20 kg.


Another aspect that you should review is the design of these products. The objective is that you choose a model that fully complies with its functions, that you can use easily and at the same time is economical.

One of the most used hydraulic jacks are the bottle jacks, these have a rounded shape and have a flat base that allows them to remain stable on the ground. Thanks to their shape, they maintain a good level of balance while carrying out the lifting process of the cars.

Other common jacks are the so-called Plant or Wheelbarrow Jacks, these are generally used to make tire changes. They are characterized by having a rectangular shape and a base with four wheels. This shape helps you to move the cat more easily from one place to another, therefore, you will not have to make much effort when you have to transport it.

Because of their shape, these types of jacks are usually compact, therefore, it is possible to store them inside the trunk of the car. In this way you will be able to transport it with you wherever you go and use them whenever you consider necessary.

In addition, both types of hydraulic jacks have a pumping lever that you must move up and down each time you want to start the process of lifting the cars. For your comfort, in some cases they have an ergonomic rubber handle where you can hold it, in addition, its shape will help prevent possible abuse.

There are also models that integrate a storage space into their design that you can use to store screws, nuts and other small parts that you require when working, so you won’t lose them.


At this point you may be wondering how much a hydraulic jack for a car costs, but before consulting prices it is important that you take into account the level of elevation that they reach. This feature is important because it will give you an idea of ​​how high it will allow you to lift the car.

Each model, depending on its operation, strength and design, has the ability to lift cars to different height ranges from the ground. To make sure you select the appropriate model and according to your needs, it is recommended that you look at the minimum and maximum elevation levels of the hydraulic jack.

Jacks are used to change car tires when they deteriorate, as well as other automotive parts that need to be replaced. They are also used when making revisions in the lower part of the vehicle.

If you need to carry out other types of complex repairs under the car, then you will need to raise it higher, so it is essential to define the use that you are going to give to the tool.

How to use a hydraulic car jack

When you have a car, it is important to have all the necessary parts to face any eventuality. Such is the case of the hydraulic jack. This equipment must be handled with care to avoid accidents and serious injuries. Next, we will provide you with a set of tips so that you can use it without problems.

Park your vehicle in a safe place

When you are going to use a hydraulic jack, the first thing you should take into account is the terrain. This point is very important because adequate stability is needed to be able to keep the vehicle raised without problems. Try to park it on flat, firm and safe ground, which facilitates the process.

insure the car

Once parked, you need to make sure it stays in place. A good way to do this is by straightening the steering wheel, putting the vehicle in park or neutral (in the case of manual gear cars), and setting the parking brake as hard as you can. These steps will prevent the car from moving.

Find the right footholds

Each vehicle integrates a series of special places where the hydraulic jack can be easily adapted, which prevents certain damages to the body of the vehicle.

You must keep in mind, since not all places under a car can support the weight of it. You can easily find this information in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or by doing a quick internet search. Having this information at hand is essential when you need to do some work with the hydraulic jack.

Put the cat in the right place

In some cases, when you don’t want to risk damage to the vehicle body, you can place some large pieces of wood, such as short logs, between the jack and the car itself. It is convenient to remember to place all the pieces correctly so that they cannot get in the way or cause accidents.

Raise the cat little by little

This process must be done carefully and very precisely or else it could cause an accident. First, move the mechanisms, the main lever, as indicated in the manual for the hydraulic jack (some move clockwise and others counterclockwise), take your time and do it slowly.

Raise the vehicle to the desired height so that you can work properly, always keeping an eye on any changes that may occur during the lift.

Once you have the desired height, check the stability of the car and use additional supports if they are necessary to properly support the vehicle. Remember that your safety is the most important thing when doing any mechanical work.

lower the car carefully

After carrying out the work on your car, it is essential that you lower it very carefully and calmly, in the same way that you raised it. To do this, remember to first remove the additional supports that you have placed on it. Lower the whole mechanism little by little until your car is back on its four wheels.

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