The 5 Best Motorcycle Glasses of 2022

Motorcycle glasses – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When you go out on your motorcycle both to work and for a walk, you may be missing some glasses that help you withstand the impurities of the road and the wind that reaches your eyes. Among the large number of models on the market, there are two that stand out for their quality and efficiency. One of them is the Bertoni F333A, of which we can highlight its high manufacturing quality, as well as its efficient protection against UV rays, which will help you ride comfortably on your motorcycle and see everything clearly while riding safely. Another outstanding model is the IHRKleid Fox Bat sunglasses, with which you have a wide angle of vision when shooting, as well as all the necessary protection both against the sun and against the elements.

The 5 Best Motorcycle Glasses – Opinions 2022

Choosing the right glasses is essential for any motorcyclist as they help protect the eyes from wind and particles, insects, dust and of course the sun. There are so many options on the market, that’s why we summarize the five best in this list of recommendations based on the evaluation and opinion of our clients so that you can make an intelligent investment of your money.

1. Bertoni F333A Transparent Photochromic Motorcycle Goggles

Main advantage:

These motorcycle goggles stand out mainly for their functional design, which allows maximum eye protection in any eventuality, and their photochromic lenses are capable of dealing with UV rays.

Main disadvantage:

Although it is a photochromic product, some buyers miss a point more darkness when they are facing the sun.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a product of great resistance, lightness, durability and with a modern and functional design. Users highly recommend it in their comments and vouch for its high quality.

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As bikers we are exposed to a number of dangers when we go on the road. That is why within the essential equipment, in addition to the helmet, vest and gloves, we must have good glasses that provide protection to our eyes at all times.

The use of glasses is essential if we want to avoid the inconvenience of traveling practically with our eyes half-closed due to the wind and the sun, not to mention the risk that some particle or mosquito could cause us an eye injury.

The model F333A from the Italian manufacturer Bertoni, are photochromic and highly resistant glasses, which provide total protection to our eyes when we move at high speeds. They protect us from the sun and the wind, from particles, and from some stone that can impact us; they also provide us with a protective shield for our eyes in the event of an accidental fall or blow to the head.

Photochromic and resistant

These glasses are designed not only to provide safety to our eyes against any accident or injury; but they are also capable of offering extra protection from the sun. For this they have two photochromic lenses specially manufactured with anti-smoke treatment and with the quality of darkening or lightening automatically and quickly; achieving maximum protection against ultraviolet rays.

The lenses have the ability to go from light to dark in just 8 seconds and to reverse the process, they only need 35 seconds, depending on the level of sun exposure. They also have a special anti-fog resin treatment, which prevents condensation from remaining on the surface of the lens.

On the other hand, this model is equipped with a frame designed in polycarbonate resistant to shocks, impacts or falls, which allows your eyes to always be kept safe in the face of any mishap.

Design and versatility

For a motorcyclist, sight is the most valuable sense, since through our eyes we can perceive the greatest amount of information while driving. Hence the importance of wearing the right glasses, like this Bertoni model, capable of taking care of our most precious sense, in any risk situation.

This model of glasses has a modern, ergonomic and functional design, easily adaptable to any face. You can use it in a conventional way and if you want more support, it has a removal mechanism that allows you to remove the rods, so you can use it comfortably as a mask, using a resistant elastic (included) and with the brand’s logo.

Likewise, these windproof goggles have removable and interchangeable foam, which increases comfort and prevents air and sweat from leaking. They are recommended for speed sports such as skydiving, skiing and motorcycling. In addition, its weight is only 300 g, which favors continuous use.

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2. IhrKleid Motorcycle glasses, protection against wind and dust

Riding a motorcycle requires numerous protections. But when it comes to a dirt bike, it is even more necessary to protect your eyes. To do this, you can resort to options such as the IHRKleid Bat Fox glasses. 

This model has a wide protection area with an arch design, which generates an adequate visualization of the area through which you move. Something that also helps the UV400 protection of this lens, which eliminates problems with the sun and reflections. 

Regarding comfort, the glasses incorporate a rubber band on the frame, which fits comfortably on the face and does not generate friction or discomfort. The same happens with the fastening tape, which maintains tension once the piece has been properly placed on the face. 

A model designed for motorcycles, but that you can also use in your winter sports and almost on any occasion.

Gain safety and comfort thanks to the elegant vision offered by these motorcycle glasses.


Light: The product has a light weight and is not annoying when rolling.

UV protection: The lens has physical protection, as well as a UV400 filter, so that the sun is not a problem.

Sponge: The sponge area of ​​the frame conforms to the face and prevents chafing and discomfort while wearing it.

Versatile: In addition to their use as motorcycle glasses, you can use them for all kinds of winter sports.


Adjustment: The adjustment process is somewhat complicated, so you will need patience to get them well placed.

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3. Qubeat Motorcycle Glasses Chrome Mirror Lens Eyeglasses Frames

If you are looking for the best motorcycle glasses with a very classic design, our customers recommend the Qubeat 2225 model. The design of these retro motorcycle glasses is subordinated by the brown color of the frame and the natural leather padding that make it look like glasses of the first motorcyclists in history.

Among the properties that make the Qubeat one of our customers’ favorite glasses, we can mention the anti-fog coating that prevents the lenses from fogging up as well as the high resistance to scratches and for greater comfort the mask part has a comfortable padding so that you feel good even after wearing them for long hours.

The clear vision provided by these glasses is due to distortion-free, off-center glasses as well as maximum UV protection that will keep you protected during the day. The combination of the mirror lenses and the chrome frame will make you look stylish.

The Qubeat 2225 are rated by many online users as the best motorcycle glasses of the moment due to their attractive and unique design.


Design: The model has 100% genuine brown leather finishes, these finishes leave us with a quite original, striking and very comfortable design.

Lenses: The lenses have an anti-fog coating that serves to prevent the glasses from fogging up with changes in the weather, it also has 400 protection against UV rays.

Comfortable: You will have no problem trying to wear these glasses with a helmet on, plus you can easily adjust them to your head size using the built-in adjustment band.

Ventilation: Among the most interesting aspects are the side air outlets included in the product, through which proper ventilation is provided.


Price: It is important to mention that these glasses do not correspond to the cheapest for this category of products.

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4. League&CO Retro Vintage Motorcycle Goggles Yellow Lens

Vintage is in fashion. Also as far as motorcycle glasses are concerned. And the proof can be found in models such as the LEAGUE&CO 12206 glasses. A product with a conventional design reminiscent of that of the bikers of the 1960s, although duly updated with today’s materials, to give you greater safety during use. 

Something that is reflected in its crystals, which have UVA and UVB protection, as well as a resistant construction, which is not affected by any external threat. As if that were not enough, these glasses can be used on classic helmets, but also with modern full-face helmets, in order to give you more versatility when it comes to enjoying intensive protection of your sight. 

And for you to look stylish, you have up to 8 different color combinations, so you can choose the one you like best.

Protecting your eyes with a very elegant retro image is easy, thanks to these beautiful motorcycle glasses with a classic style and high manufacturing quality.


Materials: The materials of these glasses adequately protect your eyes, thanks to their resistance. 

Sunscreen: Sunscreen removes UVA and UVB rays, so your eyes don’t suffer from this threat either.

Fit : Thanks to the quality of their strap, the glasses offer a comfortable fit on the head and the bridge of the nose.


Ventilation: The interior ventilation may be somewhat more intense than usual, according to certain comments.

Adaptation : You may have to adapt to seeing with this format, if you have not used this type of glasses before.

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5. League&CO Wind Retro Vintage Transparent Motorcycle Goggles

If we take a look at the cheap options offered by the market, we find the LEAGUE&CO 12205 glasses. This model offers you a traditional aviator design, with transparent lenses and a nice finish in brown and copper tones. 

However, this does not affect its protection capacity, since the crystals have a high resistance as well as a UVA and UVB filter, which is essential nowadays. 

Glasses that also offer adequate ventilation, through a sponge system that regulates temperature and prevents sweat from accumulating in the interior of the glasses. Something that helps the manufacture of cotton in this area. 

As for its strap, it can be adjusted as it suits you best, so that the glasses always stay in place.

Look stylish and ride easy with these cute classic glasses, which we take a closer look at below.


Inner foam: The inner foam, with cotton reinforcement, gives the product better ventilation and comfort.

Materials : These glasses have quality materials such as ABS plastic, PU leather or cotton, among others.

Appearance : If you like the usual image, this model reproduces it with high fidelity.


Visible space: The visible space is somewhat smaller than that of other models that we have analyzed.

Use with glasses: This model does not allow the use of conventional eyeglasses while wearing the glasses.

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Bertoni F333A Transparent Photochromic Motorcycle Goggles

Resistance should be key when purchasing this product, and the Bertoni F333A is considered the best motorcycle goggle due to its polycarbonate frame resistant to impacts and falls, covered in soft-touch rubber.

It has 100% UV protection so it is also used by professional and amateur skydivers. These glasses have photochromic lenses with anti-smoke treatment that go from light to dark in just 8 seconds.

The Bertoni have the particularity of being easily converted into a goggle thanks to the removable anti-wind and anti-sweat insert, which by replacing the temples and attaching the adjustable strap quickly becomes a ski goggle, for example. This product is unisex due to its balanced and sporty design.

Its efficiency is guaranteed thanks to the resin treatment it possesses, which reduces the condensation that forms on the surface of the lenses when it goes abruptly from cold to hot.

All those who are looking for a quality product and do not know which motorcycle glasses to buy, we recommend looking at the qualities of the Bertoni F333A glasses as one of the most interesting purchase options.


Frame: This item has a frame made of polycarbonate, a shock-resistant material that is quite soft to the touch.

Lenses: For their part, the lenses have a series of positive qualities such as an anti-smoke treatment and protection against UV rays; They are perfect for use in activities such as motorcycling and skydiving.

Convertible: This is a convertible motorcycle goggle system that can be quickly transformed into a perfectly fitting motorcycle goggle.

Comfortable: With a light weight of only 299 grams, they are ultra comfortable glasses that fit very well with a protective helmet.


Photo-chromic: It has a system that allows the color of the crystals to be adapted from light to dark in just 8 seconds, however some users consider that it does not darken enough.

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Buying guide – What are the best motorcycle glasses on the market?

Riding a motorcycle takes more than a helmet and a leather jacket if you want to ride your bike in style. One of the most important elements and that sometimes goes unnoticed is precisely motorcycle glasses. This functional accessory has become popular in recent years when motorcycle manufacturers have opted to present their own line of glasses.

As we know that you want to make a good and cheap purchase, but you don’t know where to start, we recommend you read this guide to buy the best motorcycle glasses in which we explain those details that you should look for to invest your money intelligently in good ones. goggles to drive your motorcycle like a rock star.

UV protection and frame

Although sunglasses are a very aesthetic accessory for summer, the truth is that to ride a motorcycle you need to have efficient glasses that include a high level of UV protection that takes care of our eyes by adequately filtering direct sunlight rays.. In addition to protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, it also shields your eyes from dust, wind blowing to your eyes, and pesky bugs that can ruin your path by forcing you to stop to rub your eyes.

As far as the frame is concerned, it must be practical for the user, easy to put on and take off over the helmet, without compromising its durability. For this reason, it is recommended to choose a resistant material with a good level of flexibility and a high level of resistance to knocks, impacts and scratches.


If you are one of those who enjoy taking rides on their motorcycles during spring or embarking on an aimless trip in order to take advantage of the landscape and aromas of this season, you spend many hours driving, but if you do not have the right glasses, the pleasure will last. little when you start to feel discomfort in the area of ​​​​the nose or ears. When making a comparison of motorcycle goggles, it is recommended that the chosen goggles have padding or nose pads to prevent the helmet from exerting pressure on this area when wearing it over the goggles to the point of hurting and discomforting you..

The material of your glasses should be soft and fit easily to your facial features to offer maximum comfort during your motorcycle rides.


It is important that, for safety reasons, you avoid metallic elements in your glasses or frames, even if they are easier to put on, since they represent a risk in case of accidents because a pin can break and embed itself in the face or head. Likewise, the lenses or crystals must be shatterproof, which is why it is recommended to choose polycarbonate, a plastic with high levels of resistance with which there will be no risk of any particle or fragment breaking the lens and damaging your eyes.

On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid colored glasses such as pink or blue that can alter your perception of things and be very dangerous when avoiding obstacles on the road.

Polarized or photochromic lenses

No matter how much it costs, your glasses should have anti-glare properties, as they provide extra protection against blinding glare and glare. Many times the glare of other vehicles or the powerful rays of the sun can blind a driver for seconds, being a crucial moment that is generally the cause of many road accidents. In recent years, polarized lenses have become the norm for blocking the sun’s rays, but they also increase sharpness and contrast while reducing glare and eye strain to dramatically improve visibility.

On the other hand, there are photochromic crystals, which darken or lighten according to magnetic radiation, adapting to the user’s visibility needs, even remaining totally transparent at night or in places without lighting.

brand and style

Without a doubt, using branded motorcycle glasses is a wise decision for which you must have a comfortable budget. There are motorcycle manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson that have launched their own line of glasses in duo with their motorcycle models. The reputation of the brands influences the final cost of the product and most of the time it is synonymous with quality. However, many generic brands can be a good buy without spending a large sum of money.

Style is also a decisive aspect when choosing, as there is a varied range for all tastes, from classic and vintage glasses to the most modern and sporty ones. You must choose the one that best suits you to complement your outfit and determine which are the best motorcycle glasses on the market.

How to use motorcycle glasses

Every time you need to go out, whether for a ride or to work on your motorcycle, it will always be necessary for you to take into account the necessary safety measures to stay out of danger in the event of a road accident. In this case, having motorcycle goggles would be ideal, as they will keep you protected from strong winds as you move, as well as from insects, branches, or even dust.

In addition, depending on the type of glasses you have, they will help you stop sweat, as well as the effects of the weather such as rain, wind, cold and even excess light.

Check that everything is in order

It will always be of utmost importance that you manage to verify every detail present in the design of the motorcycle goggles, such as the ventilation system that they have incorporated, as well as the anti-smoke treatment, the protection against UV rays, the fastening tape, taking into account Note that this must be very resistant.

Make sure you have good ventilation

If your purpose is to practice motocross and use your motorcycle goggles, you must take into account that the ventilation is appropriate, since this sport is practiced at a very high racing speed and the danger of fogging of your goggles could be greater in If the necessary ventilation is not available. In addition, you would be endangering not only the race, but your safety as such.

Take care of your skin

When using your motorcycle glasses, both sweat and dirt, water or even the material with which it is made will play a fundamental role in caring for your skin. That is why we recommend using anti-allergic foam goggles that, in addition to avoiding problems on your face, would work as an insulator against sweat, thus providing you with exceptional comfort.

Check the strap

When holding your glasses comfortably and properly, you must take into account that the fastening tape is non-slip and, therefore, fits very well around the shell of the helmet, thus preventing it from slipping just when you are running.. That is why some experts recommend that the fastening tape include highly durable silicone.

The glasses must fit the physiognomy of your face

A very important detail that should not go unnoticed would be the correct adjustment of your glasses to the physiognomy of your face. It should be noted that they must be perfectly attached to your face, so that they do not allow the entry of air, dust or any agent present on the outside; in this way the level of protection would be indicated .

Do regular maintenance

Just as you will get the most out of your motorcycle goggles, it would also be appropriate for you to do a little cleaning periodically, so that you can extend their useful life.

So it would not hurt that you manage to clean the lens properly as well as the surface to remove as much dust as possible, as for the fastening tape it would be ideal that you check it to confirm that it is in good condition.

The most popular brands

The safety of the athletes during the practice of the disciplines is important to maintain the integrity of the person. Motorcycle glasses are essential while driving this vehicle, as they will provide protection to your eyes. The most popular brands according to users are: Bertoni, Fodsport and EnzoDate.

Bertoni is an Italian brand specialized in the design and manufacture of protective glasses for all types of disciplines that require them. With more than two decades of experience, Bertoni is characterized by the high technology used in the creation of their glasses, with the best quality materials that provide greater visibility to the user, while protecting them from any accident.

Each of the glasses was designed with the greatest care and detail for the best adaptation of the user to the sport that he practices, such as: cycling, free flight, fishing, skiing, golf, water sports, tennis, beach volleyball and motorcycling.

The brand stands out for the production of glasses for motorcycling, since they are essential protection tools for the user during the execution of this activity. They are created with durable and resistant materials with anti-wind mounts that prevent them from loosening during the journey.

In addition, they have anti-reflective and polarized lenses that control the passage of sunlight and provide greater visibility on the route. They are special to use under the safety helmet. Each Bertoni product meets the most demanding standards in Europe.

It is a leading brand in the digital market, achieving thousands of sales on web pages around the world. Its main distribution platform is online sales, which allows it to offer its products in all countries, being an internationally renowned brand. It has a special catalog of articles for the protection of motorcyclists in which you will find armor, knee pads, helmets and glasses.

Their motorcycle glasses are made with highly durable materials and resistance to sudden and strong movements during the race. They have custom lenses that adapt to the user’s vision, giving a greater angle of vision on the road. They can also be used inside or outside the helmet, without fear of moving out of place.

Motorcycling experts highly recommend the brand, as its products are affordable for the quality they offer. For beginners looking for good protective equipment to use during the development of the discipline, Fodsport is a great option to buy safely.

It refers to one of the leading brands in the creation of optical frames and lenses for daily use for children between 0 and 16 years of age. Despite being a brand recognized for its children’s glasses, it also has an exclusive line of protective glasses for some disciplines such as motorcycling.

Its line includes all kinds of facial protection for motorcyclists during competition. EnzoDate works under the command of Enzo International, authorizing the brand to distribute its products in different parts of the world such as Brazil, Russia, Asia and North America.

Their motorcycle face protection kits are highly sought after among motorcycle lovers, as they offer complete safety equipment. His glasses have a system of cushions that fit around the eyes and that prevent irritation of the face with the frame of the glasses.

Its lenses are created with polarized technology that reduces the intensity of sunlight with photochromic finishes that give the wearer an elegant look. Due to its great reputation, it enjoys good reviews that encourage first-time buyers to choose its products from hundreds of brands on the market today.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Fodsport HMJ-FR Gafas de moto Ajustable

Las gafas Fodsport HMJ-FR son todo lo que necesitas cuando de rodar en terrenos de campo se refiere. Estas gafas de enduro cuentan con un diseño que aísla literalmente tus ojos del exterior, impidiendo que el polvo pueda penetrar en el interior de las mismas. 

Una función en la que también colabora el cristal de alta resistencia incluido, que no se rompe, no se araña ni se astilla con el uso. Ideal, por tanto, para repeler las piedras y otros pequeños fragmentos que puedan proyectarse a tu rostro durante el rodaje. 

Por si fuera poco, las gafas tienen las medidas precisas para encajar en cualquier casco de enduro, así que la comodidad y la seguridad de ese ajuste están garantizadas, aunque siempre manteniendo la necesaria flexibilidad del producto. Y para que las adaptes a tu estilo, dispones de cinco acabados diferentes, muy coloridos e interesantes.

Mantén tus ojos protegidos durante tus rutas más complejas gracias a lo que estás completas gafas de enduro te ofrecen.


Cristales: Los cristales cuentan con protección UV, protección antiempañamiento y una alta resistencia.

Flexibilidad: Las gafas y la cinta tienen una adecuada flexibilidad, a fin de darte mayor comodidad durante su uso.

Ligeras: El producto tiene un peso muy ligero, para que no tengas que preocuparte por llevar más carga de la necesaria en la cabeza al rodar.


Oscurecimiento: Los modelos de cristal oscuro pueden dificultar la visión en entornos poco luminosos.

Empañamiento: Algunos comentarios indican que las gafas tienden a empañarse algo más de lo esperable.

Facilla VH50

Entre las mejores gafas para moto del 2022, destaca el modelo VH50 de Facilla, un producto diseñado especialmente como gafas para moto de cross. Están elaborados en un excelente material plástico con altos niveles de resistencia y las lentes dan buena visibilidad.

Son gafas de gama media a un excelente precio y tiene un alto nivel de protección contra polvo, tierra, piedras y las salpicaduras comunes en las accidentadas pistas de motocross.


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