The 8 Best Borriquetas of 2022

Borriquetas – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


When it comes to carrying out small repair tasks on your vehicle, it is not always necessary to go to a workshop. Some operations can be conveniently performed with a simple pair of jackstands, which help raise the vehicle and hold it securely in place. A task for which we have products such as the AmazonBasics SW-STJK02 stands, with a supported weight of 1.8 tons and a simple approach with which to achieve a good working height in a stable manner. If what you need to insure is a caravan, you have the ProPlus Aluminum model, made up of four elements and a total load capacity of 3,600 kilos.

The 8 Best Borriquetas – Opinions 2022

When it comes to accessing the bottom of our car safely, it is convenient to trust the best jack stands you can find. At the end of the day, security is well worth investing a little in safe and quality products. Options like the ones we include in our list of the best borriquetas of 2022, where you will have proposals of all kinds for almost any use. Ideal so that deciding which are the best jack stands for your vehicle does not take you longer than necessary.

Borriquetas for car

1. AmazonBasics Steel Stabilizing Jacks

Designed to carry out all kinds of maintenance tasks, the AmazonBasics SW-STJK02 car stands are an interesting proposal and are among the cheap options on the current market. 

This kit has a total resistance of about 1,815 kilos, making it suitable for most passenger cars and light vehicles. The lifting process is carried out by means of a lever, with which it is easy to raise the support as far as necessary. A resistance derived from its steel construction and an approach that properly distributes the load for greater safety, as we would expect from the best jack stands of the moment.

This support has been shaped to accommodate the axle comfortably, thus preventing the vehicle from moving during the operations you carry out under it, and allows a height ranging from 26.5 to 40.2 centimeters.

Working safely is much easier thanks to the high resistance that this Amazon product puts at our fingertips.


Resistance : The resistance of the set is slightly higher than 1,800 kilos, being suitable for all types of cars.

Construction : Its high-resistance steel construction prevents premature deterioration of the legs, as well as other risks.

Self- locking : The self-locking system prevents the ratchet from recoiling and gives the clamping more stability.

Height : The product can be placed at heights ranging from 265 to 402 millimeters.

Support : The U-shaped support firmly supports the axle and gives the vehicle more stability during lifting.


Use : Although it is a good quality product, it is not recommended for intensive or professional use.

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2. Maxtools CJS300 Stands 

For those who prefer traditional but high quality car stands, the Maxtools CSJ300 model is an interesting alternative. This product of rigid design is capable of supporting up to 3 tons of weight on its surface, altogether. 

Its professional design adds adequate solidity and resistance to all its elements when it comes to supporting the weight, with a very easy-to-use manual adjustment system. Simply move the lever to raise the stand, with useful heights ranging from 295 to 435 millimeters in height, slightly higher than other similar models. 

It also includes details such as the rubber head, with which it is easier to protect the vehicle when placing it on an elevation. Very suitable therefore for more intensive uses and in which you need a little more force than that of the 2-ton models.

So that you have all the necessary information when deciding which borriquetas to buy, we give you some more details about this product.


Load : The product has a load capacity of 3 tons, suitable for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Head : The rubber head protects the vehicle body and prevents damage to it during support.

Height : The maximum height is 435 millimeters, somewhat higher than other similar models.

Format : Its rigid design eliminates risks and adds more security to the stands.


Adjustment : The adjustment is manual, by means of a thick metal bar. Somewhat more uncomfortable than lever models.

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Borriquetas for caravan

3. ProPlus Support Frames for trailers and caravans

When it comes to keeping your caravan or trailer stable in place, caravan stands are a great help. In today’s market, we find options such as the aluminum ProPlus kit. A product made of this resistant material and made up of four pieces, capable of offering a combined load resistance of up to 3,600 kilos.

The result is an efficient batch, with which to keep your caravan without displacement and properly secured, for which each piece includes a height adjustment system by means of a thread, somewhat more difficult to install than the lever but which in return gives more stability.. This support offers an adjustable height that goes from 28 to 43 centimeters, being able to use any height you need within that range. 

And so that they accompany you for a long time, the borriquetas have been manufactured to offer high resistance to cold, rain and the rest of the threats they will face.

Stabilize your caravan comfortably with this complete kit of four stands manufactured by ProPlus.


Load : This lot has the capacity to support up to 3,600 kilos of weight, 900 per unit.

Height : Thanks to its route, it is possible to achieve a lifting level of up to 43 centimeters.

Materials : The stands have been made of high quality aluminium, withstanding the most complex conditions of use.

Light weight : Despite its resistance, it is a light product, which facilitates its assembly and subsequent storage.


Adjustment : Although the screw-in adjustment system is very versatile, it is also more cumbersome to use than the lever models.

Base : The open base system requires placing the borriquetas on stable ground, so that they do not dig into the ground.

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4. Sumex 2202013 Set of Two Car Stands/Stands

If you have a trailer-type caravan and just need a good pair of jack stands for stabilization, it is possible to turn to alternatives outside of traditional caravan jack stands. Among them, we have the Sumex 2202013 set, made up of two pieces with a total load capacity of up to 3 tons per pair.

This product has a lifting system using a lever, which facilitates proper placement of the stands under the vehicle at the necessary height, without threads or inconvenience. It also has a good lifting height, which reaches 42 centimeters, in line with other similar models.

In addition, it has a U-shaped format in the head area, although if you prefer it in a flat format, simply buy a simple adapter, depending on what you need. A comfortable alternative to use and very safe for your field days.

Insure your caravan or trailer in just a few minutes with this practical product that is different from the usual.


Load capacity: This model is capable of supporting up to 3 tons of weight, being suitable for the heaviest caravans.

Elevation: The lever elevation system simplifies the mounting process of the stands.

Design: Thanks to its resistant steel construction, the product withstands the most complex conditions of use.


Header: The U-shaped head may not fit the caravan well, although you can fix this with a simple rubber adaptor.

Height adjustment: The height adjustment is not as precise as in other models, as it is linked to the position of the bar.

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Hydraulic jack and stands kit

5. Hilka 82930240 Kit 2 Ton Trolley Jack In Bmc

When it comes to working under the vehicle, it is necessary to raise it beforehand. A task in which a hydraulic jack and stands kit such as the Hilka 82930240 model can help. 

This kit incorporates a conventional, compact-sized jack with a pair of two-tonne lifting capacity jack stands, so you don’t need anything else to raise the vehicle. The jack has a hydraulic system with a lever and a resistant format, thus making it possible to raise the vehicle comfortably. Once up, the 2-tonne heavy-duty jack stands keep it in place while you work on the bottom.

These stands have a U-shaped support, but can also be mounted with the included flat adapters, depending on your needs. The lot is finished off with a hard plastic case, where you can store the jack when not in use.

Complete your home workshop with this hydraulic jack and jack stand kit, with which you can comfortably raise your car when you need it.


Jack : The hydraulic jack has a compact size, but at the same time it makes it easy to lift your vehicle.

Materials : All parts have been made of high quality and resistance steel, withstanding use without problems.

Adapters : The supports are U-shaped, although adapters are also included to give them a flat format.


Descent : The descent of the jack is somewhat faster than would be desirable, and should be done with caution.

Fold : The borriquetas are foldable, so you must take care that they are well extended during use.

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6. Jomafa Set Of 2 Trestles 

The Jomafa JMK10050 set is a complete jack and stands kit that will make any task you have to do under your vehicle easier. Starting with the jack, it has a maximum lifting capacity of 35.5 centimeters and supports an estimated weight of 2 tons. Its compact size and hydraulic operation make this lifting process easy. 

Regarding the stands, they have a height of 28.5 to 42.5 centimeters, adjustable by means of the most classic lever system, more comfortable than the manual adjustment mode. These stands offer a resistance of two tons of weight with a U-shaped head, on which it is easy to locate the axles of the car to gain safety.

In addition, the head is compatible with flat rubber bands, so if you prefer this support you can buy it separately and use it safely.

Carry out simple repairs with ease thanks to this complete set of jacks and jack stands manufactured by Jomafa.


Elevation system : The lever elevation makes it easier to place the stands at the desired height.

Certificate : All elements of the kit have been accredited with the corresponding GS CE and TUV SUD certification.

Maximum height : The stands stay at a height of 42.5 centimeters, in line with other similar models.


Weights : Although the jack stands have resistance for 3 tons, the capacity of the jack is only two.

Finishes : Some finishes can be improved, especially with regard to the shape of the welds.

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folding stands 

7. Silverline 676260 Folding Trestles 

If you are looking for a folding product from a firm candidate to be the best current jack stands brand, learn a little more about this Silverline proposal. Specifically, we are talking about the Silverline 676260 model, made of carbon steel and finished off with an electro-painted exterior, which better withstands use and corrosion. 

This folding structure has a load capacity of up to 2,000 kilos, to make it easier for you to support any tourism with solvency. A process in which you have a U-shaped head, although less pronounced than in other folding stands, which adds more stability to the whole. 

The kit is collapsible and includes a pin with two height adjustments, suitable for different tasks. A quality model from a well-known brand, so it is not surprising that we are dealing with the best value for money borriquetas in our selection.

Diving among the cheapest options on the market, we find quality jack stands like these, which we analyze below.


Construction: Its manufacture in carbon steel with corrosion-resistant paint further improves its approach.

Foldable: The foldable design is very safe and reduces the size of the product when not in use.

Weight: The model successfully supports loads of up to 2,000 kilos per set of stands.


Unfolding: As with all folding stands, it is key to verify that they are properly unfolded before placing them.

Adjustment: The adjustment positions are somewhat reduced compared to the options offered by similar products.

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metallic borriquetas

8. Jomafa Mechanical trestles 

The Jomafa 94853 metal jack stands are an interesting alternative for those who need to secure larger loads than usual. For such users, this product offers the possibility of supporting weights of up to 3 tons per stand or 6 tons in total, being suitable for working with industrial vehicles and other larger ones that are supported by the lighter models. 

To achieve such resistance, this model has been manufactured with high-level steel and stable feet and specially designed for this purpose, with which the loaded assembly does not move or slide. The stands are raised using the usual ratchet system, thus facilitating a more comfortable rise and adjustment of their height, which reaches 43.5 centimeters, also including the usual quick-release system for when you have finished working.

Lifting the heaviest loads is easy and safe when you use high level stands like these.


Load : This model supports a total weight of 6 tons, with a useful load of 3 tons for each stand.

Ratchet : The ratchet system facilitates a more comfortable and stable lifting, also including the quick release mode.

Support feet : Improved support feet give more stability to the set when working.


Base : It is key to use the borriquetas on a solid base such as cement or asphalt, to prevent them from sinking into the ground.

Rubber : The rubber support on the support part is missing, with which to avoid damage to the vehicle body.

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Shopping guide

The stands are a good alternative to carry out all kinds of work and repairs in the lower part of our vehicle when we do not have a lifting bridge or a pit, which is usual, or when due to the simple nature of the tasks to be carried out, neither so much is needed. However, it is key that this product is selected wisely, due to the risk that a poor quality selection can cause. To avoid this, nothing better than reading our guide to buying the best borriquetas and knowing what you should take into account when equipping yourself.

type of stand

The first thing we should know is that not all jack stands are the same with respect to the lifting or weight holding system they use. In general, there are three existing systems: mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic stands; although, as we will see, the most common is that we find products belonging to the first class.

In the mechanical type stands we use a lever or similar to vary the position of the support. As we pull that lever, the height of the jack stands rises, also having a release element that returns it to the initial position. In this group there are also models with a support bar, in which we choose the height and fix it manually using a large metal bar.

Leaving aside the mechanical models, we would have the hydraulic models. In this case, we have a system that uses a fluid to raise the jackstand and maintain its position. Similar is the system of the air models, which require a compressor to maintain the elevation pressure. They are more comfortable options than the manual ones, although their cost is higher and they are recommended only for more intensive use or in professional environments.

Loading capacity

What we should not skimp on when looking for a good and economical jack stands is the load capacity offered by the product. Let us think that those of us who are going to be under the car are going to be ourselves, so it should not matter to us how much that borriqueta costs as long as it fulfills its mission safely.

In general, the stands have a maximum reference weight that we should not exceed. Therefore, when making our purchase, it will be necessary to know the weight of the vehicle or vehicles that we plan to load on these supports and choose the equipment that best suits us. If you do not know the weight of the car, you can check it on the technical sheet, in which that information is collected.

Among the existing options, we have stands with a capacity to support 2 tons, enough for almost any car, 3 tons for vans and the like, and already industrial models, which start at 6 tons of load capacity. That weight is not per borriqueta, but per couple. By the way, always leave a margin above for greater safety, so that the capacity of the jack stand is always above that of the load to be placed.

product safety

To conclude our advice, we are going to focus on security. Part of that security depends on choosing a suitable product for the work that we are going to carry out, although there are also aspects to look at when evaluating any comparison of jack stands that falls into our hands.

Among these elements, we have the shape of the supports. Some models have supports designed to place the axles of the vehicle on the stand, embracing it and preventing it from being damaged or moved. This option is safer than the flat models, in which the vehicle rests but is not as well fixed. In any case, choosing between one model or another depends on the shape of the support areas that the vehicle has.

It is also key to see both the brand and the product certifications. At a time when many options of economic price and dubious origin come before us, it is convenient to verify that the quality of these equipment is adequate. Something that we can achieve by betting on top-level brands and that have the appropriate certifications offered by organizations with the German TUV or the European Community itself, which adds extra peace of mind when getting under the car. 

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to make wooden borriquetas?

Although the most recommended option is to resort to already-made metal stands, it is possible to use wooden stands on an occasional basis or in those jobs in which we do not have to raise the vehicle completely off the ground. For this, it is necessary to use high quality and resistant wood, taking into account the weight of the vehicle.

You should also consider the target height that the stand should have, so that once the vehicle is released on it, it is at the desired height. Make sure that the jack stand has the largest contact surface possible, as this helps to better distribute the weight on the piece once the car is sitting on it. As for the joining of the material, it is convenient to do it with long and thick nails, for greater peace of mind during use. Do not forget to check the state of the borriqueta in each use, to avoid problems.

Q2: How to put jack stands in a caravan?

To put the jack stands in a caravan, we will start by lowering the additional wheel, to have more support. We will also stop the caravan and place the chocks, to further stabilize it. Next, we will identify the support points for the jack and the stands, starting to raise the vehicle. It is important to lift one wheel at a time for good stability.

Finally, we will leave the vehicle resting on the stands, lowering the jack slowly so as not to break anything. It is important that the position of the stands is correct, whether you are going to make repairs or if you want to immobilize the caravan for camping. In the latter case, you can choose between removing the tires or changing them for old ones, so that the running tires do not deteriorate during parking.


Q3: How to put 4 stands?

To place the car on four stands, the first thing you should know is the support points of the vehicle. Right here is where we will have to place the aforementioned jack stands when fixing the vehicle once raised. Something as important as knowing where you have to place the jack to raise the vehicle, both from the front and from the rear. And this is key, since you are going to have to do it both in the lower area of ​​the engine and in the trunk, where improper support can cause a breakdown. So it is key to check in the manual where to place the jack.

Once you have all these aspects clear, we will start by jacking the car up high enough to be able to put the stands in place. We will do the same with the other axis. It is key to take extreme precautions, since we will have a considerable weight attached to the stands and any bad movement can cause a problem.

Q4: How do the stands work?

The borriquetas are nothing more than mere metal supports, in which the vehicle remains suspended while we dedicate ourselves to carrying out various repairs. Its operation is quite simple, limiting itself to keeping the vehicle in its position once we lower it on them.

It is important that each jack stand is properly secured and that they are all at the same height so that the vehicle stays in place when it touches them. Complying with these simple precautions there will be no problem for the operation of the stands to be safe.

Q5: How to raise the car to the stands?

To raise the car to the stands, it will be necessary to know which are the necessary support points depending on what we want to lift. It is key that these points are correct, because if you do not do so, you may damage the chassis or break something. To raise the car, we start by raising the jack on the corresponding side (front, rear or side), applying the force where the chassis allows it and suits us best.

Once the car has been raised, it will be necessary to adjust the jackstand to the height that corresponds to what we are going to do and the lifting capacity offered by the jack, placing the metal pin well to prevent it from closing unexpectedly. This step must be repeated on each side, always maintaining the correct height on each stand and trying not to make sudden movements or let the car fall suddenly.

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