The 8 Best Car Lifts of 2022

Car Lift – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Sometimes it is necessary to check the mechanics of the vehicle and, for this, it must be raised. The same in the case of having to change a tire. So if the unforeseen happens, it would be appropriate to be equipped with a car lift. Among the alternatives, two appear as the favorites due to their quality. First of all, there is the Michelin 92416, a small hydraulic jack, with a load capacity of 1,800 kilos and an ergonomic handle on the lever. Another practical model for workshops is the Equipmentires BTSLD55T, a large-scale, platform-style lift with a 5.5-tonne lifting capacity.

The 8 Best Car Lifts – Opinions 2022

No one is exempt from a car tire puncture and, in order to change it for the spare, it will be necessary to have a hydraulic jack that allows the vehicle to be raised. Therefore, these tools are essential, so if you are going to buy one and do not know which one to select, we invite you to learn about the main characteristics of 8 of the models that are positioned as the best car lifts on the market.

portable car lift

1. Michelin 92416 Hydraulic Jack Load Capacity 1800 kg

Some users have cataloged this Michelin model as the best car lift on the market, because it is compact and relatively light, characteristics that allow it to be carried in the trunk of the car without getting in the way. Therefore, you could review its most relevant aspects. 

It is a portable car lift and it belongs to this category because its weight is only 12 kilos. In addition, its dimensions are 24 cm high by 50 cm long by 15 cm wide.

Due to its robust construction and ergonomic handle lever system, this hydraulic jack has a load capacity of up to 1,800 kilograms, with a lifting height that ranges from 10.5 to 35 cm. 

Likewise, the structure of this model has space for storing the nuts, with a carrying handle and swivel wheels that facilitate handling, as well as a handle for 360-degree elevation.

This model has pros and cons that will allow you to determine if it really qualifies as the best car lift of the moment.


Design: It has an innovative, compact, efficient and safe design, which is available in blue. 

Portability: It has a handle and swivel wheels that facilitate its portability, handling and use to raise the car.

Storage: Its weight of 12 kilos and compact dimensions allow it to be stored in the trunk. 

Capacity: Due to its construction characteristics, it has a convenient load capacity of 1,800 kilos.


Cars: Being a small model, the load capacity announced by the manufacturer should not be exceeded.

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car scissor lift

2. Equipmentires BTSLD55T Scissor Lift Bridge

If you require a professional model that completely lifts the vehicle off the ground, it may be that this car scissor lift is the most convenient, since it is a platform with great capacity and can be used for both cars and trucks. motorcycles. 

This alternative has been manufactured with resistant metal materials, with a total platform height of 36 cm and a maximum elevation level of 185 cm. Likewise, the length of the bridge is 500 cm and it has additional equipment to control its functions. All this leads it to be recognized as one of the best car lifts of 2022. 

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, this proposal is equipped with a 380 V motor, which provides speed of use, since the rise and fall time is 70 and 65 seconds, respectively.

Analyzing the pros and cons of this model will help you determine if Equipmentires is the best car lift brand. 


Functionality: Due to its size, it is used to lift cars and motorcycles, so its use is versatile.

Motor: Its manufacturer has equipped this car lift with a powerful and efficient motor.

Elevation: A height can be selected and it has a maximum rise and fall time of 70 and 65 seconds.

Control: It has an additional device that is used to control the functions of the elevator by means of buttons.


Space: Due to its size, this equipment requires a large installation space. 

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hydraulic car lift

3. Unitec 10008 Hydraulic Jack 2T

This model is one of those recommended to those who are wondering which is the best car lift on the market, because it has attributes of portability and design that speed up its handling, which allows it to be used commercially and easily by any user. 

The alternative has a weight of 9.42 kilos, so, although it is somewhat heavy, it is portable, since its steel structure has a handle, as well as front and rear wheels, two of them swivel and the other two wheels. maneuver.

Likewise, it has a long lever to activate the hydraulic system, which facilitates the lifting of vehicles. According to what is announced by its manufacturer, this hydraulic car lift has a maximum load capacity of 2 tons and is robust, with a lifting height that ranges from 13.5 cm to 34.2 cm. 

If you are confused and do not know which car lift to buy, we recommend that you learn more about this model to make an informed decision. 


Construction: It is built with a solid and resistant structure, made with high-density steel.

Handling: To facilitate its handling, it incorporates a lever, as well as wheels, and two of them are rotating.

Capacity: Due to its construction, this model is suitable for lifting weights of up to two tons.

Lift: Provides a favorable lift height ranging from 13.5 to 34.2 cm. 


Size: Although portable and relatively compact, this lift takes up considerable space in the trunk. 

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2 post car lift

4. 4 ton 2 post car lift equipment workshop 

With an integrated versatile mechanism, so that it works through an electro-hydraulic system, this 2-post car lift is one of the most recommended for workshops, because it has a capacity of about 4000 kilos, making it efficient. 

In addition, this model has the certification of the European community and is equipped with a 2.2 kW motor, as well as a power supply for three-phase mode of 380 V and for single-phase mode of 220 V, which allows better adaptation to the needs.. 

Likewise, its 610 kg structure is resistant and has been designed by its manufacturer so that mechanics can work on cars of various sizes, in places such as workshops or garages. 

For greater user protection, it has an electromagnetic safety system with anchor points on the columns and is driven by hydraulic cylinders. Similarly, it has an electric control panel, for better handling. 

If you were interested in this model, the most recommended thing is that you take a look at its favorable and negative aspects. 


Design: It has a functional design that is made up of two columns and a corrosion-resistant paint finish.

Capacity: It is suitable for working with small and medium cars of a maximum of 4 tons. 

Operation: It has an electro-hydraulic operation, with anchor points, hydraulic cylinders and cable lifting system. 

Motor: It is equipped with a powerful motor and an automated electrical control panel. 


Oil: Supplied without lubricants, so these must be purchased separately. 

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car lift jack

5. Silverline 427711 Hydraulic Bottle Jack 

The manufacturer Silverline presents a simple and compact model, but with a large capacity, which is why, in the opinion of many buyers, it stands out as the best value for money car lift, since it is one of the cheapest in our selection. 

This bottle-style model is a hydraulic jack with the capacity to lift up to 2 tons of weight, for a minimum height of 15.8 cm and a maximum of 30.8 cm, being considerable levels. It also incorporates an adjustment screw and a lever in two parts, quick assembly, to regulate the desired working height. 

The Silverline car lift jack has been made of iron and steel, with a robust and resistant base design. In addition, it has a safety valve for greater user protection. Also, it has a blue paint finish and, due to its dimensions of 17.6 x 12.9 x 10.4 cm, it can be stored in the car without causing inconvenience. 

If you want to know more about this model, which is one of the cheapest, be sure to review its pros and cons.


Capacity: The model has a capacity of 2 tons, which is an adequate level.

Construction: Its construction is resistant, made of iron and steel, with a robust base.

Size: The size of 17.6 x 12.9 x 10.4 cm is compact and light in weight, so it can be stored in the trunk.

Lift: Its lifting capacity ranges from 15.8 cm to 30.8 cm, with a quick-mount lever.


Handle: The handling of the lever must be careful, to avoid injuries to the hands. 

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Ramp with car lift

6. Tidyard Set of 2 Car Ramps

With a capacity of 2 tons, this ramp with a car lift has a versatile operation, since it can also be used to check the mechanics of motorcycles, and it has a red paint finish. 

This proposal is made up of two wide ramps that have been designed so that large tires can be placed in a stable manner, so that the car is elevated and it is easier for the mechanics to access the lower part of it. The model has a maximum lifting height of 37.5 cm and, for added security, both ramps can be locked with a lock once the desired height has been reached.

In addition, the structure of this model has been made of solid and durable steel, so it is resistant and of quality. Also, despite being large, it can be stored functionally in small spaces. 

Below we present the positive and negative aspects of this model so that you can analyze if it fits your requirements. 


Parts: Includes levers with handles that facilitate its operation.

Construction: It has a robust construction, made with a highly resistant solid steel structure. 

Design: The model is made up of two ramps with adequate stability and large for the wheels, finished in red.

Capacity: Its structure has a capacity to lift up to 2 tons of weight.


Size: This model is not a regular portable size and requires space to be stored without inconvenience.

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Workshop car lift

7. MSW Mobile Tipping Lift Body Builder for Workshop MSW-HB-1500

Within the extensive catalog of tools presented by the manufacturer Msw Motor Technics is this model of car lift for workshops, which due to its characteristics has positioned itself as one of the favorites of buyers. 

This is because it is a multifunctional piece of equipment for both rear and front elevation, as well as simultaneous tilting and elevation of the 4 tires, because it is made of a resistant material such as steel, which gives it the strength to lift an estimated weight. of up to 1500 kilos, with a lifting range of between 15 and 58.5 cm, depending on the needs.

To activate its operating system, it is necessary to use a metal crank, without pressurized air or electricity. It is only necessary to move the equipment under the car. Likewise, it has a triple length adjustment according to the vehicle, of 80, 111.5 and 154 cm.

This model has other properties that we have summarized with 4 pros and 1 against so that you can analyze if it is favorable.


Height: This model is efficient for raising cars between 15 and 58.5 cm and has three-level length adjustment.

Uses: It can be used both to raise and tilt the car, in order to check the mechanics.

Mats: Its steel structure has mats that provide greater support and safety when working.

Capacity: It has a convenient capacity of 1500 kilos, as well as an insurance against maximum and minimum extension.


Time: Its manufacturer warns that lifting should not be done for long periods. 

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manual car lift

8. WilTec Lifting Jack Capacity up to 3000kg

The WilTec manual car lift has been designed to provide a lifting capacity of up to 3,000kg, so it is recommended for use on different cars.

This model has a weight of 15 kilos and is mechanical in style. Due to the specifications of its steel structure, it is considered a versatile jack, because it is suitable for use in agriculture, workshops, handicrafts, landscaping, among other activities. Therefore, it is suitable for prying, pushing and lifting.

In addition, it has a long-arm lever, which makes both raising and lowering the cars easier. Also, its system activation tube has an anti-return mechanism, so that it can be controlled safely. Regarding its dimensions, it has a length of 150 cm, which makes it easy to store, move and save space in small places.

To learn more about this model, we have elaborated some positive and negative aspects that could be of interest.


Lift: This model provides a wide range of lift from 15.5 cm to 135 cm.

Capacity: It has a load capacity of 3000 kilos and is suitable for different cars.

Construction: The model has a structure made of steel, making it resistant and durable.

Protection: The lift has an anti-return protection system to prevent accidents.


Rubber: In the equipment a rubber is missing so that there is no friction against the bar.  

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Shopping guide

Whether it’s for a workshop or to keep in the boot, a car lift is an essential tool if you want to change tires or do other mechanical work on your vehicle. Currently, you can find different models that vary in weight capacity, construction and mechanism, as well as other details that are important to know. Therefore, if you are interested in acquiring one of these, we have prepared a guide to buy the best car lift on the market, with everything you should take into account about these products. 


This class of tools to access the underside of the car, which is also functional to change the tires, must be strong and solid, because it will depend on this to support the weight of the vehicle. For this reason, we observe that in the comparison of car lifts, the construction of the part is established as one of the most important attributes when making an intelligent choice. 

All these equipments are made of metal. However, according to the brand, model and type, the type of metal varies, as well as its thickness and the way the finishes have been worked. The most common is to find car lifts built with high quality standards in steel. 

Similarly, there are some proposals that are made of an iron and steel alloy, as well as with corrosion-proof paint finishes. In addition to metal, these tools may contain parts of their structure in rubber or plastic, but these parts are not directly related to the lifting of the car. 

Capacity and lift

Capacity is a feature that directly affects the choice of a model, as well as it can help determine how much a car lift costs. This is because the models with the most capacity, in general, tend to be the most expensive, while an economical product tends to be one that supports the least amount of weight, or that, on the other hand, does not provide an angle of elevation. high, so its modes of use are reduced and it is limited to basic use. 

In this sense, according to the brand and the construction, it is possible to find alternatives that start from a capacity of 600 kilos, the simplest ones, up to 4 or even 5 tons in the professional type models that are used in workshops. 

Therefore, according to the need, it will be necessary to opt for one or another weight and lifting capacity. For standard size cars (small and medium), an alternative with a weight capacity of 2000 kilos and a lift of between 15 and 50 cm will suffice. 

Type and mechanism

An economical car lift can be differentiated from a more expensive one by several parameters, among which its capacity, construction and type stand out. In essence, all lifts perform the same function and, as the name implies, they raise the car to facilitate the repair of parts on the underside of the vehicle. 

Now, there are different types, as well as mechanisms and lifting systems. The most common model for personal cars is also known as a hydraulic jack, whether it is a bottle, wheelbarrow or scissor jack, but there are also ramp or ratchet alternatives. 

Similarly, scissor lifts (platform style) can also be found. These have an electrical operation and it is this energy that allows the car to be raised and lowered automatically. These models are usually larger, more expensive and less portable, which is why they are used by professionals in workshops. Likewise, there are also car lifts with columns, which have a similar operation to the previous one or which may have an electrohydraulic mechanism. 

Dimensions and portability

As we already know, car lifts are tools made of dense metals and capable of supporting large amounts of weight, so their structures tend to be heavy, at least 9 kilos, a weight that does not directly affect the user because, they are usually stored in the trunk of the car (the personal type), until their use is necessary.

In the case of personal car lifts, they must be compact but strong, with a handle grip system, comfortable levers with ergonomic handles, as well as structures equipped with wheels, to facilitate handling of the instrument.

Compared to workshop lifts, they have a much more robust structure and are therefore heavier. Thus, it is appropriate that they incorporate a bearing system to be placed in a certain place and, due to their type, once they are located in a place, they are usually left in that area permanently. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a car lift?

These tools are easy to use, but some safety tips need to be taken to avoid incidents. The car must be off and with the brake applied, as well as with chocks in the tires so that it does not move when the elevation begins. 

To continue, slide the lift under the car and make sure the arm is just under the car’s chassis, behind the front or rear wheels. Place the lever and lift the vehicle off the ground. To do this, you must exert force on the lever. The next thing will be to place the supports, adjust the height and, when you finish the work, do the same process in reverse to remove.

Q2: How to lift the car without car lift?

In the event that you do not have a lift and it is an emergency to change the tire, you should find a tall piece of wood and place it under the car’s suspension. In addition, a second, smaller piece of wood must be used, which must be in contact with the tire to be changed and placed under it, with the help of the acceleration force of the car.

Once the failing tire lands on the small mount, the suspension axle will rest on the tall mount and the wheel will remain elevated, allowing the change to be made.

Q3: How to secure the car lift?

The use of this type of tools is not complex, but they must be secured to avoid accidents. For this reason, all vehicles have anchor points at the bottom, which is where they should be placed to fix them safely, before starting the lift. In addition, the supports can be placed, which will finish securing the vehicle to the lift. 

Q4: How to change oil without car lift?

Changing the oil without a car lift is a complex process, since, since the vehicle cannot be lifted, it will be difficult to find the lubricant cap and place the container exactly in the right place, so you would have to search under the car blindly, because only the sense of touch would be available. Therefore, the most recommended is to have a hydraulic jack to make the elevation. If this element is not available, then it is recommended to look for one or take the car to a workshop. 

Q5: Is it mandatory to carry a car lift in the trunk?

Incidents on the roads are the order of the day. Anyone can get a flat tire while going from one place to another, so it must be changed for the spare, in order to reach the destination and get out of this situation. 

In order to carry out this action, it is necessary to lift the car, which will allow the tire in poor condition to be removed and the new one to be fitted. To do this, the simplest thing is to use the so-called hydraulic jack, so it would be useful to be equipped with this tool in the trunk in case of any unforeseen event. Therefore, it is not mandatory, but it is recommended. In addition, the vast majority of car models incorporate a classic lift. 

Q6: What maintenance does a car lift require?

The maintenance of these tools varies according to the model. In the case of large models, the condition of the lifting chains and cables should be checked, as well as checking that there are no lubricant spills. Likewise, the operation of the safety systems of the arms must be verified. 

In the case of conventional alternatives, revisions must be made to the structure, as well as to the pump, the check valve, the cylinders and lifting arms, the anchors and the lubrication of the parts.

Q7: Which is better, hydraulic or scissor car lift?

Both models are of quality because they have adequate lifting capacity. However, the selection of one or the other will depend on the intended use. Hydraulic lifters are essential for cars on the roads, since no one is exempt from a puncture and having this tool, as well as a spare tire, will be necessary to get out of this situation. 

Classic scissor lifts are simple to operate and take up little space because they can be stored inside the spare wheel, but their lifting capacity is low and they are less stable. Hydraulic jacks or hydraulic car lifts are more functional and safer, but they take up more space in the trunk.  

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