The 7 Best Motorcycle Trunks of 2022

Motorcycle trunk – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Motorcycles are small vehicles that have little space for the storage of safety equipment and personal items during trips. In order to expand this space, manufacturers have created motorcycle trunks. Although there are many options available, two stand out as favorites. First of all, the Shad SH29 is a model that weighs 3.5 kilograms and is suitable as a luggage rack, because its dimensions are compact. It is closely followed by the Vramack Seven VR01-002 alternative, which has an elegant black design, with a volumetric capacity of 40 liters and a key locking system.

The 7 Best Motorcycle Trunks – Opinions 2022

If you have a motorcycle trunk, the storage space of these vehicles is expanded and added value is given to the motorcycle. There are many makes and models available. Therefore, if you want to make a convenient choice, you can read the positive and negative aspects that converge in what have been considered the 7 best motorcycle trunks. 

Shad motorcycle trunk

1. Shad D0B29100 Trunk

Those who want to acquire the best motorcycle trunk on the market may be interested in knowing the specifications of this model that stands out for its elegant design, as well as its compact size.

This Shad motorcycle trunk is equipped with a locking system that secures the contents inside the compartment, so that the objects will be in a secure storage, which can only be accessed with the key. 

It has a light weight of 3.20 kilos and compact dimensions of 39 cm high by 39 cm long and 33 cm wide. It is made of strong and durable materials such as plastic, so it is resistant. 

In addition, it has a classic design, which is available in matte black, with gray finishes and details that identify its manufacturer and model. Its installation is simple and includes the screw kit to complete it, as well as an assembly manual.

Considered the best motorcycle trunk of the moment, this model has additional features that you should know about.


Construction: The trunk is made of solid black plastic, which gives it a longer lifespan.

Installation: For its installation, it includes a user manual, as well as different screws, adapters and a base to adjust to the different motorcycle grills.

Dimensions: Its dimensions are compact, so a full face helmet can be stored.

Lock: For greater security, it includes a locking system with a lock. 


Finishes: After some time of use, the finishes and details can be erased from the surface. 

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Trunk for custom motorcycle

2. Vramack Seven Trunk rigid for custom motorcycle

With an elegant and sophisticated design, this model is positioned as one of the best motorcycle trunks of 2022, because it has rigid properties and is available in glossy black, so that it combines functionality with style.

This custom motorcycle trunk is equipped with a lock and a set of two keys, so that the contents left inside will be safe. Unlike other models, this one has an estimated capacity of approximately 40 liters, with measurements of 48 cm wide by 41 cm deep and 40 cm high.

It is made of robust materials such as ABS, with a rigid gloss black finish. It includes support elements such as two pilots, a set of lights (not homologated), a padded backrest and a rear spoiler. Its installation is simple and the hardware kit is included to complete it quickly, but it requires a grill.

This model is a representative of what is considered the best brand of motorcycle trunks. Below, more of its properties.


Security: It has a security system by incorporating a lock and includes two keys. 

Installation: Its installation is simple and fast because it includes the necessary screw kit to complete the process. 

Design: It has a modern and elegant design, with an LED spoiler and glossy black finishes. 

Manufacturing: It is made of robust and resistant materials, with a rigid ABS casing.


Size: More space and capacity to store at least two helmets inside is missing. 

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Motorcycle trunk for 2 helmets

3. Todeco Top Universal Motorcycle Helmet Case

It is possible that, after reviewing a couple of options, you are still wondering which is the best motorcycle trunk on the market. If so, this model may help you answer the question, because it has a large capacity and is built with robust materials. 

This alternative is compatible with most motorcycle makes and models and is efficient for prolonged use, because it is made of strong materials such as PP plastic, resistant to water and rust. 

This motorcycle trunk for 2 helmets has been designed with a locking system that protects the items inside and includes a reflective panel that ensures that the motorcycle is seen at night. It has a classic black design, with a red panel. Installation is simple and maintenance is quick, since it can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Knowing more about the positive and negative specifications of this model could help you decide which motorcycle trunk to buy. 


Accessories: In addition to the trunk, it includes the base plate, mounting accessories and a pair of keys, which improves the use experience.

Compatibility: It is suitable to be installed on almost all models and brands of motorcycles.

Capacity: It has a high capacity, with enough space to store at least two helmets.

Security: It has a security system by means of a lock, which blocks the drawer and protects the content.


Instructions: Although its installation is not complex, it can be difficult because the model does not include instructions. 

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Givi motorcycle trunk

4. Givi Trk52n Trekker 52 Monokey Trunk

This Givi motorcycle trunk has a modern and resistant design, because it is built with high-end materials that give the model greater durability and an attractive aesthetic, which combines black and silver colors in a wide structure.

The trunk has been manufactured to house an estimated capacity of about 10 kilos and its space is enough to store two modular-type helmets inside. Therefore, it is a convenient alternative to going on a long trip. In addition, the objects will remain safe, because it incorporates an effective lock system.

The equipment is made of plastic and aluminum, so it can be a little heavier than other designs. Its approximate empty weight is about 4 kilograms, while its measurements are 31.5 cm high by 60 cm wide and 46 cm long. It is compatible with different motorcycle models and brands.

Before making a hasty purchase, you should learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of this Givi model.


Construction: It has a resistant and robust construction, made with high-density plastic and aluminum. 

Dimensions: Its dimensions are large, 31.5 x 60 x 46 cm corresponding to height, width and depth.

Closing: It has a security system with lock and key, which secures the internal content.

Capacity: Its containment capacity is estimated at approximately 10 kilos, so it is suitable for two helmets.


Compartments: This trunk does not have compartments to store small items. 

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Aluminum trunk for motorcycle

5. Givi Monokey DLM46A Trekker Dolomiti Motorcycle Case

With an approximate weight of two kilos, this model from the manufacturer Givi is positioned as one of the best in its style, because it is an aluminum motorcycle trunk that has a safe-style design, which gives the impression of greater security. and robustness for the protection of objects.

According to the specifications of its manufacturer, this trunk has been built with a volumetric capacity of about 46 liters, enough space to store two helmets, one integral and one modular, as well as some other belongings such as gloves, keys, among others. 

Its measurements are 40 cm wide by 30 cm high and 40 cm long. It has a strong construction with a resistant bottom and lid, as well as stainless steel reinforcements. Also, the trunk is equipped with a safety lock and hooks, for the incorporation of an elastic net under the lid.

An intelligent purchase is the one that is previously analyzed. Therefore, below we will indicate some pros and cons that stand out in this model. 


Lid: The lid has 4 passacinghia nylon, which provide greater capacity, fastened by Trekker belts.

Capacity: Its space is designed for a convenient capacity of two helmets.

Lock: It is enabled with a locking mechanism for the security of the lid, protecting against dust and other agents.

Design: It has a striking and elegant design that is available in aluminum color.


Handles: It does not have handles that facilitate its transport, which is why it is sometimes difficult to hold it. 

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Universal motorcycle trunk

6. TecTake Universal motorcycle scooter trunk suitcase XXL

With a classic but functional design, this TecTake proposal is considered by many users to be the best value for money motorcycle trunk, because it is one of the cheapest on the market, with advantages for taking advantage of space.

Being a universal motorcycle trunk, it can be installed on almost any motorcycle, be it Vespa, Scooter, Quad, ATV, among other brands. It has external dimensions of 58 cm by 43 cm by 32 cm, with an estimated volumetric capacity of 48 liters, space in which up to two helmets can be stored. 

The model has a locking system to maintain security inside by means of a lock and incorporates a pair of keys to open the tank. In addition, it is equipped with a large reflector, which reduces risks on the road and allows the driver and his vehicle to be seen. It is available in a classic black color.

If you are interested in this motorcycle trunk, which is one of the cheapest, then you should delve into its positive and negative specifications.


Design: Its design is classic but adequate, due to its compatibility and the incorporation of a mounting plate and kit.

Capacity: It has a volumetric capacity of 48 liters or 5 kilos, which is enough for storage. 

Lock: It is equipped with a locking system that keeps the interior protected from outsiders around.

Reflector: It has a large reflector that increases safety on the route.


Fragility: The ABS plastic structure may have some weak and fragile points. 

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48 liter motorcycle trunk

7. Kursport Trunk Top Case for Motorcycle

If you want a cheap and practical motorcycle trunk, then this model from the manufacturer Kursport may be the one for your requirements, because its price is low and its features are high-end. 

It is a 48-liter motorcycle trunk that has an estimated capacity to hold two helmets. It is available in black and has been manufactured with resistant materials in black, with a cover in imitation carbon. 

Its properties are waterproof and, for greater security of the contents inside, it has been equipped with a locking system with a security lock and includes two keys to open it when necessary.

As it is a universal trunk, it can be placed on the racks of different motorcycle models. In addition, its installation is easy and includes the kit to complete the process, such as the screws and the fixing piece, as well as a pair of reflectors.

This alternative is one of the most sought after for its quality, but, so that you can draw your own conclusions, we invite you to learn more about its pros and cons.


Design: The model has a classic black design, with a pair of white reflectors.

Kit: Includes an installation kit that includes the necessary screws, as well as the fixings. 

Capacity: It has an estimated capacity of 48 liters, suitable for two helmets, gloves and other objects.

Lock: To secure the contents inside, it incorporates a lock and two keys to unlock. 


Resistance: Despite being waterproof, its resistance can be a bit weak.

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Motorcycle trunk accessories

Motorcycle trunk backrest

Givi E134S V47 Monokey Passenger Backrest

Made of synthetic leather, this motorcycle trunk backrest from the manufacturer Givi is one of the best on the market, because it is ergonomic and practical to place in the container, which will make the journey more comfortable for those who must rest their back on this piece of plastic.

The properties of this Italian-made model are soft and cushioned. It is available in an elegant and discreet black color. Its dimensions are 50 cm long by 50 cm wide and 30 cm high. For its installation, it must be anchored with two screws that are included in the package. 

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Motorcycle trunk support

Givi E251 Universal Plate Fixing Kit

If you are looking for a motorcycle trunk support, you may be interested in knowing this proposal presented by the Italian manufacturer Givi, which stands out for its quality and functionality to achieve the installation of the trunk. 

This is a universal type plate so it should fit the vast majority of trunks. It has an estimated weight of just over a kilo and easily adapts to different grills. It includes the entire fixing kit, with screws, bolts and nuts, which will help to place the plate and, on it, the trunk, so that it is safe and correctly installed. 

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Motorcycle trunk lock

Givi Z140R Key

When you have a trunk it is necessary to preserve the security of the objects inside and this can only be achieved with a motorcycle trunk lock. Within the number of models that can be found on the market, this alternative from the Italian manufacturer Givi is one of the most recommended, because it is made with quality materials and is resistant.

In addition, it fits properly in a large number of holes. The lock and bolt are strong, thus increasing security. It also includes a set of two keys: one for regular use and another spare in case of loss.

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Shopping guide

A motorcycle trunk is a suitable alternative for those who want to expand the storage space and have a place to store helmets and clothing safely, in order to avoid having to carry them. The options are varied, but not all of them are adequate and, for the purchase to be intelligent, it is necessary to look for properties that denote quality and functionality. You can take as an example the characteristics that we will detail in the following guide to buy the best motorcycle trunk on the market. 


The construction and materials that the manufacturer has used to make the product can give an estimate of how much a motorcycle trunk costs, since, depending on the raw material, its cost can be higher or cheaper. 

What is convenient and recommended is that these storage pieces are strong and resistant, so that they can withstand inclement weather, sun, rain and have an adequate level of protection for the items inside. 

Some alternatives are made of ABS plastic and others of lower density plastic. Likewise, there are proposals that incorporate aluminum or carbon fiber, making them more resistant. According to the materials, the weight may vary. In this sense, it is important that they are light, but they should not be weak.

Security system 

Unlike cars, motorcycles are left out in the open, so objects cannot be left on the seat and sometimes carrying them around can be annoying. That is when motorcycle trunks are essential. 

However, these functional pieces must be equipped with a security system or lock, which blocks this compartment and keeps the objects inside protected and safe from possible thieves. 

The vast majority of available models have a small but efficient lock, which is locked with a key and can only be opened by inserting the key. Also, certain trunks may have some buckles or rivets to increase security and completely insulate the interior. It is important that the model includes at least one set of keys (two units), in order to solve a problem in case of loss.


If you plan to make a comparison of motorcycle trunks, you must include the design as one of the characteristics to contrast. This is because, although they serve a common purpose, the style and color may vary from one model to another.

The most conventional trunks are those that are available in black and have a small lock in the central part. However, other interesting proposals can be found in relation to colors, finishes and even shapes. 

Some models are equipped with wide reflectors, others have one on each side. Similarly, there are designs that look like silver-colored safes and others include spoilers or backrests, for a better rest for the passenger. 


A good and cheap motorcycle trunk is an alternative that attracts many users, but it is also important to analyze the capacity of this piece designed for storage. 

In the current market you can find some proposals of compact size and with a reduced capacity for an estimated volume of 30 liters. Other alternatives have a higher capacity, which can exceed 48 litres. 

In kilos, the capacity can vary between 5 and 15. In addition, these trunks can be stored from small objects (preferably in compartments), to modular helmets, integral and others. There are even some models that have the possibility of housing up to two helmets inside and have a security mesh, where small objects such as keys can be added.

Compatibility and accessories

There are all kinds of motorcycle trunks, from those that have been specifically designed for a certain model and brand of motorcycle, to others that can be installed without any problem on any motorcycle. The latter are the so-called universal trunks and they adjust correctly to any prototype. 

To do this, they incorporate a kit that facilitates the installation of this trunk. These options can generally be attached and removed without much difficulty and include a user guide to help you complete the process successfully. Similarly, there are some proposals for motorcycle trunks that are equipped with all the accessories, so it is not necessary to purchase them separately, but rather include the plate, screws, supports and other components.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a motorcycle trunk?

Using a motorcycle top box is easy if the equipment is already installed on the motorcycle. Otherwise, it will need to be attached to the grill using the installation kit, which includes the necessary bolts, nuts, and brackets.

To complete the assembly, you must follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and match the parts according to the model (most alternatives only support motorcycles with a grill).

Once the process is complete, it will only be enough to use the key to open the trunk lock, store the objects inside and lower the lid to then lock the lock and secure the content.

Q2: How to get on a motorcycle with a trunk?

Getting on a motorcycle with a trunk is a simple and fast process, in which trust and safety have an important weight. The technique consists of maintaining stability and leaning on the driver’s shoulder to gain momentum.

The general recommendation is for the rider to move forward a bit so there is more leg room. The convenient thing is that, after the pilot authorizes the action (when he has stability), it should be climbed on the left side. To do this, it is necessary to lean on the stirrup and hold the pilot’s shoulders to get the impulse. 

Q3: How to close a motorcycle trunk?

The process to close a motorcycle trunk will depend on the model and the brand of equipment, since each manufacturer can include its own security system. However, we will try to give a general guide.

The first thing is to have the key to the trunk, because, if you do not have it, you will not be able to unlock the mechanism once it has been closed and the lock would have to be forced. If you already have the key, the next thing is to lower the trunk lid and make it coincide with the base. Some alternatives have additional mechanisms through buckles that must be secured. If they do, then they should be closed. 

Similarly, in the more conventional models, you will have to insert the key into the lock and secure or block the system so that it cannot be opened without the corresponding key.

Q4: How to remove the trunk of a motorcycle?

To remove the trunk of a motorcycle, the reverse process of the installation must be followed. In some cases, these parts are movable and can be easily attached and removed. Either way, you’ll need the assembly kit with the Allen keys to remove the nuts and bolts.

The motorcycle must be parked on a flat surface and with the engine off. With the help of a wrench, each of the screws that hold the plate to the grill must be loosened. To do this, reverse force must be applied. Loosening a screw will remove the nut, washer and screw, which in turn will detach small swivel brackets. When they are removed, it will only be necessary to pull and it can be removed. 

Q5: How to paint a motorcycle trunk?

If you want to change the color of the motorcycle trunk, either to recover color or to make it match the rest of the structure, you should only use plastic spray of the color of your choice.

It is important to remove the trunk of the motorcycle to be able to move it and paint more freely. Before starting, the trunk needs to be cleaned and allowed to dry. Afterwards, newspaper should be placed with masking tape on the parts of the structure that are not to be painted, so that the lock and reflector areas should be covered. The next thing will be to start applying the paint in several layers, but it is necessary to wait for the drying times between one and the other. To conclude, let it dry for a whole day and then remove the excesses. 

Q6: How to install a motorcycle trunk?

Each trunk includes an instruction manual that must be followed to complete the process. First check if all assembly parts are included. It is necessary to locate the support base and the rest of the screws.

Then, it is necessary to attach the base to the motorcycle grill. First, the structure plate must be placed on it, for which the grid pattern must be followed and adjusted with the necessary screws. Once the plate is already installed, it is a matter of adding the trunk according to the mechanism of the model. Finally, it is adjusted to the support so that it is installed.

Q7: How to make a motorcycle trunk rack?

Making a motorcycle trunk stand can be an inexpensive and interesting project to undertake if you have the necessary time. To do this, a large plastic container is required, one of those with a capacity of 20 liters or more. 

One of the faces must be removed with a cutter, which will serve as a base plate or support. This sheet will have to be adapted to the grill of the motorcycle by means of a secure fastening. The rest of the boat could be used as the trunk itself that should be placed on the already cut sheet. It is recommended to place a layer of soft material on the bottom and paint to achieve a better aesthetic.


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