The 7 Best Car Radios of 2022

Car Radio – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When we are behind the wheel, one of the devices that is essential to make our journey a pleasant and pleasant journey is the radio. In addition, current models allow more than just listening to music, such as using them as hands-free, something very useful considering that when driving our senses must be completely on the road. The Xomax XM-2D6913 model has a 2 DIN system with a large screen, CD and DVD reader and with which it will be easy to duplicate the screen of your mobile with ease. On the other hand, the Pioneer MVH-S310BT car radio also incorporates an auxiliary input and is fully compatible with your Android and Apple mobile phone.

The 7 Best Car Radios – Opinions 2022 

Choosing a new radio for your car is not an easy task, especially considering that the current market offers hundreds of options to choose from in terms of brand and functions. For this reason, if you want to buy the best car radio of the moment, it is necessary to make a comparison between the most important models that we have selected for you.

Radio with CD for car 

1. Xomax XM-2D6913 Car Radio Autoradio with Bluetooth 

If you are one of those who think that the best car radio should include a CD player, then you will want to know the Xomax XM-2D6913 model. A device raised under the 2 DIN standard, so the first thing we see is its 6.5-inch screen of good quality, where we can enjoy a good image and handle its functions comfortably.

This car CD radio is among the best car radios of 2022 thanks to its multimedia approach. The reader will allow you to watch your DVDs or listen to your favorite music easily. As for connectivity, it includes a microSD card reader, two USB ports and an auxiliary socket. 

And although it is true that it does not include advanced functions based on Android, the Mirroring option is responsible for cloning your phone and covering this issue with solvency, also working as a hands-free device through integrated Bluetooth.

So that you do not miss anything, learn more about the wide range of options that this equipment offers you.


Control: The product is easy to control through the large screen and the keypad on the frame.

Reader: The included CD and DVD reader will give a new life to all your discs during your travels.

Connectivity: Its connectivity options make it easier to play content or mirror your mobile.

Remote control: The included remote control will help you control the equipment without having to touch it.


Functions: Some functions are missing, such as Android apps or integrated GPS, to name a few.

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Radio with USB for car

2. Pioneer MVH S310BT RDS Receiver with USB Bluetooth and Spotify

If you want to switch to a USB car radio that has an LCD screen where you can see all the information relevant to the radio stations, such as station identification, traffic program, radio text and date u hour, among other data, we recommend you look at this model that has an RDS receiver ideal for this.

On the other hand, it incorporates Bluetooth HFP technology with which you will be able to respect driving regulations thanks to the wireless audio transmission that will give you the possibility of using the device as a hands-free system, in addition to a simple pairing, with which your driving will be much safer.

In addition, with the Pioneer Smart Sync App system, you can keep all the functions of your smartphone, as well as the possibility of enjoying Spotify to listen to your favorite songs.

In case you still do not know which is the best car radio, we suggest you look at the positive and negative aspects of this model so that you have a clearer idea.


Graphic EQ : It has a 13-band equalization system that allows you to adjust the sounds at will to improve the musical experience.

Compatibility : Thanks to its compatibility with FLAC audio files, you will be able to enjoy the best music with great quality and without the need to convert the tracks.

MOSFET : Integrates a MOSFET amplifier with four 40-watt outputs for a better music experience.


Installation : The installation of this car radio can be a bit complicated, so you should follow the instructions.

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Bluetooth car radio


When we are driving a vehicle, the law (and common sense) forces us to have all our senses on the wheel and the road, so having a car radio with Bluetooth is an excellent idea. This model gives you the possibility to use the hands-free function of your mobile phone thanks to its simple pairing system.

Its high compatibility with most music formats such as AAC, MP3, WMA, FLAC and WAV stands out. On the other hand, it has a USB port with a 1.5 amp charging function, ideal for your mobiles.

For optimal sound, this hands-free Bluetooth car radio features a 13-band parametric equalizer and is also equipped with a display that allows you to view song, station and connection data easily.

If you still don’t know which car radio to buy, we recommend you look carefully at the technical characteristics of this practical model.


Design : This car radio has a modern design with blue lights and a small chassis that facilitates installation.

Connection : It has a Bluetooth connection technology that allows you to link 5 devices simultaneously.

Sound : Its powerful sound stands out thanks to its MOSFET amplifier with 4 outputs of 50 watts each.


MicroSD : This device is missing a microSD card slot, so if you need to plug one in, you’ll need to move the songs to another removable device.

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Radio with CD and USB for car 

4. Awesafe Car Radio 7 Inch with Touch Screen

When it comes to having a complete car radio with CD and USB that fits in a 2 DIN format, we have many options to choose from. One of them is the AWESAFE ES-M3PG model which, thanks to its approach, allows you to have a large number of functions. 

Among them, we have the CD player but also the DVD player, so you can listen to your music and even broadcast your favorite content on the screen. In it you can also access the GPS function, to know where you are going or access the rear camera if the vehicle has it installed. 

For the rest, you will also be able to better manage your mobile and your calls, thanks to the included Bluetooth connectivity and you will even be able to modify its appearance, thanks to the multicolor lighting that the device incorporates. By the way, it is also compatible with the controls for the steering wheel that you may have mounted.

Renew your old CD radio with this complete model loaded with interesting functions.


Screen : The 7-inch screen is all you need to clearly see the different functions of the device.

Security : To make your trips safer, the product has built-in GPS, as well as Bluetooth connectivity, so that using your mobile is not a problem.

Customizable : The car radio has three different finishes, along with LED lighting that can be adjusted to the tone that suits you best.


Camera : Although the product is compatible with a rear camera, it does not include it, which you must buy separately.

Compatibility : This model is compatible with various Opel vehicles, so it is convenient to check if yours is among them.

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Radio with Android for car

5. Ankeway 2022 New 7 Inch 

The new Ankeway model, renewed in 2022, is a 7-inch diagonal 2-DIN car radio with Full HD resolution on its screen. An approach that makes it easy to see any multimedia content clearly and control its functions, through a dual control panel and its touch screen.

This system has high audio quality, which you can take advantage of both to enjoy your music and the hands-free calls that you can make with the equipment. The integrated GPS is also missing, so you don’t get lost along the way.

To finish off the device, it has WiFi connectivity, which makes it easy to access more applications or update the system. All this in an Android car radio that uses version 10 as the operating system, reinforced with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. This last space is expandable with USB flash drives or micro SD cards.

Having a 2 DIN radio without spending too much is possible, thanks to quality proposals like this one.


Screen: The screen has a diagonal of 7 inches and Full HD resolution, where you can see everything much clearer.

Connectivity: The connectivity of the equipment includes options such as WiFi, Bluetooth or GPS.

Camera: The product is accompanied by the rear view camera, with which it will be easier for you to park.


Installation: The installation process is complex and it is recommended to hire a professional to run it.

Support: After-sales support is not one of the best when it comes to resolving doubts about the device.

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Radio with screen for car

6. Aigoss Bluetooth Car Radio for 2 DIN

The Aigoss JL-7018B-2019 car radio with screen is a product with which to expand the multimedia possibilities of any vehicle equipped with a 2 DIN slot. We have the proof in its 7-inch diagonal screen and in which it is possible to see all kinds of content. 

However, its potential goes beyond multimedia, including tools such as integrated GPS or Bluetooth connectivity. This function helps you drive more safely by attending to your mobile or loading your music conveniently from your smartphone. This music is also accessible via the USB port or the integrated card reader.

And as an extra, the device also includes the rear camera, with which to park more safely and which is not always included as an accessory in these devices.

We leave you some more details, with which it will be easier for you to know what to expect from this device.


Functions : The equipment has the usual functions of these products, such as GPS, hands-free for your mobile or Mirror Link, so you can duplicate the screen of your mobile.

Keypad : The side keypad is an interesting complement to your touch screen, making car radio control easier.

Rear camera : The product is compatible with the rear view camera and it is also included, which is not always usual.


Installation : The installation process of the device is complex, both due to the large number of connectors and the included accessories.

Apple mobiles : The device has an improvable compatibility with Apple devices, which prevents it from taking full advantage of its potential.

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Pioneer Car Radio

7. Pioneer MVH-S100UI Car Radio

If you are looking for a Pioneer car radio that allows you to easily remove the entire front panel for greater safety when you get out of the vehicle, we recommend that you take a close look at this model. In addition, it has a USB input to connect your removable devices easily and you can listen to your favorite songs.

In addition, it has an auxiliary input to connect other devices with a Jack connection. This model has a modern and very aesthetic design with bright red lighting on the buttons and some details. In addition, it is a device fully compatible with MP3, WAV, WMA and FLAC audio formats.

This radio has 4 MOSTEFS of 50 watts each, which allows it to play sounds with a lot of power and significantly improves audio quality.

It is necessary to know the technical characteristics of each model before making your choice, so if you are still not sure which radio to opt for, check out the advantages and disadvantages of this product. 


ARC : It has Pioneer ARC technology that allows you to use your iOS or Android mobile as a touch remote control.

FLAC : Play your songs in FLAC format to preserve the highest sound quality without the need to transform the files.

Synchronization : Allows you to connect your Android phone without the need for an application to play your favorite music lists.


Steering wheel : To connect this radio to your steering wheel control, it will be necessary to purchase a separate interface.

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car radio accessories

Antenna adapter for car radio 

AIV 812444.12

This car radio antenna adapter is the ideal solution if you need to replace an old radio antenna with a 150 ohm input with a new model compatible with 50 ohm ISO antenna cables. Also, it is a necessary part to connect your car radio to the antenna port.

It has dimensions of 5 x 2 x 2 centimeters and weighs approximately 18.1 grams. In addition, it highlights the possibility of installing it in any type of car thanks to its universal compatibility, which is why it is considered an accessory with an excellent relationship between manufacturing quality and price. 

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car radio antenna

XtremeAuto XA7451

To be able to listen to your favorite stations with the highest quality, you need to have a car radio antenna that optimally tunes songs on any frequency. But it often happens that the antenna included in our vehicle is not of high quality or has been damaged over time.

For this situation, the ideal is to acquire a universal radio antenna like this model from the XtremeAuto brand, which stands out for its great compatibility with all hatchback cars such as sedans, SUVs, MPVs and SUVs. In addition, it is an easy-to-install antenna thanks to its 5 and 6 millimeter adapters. On the other hand, it offers excellent reception of FM and AM stations.

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car radio adapter

TechExpert ISO

If you have changed your car radio, it may happen that the connection is not the most suitable for your car model, so it will be essential to acquire an adapter that allows the connection and guarantees its optimal operation. This TechExpert brand connector is made up of a high-quality 16-pin ISO connector.

The measurements of the connector of this car radio adapter are 12 x 30 millimeters, so it will be necessary to look at the type of connection used by your car and the radio to ensure compatibility. However, this adapter is compatible with a wide list of vehicles such as the CDX2500, 3000, 3180R, 4000R, 4160R, 4180R-W, CDX-A250 Series, CDX-C, CDX-CA, CDX-DBA, MEX-BT series and Xplod series, among many others.

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car radio connector


If you are looking for a cable car radio connector with female plugs, we recommend this model made of PVC and that works with an analog signal, ideal for various types of cars.

This product consists of two sets of cables approximately 0.15 m long, with quality and durable plastic adapters that also stand out for their universality and compatibility, since they are ISO standard. Its installation is very simple and easy, so you can make the connection yourself without having to pay experts.

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Shopping guide 

After knowing the most outstanding models on the market, if you plan to change your car radio, it is necessary to look at several aspects that guarantee the correct operation of the model you are going to choose. To do this, the first thing you should do is find out your specific needs and take into account what you are going to use the device for. In this sense, taking into account the wide variety of options offered by the network, we have decided to make this guide to buy the best car radio and facilitate your decision making.


In any comparison of car radios that you make, before making the choice between one or another model, it is important to know a vital aspect related to your car: its compatibility. This feature determines if the device will work optimally with your vehicle, which means that it is a worthwhile investment.

To find out if the radio you are going to buy fits correctly with the model of your vehicle, it is important that you take into account if your car has the necessary space to optimally incorporate a radio with an LCD screen, one with a CD input or one with the design compact and only with USB input.

sound power

If you are one of those who like a super powerful sound in their car to enjoy good music when they are on the beach or while traveling, this aspect is very important to take into account, especially considering that the higher the power of sound the more expensive the product will be. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing the best and cheapest radio, you need to look carefully at this feature.

However, remember that although manufacturers claim that the higher the power of the radio, the better the sound quality, sometimes this is not entirely correct. Keep in mind that the power of a car radio is represented in watts and the normal thing to find in these products is a power of 50 W x 4, which means that the device has 4 channels or speaker outputs of 50 watts each..

audio formats

Another of the most important aspects when making your choice between a car radio and another is the ability of the device to play different audio formats correctly or, in other words, compatibility with the music files that you try to reproduce This is very important, especially if your interest is to acquire a model that allows you to play your favorite songs stored on a pen drive or SD card.

Among the best-known music formats are MP3, WAV, WMA and FLAC files, to which is currently added the possibility of even playing video files thanks to the new models of car radios with screens. Therefore, if you are wondering how much the model you want to buy costs, you will need to take into account that the greater the compatibility and the possibility of playing MP4, MP5 and other videos, the more expensive it will be.


On the other hand, the incorporation of new wireless technologies has made our mobile phones and smart devices go from being simple accessories to being tools in our daily lives. This has had the result that, as users, we cannot imagine our lives without these useful devices, however, driving regulations require us to have maximum control at the wheel, so any distraction is completely prohibited and punishable by law..

It is because of this that manufacturers have decided to incorporate new connectivity technologies into their music playback equipment for cars, so that users can connect their smartphones to the radios and be able to perform various actions easily and without having to take their hands off the car. steering wheel, such as answering calls, changing songs or playlists, and even using GPS navigation systems or artificial intelligence such as Siri. Among the most used connectivity technologies are Bluetooth connections and wireless WiFi.


Although some users do not pay attention to this feature and simply let it go, many others care about choosing car radios with modern and eye-catching designs. Taking this into account, manufacturers have made the decision to incorporate color LED lighting systems, in addition to the fact that a wide variety of models have an LCD touch screen that allows you to watch other types of content.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a car radio?

To know how to use a car radio correctly, it is first necessary to know the layout of the buttons and their functions. We recommend taking a few minutes to review the manual provided by the manufacturer. After knowing the location of the controls, you can start operating the device. Keep in mind that if your car radio has a CD player, you will need to press the button commonly known as “source” or “radio/CD” so that you can switch from one CD player to another. Then select your favorite station between AM and FM, either automatically or manually, and when you’re tuning in to your favorite station, press the number button where you want the station to be stored.

Q2: How to change the car radio?

Before proceeding to change the old radio in your car, it is very convenient to remove it first in order to discover the connectors you use and know which connections the new device you want to install must have. However, in case the new radio does not have the same type of connection, you can use a suitable adapter that will allow you to connect it to your vehicle correctly.

Q3: How to make the car radio power off on ignition? 

To make a connection that allows your car radio to turn off with the contact of the vehicle key, it is highly recommended to follow one of the many instructions that the most experienced users or professional mechanics place online, who explain in detail what they are. the cables that you must connect so that, when you turn the car on or off, the same thing happens with the radio.

Q4: How to save car radio stations?

Many times it will happen that one or several radio stations will offer you songs that you really like or that usually play your favorite songs, so it would be ideal to save those stations to access them easily and quickly. To save your favorite stations in the numbered buttons on your car radio, what you have to do is tune in to the station you want to save and press the number button where you want to save it for a few seconds.

Q5: How to connect mobile to car radio?

To connect a mobile phone to your car radio, there are several procedures that you can do, among which is the direct connection with cable, by Bluetooth or by WiFi. This depends on the model you have, since it is what determines what type of connection it allows. The usual way is to connect it via Bluetooth and the process you must follow is the same as you do to pair two devices with this type of connection.

Q6: How to install a car radio at home?

One of the easiest ways to install a car radio in your home is by using a power source from any computer that is out of use, since both this component and the radios use direct DC current for their operation. The first step is to make a “bridge” between both components, stripping the current cables that the radio has and connecting them to the unused power source.

Next, you will have to connect the speakers directly to the radio, determining which ones are in charge of this, since they are normally color coded. For this, you will need to use a wire stripper and, after making the connection, secure it with electrical tape. Likewise, you’ll want to attach the wires to the power source or to a car battery very securely, if you’re interested in making the radio portable.

Q7: How to take out the car radio?

To safely remove the radio from your car, it is necessary to get some small keys and extraction tools very specific for this, which may vary depending on the model of the vehicle and the radio. Most models that come pre-installed in cars have small holes or slots where the removal keys go. In this way, using the tool indicated in the openings, you will be able to safely extract the radio from your car.

Q8: How to know if a radio is compatible with your car?

To be sure that the radio you want to buy is fully compatible with your car, the first thing you should do is remove the old model from the front panel of your car and look at the cable connections it uses, as well as see that the dimensions of the device are appropriate for the opening in the dashboard of your vehicle.

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