The 8 Best Car GPS Trackers of 2022

GPS locator for car – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

GPS locators have a very versatile utility, allowing you to find everything from lost vehicles to people, so if you are looking for ways to know the location of your new car, the ideal is that you acquire one of these devices. Among the best-selling GPS locators today is the Invoxia Roadie, an ultra-compact device that does not include a SIM card and has a long-lasting battery. On the other hand, the Hangang TK915 stands out for its resistance to water and is compatible with smartphones with Android or iOS operating system.

The 8 Best GPS Trackers for Cars – Opinions 2022 

The market for GPS locators has grown remarkably in recent years, with really compact devices coming to light, which give users the possibility of using them to protect and locate their vehicles, belongings and even people. Therefore, if you want to buy one of the best car GPS locators of 2022, we present a list of the models that might interest you the most.

GPS locator for car without SIM card 

1. Invoxia GPS Tracker without SIM card 

If you live between Spain and Portugal, this device will be an excellent alternative for you, since you will be able to locate any valuable object found in either of these two countries without the need for any data plan or telephone line. This car GPS locator without SIM card provides excellent results, updating its position every 5 minutes.

It allows you to define alert zones, with which notifications will be sent to you when the device enters or leaves a marked zone and, even, the locator can send you notifications in case your stopped vehicle is moved.

This device takes advantage of low consumption networks and its long-lasting battery provides a range of 6 months, which you can recharge with a micro USB connection cable in just 1.5 hours. It weighs approximately 31.8 g and measures 2.7 x 0.9 x 10.5 cm.

To buy the best car GPS tracker, it is necessary to know the technical aspects of various devices in order to decide which one best suits your needs. Below, you will be able to see the positive and negative characteristics of this model.


Installation : It is extremely easy to install, since all you have to do is connect the mobile to the Invoxia GPS application and place the locator where you need it.

Compatibility : You can easily connect this device to your smartphone with Android or iOS operating system.

Manufacturing : Its manufacture with aluminium, leather and plastic guarantees great resistance and durability.

Battery : It incorporates a long-lasting 3.7-volt rechargeable Li-ion battery of up to 6 months, notifying you when it is below 20%.


Reliability : On some occasions, the locator will send a notification of the vehicle’s movement after a few minutes, and it can easily vary.

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2. Paj Easy Finder GPS Locator 

Although it is a set of GPS locator for cars without a SIM card that does not require any private telephone line service that you must purchase separately, it does include its own M2M card that you can easily activate online.

Also ideal for locating the elderly and children, this model can be used as an emergency bracelet. It has a large and easily accessible SOS button that serves to notify in case of danger. In addition, you will be notified with an alarm in case of excessive speed, vibration, low battery and when the vehicle, person or pet leaves the preset area.

Control its activation and deactivation easily from your mobile phone or by pressing the power button 3 times. It is a very easy device to carry thanks to its compact dimensions of 7.64 x 3.82 x 1.92 cm and weight of 50 gr.

Choosing the best value for money car GPS tracker is a task that requires you to look at the pros and cons of each model, so we recommend you look at those of this device.


Portable : Its compact and lightweight design with metal buckle will allow you to easily carry this device.

Autonomy : It incorporates a battery that lasts approximately 10 days in standby mode, consuming an established 1 hour per day.

Geofence : It will allow you to place a security fence in the location you need, in addition to being able to save your routes for about 100 days.


Service : Keep in mind that to make the location service work you will have to pay a monthly cost.

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GPS locator for car without quotas

3. Hangang GPS Tracker GPS Tracker

For users looking to have their vehicle protected and located, they will have the solution with this GPS locator for cars without fees. It offers a precise positioning and that you can follow for free with an application for Android or iOS mobiles.

In addition to allowing you to adjust a security perimeter to ensure the location of your vehicle, its installation is very simple, so you will not need any complicated process thanks to its extra strong magnetic fixing system.

It is made of a waterproof material that is dustproof, shockproof and rainproof. In addition, it has a 10,000 mAh lithium battery that allows continuous use for 120 days. Its dimensions are 11.09 x 7.72 x 2.76 cm and it weighs approximately 300 gr.

Considered the best GPS car locator of the moment, this model has the following positive and negative aspects.


Network : It highlights precise operation and connectivity thanks to the fact that it uses 2G GSM and GPRS networks.

Vibration : In addition to the audible alarm, this device has a built-in vibration system.

Mobile : As soon as it detects a movement, this locator will send you an SMS with a Google Maps link to your mobile.


SIM : Keep in mind that this device works with an internet data connection, so without the SIM card they do not work at all.

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4. PjxerdQ Mini GPS Trackers Jimi Real Anti-theft GPS

This mini GPS locator has a size of 6.4 x 3 x 1.7 centimeters, so it is very small, making it a suitable model to carry anywhere, either in your pocket or bag, as well as carry on the glove box, hidden.

Location data is uploaded to the app every 10 minutes, although it can be set to upload faster, so you can always locate your device.

At the same time, it has three different location signals: GPS, LBS and AGPS, so it will always have a signal.

On the other hand, the locator uses a 2G SIM card, a low consumption network, which does not usually exceed 30 MB of monthly cost, which represents savings for the user. In addition, the card and the expense are included, although they have an additional $5 monthly subscription.


SIM: The SIM card has a reduced consumption of 30 MB per month and, at the same time, allows you to send commands to the GPS to configure the location.

Size: This is a very small locator, which allows it to be hidden almost anywhere or carried with it without disturbing or noticing the weight.

Battery: The battery of this equipment is 1000 MAh lithium-iron, with a fast charge of 2 hours and low consumption.


Subscription: The SIM carries a monthly subscription of 5 dollars per month, which the user must pay, which can be an unwanted expense.

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GPS locator for car without installation 

5. Hangang GPS Tracker real time GPS locator

If you are interested in acquiring a tracker that allows you to know the precise location of your vehicle in real time and that is compatible with your Android, iOS or computer devices, we recommend this GPS tracker for cars without installation.

With an accuracy of up to 5 meters, with this device you can establish a geofence that limits the movement of the vehicle within a certain range, sending an alarm immediately when leaving it.

Known as the best brand of car GPS locators, Hangang presents a device with a 5000 mAh lithium battery that allows you to standby for 90 days. Its construction makes it waterproof and resistant to water, dust and shock. In addition, it has dimensions of 9 x 7.2 x 2.2 cm and a weight of 169 gr.

If you still don’t know which car GPS tracker to buy, look at the following technical characteristics of this model.


Network : This device uses GSM and GPRS networks, which makes it very accurate and stable in operation.

Battery : Thanks to its 5000 mAh lithium battery, you can have an operation of up to 90 days.

Installation : Its installation is very simple since it is a magnetic locator that attaches very well to any metal area.


Messages : In order to be able to send the alert SMS, you must configure the device well.

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6. Vodafone Curve Smart and lightweight GPS tracker for your backpack

Curve’s GPS locator allows real-time tracking of the equipment, thanks to its phone application. This app offers several unique functionalities such as positioning the GPS on a map, reviewing the location history, sending the position to friends and family or activating alerts. It also allows you to create safe zones, so that the app notifies you when you reach them. 

Curve uses a Vodafone Smart SIM card, so it allows you to connect to the Internet through the red operator network. This SIM works in 90 countries around the world, although this service is priced at 2 euros per month. 

In relation to the design, the equipment is light, since it weighs only 30 grams, which allows it to be carried anywhere as if it were a keychain. In addition, Curve Smart GPS is waterproof and can be submerged up to one meter deep for 30 minutes. On the other hand, the battery is long lasting, with the capacity to work continuously for 7 days.


Light: Being such a light piece of equipment, it can be placed on a backpack, a keychain or even on a pet’s collar to always have it located.

Application: The application offers a wide variety of configuration options, as well as very versatile functionalities to follow the GPS in real time.

Battery: The battery is compact and long lasting, with up to 7 days of uninterrupted operation.


Subscription: To use the features of Curve it is necessary to pay a monthly subscription of 2 euros, which can be a problem for some users.

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GPS locator for spy car 

7. QZT A8 Mini Global GPS Spy Multifunction Locator

The QZT A8 mini GPS has a very small size of 3.2 x 4.3 x 1.4 cm and only 3 grams in weight, making it perfect to hide in a backpack, bag or package, turning it into a piece of equipment. suitable for secret monitoring.

It works at a frequency between 900 and 1800 Mhz or 850 and 1900 MHz. It also has a rechargeable 3.7 V lithium-ion battery, capable of offering a very long use time.

It has environmental monitoring functions, voice dialing, GPS positioning, sound control that is activated and deactivated by sending an SMS, SOS emergency call and real-time listening through callback. The device has its own GSM/GPRS station, so it does not need to use GPS positioning signals. In addition, the configuration is simple, since it will be enough to insert a SIM card and activate the equipment.


Functionalities: It has a wide variety of functionalities such as listening in real time, which allows you to listen to what is happening around the equipment. 

Size: It is a very small GPS, which makes it a good option for those looking for a spy device.

Battery: The battery, despite being such a small device, is long lasting, with 3.7 V.


Instructions: The instructions are only in English and are not as detailed as expected, which can lead to confusion.

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8. Hang Mini GPS Tracker Anti Thief Locator

Among the smaller models is this spy car GPS locator that has dimensions of 4.7 x 2.4 x 1.8 cm, so you can easily store it anywhere such as a bag, wallet or the glove compartment of your car. car, among many other places.

You will be able to know the location of the device in real time and precisely on your Android or iOS mobile phone, as well as from your computer or through SMS text messaging. In addition, it allows you to set a geofence that delimits the movement space, alerting you in case the device leaves said area.

It incorporates a 600 mAh lithium-ion battery with a long standby time of up to 200 hours. It is a model that can be easily hidden and weighs approximately 25 grams. On the other hand, it has a memory that allows you to store up to 6 months of routes made.

Before proceeding to make your purchase, do not forget to review the positive and negative characteristics of this and other models on this list.


Autonomy : Thanks to its integrated ios lithium battery, this device has an autonomy of up to 200 hours in standby time.

Networks : Uses GSM and GPRS wireless connection networks, both 2G, 3G and 4G, to maintain the precise location of the device.

Compact : It is a really compact model with dimensions of 4.7 x 2.4 x 1.8 cm and a weight of 25 grams.


SIM : A SIM card must be purchased that belongs to the local area where you are going to operate this model.

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Shopping guide

The utility of a locator is very wide, they work both to search or track from vehicles to people, so the demand has grown a lot in recent years. This is why you can currently find a large number of car GPS locators on the market, making the choice of device a little more complicated.

However, in any comparison of car GPS locators, it is important to start the search by asking yourself a question: what are your personal needs? This will make you a little clearer and you can make a more correct choice, in addition to the model you choose being the most economical and functional.

locator type 

We begin this guide to buy the best GPS tracker for cars with special emphasis on the importance of knowing the different types of tracker that can be found on the market, since, as there are so many new models and with all kinds of features, this aspect plays an important role. a determining role in choosing the right locator for your needs.

In principle, the locators vary a lot in terms of design, range of the geofence, connection networks, installation, among others, but their main function will always be the same. From the beginning, GPS locators were created to detect the location of a vehicle of any type, such as cars, trucks and motorcycles. Next, the arrival of smartphones allowed this technology to be incorporated into personal devices so that you could see your location on the map and other applications.

Finally, it is now very common to see really compact models that can be carried in a pocket, a bag or as an accessory in the form of a bracelet or key ring and that have the utility of being able to track elderly people or children wherever they are, allowing them to be more safe and under the supervision of relatives.

Design and installation

There are many models with an infinite number of designs, from robust devices made of waterproof materials that are resistant to rain, dust and shock, to small and easy-to-carry models. Therefore, before making your choice, take a good look at where you need to place the GPS locator, so that you can distinguish whether the device has a simple installation or a little more complex.

Now we can find GPS locators that are very easy to install, since they are made with magnetic materials that allow them to adhere to any metal surface of your vehicle, so that you can place them in any hidden place in less than a minute. On the other hand, there are other types of plug&play technology locators that are installed in the box where the ODB-II port of your vehicle is located.

As for the size, this aspect will vary a lot depending on whether you plan to carry it in your purse, on your keychain or if you just place it in your vehicle and not worry about it anymore. For this reason, due to the wide variety that exists on the market, choose your next GPS locator thinking about the usefulness it will have and where you will place it, since there are from very large to really compact.

Networks and connectivity

Every type of GPS locator, regardless of how much it costs, uses a wireless network to function and provide the location data necessary to get your location seen. This is why many models will require a SIM card with data access, similar to the one used by smartphones, using GSM networks from approximately 850 to 1800 MHz and GPRS for its operation. Other locator models come with their own M2M SIM cards that simply require online registration to start searching for the device.

Alarms and functions

It is important that you take a good look at the types of alarms that the device is capable of emitting, since there are those that simply track the vehicle to the most complex and functional ones that emit multiple alarms to your mobile phone in the event of various situations.

On the one hand, the most complex GPS locators allow us to know instantly if our parked vehicle is moved, as well as if the vehicle has left the range established as a safe zone or geofence, which varies in distance depending on the price of the locator. You will even be able to know if your vehicle has suffered a blow while you had it parked or if the car has exceeded the maximum speed established by you. Especially the portable models will let you know when the battery level of the device is very low, indicating that it is time to make the respective battery replacement or recharge.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a car GPS tracker?

The utility of global positioning systems is to determine the location of a certain vehicle, person, pet or device, by sending and receiving wireless signals directly to your mobile phone or computer.

These devices are used by placing them in the vehicle you want to locate, either by making an installation or simply by magnetism, depending on the model you purchase. The locator must have a SIM card with an internet data plan or an M2M card with a subscription for the geo-positioning service.

Having the device installed and with its respective active data plan, the next thing you must do is connect it to your mobile phone to be able to check its location and receive notifications or alarms in case the vehicle moves from the place or leaves the geofence..

These devices work continuously, so after they are connected to your phone, they will remain in standby mode until they are activated to update the location.

Q2: Where to install a car GPS tracker?

Depending on the locator model you have, you must install the GPS in certain places. While there are those that are connected to the ODB-II port of your vehicle, others that have magnetic fixation can be placed in any hidden metal part of your car. Some models are usually placed under the seats or even inside them, which is not a problem if the device is long-lasting. On the other hand, some users prefer to have quick access to the GPS, so they prefer to place it in the bottom of the vehicle.

Q3: How do I know if my car has a GPS locator?

To find out if your vehicle has a hidden GPS locator, you can do it with both a visual and electronic search. First of all, the visual search is about locating any objects that are not typical of the vehicle that are connected in various places, such as under the vehicle, in the wheels, in the OBD port, in the box fuse box, the dashboard, the car battery, the glove compartment, under the seats, the storage compartment or in the cigarette lighter socket hidden in an everyday object.

On the other hand, the electronic search is carried out with systems that perform hidden GPS location, such as the iProtect 1207 with antenna and the frequency detector, which are the simplest and fastest devices to find any type of hidden GPS in a vehicle..


Q4: How does the car GPS tracker send the position?

Global positioning systems are made up of 24 satellites that, thanks to the technology known as trilateration, help us to know the exact location of the device, which works by using the locations of two or more reference points, measuring the distance between the locator and each of those points, accurately getting the location of the device.


Q5: What autonomy does a car GPS locator have?

There are many different models of GPS locators that have different autonomies, however, it is best to buy the one that has a battery that lasts longer. On the one hand, there are some devices that have an amount of 6 months of autonomy, while there are others with only 10 days in standby mode, being ideal for sporadic use.


Q6: How does a car GPS tracker send data?

The location data used by car GPS locators is sent via a wireless internet network, so depending on the model you have, a SIM card or data plan with internet access is required to send them..


Q7: How useful is the cage function of a car GPS locator?

The “cage” or geofence function is one of the most notable of global positioning systems, allowing you to set a zone or range of movement allowed, so that, when the device leaves that zone, an alarm will be issued. immediately to the mobile.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Lncoon Mini OBD22 Localizador GPS Plug&Play con carga gratuita

Este es un localizador GPS para coche sin cuotas fácil de instalar gracias a su sistema plug & play, el cual funciona simplemente conectándolo en el puerto ODB-II de cualquier vehículo, proporcionando 24 horas de seguridad y monitoreo a tiempo real.

Con un tiempo de actualización de hasta 10 segundos, podrás ubicar tu vehículo en el Google Maps con este localizador. Además, cuenta con varias alarmas inteligentes en caso de corte de energía, desconexión, exceso de velocidad y salida de la geocerca de 200 a 500 metros.

Con la aplicación para móviles o plataforma web podrás gestionar múltiples dispositivos de rastreo. Además, el servidor Cloud guarda automáticamente las rutas de conducción, tiempo de permanencia y velocidad. Tiene unas dimensiones de 4,7 x 2,4 x 3,07 cm y utiliza redes GSM de 900 y 1800 MHz.

Conocido como el mejor localizador GPS para coche del momento, no dejes de mirar los pros y contras de este dispositivo.


Precisión: Este modelo te permitirá conocer la ubicación de tu vehículo con una precisión de aproximadamente 10 metros.

Alertas: Emite múltiples alarmas en caso de exceso de velocidad, salida de la geocerca, batería baja, corte de energía y desconexión del móvil.

Instalación: Podrás instalar fácilmente este aparato simplemente conectándolo al puerto OBD-II de tu vehículo.


SIM: Debes tener en cuenta que para el funcionamiento de este localizador hace falta el uso de una tarjeta SIM, lo que incrementa el precio el producto.

Tangxi Mini Rastreador GPS

Completamente magnético, este localizador GPS para coche sin instalación destaca por sus pequeñas dimensiones de 4,2 x 2,5 x 1,6 cm y peso de tan solo 100 gr, siendo un modelo ideal para el seguimiento de cualquier vehículo. Al soportar un doble sistema de rastreo, GPS y LBS, aumenta la precisión del dispositivo.

Para la transmisión de los datos, este modelo utiliza una red de internet GSM o GPRS con bandas de 850, 900, 1800 y 1900 Mhz. Además, cuenta con una batería de ion de litio de 3.7 voltios y 400 mAh que le permite funcionar durante 12 días en tiempo de espera.

Permite el uso de una tarjeta de expansión Mini TF para almacenar los históricos de las rutas, además de que podrás utilizar tu móvil Android o iOS para conocer en todo momento la ubicación de tu vehículo.

Si aún no sabes cuál es el mejor localizador GPS para coche, analiza cuidadosamente las ventajas y desventajas de este modelo.


Instalación: Es un localizador magnético que permite ser instalado con facilidad sobre cualquier superficie metálica.

Temperatura: Este modelo funciona sobre un rango de temperaturas de -20 a 55 grados centígrados.

Tiempo: El tiempo que se toma en localizar el vehículo en GSM es de tan solo 25 segundos.


Autonomía: Comparando la duración de la batería con la de otros modelos similares, este localizador dura menos tiempo en funcionamiento.

Toptellite Mini localizador GPS

Muchas veces querrás localizar no solo un vehículo, sino alguna persona mayor, un niño o, incluso, una maleta o bolso, siendo un dispositivo fácil de llevar y usar tu mejor opción para evitar complicaciones. Aquí es donde este localizador GPS para coche espía entra en juego.

Es un localizador GPS para coche barato con dimensiones de 6,5 x 3 x 1,8 cm y peso de tan sólo 40,8 gr, con lo cual, junto con su cubierta magnética, podrás instalarlo fácilmente y llevarlo en un sitio pequeño. Podrás hacer un seguimiento a tiempo real o revisar el historial de rutas realizadas gracias a su sistema de posicionamiento GPS y LBS.

Es uno de los modelos más baratos con alarma al ocurrir cambio de SIM o en caso de que se aleje de la zona de seguridad. Con su aplicación para Android o iOS podrás rastrear el dispositivo desde tu móvil y su funcionamiento se extiende hasta las 100 horas con la batería de litio de 1000 mAh, actualizado la ubicación cada 10 segundos.

Por ser una de las alternativas más baratas, te recomendamos mirar los aspectos técnicos de este modelo antes de hacer tu elección.


Red y bandas: Se conecta tanto a redes GSM y GPRS con bandas 850, 900, 1800 y 1900 MHz.

Micrófono: Incorpora un útil micrófono que podrás emplear para el monitoreo de voz.

Geocerca: Permite ajustar un perímetro de seguridad para que el localizador emita una alarma en caso de que el disp

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