The 7 Best Motorcycle Batteries of 2022

Motorcycle Battery – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


The battery is the energy center of your motorcycle. A fundamental element when starting it, but also to circulate safely even in complex conditions, given that a power outage en route is a serious problem. That is why it is key to bet on high-quality batteries that fit the type of motorcycle and the use you plan to give it. Among the most famous models, we have the Magneti Marelli Motx9-Bs/395 battery, capable of offering its 3 amp capacity and that is suitable for all types of small and medium power motorcycles. If you prefer a lithium battery, you can use the BC Lithium Batteries BCTX5L-FP-S model. A much lighter product than its predecessors, which also offers greater durability and a more stable delivery than traditional batteries.

The 7 Best Motorcycle Batteries – Opinions 2022

Having the best motorcycle battery you can find is one of the ways to have greater peace of mind when driving your vehicle. A quality product is always a guarantee of safety, which is especially important. That is why it is worth spending some time looking for the best motorcycle battery that you can install on your mount. A perhaps complex task, but one that will be more bearable for you with our selection of the best motorcycle batteries of 2019, which we break down below.

12v motorcycle battery 

1. Magneti Marelli Motx9-Bs/395 Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery

The Magneti Marelli Motx9-Bs/395 battery comes from what is, according to many, the best current motorcycle battery brand and offers all the energy necessary for all types of small and medium-sized motorcycles. This 12v motorcycle battery offers an energy storage of 3 amps, with which to have a sufficient energy peak to start these engines. Something that is combined with a compact installation approach that adequately supports the electrical demand of these vehicles. 

As corresponds to the best motorcycle battery of the moment, the product also has a safe and simple installation, thanks to its standardized product measurements and the design of the connection terminals. And as an additional detail, we are talking about a maintenance-free battery, so you can not worry about it once you have them installed on your motorcycle.

Let’s know more about what is close to being the best motorcycle battery according to the comments it receives.


Energy capacity: The battery has a storage of 3 amps and is suitable for small and medium displacement motorcycles.

No maintenance : Once the battery is installed you will not have to worry about its future maintenance.

Brand : Magneti Marelli’s experience is a guarantee of quality for this product.

Installation : Its installation is very simple thanks to the design of the terminals and their standardized measurement.

Shipping : Quality shipping ensures that the product arrives home in perfect condition.


Filling: It is necessary to fill the battery with acid manually, although the product includes the instructions and everything necessary for it.

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lithium battery for motorcycle

2. BC Lithium Batteries BCTX5L-FP-S Lithium Battery for Motorcycle LiFePO4

There are many comments that recommend resorting to a new lithium battery for motorcycles compared to the old lead-acid batteries. A segment in which products such as the BC Lithium Batteries BCTX5L-FP-S battery stand out. This model increases the durability of the battery up to 2,000 charge cycles, compared to 500 cycles of traditional models. It also considerably reduces the weight of the product, thus lightening the vehicle and saving fuel on your route. 

This model also has high efficiency in delivering power and maintains the simple installation of conventional products. In addition, it does not require maintenance and even incorporates an LED indicator to check its charge level. To top off the design, the product has a wide range of compatibility, making it easy to mount it on almost any bike.

If you are not sure which motorcycle battery to buy, perhaps making the leap to the new lithium technology will be interesting for you.


Technology: The lithium technology of this battery generates better performance and more stable power delivery during use.

Weight: The battery weighs just half a kilo, thus reducing the total weight of your vehicle in service.

Durability : Compared to other types of battery, this model offers us a durability that reaches 2,000 charge cycles.

LED indicator : The battery includes an LED indicator that informs us of the charge status of the product.


Compatibility: It is key to verify the compatibility of the battery with our motorcycle before making the purchase.

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12V 12AH motorcycle battery

3. NX Motorcycle Battery YTX14L-BS / YTX16L-BS 

If you need a 12V 12AH motorcycle battery, this is your product . The NX NTX 14L–BS battery is capable of deploying this power in a solvent and effective way, helping to start your motorcycle in all kinds of circumstances.

The battery has a sealed and pre-activated lead technology, so it is not necessary to carry out any handling of dangerous liquids before proceeding with its installation. All you have to do is charge it for an hour before assembly or ride the bike for about 30 kilometers after installation.

Since the battery has standard measurements, you will not have any problems executing said assembly, for which the corresponding screws are included. It also has great format compatibility, so it’s suitable for a wide variety of motorcycles.

Renew the energy of your motorcycle with this complete high-capacity battery.


Power: The battery has a 12V, 12 Ah and 200A system, offering the energy your motorcycle needs.

No recharging: Its sealed lead technology avoids having to handle acids and charge liquids in the battery.

Screws: The battery is accompanied by the necessary screws to mount the terminals.


Charging: It is necessary to charge the battery previously for one hour or drive about 30 kilometers after assembly, to complete its charge.

Location: In some assemblies, the terminals are inside, which can make the process a bit difficult.

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12V 8Ah motorcycle battery

4. Varta Powersports AGM Motorcycle Battery 50812 – YTX9-BS

Having a quality 12 V 8 Ah motorcycle battery does not have to be expensive. We have the proof in the Varta Powersports AGM 50812 – YTX9-BS model, which is the best value for money battery in this segment. We are talking about a battery designed for medium and high displacement motorcycles, offering considerable starting power of up to 135 amps. It also has the ability to adequately power all the electronics that this type of motorcycle includes, including an efficient system to maintain charge and performance. 

This model maintains the usual measurements of this type of product as well as the Y5 terminals, which simplifies its assembly and installation. A battery that also comes from a quality brand, which is an extra guarantee compared to the cheapest batteries on the market and from little-known brands.

Despite being among our cheap options, we are talking about a high-level battery, as we are going to corroborate with its analysis.


Range: This battery belongs to the brand’s Powersports range, so it is compatible with medium and high displacement motorcycles. 

Power: The battery offers you a starting power of 80 EN, ideal for high-demand motorcycles.

Compatibility : Its compatibility and measurements extend the range of motorcycles on which the product can be mounted.


Start-up: We are faced with a product to which we will have to manually add the acid to correctly activate the battery.

Installation: This product only allows completely vertical and non-tilt installations.

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Gel battery for motorcycle

5.Exide Gel Battery G-19 12v. 19ah Bmw Motorcycle Special

Among the alternatives to traditional lead batteries is the gel battery for motorcycles. Among them we have chosen the Exide G-19 model. This battery offers us a 12 volt and 19 AH system, being especially recommended for motorcycles manufactured by BMW. Inside is a calcium alloy gel capable of generating up to 170 peak amps and offering more stable power, thanks to this approach. 

A gel that approximately doubles the durability of conventional lead or acid batteries, also having a greater charge capacity and a lower discharge level than the usual models. As if that were not enough, the battery has the additional advantage that the product is maintenance-free. So you just have to install the battery and forget about it until it starts to fail, which will also take a long time.

Enjoy the new LED technology with everything this efficient battery has to offer.


Cranking Peak: The battery is capable of generating a cranking peak of up to 170 amps.

Durability : Gel technology considerably increases the durability of the battery.

Maintenance . This battery does not require any type of maintenance once installed.


Date of manufacture: Some batteries have been manufactured a long time ago, in which case it is advisable to check the charge before mounting it.

Compatibility: Battery compatibility is limited, especially if you don’t have a BMW motorcycle.

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125 motorcycle battery

6. V Platinum ytx7l from BS

The V Platinum ytx7l model is an interesting 125 motorcycle battery, with which it is possible to maintain adequate performance for your vehicle. This battery is based on AGM technology, accompanied by the necessary electrolyte to activate the product efficiently. 

The model is capable of generating a starting power of 6 amps, in line with the needs of different motorcycle models. A use that does not need subsequent maintenance, so you can forget about problems. This battery has wide compatibility with all types of brand vehicles, such as Yamaha, Aprilia or Kawasaki, among others. Something that is achieved thanks to measures of 14.2 centimeters high by 12.6 centimeters deep and 12.4 wide. 

The positive pole is located on the right, in a very common configuration that offers that high compatibility that we have been commenting on.

Starting your motorcycle comfortably is easy as long as you resort to motorcycle batteries of good quality and capacity.


Starting: The product offers you a 6 amp current intensity blow, ideal to achieve an adequate capacity to start your motorcycle.

Compatibility: This model has high compatibility with all types of 125 motorcycles and from various manufacturers.

Maintenance-free: This battery has a system equipped with AGM technology and does not require subsequent maintenance after activation.


Activation: The activation process must be carried out once you receive it, taking all kinds of precautions in this regard.

Durability: The durability of the battery is shortened if you do not use the motorcycle frequently, so it is convenient to have its charge level controlled.

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12v 10ah motorcycle battery

7. Yuasa YTX12-BS Lead Acid Battery 12V 10Ah

The Yuasa YTX12-BS model is all you need if you are looking for a 12V 10Ah motorcycle battery. This product is designed for small and medium displacement motorcycles, having the power and energy necessary to achieve adequate performance when starting and driving your motorcycle. In fact, the product is compatible with models such as the YTX12-BS, YTX12BS, ETX12-BS or ETX12BS, which increases the range of motorcycles that can use this battery. Something that is helped by conventional measurements, 13 centimeters high by 15 long and 8.7 wide, in an already common format. 

Regarding its assembly, in addition to the conventional installation process and connection of the terminals, you must fill the corresponding tubes with acid to proceed with activation, although the product includes all the necessary elements to do so safely.

Add extra power to your motorcycle with everything that this traditional battery offers you.


Power : Its design is capable of offering 10 AH as well as adequate starting power.

Compatibility : The battery is compatible with a wide range of small and medium displacement motorcycles.

Sealed system : Although the model requires an acid charge, it does not require subsequent maintenance.


Charging process: As with this type of battery, it is necessary to charge the acid and wait for the reaction to be used.

Recharge : In addition to pouring the acid, it is recommended to charge the battery with a charger for one hour or to drive about 20 kilometers.

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Accessories for motorcycle battery


Motorcycle battery charger 

Noco Genius5EU

The Noco Genius5EU motorcycle battery charger is a versatile solution with which to easily give your motorcycle battery that extra energy. A product capable of recovering dead batteries without power through a forced mode system, which increases the load easily. 

Something to which an automated system contributes and that is compatible with all types of batteries, regardless of whether they are deep cycle, gel or any other type. As an extra, the model also has the necessary security functions to avoid problems of overvoltage, overload or overheating.

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disconnector for motorcycle battery

Ekylin Car Motorcycle Battery Switch

If you don’t usually use your motorcycle frequently, a motorcycle battery disconnector will help you take better care of your battery.

We are talking about proposals such as the Ekylin BDS-MO model, whose design makes it easy to disconnect the battery by simply turning the wheel included in the piece. 

Its assembly is very simple and supports a nominal current of up to 80 amps. Therefore, it is not only suitable for motorcycles, but also for quite a few passenger cars.

Thanks to its quality, the product will accompany you for a long time and you won’t have to worry about turning it and activating or deactivating the battery connection as you like.

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Motorcycle battery maintainer

MotorPower MP0205A

If you are concerned that your motorcycle battery is in good condition when you need it, all you need is the MotorPower MP0205A motorcycle battery maintainer.

This product is responsible for maintaining the battery with the necessary charge at all times, for which it has a very simple installation process and a management system that lengthens the charging cycles and thus the useful life of the aforementioned battery.

In addition, it is a product suitable for batteries of all types, including modern gel batteries, so compatibility is not a problem.

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Shopping guide 

The battery is a basic element for our motorcycle that, if it is not in good condition, can be a source of trouble. That is why the advice of our guide is necessary to buy the best motorcycle battery, according to your needs and preferences. Because the best way to be calm when starting and riding our motorcycle has a lot to do with providing it with a long-lasting and quality source of energy.

Main technical parameters

As with cars, in the case of motorcycles we are going to have to consider a series of technical parameters when choosing a specific battery. Among these parameters is the type of motorcycle, the engine displacement or the existing interior space for assembly. All these parameters can be consulted either on the old battery or in the manual of your motorcycle. However, we are going to mention some of the most important ones.

To begin with, we have to know that each motorcycle engine needs a certain starting power. This level is low for scooters and small motorcycles while it is very high for motorcycles with large displacement engines. This starting power also usually goes hand in hand with a high energy storage capacity, since the more advanced the motorcycle, the more electronics it has and, therefore, the more energy it needs during break-in. Therefore, check both the amperage and the rest of the product’s parameters before making a decision.

On the other hand, it is necessary to take a look at the size available for the battery as well as its fastening elements. It is true that in this last aspect practically all batteries are standardized, so it is normal that if the battery meets the parameters of electrical demand, it fits in the available hole. Although it never hurts to check it, just in case.

Battery Type

We have already talked about the battery in terms of its electrical characteristics. But if you read any comparison of motorcycle batteries, you will surely see that there are several options to choose from due to the type of internal construction of the battery. An aspect that influences how much the product costs, what is its maintenance and its useful life.

To begin with, we have lead or conventional batteries. These batteries are the most economical and have an acid filling. Something that is perceived in the plugs that the battery includes in its casing, through which we will fill it with acid for its activation as well as for its maintenance. Something that is not necessary with maintenance-free models, also acid but which maintain its level without problems.

As an alternative to acid when looking for a good and cheap motorcycle battery, we have gel batteries. These batteries do not require maintenance and are safer than acid batteries, for obvious reasons. We would finally have the modern lithium iron phosphate or LIFEPO4 batteries. They are the most advanced, they increase their useful life up to five times more than a lead model and their maintenance is zero. It is the best to save in the long term and not have problems in motorcycles with high energy demand.

Other aspects to consider

Once we have the basic elements to buy a motorcycle battery, we will surely have few questions left to solve. But for you to find the most appropriate one, we give you some more information that should be taken into account to adjust the choice as much as possible.

One of these aspects has to do with the temperatures that the battery will withstand. In the case of acid models, for example, these tend to suffer more with extreme temperatures. Something that does not happen with the gel or pure lead models, which lose less energy due to temperature changes. Regarding weight, the heaviest are the modern LIFEPO4 batteries, while the rest maintain similar weights. However, there are already batteries of this type with more reasonable weights and in line with conventional batteries.

Regarding durability, measured in charge cycles, lead models have about 500 recharge cycles, which increase to 1,000 cycles in gel models and about 1,500 in pure lead models. However, in this section we have some winners, which are LIFEPO4 batteries. These batteries are capable of reaching up to 2,000 charge cycles, thus extending their useful life to the maximum.

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to install a motorcycle battery?

To install a new motorcycle battery we will start by locating the old battery. It is key that during the process we eliminate all the fasteners that it may have to extract it safely. Once off the motorcycle we will remove the electrical cables, always starting with the negative pole cable. We discard the old battery and begin to mount the new one, following the reverse process. That is, first connecting the negative pole, then the positive and finally fixing it in place.


Q2: How to know if a motorcycle battery is damaged?

There are several ways to check if a motorcycle battery is damaged. One of these methods is visual. A battery that is in poor condition will present rust marks on the poles, defects or swelling in the structure or even liquid leaks from the interior. Another way to carry out the verification is by means of a voltmeter or multimeter, using the system that we will indicate later. However, if the bike is having trouble starting and seems to struggle, it’s probably also due to a bad battery.

Q3: How to check a motorcycle battery?

To carry out this check we only need a voltmeter or a multimeter that supports the current generated by the battery. We will measure the voltage, connecting the rods to the battery poles with the engine stopped and then turning it at about 5,000 rpm. In the first case the value should be higher than 12.2 volts while in the second it should be lower than 14.7 volts. If these parameters are not close to what is indicated then the battery is bad and should be replaced.

Q4: Does a new motorcycle battery need to be charged?

As happens with the rest of batteries, when we buy a new motorcycle battery, it is delivered perfectly charged and ready to be installed. However, in the models that come with the acid separately, it is advisable to verify that the reaction has generated enough energy and charge the battery a little, either with a charger or by riding the motorcycle for about 20 kilometers. Precautions that should also be taken in case it is very old or a long time has passed since the date of manufacture, since time also discharges that battery. 

Q5: What battery does my motorcycle have?

The easiest way to know which battery your motorcycle has is to refer to the user manual, which indicates both its location and its technical characteristics. Another option is to access where the battery is located, open the cover and see it visually on the battery itself. As an alternative, there are various guides and battery search engines on the web that tell us which battery our motorcycle has or which one it should have, although sometimes this data may not coincide with the exact type of battery we have.

Q6: How to start a motorcycle without a battery?

The methods to start a motorcycle without a battery do not differ much from those we use to start a car. In the case of motorcycles with electronic starter, it is enough to put the key in the starting position, engage the clutch and ask someone to push us, then putting second or third gear. If it is a mechanical starting model, with a pedal, we will have to step on that pedal with great force, although being careful not to lose our footing, as it can be very painful. As a third option we can resort to a motorcycle starter, which simplifies the process and also does not damage the engine.

Q7: How to charge a motorcycle battery?

The simplest solution today to charge a motorcycle battery is to use one of the chargers we have on the market. Simple, compact products that recharge like a USB battery and allow convenient battery charging. Another option is to charge it with another battery already charged using the usual tweezers. Do not forget to connect the negative pole first and always each one in its correct position.

Q8: How to put a battery switch on a motorcycle?

The battery switch is an interesting accessory for many bikers and it is easy to install, as long as you have the necessary space in the area where the battery is housed. For its assembly, it is enough to access the battery area and place the device on the negative terminal of the battery, for which the product includes the corresponding fixings. Once placed, we only have to turn the disconnector to activate or deactivate the battery connection, as necessary.

» Review information from previous years

GP-PRO GTX12-BS Batería de arranque para motos 12V

El modelo GP-PRO GTX12-BS es una batería para moto de 125 que dispone de la moderna tecnología de gel y de todo lo necesario para olvidarte de su mantenimiento durante toda su vida útil. Una vida que es mayor que la de los modelos de plomo y ácido gracias a la tecnología de ese gel. En concreto, ese interior está basado en una tecnología de aleación de calcio, conforme al o que viene siendo habitual en el mercado. 

El producto tiene la ventaja adicional de facilitar su instalación dado que incluso puede tumbarse por completo, en caso de ser necesario. A esta instalación también ayudan los bornes de corte tradicional, que se acompañan de los tornillos de ajuste correspondientes. Un producto que se remata con una alta resistencia a las vibraciones y el deterioro así como una baja tasa de autodescarga, tanto si tienes la moto en uso continuo como cuando tengas que dejarla parada durante un tiempo.

Disfruta de toda la tecnología del gel con esta completa batería pensada para motos de 125.


Relleno de gel: El relleno de gel es una tranquilidad a la hora de alargar la vida útil de la batería.

Carga: Sus 10AH generan una buena punta de arranque así como un adecuado rendimiento de la batería.

Sin mantenimiento: Tal como pasa con los productos de gel, hablamos de una batería sin ningún tipo de mantenimiento rutinario.


Compatibilidad: El producto se anuncia como parecido a los modelos YTX12-BS / 51012 así que conviene verificar si es compatible.

Envío: Aunque la batería se envía precargada, es recomendable verificar esa carga cuando la recibamos.

Etrogo EA1207

Disponer de un cargador para batería de moto no es caro. La prueba la tenemos en el modelo Etrogo EA1207. Este cargador de pequeño tamaño tiene un precio ajustado pero te ofrece toda

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