The 8 Best Car Fire Extinguishers of 2022

Car Fire Extinguisher – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The fire extinguishers designed for cars are smaller versions of their counterparts, mainly to be able to be transported in the vehicle without taking up too much space, in addition to facilitating their handling in small environments. A good purchase alternative, if you need to acquire one, could be the Smartwares FEX-15122. This car fire extinguisher is suitable for fighting flames of different origins, as well as providing a good amount of dry powder, for your peace of mind. Another option that may interest you is the Faycom RC00001. This model stands out for having a compact size, being small enough to carry even in the glove compartment.

The 8 Best Car Fire Extinguishers – Opinions 2022


Accidents are unpredictable, but you can try to have safety tools at hand in such a case. One of them is fire extinguishers, which may be mandatory to carry in the car, according to regulations. Below, you will find some purchase options that may interest you.

2 kilogram car fire extinguisher


1. Smartwares FEX 15122 Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher


Smartwares FEX-15122 is an alternative in fire extinguishers that you can use in the car or at home, as needed.

This model has a capacity of 2 kilograms, respecting the safety regulations of the regulations. It specifically contains dry powder, which has extinguishing qualities, for type A, B and C fires, helping to control various dangerous situations.

Its size is 12.5 x 41.5 x 13 centimeters and it weighs 3.6 kilograms, so you can handle it properly if you need it. In addition, it stands out that it includes a support with which you can install it on the wall or adapt it, to place it under the seat of the vehicle.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it is among one of the cheapest 2-kilogram car fire extinguishers in this list.

The Smartwares FEX-15122 may possibly become the best car fire extinguisher of the moment and here you can get to know it better:


Efficiency: It is an efficient extinguisher against fire from various sources, to offer greater safety.

Pressure gauge: The presence of the pressure gauge will allow you to check the pressure status when using the extinguisher.

Indications: The indications for use are in several languages, including Spanish, to clear up any doubts when using it.

Certificate: It has the BSI certificate for full compliance with ISO standards that evaluate quality and safety.


Straps: If you are going to place it under the seat, you should use straps that can hold it safely.

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2. Grupo Cano Lopera ABC Dry Powder Universal Fire Extinguisher


This Grupo Cano Lopera brand product could be the best car fire extinguisher for some, which is why you should consider it among your purchase options.

It is a kit with 2 kilograms of dry powder, so you can control a fire in case of an accident. It is effective against fires A, B and C, in addition to being used in private vehicles, caravans, motorcycles and even at home.

In addition to this, this 2-kilogram car fire extinguisher has a metal support, which will provide a comfortable space and a resistant structure, to hold the cylinder if you want to mount it on the wall.

It offers easy handling and an ergonomic handle with which you can apply the necessary pressure, to release the extinguishing agent when necessary.

In order to help you decide if this is the car fire extinguisher you need, here are some relevant details:


ABC: It will be able to fight fires of class A, B and C, to be more useful in case of an eventuality.

Manufacturing: It has a robust manufacturing body that will keep it safe from wear.

Support: The support will help keep it in place during rides.

Compatibility: You will be able to use this fire extinguisher in different spaces, thanks to its performance against flames.


Weight: The content of fire fighting agent makes it heavier than others.

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small fire extinguisher for car


3. Faycom Mini Stop Fire extinguisher for home car


Another product that could easily be among the best car fire extinguishers of 2022 is the Faycom RC00001, a mini-sized and easy-to-handle model that will help you fight any start of fire with agility.

This bottle is 750 milliliters and contains AFFF active foam, which is aqueous and alcohol-resistant, to be effective in extinguishing class A and B fires. This makes it useful to carry in the car in case of an eventuality.

Its size is also striking, given that it has a length of 26.3 centimeters and a diameter of 7.4 centimeters, allowing it to be easily accommodated in a support under the seat or between the doors.

On the other hand, this small car fire extinguisher has a rigid and resistant cylinder, which will allow you to use it in a temperature range that goes from -20 °C to 50 °C.

Faycom may become the best brand of fire extinguishers for cars and models such as the RC00001 offer attractive advantages:


Compact: The fire extinguisher is compact in size and also lightweight, so as not to take up space and be easy to handle.

Cleaning: Cleaning the residues of the extinguishing chemical agent is simple, thanks to the composition of its materials.

Range of use: It has a wide range of ambient temperature within which it can work without problems.

Range: The range of the sprinkler is long and will allow you to be a safe distance from the fire.


Capacity: Keep in mind that its capacity makes it suitable only for small fires.

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4. Securikit Pack Saving 30% 3 Foam extinguishing spray


If you are wondering which is the best car fire extinguisher, you are probably interested in knowing the Securikit 8437015955148, since it is a pack that includes several compact units.

Specifically, with the purchase of this offer you will get 3 fire extinguisher canisters loaded with active foam and specially designed for use in cars. Each cylinder has 750 grams of product and they have their respective nozzles, in order to have them ready to use.

The foam used by the extinguisher is efficient with A and B fires, since the suffocating effects of the aqueous foam will help reduce the emission of the flames, with the intention of controlling them.

In addition to this, the Securikit small car fire extinguisher has indications printed directly on the cylinder, so that it can be handled by inexperienced people, in the event of an eventuality.

When you are not sure about which car fire extinguisher to buy, we invite you to take into account the benefits of this pack:


Pack: This offer provides you with 3 containers of extinguishing agent, with which to put out small fires.

Compact: The boats have compact and manageable sizes, to avoid taking up space in the car.

Safe: As they do not present toxic elements, they are safe to use in various spaces.

Aftermath: The components of the formula do not cause damage to the ozone layer, being more ecological than others.


Regulations: Please note that due to the type of cylinder and the agent, this product is not authorized to replace a fire extinguisher.

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Other products


5. Anaf Fire Extinguisher for Car Boat Caravan Boats House


Having a fire extinguisher is part of the prevention methods against accidents and fires and this model of the Anaf brand could offer everything you are looking for.

We are facing a 1-kilogram fire extinguisher that contains dry powder, which will allow you to suffocate type A, B and C flames without problems. This makes it suitable for use in the car, caravan, boat, motorcycle and other vehicles.

It is homologated, which guarantees efficient and trouble-free performance whenever required, and includes its own support with plastic straps, to secure the extinguisher wherever you install it.

On the other hand, it offers easy handling, having dimensions of 30 x 9 x 10 centimeters with an approximate weight of 1.4 kilograms, being comfortable to handle, to remove the ring and unlock it.

Anaf’s product may be what you need to equip your home, car or motorcycle with a reliable fire extinguisher and now we invite you to review it better:


Cylinder: The cylinder of the extinguisher is of resistant construction and light weight, providing comfortable handling.

Support: Its support is robust and reliable, being stable to support the fire extinguisher.

Pressure gauge: It has a practical pressure gauge integrated, to check the internal pressure level.

Approved: It has the approval of various security and fire prevention entities.


Screws: The screws necessary for fixing the support are not included with the purchase.

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6. Mobiak powder fire extinguisher with metal support


Another good purchase alternative in fire extinguishers for domestic use could be the Mobiak MBK09-010PA-DF; a 1-kilogram model with NF/CE/EN3 certification, for your safety.

This product contains dry powder and offers an extinguishing capacity of 8A, 34B and C against fires A, B and C. This makes it useful as a safety tool, to carry it in the car or have it installed in the kitchen, for example.

Its design is ergonomic and of the characteristic red color, facilitating its location and identification, if an eventuality arises. It also has the instructions for use for the fire extinguisher, printed directly on the can, so you can follow them to the letter.

The purchase also includes a metal support where you can keep the fire extinguisher safe, as well as a pressure gauge, with which it will be possible to check the pressure level.

For those looking for one of the cheapest purchase proposals, we advise you to review the advantages and disadvantages of the Mobiak model:


Support: The support of this fire extinguisher is made of metal, being robust enough to hold it without problems.

Nozzle: They have a wide outlet capable of providing a constant flow of extinguishing agent.

Manometer: This device will allow you to make sure that the extinguisher is in good condition, to be used.

Management: It offers a simple use, which will avoid setbacks in the event of a fire.


Expiration: Do not forget that the fire extinguishers, this one included, have an expiration date and you must be vigilant, to replace them on time.

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7. Sumex 2505055 Approved Powder Fire Extinguisher With Manometer


Sumex 2505055 is the name corresponding to an approved model of fire extinguisher for cars, with which you can face a case of fire. It features the characteristic red color design with printed indications and relatively compact dimensions for comfortable handling.

It has 1 kilogram of dry powder, so that you can put out flames that have been caused by solid, liquid and gaseous fuel; very useful to carry in the car. It also includes a pressure gauge, with which you can verify the good condition of the content and the cylinder.

The product has the standard security mechanisms in fire extinguishers, so that it can only be used after removing the ring, avoiding incidents in case of handling it. In addition, it should be noted that it comes with its respective security support, which you can use to keep it fixed in the place where you need to install it.

From the Sumex brand, we recommend you consider your option in fire extinguishers, since it has striking benefits for your safety:


Manufacturing: The body of the fire extinguisher has good manufacturing finishes that give the feeling of robustness.

Manual: The stamped instructions for use are accompanied by graphic representations that facilitate their understanding.

Capacity: It has a good amount of extinguishing agent, to suffocate short and medium range flames.

Homologation: It is manufactured based on standards that guarantee safety of use, as well as effectiveness in case of fire.


Screws: It does not have fixing screws, so you must purchase them separately.

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8. FSS UK ABC dry powder fire extinguisher


The FSS UK Flame Fighter could easily be the best value for money car fire extinguisher, given that it has a practical, comfortable design that will take up little space.

This extinguishing agent canister is 27 centimeters long with a 6 centimeters diameter, similar to a water bottle, so you can easily fit it inside the car.

It includes its respective metal support, which takes advantage of the cylinder neck, to properly secure it in the assembly. Likewise, the boat provides a ring insurance, which will prevent the fire extinguisher from being activated by accident.

Regarding the content, the equipment has 600 grams of dry extinguishing powder that can be used to treat various types of fires, as well as from various sources. It is suitable for use in private vehicles, as well as in private properties.

If you are looking for a compact and different model, we invite you to take a look at these pros and cons:


Design: The fire extinguisher boat has a striking and compact design, which you can easily fit inside the car.

Support: Includes a mounting piece, so you have it on hand in case you need it.

Efficacy: The extinguishing agent is effective against fires A, B and C, so you can fight different types of flames.

Management: Its use is intuitive and simple, to activate it quickly if a fire occurs.


Quantity: The quantity inside the bottle is small, so you must be careful when using it.

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car fire extinguisher accessories


car fire extinguisher holder


The Bracketeer Car Fire Extinguisher Bracket


To carry a fire extinguisher in the car, it is recommended that you acquire a special support, which allows you to accommodate it without getting in the way and keeping it close at hand, in case of an eventuality.

And that is what The Bracketeer offers you with its UFEB1317 car fire extinguisher bracket.

This product has a universal anchoring system with which you can easily mount it under the seat of the vehicle, in addition to having a very robust and resistant construction.

It is made of grade 50 steel and its design allows for width adjustment, depending on the installation location of the bolts.

For its part, the size is 32 x 5.7 x 5.7 centimeters and weighs 680 grams.

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Shopping guide


In this space you will find a useful guide to buying the best car fire extinguisher, with objective information that could help you choose the model that best suits your needs, and be able to offer security by having a tool at hand that could save your life.

Fire efficiency

In a comparison of car fire extinguishers, one of the main aspects to determine is the type of fire that can attack and this is usually limited based on the material that has been stored in the cylinder.

According to the analytical tables, the effectiveness of fire extinguishers against fire can be divided into 4 categories: A, B, C and D, depending on the materials, origins and source of the fire.

In class A we find fire from dry fuel bases such as wood, cardboard, paper, plastic, among others. This type is one of the most common inside and outside the car, so it is adaptable to use at home as well.

Evaluating class B, you will come across a fire that has been started using a fossil fuel, that is, gasoline and derivatives, as well as paint or oil. These elements can quickly fuel the fire, in addition to making it aggressive.

Within class C is the fire that has been created with gas explosions, be it butane, propane or those accumulated in cities. These can cause a lot of damage and be difficult to control.

Finally, class D, where fires caused by fuel from metals such as sodium, magnesium or aluminum powder have been considered.

Type of fire extinguisher for car

One of the most important features to review and that can directly influence how much a car fire extinguisher costs is its type itself.

These first aid tools can be divided into 4 types, depending on the content of your cylinder, whether it is water, powder, C02 or for special fires.

Water extinguishers are determined to fight class A fires, since they are produced by solid fuels. They are capable of expelling water directly at the source of the fire, but you must be vigilant and not use it in environments where it could cause a short circuit.

In the case of powder extinguishers, these are among the most popular products, since they can be used to control class A, B, C and D fires. Inside, these extinguishers have dry chemical powder, which acts on the flames, to reduce their intensity.

Likewise, it is also worth highlighting those that use C02, given that, considering their content, they are also useful for the 4 classes of fires and, in addition, it is considered a clean extinguishing product, being suitable for putting out fires on electronic equipment.

Reviewing the last type, that is, the special fires, you should know that these are designed exclusively to deal with class D fires, since they use the suffocation of the flames and even absorb heat through cooling.

cylinder capacity

The capacity of the cylinder in the car fire extinguisher you choose is relevant when choosing a model that you can easily install under the seat or in the trunk, as you prefer, as well as making sure you have a tool with you that can be really useful in case of an emergency.

In this category and, especially for cars, there are models of compact size of 1 kilogram or less, no larger than a bottle of water, which you can even store in the glove compartment, so you can easily take them when you need them.

Other larger capacity models may be more effective and reliable, but keep in mind that they will likely need to be installed in the trunk. For example, those that exceed 1.5 or 2 kilograms of extinguishing material. However, do not worry too much, because if you look carefully, you can find a cheap car fire extinguisher with enough material to feel safe at all times.

cylinder support

An element that many buyers may take into account when choosing a fire extinguisher to carry in the car is its support.

Depending on its model, it may include a wall or under-seat mount and you should carefully choose the one that suits you best. Otherwise, you can always buy it separately or specially designed with compatibility for your vehicle.

Regardless of the situation, it will always be more advisable to have the fire extinguisher installed in its respective support, attached to any element or anchored to the surface of the wall, in order to keep it safe.


Frequently asked questions


Q1: Where to put a fire extinguisher in the car?

It could be said that there are 2 recommended places for installing a car fire extinguisher: under the seat or in the trunk.

The seat is usually the most popular space, as it keeps the fire extinguisher close at hand and prevents it from taking up useful space inside the car. It can be installed using special brackets, sold separately, which position the extinguisher in an upright position and secure it to the lower frame of the seat. In this way, it remains safe at all times.

The trunk, in general, is usually the option chosen when the car fire extinguisher exceeds the dimensions of the space available under the seat. However, in the same way, it is advisable to mount on supports that you can secure to the bodywork or to some fixed element inside the trunk. It should also be located near the entrance, so you can grab it quickly in case of an emergency.

Q2: How to put out a burning car without a fire extinguisher?

To determine the steps to follow, you must first consider some relevant aspects of the situation.

If the fire breaks out inside the vehicle, find a safe place, stop immediately and turn off the engine before trying to resolve the situation. If this is not possible, all the occupants should leave and close the doors and raise the windows, so that the lack of oxygen helps reduce the intensity of the flames.

Otherwise, if it is generated outside, specifically under the hood, it is advisable to keep it closed in order to prevent the spread of the flames and the feeding of the fire.

If you don’t have a fire extinguisher handy, you can take sand from the road and pour it over the area of ​​the flames to shut off the oxygen that fuels the fire. This will eventually shut it down safely. However, if you find yourself in the situation of being in front of a car on fire, it is best to keep a safe distance to avoid being hit by the calls in the event of an explosion.


Q3: Do I have to carry a fire extinguisher in the car?

The obligation by law on whether or not to carry a fire extinguisher in the car is determined by the type of vehicle, since models for private use do not necessarily have to carry a fire extinguisher. However, due to the increase in car accidents, it is practically essential to have one nearby, in case of any eventuality.

The cars that are governed by the law in the use of fire extinguishers inside the car are mainly those for public use and cargo. As you can imagine, there are laws that are responsible for the protection of third parties when using services provided by the state, which is why the security mechanisms establish that the size of the fire extinguisher must be proportional to the size and capacity of the vehicle. In this way, it is guaranteed to have on hand a fire extinguisher capable enough to fight a fire, whether accidental or caused.


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