The 5 Best Motorcycle Stands of 2022

Motorcycle Stand – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you like to go for a ride on your motorcycle, enjoy beautiful landscapes, take tours to different places or participate in race circuits, you will know that one of the pieces you need is a stand that allows you to support your motorcycle and give it stability so that you can carry out all the maintenance or repair work you want, with the certainty that it will not move while you do each of your tasks. There are several types of stands, some of them are suitable for putting on the front wheel, others are for the rear tire. The type of model that you are going to acquire depends on the kind of motorcycle that you usually use and the jobs that you have the need to do. An option that you can consider if you need to buy a stand is the ConStands BMW G 450 X, a suitable model for hobbyists and workshops, because it can be raised to a maximum height of 77 cm to carry out all the work that you have pending, in addition, it is possible to move it easily because it has four wheels. Another of the most recommended products is the ConStands Mini-Lift L, which supports a weight of 680 Kg, rises to 37.5 cm, has rollers and a guide bar that allows it to be moved more comfortably.

The 5 Best Motorcycle Stands – Opinions 2022

If you have a motorcycle, you will know how important it is to keep it in good condition at all times and make sure that it is working properly and that whenever you want, you can drive to any destination, in complete safety.

If you want to do repairs and maintenance work on these vehicles, it is important that you have support equipment at hand that also serves to raise it a few centimeters from the ground while keeping it steady. But, to know which is the best motorcycle stand and in order to help you make a good decision, here is a list where the characteristics of the most recommended and qualified models are disclosed as the best motorcycle stands of 2022.

1. Moto Cross MVR Stand for BMW G 450 X

Main advantage:

It has the ability to lift a motorcycle or other objects to a maximum height of 85 cm, which will allow you to inspect its lower part, repair faults or properly assemble parts.

Main disadvantage:

Some pieces of the easel come disassembled and in order to use it you must install it; When doing this process you will have to make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions step by step.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Due to its design and functionality, this model is suitable for use in different environments, whether workshops or race tracks.

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This model has the ability to lift heavy objects due to the operation of its hydraulic system. The minimum height to which you can lift your motorcycle is 39 cm.

In addition, it also allows you to regulate how many centimeters it goes up, so that you will be able to adapt it depending on the type of repair or inspection work you plan to carry out.

It has a pedal incorporated into its design, which is arranged on one of the sides of the easel, just by pressing it with your foot you will have the possibility of raising or lowering the objects that you place on its base.

According to the manufacturer, this feature allows users to adjust their height easily and quickly, which will help speed up your work in the workshop or anywhere else where you have this ConStands easel installed.


It has been designed to withstand a maximum load of up to 135 kilograms. It has a wide support, which has dimensions of 36 x 41 cm; Due to its size, on this stand you will have the possibility of placing a considerable variety of motorcycles, especially those that are off-road, supermotos and also those that are used in motocross practices.

The support is square, on one of its sides it has a small metal hook and in the middle it has a rectangular hole. This design allows you to have a good level of access to the bike’s drain plug, which will help you drain the oil with ease.

Likewise, it is important to mention that the surface of the support has a special cover, due to this, the motorcycle will not be in direct contact with the metal, which will help avoid possible scratches or displacements.


Another of the main qualities of this ConStands model is its design. It is a scissor-type elevator, made in red and has a robust structure, according to the brand, this guarantees more safety when working.

Likewise, you should also consider that the manufacturer ensures that its products are made of high-quality materials, a factor that contributes to its resistance and durability, in addition, they also comply with safety standards.

On the other hand, at the base it has four wheels that will allow you to move it more easily from one place to another in the workshop, which will prevent you from exerting too much effort every time you need to change its position.

Two of the wheels of this motorcycle stand have brakes, which you can activate to prevent them from moving while you are working, so you will have a better level of stability.

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2. ConStands Motorcycle lift ConStands Mini-Lift L

If you have a large motorcycle, this model may be one of the most appropriate for you, since this hydraulic motorcycle stand has the capacity to support high weight loads.

In total, the level of maximum load capacity that this model has is 680 kilograms. This will allow you to work on the repair of motorcycles of different sizes, without any inconvenience and with a good level of security.

In addition, it is a lifting stand that can raise the motorcycle to a height that varies between 11.5 cm and 37.5 centimeters, so that you can adjust the level at which you lift it and adapt it to the type of work you plan to do.

Another feature that makes it a worthy candidate for the title of the best easel of the moment is that it has double rollers and also a guide bar that will help you make easy maneuvers.

This model has been designed keeping your motorcycle in good condition in mind. It is for this reason that it has rubber coatings that protect against scratches. It is also possible for amateurs and professionals to use it.

If you want to find the best brand of motorcycle stands, you should start by knowing the characteristics that different products offer you, such as the ConStands Mini-Lift L; Next, we present them to you.


Elevator: Allows you to lift the motorcycle a few centimeters, this process can be carried out easily due to its double rollers and guide bars that help to carry out the maneuvers.

Safety: It has a double cradle chassis and ATV/quads that will allow you to carry out the lifting process safely.

Coatings: It has been designed with rubber coatings that prevent possible scratches and similar damage to the surface of the motorcycle.

Stability: It has a wide base of support on which you can keep the bike firm in one position.


Finishes: One of the users pointed out that it is necessary to improve the finishes, since there are some pieces that come off with some ease, but the buyers maintain that the product fulfills its function.

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3. Sifam LEV110 front/rear universal motorcycle stand

Motorcycle stands are useful when it comes to keeping motorcycles stable in one place, since they have the ability to support them, in order to prevent them from falling, either because you have it parked or you want to check it and carry out some repair.

One of the models that will allow you to keep your motorcycle firm in the place you decide is the LEV110 manufactured by the SIFAM company, a front or rear motorcycle stand, which will serve to support this type of vehicle by the front rubber and also by the tire rear.

According to the manufacturers’ specifications, it is a universal model. For that reason, you can probably use it with ease, regardless of the type of bike you ride or are working with.

Its design has some adapters that serve to raise the bike a few centimeters from the ground, so that you can work in the appropriate way when you need to do some maintenance work.

If you have a workshop in your home or work in a garage, you are probably wondering which motorcycle stand to buy. To help you answer this question, we present the following characteristics.


Universal: Due to its design it is compatible with all types of motorcycles, so you can use it without any inconvenience.

Wheels: In the front part it has wheels that favor its mobility and will help you to transport it more easily to any place without making much effort.

Lifting: You can lift the bike from the rear or the front, so you can carry out repairs any way you like.

Materials: It is made of steel, for this reason, it manages to support the weight adequately and you will be able to use it for a considerable period of time.


Plastic: One of the clients expressed that anti-scratch plastics are not very resistant, so if you are not careful they could deteriorate.

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4. Bihr Rear Motorcycle Stand for V Parts Diabolos

Another of the models that may be of interest to you is this product that is designed and marketed by the VPARTS brand. It is an easel that has a simple design that you can probably use without too many complications.

This stand is suitable to be used on the rear rubber of the motorcycle and is supported by diabolos that guarantee its proper fixation.

Thanks to the way it supports motorcycles, users of this product believe that it is a utility model, with which they can safely carry out different jobs on their motorcycles, because they remain stable.

It is one of the cheapest models and, due to its design and characteristics, those who have used it assure that it has an adequate value for money.

This model is among the cheapest on the list, knowing its characteristics and disadvantages will help you decide if it is the right equipment for you.


Paint: It is covered with a special powder paint that is responsible for protecting its structure from lubricants and gasoline, so these products will not cause damage to its surface.

Mobility: The wheels that it has arranged in the front part will help you to carry out any movement without complications, so that you will not have to make much effort when moving it.

Resistance: Although it is simple, several users assure that it has a high level of resistance and can support a lot of weight, being suitable for motorcycles that weigh more than 200 kilos.


Compatibility: Due to its design it can only be used with motorcycles that have diabolos.

Rubber: A customer indicated that in the area where the pellets go there is no protective rubber to prevent scratches on the motorcycle.

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5. Kyoto Lève Moto ‘Eko’ Cross H.pos base 29cm

This KYOTO model may not be at the top of the list, however, it is an appropriate product when you need to keep your bike fixed in place.

With this enduro motorcycle stand you will have the possibility of keeping the motorcycles that are used in motocross and minicross stable.

Some of the displacements with which this model is compatible are those motorcycles that are between 65 and 80 cc, those of 85, 125-250, 300, 350, 450 and 500 cc.

On the other hand, it is a model with not very large dimensions and a compact size, which will allow you to move it from one place to another easily and without having to make much effort. The dimensions of the platform are 29.5 x 20.5 cm.

It has a series of characteristics that allow it to be considered by many as the best motorcycle stand for 40 euros, for this reason, we recommend you take a look at its specifications.


Weight: It can support a maximum load of 160 kg, so you can use it without problems with large motorcycles.

Compatibility: It is designed to be used with minicross, trial, dirtbike, enduro, motocross motorcycles and those with the following displacements: 500, 450, 350, 300, 250, 125, 85, 80 and 65.

Base: Its base measures 29.5 cm x 20.5 cm and has a rubber coating, so it offers optimal stability, preventing damage to the motorcycle.


Wheels: Unlike other products, this model does not have wheels that help you move it easily, however, this provides you with more stability when working.

Size: A client expressed that due to its size it is not highly recommended to use it with low bikes.

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Moto Cross MVR Stand for BMW G 450 X

This model is rated as the best value for money motorcycle stand at the moment and this is probably due to the fact that it is a versatile product, which can be used both in professional workshops and on hobby work sites..

With this motorcycle lift stand you will have the possibility of lifting motorcycles weighing up to 135 kilograms, to a maximum height level of 77 cm. For that reason, you will be able to check it in a more comfortable way and easily make all the repairs you want.

You will have the possibility of using it when you need to repair small or medium-sized motorcycles thanks to the level of support it has.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, this model, in its original packaging, has a weight of 29.5 kilograms. But, to move it from one place to another without problems, it has 4 wheels that facilitate its mobility, two of them have brakes.

According to some users, this model is the best motorcycle stand of the moment, for this reason, we invite you to know the following characteristics.


Mobility: It has 4 integrated wheels that will help you move it easily from one place to another, thanks to this you will not have to make too much effort to transport it.

Brakes: Two of its wheels have brakes, which will allow you to leave it firmly in one position and you will be able to do your work more safely.

Versatility: Due to its design, it is suitable for use in workshops and garages, and it also offers a good level of maneuverability, so you can carry out repairs without problems.

Height: It is possible to adjust its height between 31 and 77 centimeters, for this reason, you will be able to adjust it according to the type of revision or repair that you are going to carry out.


Screw: This model does not have a screw that serves to adjust the reservoir of the hydraulic seal.

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Buying guide – What is the best motorcycle stand on the market?

All motor vehicles need repairs and maintenance work to ensure proper operation. In order to carry them out, it is necessary that you have the appropriate equipment at the time of carrying out these tasks.

One of those pieces of equipment that cannot be missing from your tools is a motorcycle stand, which has the ability to support them and even raise them to a certain height, to carry out all the work you want, without any inconvenience.

But what is the best motorcycle stand on the market? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to know more information about these tools, the way they work and the characteristics that the different models that are offered today usually have.

What should I know before buying a motorcycle stand?

It can be a bit complicated to select, among the different models, the best motorcycle stand for you.

In order to help you choose a model and so that you can clear up all the doubts you have about this device, we offer you some tips that you can consider before purchasing a product and we present you with a guide to buying the best motorcycle stand.

Remember, before making your purchase, consider factors such as the weight and model of your motorcycle, because the type of stand you need to buy will depend on it.

For very heavy motorcycles you will need stands that have a high level of support and that also have the ability to keep the equipment stable while you are working on them, so you can carry out your work in complete safety.

Another factor to consider is the budget you have available to make your purchase. It is necessary that you evaluate the prices and see among the models if there are some that are good and cheap.

Knowing how much an easel costs will allow you to determine if its value is adequate for its characteristics and you will be able to choose a model that is good and economical and that offers you an adequate value for money.


The stands have a mechanism that allows them to support the motorcycles in a safe and stable way, so that you can carry out each of the repair jobs that these vehicles require with complete confidence.

Each motorcycle model is different and meets certain characteristics that you must take into consideration when choosing a stand. One of the most important is the weight, since it depends on whether the device you are going to use will be able to hold it or not. Some models have the capacity to support a weight of more than 100 kilograms, these are appropriate for loading those types of motorcycle that are not too large.

Other trestles are hydraulic. These models, thanks to their operating system, are capable of supporting really high loads that even exceed 600 kilograms. Thanks to them, they can be used when it is necessary to support and lift large motorcycles.

It is important that, before making your purchase, you make sure you purchase a stand that can support the weight of your motorcycle, since, otherwise, you run the risk of not being able to use it correctly or that it will be damaged by causing it to overload.

easel type

There are different types of motorcycle stands on the market. To choose a particular model, you need to take into account the motorcycle model you have and the jobs you have to do most frequently.

There are some stands that have a front support, which is responsible for supporting the tire. These are usually useful for those users who need to store motorcycles and keep them vertical.

There are cross stands with or without shock absorbers. These have the ability to support the bike and even raise it a few inches off the ground so you can check them, without too much hassle.

Another common model is the rear stands for diabolos. These provide more stability to the motorcycle to keep the motorcycle upright, with the full security that it will not move. To use them it is necessary that these vehicles have diabolos installed.

Hydraulic stands are models that you can use when you need to support motorcycles that are too heavy. Others have mechanisms that allow you to keep motorcycles elevated while you carry out any pending repairs.

Due to how complicated it can be to choose between one model and another, we present below a comparison of motorcycle stands, through which you will have the possibility of obtaining more information about the most recommended products of the moment.

How to use a motorcycle stand

It is essential that when making repairs to your motorcycle, it has a good support that also gives you the necessary space to review the vehicle. Stands are the most useful tools for these mechanical tasks, which provide an extra support system for the vehicle. Next, we show you simple steps that you must follow to use this product properly.

Assemble the easel

This support system has different parts that must be assembled before using the easel. The tool has three essential parts that must be united and stable. Join the metallic curve with the straight one screwing correctly; Then proceed to place the hook nuts that the stand will have to adjust to the forks of the motorcycle tire. Check that all joints are tight with no gaps between them.

Prepare your motorcycle

In order to make correct use of the stand, your motorcycle must be on completely flat ground. The bike must be off and positioned on its tires so that the kickstand will fit the rear wheel properly and hold it more securely.

Use the correct position

In general, motorcycle users express that using a kickstand is more difficult than using conventional locks. However, many of the complications they present are due to poor positioning when installing the easel. The most recommended thing is that you mount the motorcycle on the stand with your body on the vehicle as if you were driving it, since doing it from a lateral position makes it difficult to mount, as well as it can cause accidents.

Place the stand in front of the tire

It is important that the stand is properly positioned before assembly. The ends of it must be adjusted to the distance established between the forks and the tire, so that it has a secure fit on the wheel. In addition, it should touch the ground slightly, providing stability to the motorcycle.

Attach the easel to the forks

Once all the pieces are in position, move on to placing the ends of the sawhorse on the bobby pins. Each end of the tool has a system of screws that fit the rim of the wheel, specifically they engage with the forks, allowing the stand to provide stability to the motorcycle. Check that the joint is adequate, as it will hold the wheel suspended in the air.

drop the bike

As a final step, put all of your body weight on the bike so that the kickstand fits correctly, and then quickly pull the bike towards you. Thus, your motorcycle will be insured in the most appropriate way, providing good support while it is at rest for revision or repair. Stands are good tools that will help you keep your vehicle in better condition.

Keep it in the right place

At the end of the period of use, it is recommended that you store the easel in a cool, dry place. Avoid very humid places that can oxidize the bases of it. Also clean it when you finish to remove any remaining dirt that has adhered.

The most popular brands

Every motorcycle fan should have a stand, since these are tools that are widely used today because they are so comfortable and practical; and, thanks to the fact that it will give you a few centimeters of height, you will be able to change a tire, grease the chain or any other repair that you need to make to your motorcycle and you have to raise the rear wheel a little. In this small guide we will mention some of the brands that are leaders in the sale, manufacture and distribution of motorcycle stands.

It is a brand specialized in the manufacture and distribution of stands for motorcycles, and you can find among its products aluminum ramps, repair stands, lifts, swingarms for motorcycles, stopwatches, tire heaters, stands.

However, the ConStands brand offers you many varieties and models of stands for your motorcycle, adjusting to modern designs and with ease of use, and also presents products on the market at affordable prices.

With a good stand you can have the most practical solution at the time of a quick repair, revision or maintenance, in addition, its products are of different models and are adjusted towards users who have low, medium and high displacement motorcycles.

Cruizers is an Italian brand that is specialized in the manufacture, sale and distribution of exclusive items for motorcycles. In addition, it has more than 10 years in the two-wheeler market, so it has enough experience to meet the needs of each motorist and design each product for each type of occasion.

This brand offers a wide variety of products for you or your motorcycle, from clothing, helmets, gloves, bags, trunk, stands and stands. The materials with which some of these products are manufactured are of a high quality standard; Thus, the most used are leather in gloves, cotton in the variety of clothing, polyester and nylon in helmets to give it greater resistance and useful life.

Currently, Cruizer products have a great impact on the European market, and because their items are made with high-quality materials and ergonomic designs, they are preferred and recommended by the majority of users.

It is a motor vehicle tools company created in May 1994 and is made up of a holding company that directly manages three subsidiary companies, Sifam France, Sifam Italy and Motos Sifam Switzerland; coordinating with Sifam Spain to expand its services to other countries. In addition, it has a presence in more than 24 countries around the world and has currently remained one of the leaders in the European market and on other continents.

The products offered by the SIFAM brand range from stands for motorcycles, chains in various colors, helmets in different models and designs to guarantee protection on the road, glasses for the protection of ultraviolet rays, sensors, engines, accessories, lubricants and much more.

This brand is specialized in offering personalized products for motorcycles, so you can find the article you are looking for by using the filtering system of terms with the brand of your motorcycle, the model it presents, the cylinder capacity and the year it was manufactured..

In addition, among the variety of products offered by this brand are lubricants, engines, maintenance kits, brake systems, tires, types of transmission for your motorcycle and even clothing alternatives to protect you from inclement weather when you go out. go for a walk.

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