The 5 Best Padlocks with Alarm of 2022

Padlock with alarm – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Even if you have your things under lock and key, it can feel a bit scary to leave your belongings without a security alarm. Since it is always better to be safe than sorry, the most convenient thing is that you take all the security measures that you consider necessary to make sure that nobody takes the objects that belong to you. In these cases, a padlock with an alarm can be useful, since they, in addition to preventing something from being opened or moved, have the ability to emit a very loud sound that will alert you when an irregular event occurs. There are even models that, apart from making noise, send users a text message alerting them to what is happening. The URBAN Security UR6 modelIt is one of the most recommended models today because its 6-millimeter pin will prevent them from moving your motorcycle and it emits an alarm of 120dB of power. Another of the models that you can take into consideration is the AGPtek MLS2 padlock that sounds when an object is moving a lot and is resistant to shock and corrosion.

The 5 Best Padlocks with Alarm – Opinions 2022

Due to the high number of devices that are offered on the market, choosing the best lock with alarm can be a bit complicated. Therefore, in order to help you make a better decision, we present the most recommended products today.

Knowing how it works and the different advantages offered by each model will help you make a better decision and determine which is the best equipment for you and the one that best suits your needs.

1. Urban Security UR6 Disc Anti-theft Padlock with Alarm

Main advantage:

The padlock emits an audible alert that sounds at an intensity of 120 dB, for this reason, you will be able to hear it even if you are at a considerable distance from your motorcycle.

Main disadvantage:

Although its body is metallic and the cover that covers it has been made of ABS plastic, some buyers maintain that its structure could be more robust.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This model has a dual function, which will allow you to use it with or without an alarm depending on the level of protection you want to give your objects.

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This padlock is among the best models of the moment due to the variety of qualities it offers, one of which is its alarm function, as it has the ability to emit a double alert signal.

In accordance with its specifications, apart from transmitting an audible alarm when it detects any irregular movement, the padlock activates a light alert.

Once the system of this product perceives the movements, six beeps will begin to sound and at the same time the bright LED will begin to flash, thus giving you a first warning and indicating that something out of the ordinary is happening.

If you do not deactivate the alarm immediately or if the attack persists for more than 5 seconds, the sound and light alerts will sound in cycles of 10 seconds; after this they will continue to activate several times for 15 seconds.


This model has an additional anti-forgetting alert function, when activated it will also start to sound, but according to its indications it is possible to differentiate this alert from the anti-theft alarm.

On the other hand, to start using this device you will have to press the activation button within 15 seconds after the padlock lock is locked.

Subsequently, a beep will sound and the LED light will turn on, this is an indication that you are activating the alarm. After 10 seconds you will have to hear two beeps that confirm that the sensor is on alert.

It is necessary that from time to time you grease the padlock lock with lithium grease spray or synthetic lubricant plus Teflon. You should also know that when the alarm is activated you will have to open the lock on the padlock and it will stop sounding.


Due to the type of materials that have been used in its manufacture, this URBAN Security padlock is light. Likewise, its structure offers you another series of additional advantages, one of which is its resistance to water.

The degree of protection it has is IP54, that is, it can withstand being exposed to splashes and jets of liquid. Therefore, you will have less chance of it deteriorating in case it gets wet from rain or a drink.

The manufacturers have given the structure of the padlock an anti-corrosion treatment, which will help reduce deterioration. We also mention that it works with a CR2 lithium battery, it has a two-year guarantee and it has a SEK “click” lock, it has a locking pin made of hardened steel, in addition, the padlock’s bolt measures 6 mm.

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2. Agptek LK303 Padlock Lock with Anti-Theft Alarm

It has a high level of resistance that will allow you to continue using it for a long time. According to the specifications of the manufacturer brand, this model is anti destruction. This is because it has an invincible and solid design and if a thief tries to damage it, they will probably be dissuaded from doing so before they manage to damage it.

In addition to this, it can withstand changes in temperature and water well, because it is a waterproof device and has been manufactured to withstand bad weather. It’s also corrosion resistant and you’ll probably be able to use it for several months before it goes bad.

It has a vibration alarm and has a sound capacity of 105 to 110 dB of intensity. When it is about to be moved, it will activate and start beeping, scaring away thieves and letting you know that they have tried to rob you; so you can take the necessary security measures.

All these characteristics allow the AGPtek MLS2 to be considered as the best value for money padlock at the moment.

If you want to reinforce the level of security with which you protect certain objects, you will probably ask yourself which lock with alarm to buy; To help you make a decision, we present the following characteristics.


Steel: This product has been made of stainless steel, a highly resistant material that guarantees its adequate durability, in addition, it will not be affected by corrosion even if you expose it to certain conditions.

Alarm: When manipulated, the alarm will start to sound at an intensity that varies between 105 and 110 dB, in addition, it will also vibrate, in this way it will surprise the thief and notify you if something strange happens.

Design: Although it is small, it has a robust appearance and is also resistant to physical destruction, so you will have the possibility of using it for several years.


Activation: There are customers who claim that at times the alarm is easily activated, since it is very sensitive, however, some value this feature.

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3. Reapp Motorcycle Disc Lock with Alarm 110 DB 

It is a lock with alarm that is very useful to prevent theft of bicycles and motorcycles indoors and outdoors. In this sense, it incorporates a sensor that, when detecting vibrations, can emit an alarm of 110 dB, which is appropriate to disconcert possible intruders and stop them in the act.

For greater practicality, the padlock can be locked by simply pressing its structure down for 3 seconds. Then just use the key to exit the alarm mode.

As for its design, it is made up of an internal aluminum alloy cylinder, which is resistant to shock and pressure. Also, the included keys are made with copper, so they offer a smoother slide on the lock for easier unlocking.

Keeping your bicycle or motorcycle safe is possible if you have an efficient and easy-to-use alarm lock, like this model from the Reapp brand. Let’s thoroughly review its main features.


Lock: You can easily lock it just by pressing the lock for 3 seconds, which is conducive to practicality.

Autonomy: The battery can provide up to 6 months with constant use during the day, so it has great autonomy.

Resistance: Its structure is made of aluminum alloy, capable of withstanding collisions of different levels.


Rope: Criminals may be attracted to the bright orange color of the reminder rope, which could be a problem.

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4. Trixes Heavy Duty Short Shackle Padlock with Alarm

Due to the design of this shackle lock with alarm, you will have the possibility of using it to keep different types of objects locked, ranging from the lock of your bicycle, to larger things such as hangars, doors and garages.

The equipment has a built-in alarm that has an intensity of 110 dB and is activated automatically when it detects some type of unusual movement. You will be able to know if someone tries to violate the objects that you have secured with the padlock.

It will not be easy for thieves to destroy this lock, as it has been made of a type of steel that has a high level of resistance.

Nor should you worry about the possibility of it rusting due to exposure to the elements, as it has a waterproof outer casing that guarantees the protection of the padlock. Despite this, it is one of the cheapest models on this comparative list.

If you are looking for a versatile padlock with which you can protect different objects, an option that you can take into account is the TRIXES ZE26, as it could be the best padlock with an alarm for 10 euros.


Siren: When you try to open it, it emits a 110 dB alarm, which will scare away possible thieves and will allow you to find out in time when someone violates the objects you want to protect.

Versatility: Due to its shackle-type design, it is suitable for protecting different objects, including bicycles, doors, locks, hangars and others.

Resistance: Its outer shell is waterproof, which provides greater durability, as it supports exposure to water and is suitable for outdoor spaces.


Dimensions: Some users argue that compared to other models, this padlock is larger, for this reason, it can be a bit awkward to use with certain objects.

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5. Rolson 66857 Security Padlock with Key and Alarm

Although this model is not among the first places, it also deserves to be considered among the best, since, thanks to its design, you will have the possibility of using it to block various objects.

When a person tries to manipulate it incorrectly, the equipment’s sensors will be responsible for activating an audible alarm that will indicate that an irregularity has occurred, so that you can take the security measures required to prevent theft.

You will likely be able to hear this alert clearly when you are a safe distance from the object you want to protect, since the dual alarm sounds at a volume of 110 dB. In addition, it will sound for 10 seconds and will reactivate every 35 seconds.

It is offered with 6 batteries and includes three keys that you can give to people you trust or keep in safe places and have them in case one of them is lost.

This model is also among the cheapest products, for this reason, it is an interesting model to take into account, below we present its characteristics.


Alarm: It has a built-in 110 dB siren, which is activated immediately when the lock is being forced. It sounds for 10 seconds, pauses for 35 seconds, and then sounds the alert sounds again.

Accessories: This product is offered with a set of three keys and six batteries, so you will have all the instruments to use it without any problem.

Design: It has an elegant design and a dark color, which gives it a serious touch, so you can also put it on your motorcycle, the door of your store or other external places.


Structure: It could be more robust, however, for its price it is fine, since it fulfills its main function of notifying you with an alarm when a thief wants to open it.

Installation: One user commented that due to its design, inserting the batteries can be a bit tricky, which delays the activation process of the lock.

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Urban Security UR6 Disc Anti-theft Padlock with Alarm

If you want to know which is the best padlock with an alarm today, this product could give you the answer, as it has the ability to emit an audible alert at about 120 dB of intensity. For that reason, you will be able to hear it, even if you are at a certain distance from your motorcycle.

Users indicate that, due to the sensitivity of this motorcycle lock with alarm, it is activated immediately when it detects any type of movement, so you will be able to know if someone tries to take your motorcycle.

It has a 6 mm pin and a security lock that allow it to be placed on the motorcycle brake disc. Due to its design, once you have placed it you can feel safer regardless of where you leave the motorcycle, because it will prevent someone from moving it.

Another advantage offered by this model is that it is waterproof, for that reason you will have the possibility of using it outdoors and when it rains it will not deteriorate.

The URBAN Security UR6 padlock has a series of features that make it stand out among other products on the market, therefore, it could be the best padlock with alarm at the moment, for this reason, you need to know its qualities.


Siren: It transmits sounds at an intensity of 120 dB, for this reason, you will be able to clearly hear the alarm it emits if someone tries to open the lock.

Resistance: It is water resistant, thanks to this it will not deteriorate in case any liquid falls on it and you can use it outdoors.

Materials: Its body is made of metal and has a plastic lid, thanks to this it is durable and light.

Dual: You will have the possibility of using it with an alarm or only as a padlock, since it has a dual function.


Robustness: The padlock pin is 6 mm, but could be more robust to provide greater resistance.

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Buying guide – What is the best alarm padlock on the market?

If you are wondering which is the best padlock with alarm on the market, it is important that, before starting your search for the best models, you know a little more about the different characteristics that these products have and the qualities that differentiate them from one another..

One of the main advantages of these devices is that, in addition to preventing them from opening or moving your belongings without having a password or a key to unlock them, it is the sound alert they emit when they detect movement.

Thanks to this, they notify you when an unusual action occurs, so that you will be able to know if a person is trying to steal the objects that you have secured with these padlocks and you will be able to take the corresponding measures to avoid it.

To choose the right model, you also need to take into consideration the price of these products. By knowing how much it costs and its characteristics, it will be easier for you to choose one that is good and economical. A guide to buying the best padlock with alarm will help you.

What should I know before buying an alarm padlock?

If you want to ensure that your belongings are safe at all times, even when you are away from them, you need to have appropriate security mechanisms that tell you if someone is trying to steal them.

Before purchasing a padlock with an alarm, you need to consider the level of security that these products offer you. The more difficult it is for other people to open it without having the key or the key, the more protection you will have.

They also need to be very durable so they can’t be easily destroyed and you have the ability to use it for a considerable amount of time before needing to replace it.

In order to help you choose not only the cheapest padlock but also the best model to keep all your objects safe, we offer you more details about this type of device and the qualities you should consider before making your purchase.

After learning more about its qualities, you will be able to make your own comparison of padlocks with an alarm and determine which model is the best for you to acquire.


Thanks to the fact that these products have the ability to emit an alarm when they are handled incorrectly, you will have the possibility to find out what is happening and take action to avoid being stolen.

Different models are offered on the market, each of them has the ability to issue various types of alert that will allow you to be cautious in any type of circumstance.

Some emit an audible alarm at different audio levels. It is important that this is loud enough, so that you can hear it even if you are far from the object to which you have placed the lock.

To determine how high the sound capacity of the lock is, you should look at the number of decibels it has. If this is high, it will help you when you have to use it in open spaces or where there is a lot of noise, on the other hand, those that have less are suitable in closed areas.

There are also devices that are designed with the ability to send the user a message through which they are told when something out of the ordinary happens or if the lock has been violated.


These padlocks are usually designed with sensors that have the ability to detect movement and allow you to issue alerts at the precise moment they are tampered with, without having been unlocked.

It is necessary that the equipment you purchase has a good level of sensitivity, because in this way it will have the ability to immediately indicate when the object on which you have installed the padlock is manipulated without your consent.

But, if the device is too sensitive, then it is likely that you will have some problems, because its alarm may be activated by the slightest movement.

To prevent the alarm sound from lasting for a long time when activated accidentally, some manufacturers incorporate mechanisms that  allow the user to deactivate them easily, in order to avoid complications.


Other qualities that must be analyzed of these devices is the design they have. Depending on its size, shape and resistance, you will have the possibility of using it to secure different types of objects, which could well be a motorcycle or even a car.

Although some of them are similar to normal padlocks, there are other models that have a different design.

Those used to keep motorcycles safe have a mechanism that allows them to hold the brake disc, mainly to prevent the wheels from moving. In addition, its sensors that detect movement will alert you to any attempted theft.

This type of device must also have a high level of resistance. This way you will have the possibility of using it for a longer time, both indoors and outdoors. They will be able to withstand the different climatic variations, without deteriorating.

How to use an alarm padlock

Everything that we have managed to obtain in our life has a quota of sacrifice and hard work, that is why we must make sure that the things that we acquire during it cannot be stolen by people of evil living or by thieves.

One of the best ways to prevent our belongings from being stolen is by using locks with alarms. Apart from the fact that they cannot be opened, they can also emit sounds, managing to attract the attention of all those who are at a certain distance from the object, thus preventing the object from being stolen by friends of others.

They are resistant

The locks with alarm are designed to be placed under any weather condition, so don’t worry when you park your motorcycle in an open space, because when you set the alarm the lock will not suffer any type of deterioration due to any environmental condition such as rain..

They emit different levels of audio

Not all padlocks with an alarm emit the same sound, so it is recommended that you have a sufficiently powerful alarm, so that you can hear it in case you are far from where you left it or there is a lot of noise in the space where you are. find.

insure your motorcycle

If you own a motorcycle, it is advisable to use a lock with an alarm especially for it, which will provide you with adequate protection in case of attempted theft wherever you park it.

You just have to make sure that it is well adjusted in the brake disc of the wheel, preventing them from moving, in this way the sensors that detect any movement can be activated alerting you if someone tries to steal your motorcycle and thus you can take the corresponding measures in the case.

Carry out your daily activities with peace of mind

Every day we have a good amount of activities to do, therefore, it is not good to add one more concern to our agenda. By placing your padlock with alarm you will be able to carry out your daily activities with peace of mind, since you will not have to worry about the safety of your motorcycle. You will be able to dedicate yourself and concentrate on your work, shopping or solving those little problems that are never lacking, all with the peace of mind that you will find your motorcycle when you return.

Take advantage of your design

It is normal for everyone to want to show off their motorcycle to the fullest, but your safety is no less important; alarm locks come in very nice, compact and discreet designs, which will not affect your motorcycle at all; it will be well cared for and at the slightest attempt at theft your alarm will be activated.

Safety rules

Although alarm locks are quite safe, it is worth following certain safety rules that can help not only keep your motorcycle safe, but also take care of your physical integrity.

Try not to leave the motorcycle in lonely or remote places; it is better to leave it in busy places, near shops or institutions that maintain the flow of people; this makes it more difficult for a thief to dare break your padlock. Likewise, try not to leave it in dark or poorly visible places, so that you are not in danger when you remove your padlock with an alarm; you are the first responsible for your safety.

The most popular brands

Every day we have to think about the greater security that we can give to our belongings and how they should be kept safer in order to breathe a little peace of mind; For that there are some brands that have stood out over the years in the manufacture of articles to preserve security. In this small guide we are going to name some of the most popular brands in the sale of locks with an alarm so that you can keep your belongings safe.

It is a brand that is specialized in manufacturing anti-theft padlocks. The products they offer are of high quality due to the high-end materials they use for their manufacture. In addition, they are mostly made of steel and have anticorrosive protection to give them high resistance and a longer useful life.

Among the variety of padlocks with alarms that you can find on the market are approved and standard padlocks. It can be pointed out that these products have a variety of attractive designs and are adapted to personal needs because they are easy to use for any user.

The U-locks will serve to secure the motorcycle, placing it on the rim disk. Additionally, you can also find padlocks with alarm for discs; These are smaller and more compact in size, but they have the functionality of emitting an alarm when they try to break the security mechanism, to notify you and you can take the appropriate measures.

Rolson Tools LTD is a company that was founded on September 17, 1985 and, in addition to offering security products, it also markets a line of tools and items for DIY. It should be noted that the Rolson brand is currently positioned in the British and European markets for having products of a high quality standard.

The items sold by the Rolson brand are made of steel and some have the characteristic of being resistant to corrosion, thus offering 12 months in damages and labor in case your item came with a factory defect or irregularity.

Among its range of products you can find accessories for bicycles, axes, hammers, bars, punches, chisels; In addition, among the types of tools that you can get, you will notice that they also offer automotive tools, for DIY and construction.

This company currently offers more than 250 new and innovative products on the market, maintaining itself as one of the leading companies in several countries in Europe and the world.

It is one of the leading companies in the British and European market, also including some other countries in the world, and is characterized by offering specialized security products for home and business needs.

In addition, since their alarm padlocks are made with high-quality materials, they offer a 5-year replacement guarantee. However, among the different ranges of padlocks with alarm locks and standard locks that Target Locks has, you will be able to find among the most popular among users the multi-use alarm locks, small alarm locks, alarmed cable locks and work alarm locks. heavy, among other models in order to keep your belongings safe.

Some additional features that you can find among their products are that they present anti-drilling, ice spraying and anti-torsion shackle technologies, minimizing security breaches, increasing their quality standard and the resistance of alarm padlocks, being immune to those kinds of criminal tools they mostly use.

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Desconocido Candado Bloqueo de Seguridad Alarma Antirobo

Este producto entra en la lista de los mejores candados con alarma del 2022. Gracias al sensor de movimiento que tiene incorporado este modelo, tendrás la posibilidad de utilizarlo para mantener segura tu motocicleta. Es decir, podrás saber si en algún momento los ladrones intentan movilizarla y llevársela consigo.

Para evitar que lo puedan retirar con facilidad, este equipo ha sido diseñado con un fuerte sistema antibloqueo de núcleo y de clase B. Además, cuenta con una alarma sonora que se activa cuando los sensores de choque detectan cualquier tipo de movimiento inusual.

Lo podrás emplear para mantener segura tu motocicleta, independientemente de las condiciones climáticas, puesto que se trata de un equipo que tiene resistencia al agua, la lluvia y el viento.

Tiene una función de reset para que la alarma del equipo se reinicie de manera automática. Debido a su diseño, este es un candado para disco con alarma y protege tu bicicleta, moto o coche eléctrico.

Si todavía no has decidido cuál es la mejor marca de candados con alarma, entonces te invitamos a conocer las siguientes características, pues podrían ayudarte a despejar la duda.


Impermeabilidad: Es impermeable, por lo tanto, no lo afectará ni el vient

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