The 5 Best Motocross Armors of 2022

Motocross Armor – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When we want to do some extreme sport, we stick to the safety rules to avoid injuries. In this sense, motocross armors are necessary safety implements in sports activities on wheels, where our body is exposed to any blow. Therefore, it is important to look for options created with resistant materials, which focus on areas such as the chest, elbows and shoulders, which are the parts most damaged in accidents. There are many models of this type of armor, but among the standouts is the Fastar Motocross Racing, which has padding in the areas most likely to receive an impact and also has straps for a precise fit. Secondly, we could mention the Wildken NFS-018 model., a team specially designed for children, with a combined protection of rubber sheets and organic foam capable of absorbing any impact.

The 5 Best Motocross Armors – Opinions 2022

Our comprehensive security is a detail that concerns us. Given this, we look for artifacts that provide us with the necessary protection, according to the activity we perform. Motocross armor will allow us to carry out extreme activities with the guarantee that we will suffer fewer blows.

Focused on this, we are looking for the best motocross armor of 2022, which adhere to our priority needs and guarantee the greatest safety of our body. In this way, we select a list with the five most successful products to choose the best.

1. Fastar Protective Motorcycle Jacket

Main advantage:

This armor is available in several sizes and colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Main disadvantage:

It is missing that the package does not include the knee pads, so you will have to buy them separately, which means that you will have an additional expense.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Thanks to the materials used in its manufacture, you will feel comfortable and cool, as it has ventilation grilles so that you do not sweat too much on the hottest summer days.

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It should be noted that riding a motorcycle is an experience in which you feel a lot of adrenaline. If you do it in a competition or you like to go alone to motocross tracks, your safety is important, whether you are a professional, amateur or someone who rides the motorcycle daily.

In this sense, you must use the appropriate implements that protect your body from bumps or unforeseen accidents while driving.

Therefore, this armor model is effective, since it provides protection to the upper part of the body, that is, arms, shoulders, chest and back. In addition, it should be noted that this product comes with adjustable elastic straps along the arms and shoulders, to provide you with a more precise support.

As if that were not enough, bring a belt that fits around your waist, in this way, you will be able to ride your motorcycle in a calm and safe way.


Apart from serving you for motocross, this product will also protect you in other sports, for example, skiing, skating and cycling, it will even take care of you when riding a horse.

On the other hand, we can say that this armor will give you comfort, since it has a removable lining that you can easily wash. In addition, the Fastar Motocross Racing provides optimal ventilation, since it has a mesh and grids that will allow you to feel fresh throughout the day, so you will not have to worry about the heat.

In addition to this, we mention that it comes in different sizes, from M to XXXL, so that almost anyone can use it. Also, when choosing one, you should take into account aspects such as your weight and height, since some users have mentioned that it is advisable to choose one size more than the one you usually wear.


On the other hand, it is made of PVC, lycra, EVA and nylon, which are good quality and wear-resistant materials, so the armor will last you a long time. Likewise, it supports the impact of blows if you fall, thus protecting some of the most vulnerable areas of your body.

This product is available in black and red, its design is attractive and modern, and it has a belt made of velcro that you can adjust as you wish.

It also features a handy front zipper, which you can easily open and close when adjusting your armor. The latter is padded, which will give you comfort, since you can use it attached, being the most recommended for extreme sports. Finally, it should be noted that you can use it in different weather conditions, for example, on rainy, hot or cold days.

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2. Wildken Protective Body Protection for Ski Snowboarding and Skating

The Wildken NFS-018 motocross armor is designed especially for children and teenagers. It is made up of several layers of highly resistant rubber and organic foam, which offers great shock absorption and excellent resistance to wear.

The design, thanks to the position of the sheets and the velcro straps, offers great mobility and comfort, so it does not impede the user’s movements.

The armor especially protects the back and spinal column area, as well as the most important parts of the body, with particular attention to the shoulders, to prevent clavicle fractures and similar injuries. In addition, it includes a fabric ventilation mesh, which allows perspiration and relieves heat. 

On the other hand, it is a lightweight model, since it only weighs 580 grams, making it suitable for other risky sports such as skiing, climbing and mountain biking.


Protection: Offers extensive protection in the most vulnerable areas, such as the spine and shoulder area.

Ergonomics: The vest is very comfortable, thanks to the position of the rubber sheets and the Velcro straps, which allow great mobility.

Ventilation: The ventilation system, thanks to a mesh made of soft fabric, allows sweat to evaporate and hot air to escape, facilitating perspiration.


Sizing: It is only available in two sizes, S and M, which are slightly larger than usual, so measure carefully.

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3.Per Professional Armor Motorcycle Body Protection

If we are looking for the best value for money motocross armor of the moment, this model could be the answer. It is a high-quality protective armor and wear-resistant nylon density.

It is an attractive model, which has a removable spine armor, with a tail protector and a wide belt at the waist level that is elastic. Additionally, it has a magic closure, with which it can be adjusted.

It has a high foam density in the hot areas where blows occur, such as the chest, elbows, shoulders, and forearms. It has a protective mesh cloth to prevent breakage and thus maintain user comfort.

It is considered by some buyers as the best motocross armor for 40 euros, if you want to know more about this product we recommend you read the following section, where we present its main characteristics.


Protection: To protect your body from possible impacts, it has a high-density foam padding and soft sponge with mesh cloth, in addition, these elements offer a higher level of comfort.

Materials : According to the manufacturer’s specifications, it has been made of high quality nylon, so it is resistant to wear.

Strap: Its design incorporates an adjustable strap that will allow you to put it on correctly and will help prevent it from coming loose easily.

Utility : You can use it to practice motocross, cycling, skiing, skating and other entertainment activities.


Quality: There are buyers who claim that due to the quality of its materials it is not possible to use it for professional practices, as it could deteriorate quite easily.

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4. Protectwear PJK-S Kids Motocross Protector

It has a back protector on the back, ideal for when we have an unavoidable fall while practicing any of these sports. In turn, it is a motocross armor that has protectors on the elbow, shoulder, chest, forearm and upper arm.

It adjusts at waist level to feel more secure and confident when executing any extreme activity. If we are looking for a children’s motocross armor, this product will fit our needs.

It is a mini jacket that has a belt and protectors, with a front zipper that is easy to put on. It can be used for other alternative activities, guaranteeing good protection for our little one.

When buying this type of product, many users look for the best brand of motocross armor, to help you in this process we want to present you the qualities of the Protectwear PJK-S.


Protection: This model has a protector on the back that will help you avoid possible injuries to this area of ​​the body. In addition, it offers protection to the chest, upper arms, forearms, shoulders and elbows.

Versatility: You will have the possibility of using it to practice different sports disciplines, because according to its specifications it is suitable for motorcycling, snowboarding, skiing, among other activities.

Straps: It has several straps that allow it to be adjusted to the body correctly, in addition, it has a front zipper that makes its use easier.


Size: It could be better if it also came in size M or larger, since this model is only suitable for children who use size S.

Zipper: There may be a bit of difficulty in the first uses regarding the zipper, but after a short time it will be very easy to adjust it.

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5. Wildken Motocross Protection Jacket

It guarantees flexibility and comfort to the user who selects this motocross armor. In addition to this, it allows proper perspiration when practicing sports. This prevents unpleasant odors from developing or being contained, caused by the sweat generated by playing sports.

It is one of the cheapest jackets on the market. However, its multiple plates are flexible. Its mesh has a mesh fabric that is injection molded from high-impact plastic. It is resistant to any impact and offers dorsal protection to shoulders, elbows, arms, chest, back and waist.

It is made of PVC materials, which is thermoplastic, that is, when subjected to heat, it turns white and can be molded fluidly. On the other hand, when it cools down, it recovers its solidity, without losing its appearance.

At the same time, it has a high-density lycra fabric that is resistant to wear and tear. The SunTime NFS-001 is so light and cool that it provides ventilation and comfort to the fit, even in the summer season.

If you have not yet decided which motocross armor to buy, we recommend that you take into consideration the characteristics that this model offers you, as this could help you clear up your doubts.


Breathability : It is made of a combination of highly flexible PVC with lycra mesh and resistant EVA, these materials help you have more freedom of movement, in addition, they make it breathable so that you are comfortable during summer days.

Protection : It has polyurethane back plates, rigid nylon protectors, thick pads on both sides of the waist and compression on the chest, therefore, it is anti-shock.

Design: It is light, comfortable and ergonomic, in addition, it has elastic and velcro bands that will allow you to adjust it properly.


Size : It comes in size XXL, so it will probably be a little big for you if you are a size M or L, however, it does its job of protecting your body from unforeseen accidents.

Color: It is missing that it also comes in other colors, so that the user has more options to choose from, since it only comes in red.

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Fastar Protective Motorcycle Jacket

It is a model that will manage to protect the body effectively, to carry out extreme activities on wheels. If we think of the best motocross armor of the moment, this model is recommended.

Its materials are nylon, which is appropriate to provide the greatest resistance and protection of the product in the body. Thanks to its movable lining, cleaning can be made easier, in addition to providing better ventilation to the body.

The armor consists of a back protector, shoulders, elbow cups, and forearm protector. All this, together with a mesh shirt. It has elastic straps for a more secure fit, which in turn has foam padding for comfort.

It is among the cheapest motocross armor and could be a good option for those users who are looking for an economical model that provides adequate protection, below we present its characteristics.


Protection: Due to its design it manages to protect different parts of the body, it has protectors in the area of ​​the shoulders, elbow, forearm, chest and back.

Versatility: It is suitable for practicing different sports, including cycling, skating and skiing, as well as recreational and entertainment activities in which you require protection.

Materials: It is made of high quality Nylon that is resistant to wear, for this reason, it is likely that, depending on the use you give it, you can use it for a considerable time.

Adjustment: It has elastic straps that allow a secure fit.


Size: Some buyers recommend taking a good look at the size to choose, as they assure that it may be a bit tight.

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Buying Guide – What is the best motocross armor on the market?

Enjoying the extreme sports that we like so much implies having the necessary protection, in order to guarantee comprehensive safety. In this way, we will be able to enjoy with greater freedom and with all the conscience that it deserves.

If we like motorcycles, a motocross armor will help us enjoy the adrenaline with greater caution. But, as there are so many models, we focused on making a comparison of motocross armor that have specific qualities, according to the needs and demands that this sport requires.

Why buy motocross armor?

Sports on wheels, on occasion, generate displeasure for our relatives, because they care about our well-being and physical integrity. To guarantee our protection when assuming these skills, it is necessary to acquire a motocross armor that is committed to safety, in this way we can prolong the activities that we like so much.

In this sense, the need arises to take care of the various parts of our body, mainly the frontal area, starting with the chest, going through the shoulders, elbows and arms. The latter are one of the areas of the body most prone to damage in falls.

Focused on this, we propose to make a guide to buy the best motocross armor and thus establish the fundamental characteristics that the product must have, so that it meets our demands and responds to particular needs.


Considering the materials is a relevant aspect, since they must guarantee that the impact of the blow is softer. That is, they must be robust, in order to ensure that each bone of our body will remain united and there will be no room for injuries that can be avoided. Likewise, it is necessary that they are made of hard plastic and an internal mattress for greater comfort.

Knowing how much one or another particular model costs is one of the things that most concerns us. Although its materials are directly linked to the price, there are motocross armors that look functional not only on the outside, but also on the inside, protecting from blows on the outside and providing comfort on the inside.

It must be essentially good and economical, but guarantee security. Likewise, for the summer seasons, they must be cool and allow the body to have ventilation.


Generally, motocross armor provides security in precise areas of the body. In this way, we find that they mostly have solid materials on the chest, elbows, shoulders, forearms to avoid serious injuries during the practice of some extreme sport.

These materials will allow us to ensure that our trunk is kept in optimal conditions, which is favorable, thus carrying out the activities necessary for our recreation, without affecting the well-being of our body.

These motocross armors have closures such as zippers and magic closure; these adjust to the comfort and texture of the person’s body. Indeed, the grip and firmness of this product is guaranteed.

Adults and children

There are models available for both adults and children. This is favorable, since if we want to motivate our little ones to do some sport, we can provide them with general well-being and physical integrity with one of these armors. In this way, we will avoid injuries from a young age, so that their body can develop without any problem caused by this type of sports.

For adults, there are also models focused on participation in extreme sports. At all times, adults and children will have the necessary body security against the falls that occur, as the practice of various sports that attract our attention and earn our passion develops.

extreme sports

Undoubtedly, we look for an armor that is economical and that adjusts to our needs, but we must also be clear about the type of sport we want to practice. In this way, we will know which armor is the most appropriate. However, most armor targets specific areas of the body that are prone to shock.

When experiencing motocross, biking, skateboarding, horseback riding or any activity, motocross armor holds us securely. All this, thanks to its resistant materials, its straps for a precise fit and the comfort provided by its interior, which will allow us to have minor injuries and inconsequential blows when practicing sports that represent a danger to our body.

Weather conditions

It’s known that biker armor can be a bit hot, which can be a plus in the fall and winter. However, when the hottest seasons arrive, some motocross armor can be unbearable.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you think about what season you are going to use it. In this way, when you are reviewing the product specifications, you will be able to know what type of material suits you, according to your requirements.

How to use motocross armor

User safety is essential in any sport. If you are a fan of motocross, you should know the proper steps to use motocross armor during competition.

separate accessories

Motocross armor has certain essential accessories to complete the protection that athletes need. Separate each accessory from the other individually and place them on a flat surface; this way it will be easier to locate the parts you need to assemble.

Join the individual trusses

Motocross armor is made up of certain important parts of the suit. According to each bib, assemble it with the corresponding accessories. Start with the main part that will cover the chest and back, then the shoulder and elbow pads that are part of the armor. Depending on the model, your main guide will be the product’s instruction manual.

Put on the main shirt

It is important that before putting on the armor you have the suit shirt on. They are generally made of breathable fabric that includes small holes in its design that allow air to circulate through the body during competition. It is not recommended to use cotton clothing, since the thick texture provides more heat than necessary to the competitor and generates more friction with the bike that can irritate the skin.

Place the fanny pack around your hip

Being a sport that demands a lot of strength from the competitor, motocross needs a form of support that helps keep the body stable. The back is essential to achieve the maneuvers in competition, so place the fanny pack around your hip and adjust it tightly so that it supports the spine and back well, reducing the risk of injury.

Place the chest to the front

After putting on the shirt, continue to locate the main part of the armor. The main bib should be passed over your head, covering most of the trunk, especially the stomach area, which is very sensitive in the event of a fall. Adjust the strap to the size of your body for better adaptability of the bib.

Add the side protectors

Once you have correctly placed the chest, it is time to add the other protections. Put the shoulder pads, elbow pads and forearms in their corresponding place. It is important that all parts are positioned towards the front in order to protect the body directly from the rocks. The best elbow pads are those that are placed from the forearm, providing greater safety to the athlete.

Adjust the straps of each accessory

To finish you must adjust each strap of the chest. This step is crucial to the safe use of the armor, as poor adjustment of the straps can jeopardize the person’s safety. Take into account the measurements of your body and work according to them.

Remove dirt from armor

Motocross competitions, when carried out on dirt fields, leave the competitor covered in dust everywhere. Every time you use the armor, clean it using soap and water to help remove dirt and then dry it with a dry cloth with a soft texture that does not scratch the surface.

The most popular brands

For practitioners of motocross as an extreme sport, it is necessary to have protection to protect the parts of the body that are vulnerable to bumps and falls, which will increase personal safety to a greater extent and reduce the effects of possible injuries. In this space we will provide you with information about some brands that are popular in the market and that stand out in the manufacture and distribution of good quality motocross armor.

It is a German company that specializes in the production of personal protection products for Motocross practitioners and its headquarters are located in Tuchenbach, Bavaria in Germany. It is one of the companies that are in great demand in the market, because they use manufacturing materials with high quality standards; among which you can find PVC, leather and velcro.

Among its wide range of products you can get motorcycle gloves, BMX and bicycle helmets, boots, goggles, textile clothing for both sexes, visors, leather clothing to protect against the winter cold, snowshoes, clothing and slippers. for cyclists and other equipment designed for children.

The safety of the user is important for the company, therefore, they are governed by ECE homologation standards of high quality standard and thus be able to minimize the injuries that may occur.

Jim O’Neal Distributing Inc. was created in 1970 in California, United States. When young Jim was participating in mountain bike races with some products made by him, he later met Andy Kolbe who was his long-time sponsor.

Their goals were not to make money, but to create very good quality products to help cyclists in their competitions and, moreover, could significantly increase motorcyclists’ racing performance.

As time passed, the company grew in popularity and the local market demand, at that time, exceeded 120 pieces per day. Later, it became a wholesaler, in 1989 they launched the Azonic bicycle brand. They worked hand in hand with the best in cycling to prove that the products to be presented had a high quality standard.

Today, O’Neal is one of the favorite brands for cyclists and motorcyclists that will provide you with protection and the necessary accessories to protect your body.

It is a brand established in 1985 and is specialized in the manufacture and distribution of all types of clothing and accessories for motorcyclists. Leather is one of the main materials that they include in their products, among these you can find complete suits, jackets, gloves, among others.

Additionally, some of its products have thermal protection to face the different adversities that the weather presents; be it cold, rain or shine. Among its range of protective products, they have a high quality standard and impact minimization, where Plastic, PVC and padding are the most outstanding materials. Armor, leather gloves and jackets will protect the elbows, chest, shoulders and back. In this way, you can count on a maximum level of safety that will minimize any impact or fall that may occur during your races.

GearX has specialized personnel to design each model, including designers, leather experts, quality inspectors and sales professionals; responsible for satisfying customer demands. It should be noted that in the market you can find a wide variety of protection products with designs, colors, textures and sizes, designed for both men and women.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

West Biking Bicicleta Mountainbike Impacto Chaleco Titan Sport

Es un modelo dual frontal con cremallera, para abrir o cerrar de manera sencilla. Está diseñado para un libre movimiento, ya que es ligero de llevar. Resulta apropiado para actividades extremas que deseen realizar entusiastas del deporte.

Si queremos saber cuál es la mejor armadura motocross, ésta podría llegar a convencernos. Está integrado con un cinturón en su parte posterior. Además, tiene un sistema de doble correa, lo que permite un ajuste más preciso ante los movimientos.

Sus protectores duros están en el pecho, brazos, codos y antebrazos. Para aminorar el impacto ante golpes, tiene un acolchado de espuma suave en cada sección. Cuenta con un tejido de malla para proporcionar comodidad y ventilación.

Está considerada por algunos usuarios como la mejor armadura motocross del momento, por esta razón, te invitamos a echar un vistazo a las ventajas y desventajas que tiene, así determinarás si se adapta a tus necesidades.


Cremallera: Tendrás la posibilidad de ponértela y quitártela con facilidad debido que ha sido diseñada con una cremallera frontal que facilita este proceso.

Diseño: Según el fabricante se trata de un modelo ligero y de bajo perfil, el cual contribuye a que tengas un mayor nivel de libertad de movimiento al utilizarla.

Utilidad: Es apropiada para motociclistas entusiastas y viajeros, asimismo, también será de utilidad a quienes practican Cross-Country.

Ajuste: Cuenta con un cinturón que incorpora un doble sistema de correas, el cual proporciona un ajuste adecuado.


Clima: Debido a la variedad de elementos de protección que tiene, es probable que durante el verano sientas calor al utilizarla, pero los brazos son extraíbles y podrás retirarlos para estar más cómodo.

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