The 8 Best Anti-Theft Screws of 2022

Anti-theft screws – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis 


When you spend a good sum on quality tires, it is essential to protect them properly. Something that you can solve with an economic investment such as that of buying quality anti-theft screws. These simple elements prevent the theft of your tires, complicating their unwanted removal. In the market we find options such as the McGard 28018SU Standard screws, 26.7 millimeters long, triple nickel chrome coating and a resistant and safe manufacturing. If you are looking for screws for your Seat, you can turn to the Febi Bilstein 27056, also suitable for many Volkswagen group vehicles and with a resistant construction against possible theft. 

The 8 Best Anti-Theft Screws – Opinions 2022

Protecting your tires from thieves is as easy as it is cheap. It is enough to have the best anti-theft screws compatible with your vehicle. There are so many options to choose from on the market, so it’s easy to find the best anti-theft screws for your needs. As a sample, we leave you our analysis of the most outstanding options. A list where we include from cheap and simple models to others of higher quality and somewhat higher price. However, they are all suitable to prevent you from finding your vehicle without wheels.

Mcgard anti-theft screws

1. McGard 28018SU Standard Anti-Theft Wheel Bolts

McGard products, considered by many users to be the best brand of anti-theft bolts on the market, are a benchmark when it comes to preventing your wheels from rolling off your vehicle. 

Among the reasons for its success are a high quality construction, with a triple coating of nickel and chrome, as well as a design and a certified manufacturing process, to enjoy greater peace of mind. This is just what we find in the McGard 28018SU Standard model. These screws are designed for VAG group vehicles such as Audi, Volkswagen or Seat. 

The advantage of these screws is that the coding system of the different parts is variable, so it is much more difficult to extract the screws in an unauthorized way, even if the thief has such a key. Small variations that make the product even safer.

We leave you more details of one of the best anti-theft screws of 2022 according to experts and also users.


Manufacturing: The manufacturing process of these screws is certified, as proof of their quality.

Resistance : The screw treatment system increases their resistance.

Coating : The screws are finished with a high quality and durable chrome nickel coating.

Coding system: To add extra security to the product, the screws have an additional security coding.


Applications : These screws are suitable for VAG group vehicles, but maybe not for other brands.

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Anti-theft screws for Seat

2. Febi Bilstein 27056 Wheel Bolt Kit

When looking for the best anti-theft screws of the moment, it is key to verify the compatibility of the product with your vehicle. Not all bolts fit the same wheels or vehicles. In case you are looking for anti-theft screws for Seat, you will have to resort to specific designs, such as the Febi Bilstein 27056. 

This game is also compatible with numerous vehicles from the Volkswagen group, such as Audi or Volkswagen themselves, as well as others from Mercedes Benz. Specifically, this set of screws has measurements of 23.7 millimeters in diameter by a length of 53.5 millimeters, of which 29 millimeters correspond to the thread. A versatile approach and manufactured with high-quality and resistant materials, which are finished off with chrome plating that prevents the wear and tear of handling the screws. 

This quality is also present in the glass part, facilitating the assembly and disassembly of your tires.

So that you know which anti-theft screws to buy, we give you more information regarding what this product puts at your fingertips.


Finish: The finish of the pieces and the cup prevents the deterioration of the screws during handling.

Durability: Thanks to its materials you will obtain extra resistance against possible theft attempts and against the elements.

Cup: The cup maintains the manufacturing quality of the screws, for better quality.

Compatibility: The screws cover almost any vehicle of the VAG group, as well as other similar brands.


Fitting: On some vehicles some skill may be required to protect the mount and fit from the screws.

Plugs: You may need to replace the plugs on the bolts that your car previously mounted.

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Anti-theft bolts for Mercedes

3. BC Corona TOR9920 Set of 4 Anti-Theft Screws 

Compared to anti-theft bolts with more closed compatibility, the BC Corona TOR9920 model can be used on a wide range of makes and vehicles, so if you require anti-theft bolts for Mercedes, Peugeot, Ford or Volvo, these may be what you need. 

The screws have measures of 14 x 150 of type L30, which covers a wide variety of options for installation. These screws have been manufactured in high quality steel with an integral system, which adds even greater strength and durability to them. Something similar to what the outer coating provides, with which to avoid oxidation and the deterioration of the assembly and disassembly of the tires. 

So you just have to install them comfortably, using the included key, and completely forget about thieves. By the way, the glass has a dark tone finish that makes it easier to place it on the key and view the set more efficiently.

Giving your car rims extra security is very simple thanks to what this kit of anti-theft screws offers you.


Materials: The integral and seamless manufacturing of the screws gives them extra resistance during use.

Compatibility: It is one of the games with the greatest compatibility that we have found, being suitable for dozens of models.

Variety: In addition to its wide compatibility, the manufacturer also has other versions, to cover almost any vehicle. 


Manual use: The notch of the key has little depth, so its use with manual keys presents some slack.

Single Head: Only one head is included, so you won’t have a replacement if you lose or break it.

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Anti-theft wheel bolts 

4. Heyner StilBull Locking Wheel Nut

If you need anti-theft wheel bolts with extra security, you can turn to this Heyner StilBull model. This incorporates a specific coding system using a three-bolt system. Depending on the set configuration, these bolts have a depth, in a similar approach to door keys. So if you don’t have the right wrench, you won’t be able to remove the bolts. 

The product also has high quality materials, which adequately withstand assembly and disassembly, as well as the most complex climatic conditions. Something that is helped by the additional cap that each screw includes, which prevents dirt from penetrating into the area of ​​​​the bolts. 

A complete solution that also includes an additional socket wrench, so you have a spare in case of problems.

If you are looking for high security for your wheels, turn to this set of anti-theft bolts with unique keys.


Glasses: These screws are accompanied by two glasses, so that you have one as an answer in case you lose the other.

Compatibility: The compatibility of the product is suitable for different makes and models of vehicles.

Presentation: Compared to the soft plastic blister, this lot is presented in a comfortable hard plastic box.


Finishes: Some models have an improvable finish, although it is only an aesthetic detail.

Keys: It is key that you do not lose the two keys, because in this case you will have to “burst” the screws to remove them.

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Anti-theft screws for Peugeot

5. PSA Citroen Peugeot Anti-theft bolt set 

For those who prefer to resort to original spare parts and are looking for anti-theft bolts for Peugeot or Citroen, nothing better than having the same parts that the manufacturer mounts on their vehicles. This kit of anti-theft screws comes from the PSA group itself, so you will have no problem mounting it on those vehicles that are compatible with its measurements.  

A product with the usual quality of a first equipment part, which is perceived in details such as the kit’s manufacturing material. Also in others such as the additional washer included, which improves tightening and takes care of all the elements involved in the process. And compared to the chrome finish, these screws are galvanized, for better durability.

Regarding the key, it can vary according to models, with differences in its approach. This prevents a key from being used on other vehicles for tire theft.

Enjoy the quality of an original spare part and make it difficult for thieves when it comes to removing your tires.


Original part: The part comes directly from the manufacturer, thus improving compatibility and simplifying its assembly.

Quality: Thanks to the manufacturing materials of the product, these screws have high durability and resistance.

Washer: A washer is included on the bolt, which reduces pressure on the rim and improves tightening.


Price: Since we are talking about original spare parts, it is obvious that the cost of the product is higher than that of other cheaper screws.

Compatibility: Do not forget to check that the screw fits your car model, to avoid inconveniences.

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Anti-theft car screws

6. Qiilu Anti-Theft Wheel Bolts for Rims

Qiilu anti-theft car bolts are another option that will come in handy when it comes to preventing the theft of your rims. This product has a high-quality metal construction, as well as a subsequent heat treatment, which increases the resistance of the metal and increases the durability of the screws. This translates into greater overall resistance and also a more efficient response to possible theft attempts. 

For its part, the lot also includes the necessary glass to proceed with the assembly and disassembly of the screws. A piece that fits precisely inside the nuts, with a more compact design than the socket models. 

Finally, the product offers compatibility with numerous vehicles of the Volkswagen group. However, it will be convenient to verify this aspect prior to the purchase.

Here are some additional details regarding these bolts and what they can do to protect your rims.


Materials: The screws have been made of high quality metal, with high durability.

Treatment: The thermal treatment of the material increases the resistance of the screws against theft.

Opening glass: The screw opening glass is more compact, so you can carry it in the glove box without any hassle.


Color: Compared to the chrome finish of other models, these screws have a black finish, something striking if the rim is clear.

Head: It is key to fit the head well to avoid wear, due to its characteristics.

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Anti-theft bolts for BMW

7. Safe your car Anti-theft wheel insurance 

The Safe Your Car 0520502 kit is all you need if you’re looking for anti-theft bolts for BMW. But in honor of the truth and given the wide compatibility of this kit, the truth is that the screws are used for dozens of makes and models of vehicles. Part of the explanation is in its conical design and with measurements M12 x 1.5 x 26 millimeters, one of the most common. 

In order for the product to perform as it should, it has been manufactured with high-quality and resistant materials, which will not make it easy for thieves when trying to remove the rims. As always, the corresponding key for its assembly is included, in cup format, which allows the assembly and disassembly of the screws. 

A host of functions that are not very common in cheap models, so it is not surprising that we are facing the best value for money anti-theft screws in our selection.

We analyze this set of screws in detail to leave you the most important points of them below.


Head Design: The head is made with high-strength segments for increased durability.

Compatibility: They are used for numerous BMW models and also for dozens of makes and models of vehicles.

Caps: With this product you will not need new caps, thanks to the design of the heads.


Conical shape: It is key to keep in mind that the screws have a conical format and not circular.

Cup: The cup is a bit larger than desirable, although this also makes it easier to mount and remove the screws.

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Anti-theft wheel bolts 

8. Sumex BZA2528 Set of Four Anti-Theft Screws

The Sumex BZA2528 kit is another interesting alternative to equip yourself with some good anti-theft wheel bolts. A high-quality product that shows it from the first moment, thanks to an integral construction and with DD-type measurements, which are compatible with a good part of the vehicles on the market. 

Thanks to the quality of their materials, these screws make it difficult for thieves to gain unauthorized access to the rims, while withstanding the most complex conditions of use. In addition, the flower-shaped design and the glass specifically designed for opening make it easier to remove them when necessary. 

As extras, we find high-level details, such as the double glass, which allows us to have a spare extractor if we lose the original, or a hard plastic case, where we can keep everything well stored and close at hand.

Improve the anti-theft security of your tires with the design and resistance of this interesting Sumex model.


Measurements: Thanks to their measurements, these screws are suitable for use in a wide variety of vehicles.

Format: The flower-shaped format adequately distributes the force during tightening and does not deteriorate as much with use.

Double glass: This model includes two glasses, so you have a spare in case you lose one of them.


Finish: Some aspects of the finish and polish can be improved, although it is not something that affects the durability of the product.

Caps: Due to the size of the heads, it is difficult to place the caps of the screws on them. 

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Accessories for anti-theft screws

Anti-theft screw extractor for BMW

Beley 22 Piece Lock Nut Wrench Set

If you need an anti-theft screw extractor for BMW, nothing better than resorting to this complete Beley kit. The product has been designed for use on original BMW rims and bolts, covering practically all the specific needs and the specific forms that you may find in the process. 

Using the kit is as simple as choosing the corresponding key, mounting it on the head and completing the assembly with the extension arm, which makes it easier to carry out the work more comfortably. And when you don’t need it, simply store the hard plastic case wherever you want until the next use.

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Wrench to remove anti-theft screws 

Kusonkey Universal Socket Wrench 

To make the process of mounting and dismounting wheels easy for you, nothing better than resorting to a quality and adequate wrench to remove anti-theft bolts. These are the details that we find in this KusonKey model, equipped with 54 internal rods made of chrome vanadium and that are adjusted as necessary when removing nuts. 

It is enough to press the glass against the screw and let the bars adjust, in order to achieve an adequate coupling on the piece. A good alternative to work with in case you lose the conventional keys to remove the screws.

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Sockets for removing anti-theft screws

Lanniu 13 Pieces Nut Extractor Set

The Lanniu anti-theft screw socket kit is another alternative with which you can fight against damaged anti-theft screws or those whose keys you have lost. This kit contains 13 cups of different sizes and characteristics, which make it easy to remove them, even if they have been damaged. 

Thanks to their shapes, it is possible to work with them using ratchets, pistols and other types of keys. And so that durability is not a problem either, the material has a high resistance to wear and oxide, also taking care of the bolts and screws on which we use them.

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Shopping guide

These days, almost every vehicle that comes out of a dealership is fitted with stylish alloy wheels. In addition, many drivers have changed those old iron rims for more modern proposals. The problem is that these wheels can be easily disassembled and stolen. Something that you can solve with any suitable option that you find in a good comparison of anti-theft screws. So that you know what to look for, we leave you our guide to buying the best anti-theft screws, where we indicate the keys to finding the best product according to your needs.

Measurements and compatibility

The first thing we have to know is that not all anti-theft screws are suitable for all vehicles. Just as each car has tires of a different type, with specific measurements and dimensions, rims also vary in size, weight and characteristics. And consequently, the spaces for screwing and the specific characteristics that the screw must have also do so.

To choose the necessary product for your vehicle, you have two options. One of them is to resort to the equivalence lists that the screw manufacturers offer. They include all vehicles suitable for a certain model of anti-theft bolts. So all you have to do is look for compatible screws, both for the make and version of your vehicle and for the year of manufacture.

As an alternative, we can resort to a search related to the measurements of the screw. The problem is that, in this case, you must previously know those specific dimensions. You can use the previously installed screws as a reference, measuring both the diameter of the head and the diameter of the bolt area and the extension of the insertable area. Also, check the shape of the screw, depending on whether it is conical or conventional. These are usually the most common parameters to search for these parts.

Manufacturing materials

Another interesting aspect when buying one of these screws is the manufacturing materials and their finish. Two issues that determine both how much the product costs and how efficient it is in fulfilling its mission.

In general, the anti-theft bolts are made of high-quality and resistant steel, since they not only have to keep the wheel in place when driving, but they should also withstand attacks by thieves. Therefore, it is convenient that this steel has been specially hardened by thermal or mechanical processes. These procedures add even more hardness to the material and increase safety.

Regarding the finishes, it is key that the screws are chromed with a quality coating. An issue that is not only aesthetic, but also serves as protection against oxidation and the friction inherent in the assembly and disassembly of the screws that hold the tire. Issues that are usually present in the different models that we find on the market, although they do not always measure up to the cheap anti-theft screws that we can buy.

head design

One of the peculiarities of the anti-theft screws is the head. This does not have a standardized design, but it varies depending on the manufacturer and the model. Precisely for this reason the screws are safe and prevent theft. Let’s think that if a manufacturer made all the heads and all the keys the same, it would make it easier to disassemble the parts.

In any case, some manufacturers do have a tendency to repeat the designs of the heads and extraction keys of their anti-theft screws more frequently than is desirable. Yes it is true that they are the least but it is something that happens. It would also be quite a coincidence that the thieves have the key to the tires that we have mounted, but it can happen.

To avoid this, some manufacturers incorporate different ideas with which to modify the heads and vessels and make them almost unique. Some of them opt for specific and variable designs, while others incorporate small notches in a standard design, in the manner of a door key, which make each set of anti-theft screws unique. Systems with which to add extra security to our screws.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to remove anti-theft screws?

To remove anti-theft screws, it is necessary to have the socket or head corresponding to the key. We will start by placing this head on the screw, verifying that it is well fitted. Next, we will proceed to disassemble the wheel as we would in normal conditions, either by means of a conventional cross wrench, by means of a pneumatic gun or any other similar system.

In case you don’t have the key, then things get complicated, because you will need a set of master sockets to proceed with the disassembly or perform a welding in the area of ​​the screw to carry out its extraction. So never forget where you left the glass for the screws.

Q2: Do I need to carry the 2 anti-theft screws of the car?

The idea of ​​having a set equipped with two anti-theft screws is to have a spare part. This solves a possible loss of the screw removal cup or the possible deterioration of the same related to use. So it is not essential to carry the two screws in the car. What we must do is keep the spare screw well, in case we need it one day.


Q3: How to put anti-theft screws?

Mounting your vehicle’s anti-theft bolts is as easy as mounting conventional bolts. The only difference is that in the tightening wrench or in the pneumatic gun you must place the specific additional socket for the assembly of that anti-theft screw and fit it well before starting the tightening. Previously, we should fit the screw and thread it a little to facilitate later assembly, just as we would do with conventional models. It is key to verify the correct fit of the socket during tightening, especially if it is done by hand, so as not to damage the structure of the screw head.

Q4: How do the anti-theft screws work?

One of the keys to the parts that our vehicles assemble is standardization. Many parts and elements have common characteristics, which facilitates their economic manufacture and also their assembly. But when it comes to preventing the theft of our wheels, this is a problem, since if all the screws are the same, anyone can disassemble them.

This is the “secret” of anti-theft wheel bolts. These screws change the shape of the head, which prevents them from being loosened with a conventional wrench. Something that requires having the specific key for the type of screw that we have installed, since, if not, it will be almost impossible to proceed with that disassembly. And it is that, although there are solutions such as master glasses and other similar remedies for the most clueless, these have a considerable price or can even damage the rims, if it is necessary to resort to welding and other extreme measures.

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