The 8 Best Car Seat Covers of 2022

Car Seat Cover – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

With frequent use, car seats wear and deteriorate, deteriorating the interior appearance of the vehicle. As an effective solution, you can buy seat covers, which are also convenient to protect the seats, if the car is new. In this sense, we recommend you review the characteristics of the Upgrade4cars B1, a set of 9 pieces made of high-quality polyester and universal in size. For its part, the AmazonBasics SJD634567775 model offers a cover to place on the driver’s seat, also adaptable to other seats, which is made of synthetic leather and is easy to assemble.

The 8 Best Car Seat Covers – Opinions 2022

To take care of car seats or improve their appearance when they have deteriorated, you can buy universal covers and choose one of the different models made of high-quality, resistant and breathable materials. But, if you don’t know where to start, we advise you to take a look at our selection of the best car seat covers of 2022 that will surely help you make a smart purchase. 

protective car seat cover

1. Upgrade4cars Universal Car Seat Covers

If you already have the new vehicle you wanted and you want to take maximum care of it, you can start by purchasing a protective car seat cover like this set from Upgrade4cars, because with it you can take care of not just one, but all the seats, avoiding deterioration of the material original.

Of these covers, we highlight their high-quality polyester construction and foam padding to increase user comfort. Also, we highlight the number of pieces, 9 in total, including front and rear seats and headrests, accompanied by a system of resistant zippers that facilitate assembly.

As for the design, this model has a sporty appearance with colored stripes that contrast with the black of the case, being possible to choose one of the 5 available colors. All these features make this product the best car seat cover, according to some users. 

Below, we present a summary of the qualities of this model, separated into pros and cons, whose manufacturer can be considered the best brand of car seat covers.


Material: The covers are made of polyester, a resistant and breathable fabric, with a layer of padding that provides greater comfort.

Design: This set of protectors has a sporty look, with a striped design and a two-color combination.

Compatibility: The size of the covers is universal, so it adapts to different makes and models of cars. 

Cleaning: To keep it clean, you can wash this set in the machine at a maximum temperature of 30°C.


Assembly: In some car models, the covers fit better than in others, so care must be taken not to pull excessively so as not to break them.

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car front seat cover

2. AmazonBasics Deluxe Faux Leather Seat Cover

It is common for the driver or passenger seat to deteriorate faster than the rear ones, so it is not necessary to buy a set of protectors, but a single cover for the front seat of the car. 

In this sense, the AmazonBasics model is emerging among users as one of the best car seat covers of 2022, due to its manufacture in synthetic leather and without sides that give it a very elegant finish. This design offers a universal fit, suitable for many makes and models of cars, making it easy to mount. 

Regarding durability, we can say that this case has good wear resistance and is waterproof, also withstanding scratches, dirt and dust. On the other hand, we cannot forget to mention its padding: a high-density sponge padding that provides efficient cushioning for the user. 

This might be the best car seat cover out there right now, if you’re looking for something that’s durable, beautiful, and easy to assemble. 


Construction: The synthetic leather of the construction is soft and of good resistance. Also, its diamond pattern design gives it a classy look.

Utility: The exposed sides of the cover offer the necessary space for the opening of the airbag in the event of an accident.

Maintenance: The cover is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.


Adjustment: In some car models, a couple of additional straps are needed to prevent the cover from moving when the user sits, but these are isolated cases.

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car seat ball cover

3. Carpoint 0323212 Wood Ball Seat Cover

Driving the car several hours a day can cause fatigue, back pain and other discomforts associated with poor posture. For this reason, a car seat ball cover may be the solution if you have any of these problems.

In our selection, this Carpoint model is one of the most recommended for its design and universal size, adaptable to all seats thanks to its measurements of 137 x 43 cm. 

The massaging effect of this cover helps you take care of your posture while driving and reduces back pain, also stimulating blood circulation. For its part, the design offers good ventilation at any time of the year, and the assembly has no complications: you just have to remove the headrest, place the cover and place it again.

With all these features, this model could answer your question of which is the best car seat cover with massaging effect and efficient perspiration.


Care: The functionality of this cover is aimed at improving blood circulation and reducing lower back pain from driving for many hours.

Ventilation: This model can be used in summer with peace of mind, because it offers efficient ventilation.

Assembly: There are no complications in the assembly of this product, as it is secured to the headrest and extends into the seat. 


Colors: A wider range of colors or a more modern design is missing in this case. 

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waterproof car seat cover

4. Auto Companion AUTOC44 Universal Waterproof Covers

When we go on vacation in the car, it is always good to have a waterproof protector that takes care of the upholstery, since incidents with spills of water, juices and food are the order of the day.

For this reason, choosing a waterproof car seat cover can be a wise investment, especially when it comes to this pair of universal covers from Auto Companion, suitable for front seats. 

Its side-airbag-compatible design provides safety, and the water-resistant nylon construction gives the covers their waterproof capability. On the other hand, the easy cleaning of this product is a point valued by many users, since it is only necessary to use a damp cloth to remove stains.

In addition, the low cost of this model allows several buyers to rate it as the best value for money car seat cover. Consequently, we made a summary of its most outstanding qualities.


Resistance: High-density nylon construction provides resistance to water, dirt, tears and repeated use.

Fixation: The covers are mounted with a hook system, after placing them on the seats, keeping them fixed in place.

Cleaning: In case of stains, you can use a damp cloth to remove dirt. 


Adaptation: For some car models, it is necessary to drill the covers for the headrests and seat belts. 

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plastic car seat cover

5. Fenghong 10pcs Clear Plastic Disposable Car

If you use the car to transport work tools or need to take your dogs for a walk, but want to prevent damage to the upholstery, you can use a plastic car seat cover that will help keep dirt away.

In this sense, the Fenghong 10-unit pack is among the cheapest and most useful models in our selection, thanks to its measurements of 110 cm by 55 cm that allow it to adapt to most seats, including the rear ones, due to its its individual format.

This design is very useful for when you want to clean the upholstery of the ceiling and you don’t want the seats to get dirty or also for when you go to the beach with the children and you don’t want them to fill the seats with sand or wet the upholstery.

So if you don’t know which car seat cover to buy, which allows you to protect the interior of the vehicle from time to time, we recommend you take a look at the pros and cons that we distinguish in this model.


Quantity: It is a pack of 10 units that you can take advantage of on different occasions and many types of cars, since its universal size allows that adaptability.

Price: Its cost-benefit ratio is efficient, since it is a cheap and functional product.

Use: They are disposable covers, suitable for taking pets for a walk, going to the beach with children or carrying work tools without damaging the upholstery.


Tears: The material can be easily torn, since its design is disposable.

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car back seat cover

6. Maximum Fitness Car Back Seat Cover

Those who have children in the family, pets or always carry family or friends in the car know that the back seat is prone to deterioration faster.

For this reason, there are products designed exclusively for this part, such as the cover for the back seat of the car from Máximo Fitness, a cover made of high-density Oxford cloth, thick and resistant, waterproof and non-slip. 

The functional design of this product does not limit the use of the seat belt in the middle seat, since it has two zippers that allow it to be removed and used. If you only have two passengers in the rear seat, you can also use the middle armrest, on models that have it, by unbuckling one side of the center panel to access it. 

We summarize part of the characteristics of this model in the following section of pros and cons so that you can better visualize its most outstanding aspects.


Size: The cover adapts to seats with a measurement of 47 x 19 x 138 cm, efficiently covering the backrests.

Material: The high-density Oxford fabric in these covers makes them resistant to dirt, tears, and stains, as well as being waterproof.

Washing: This product supports machine washing in a gentle cycle and preferably with a neutral detergent.


Design: The covers are completely black, missing some colorful or more attractive detail.

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car seat back cover

7. Nwouiiay Waterproof Car Seat Covers 

Nwouiiay’s innovative car seat back cover design has become very popular. Its individual format is ideal for placing in the seat under the baby’s chair, as the side protection covers an additional space of 15 cm to expand its functionality, as well as being compatible with the Isofix system, providing the proper assembly of the seat for the baby. baby.

This model can also be used by the driver, so that the sweat after the gym does not leave stains on the original upholstery. It can also serve as protection against bumps and scratches when pets are carried in the car.

The usefulness of this product is determined by its high-density Oxford fabric construction and thick foam padding that provides greater comfort to the user. 

If you want to know more about this model, we invite you to read the summary of its most outstanding features.


Assembly: The cover comes with a length-adjustable strap and a tab that must be placed between the backrest and the seat to prevent slipping. 

Storage: Two pockets are included in the lower part that provide storage space for small objects that we can carry in the car.

Waterproof: The top coating is waterproof, and in case of a spill it can be quickly wiped away with a soft cloth.


Washing: This model should not be machine washed so as not to affect the integrity of the material. 

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universal car seat cover

8. Sakura SS3633 Front Seat Cover Set

Opinions about the Sakura SS3633 model position it as one of the favorites among users, since it is not just a universal car seat cover, but rather a set of two protectors for front seats.

Nylon is the material with which these cases were made to offer a good level of protection and resistance. For its part, the universal design allows it to be easily mounted on any car model, without neglecting safety, as it is compatible with side airbags.

Regarding assembly, the covers have an elastic for a proper fit. In addition, they include covers for the headrests so that the whole set has harmony. In this sense, the sporty appearance of the Sakura set will give a new look to the interior of the car, concealing the wear of the upholstery. 

This model is one of the cheapest in our selection, with a good rating among users. Therefore, we take a closer look at its pros and cons.


Design: The format of these covers adapts to all car models, thanks to the elastic fastening, and is also compatible with side airbags.

Quality: For the price of the product, it responds well to its functionality and has good quality finishes. 

Maintenance: These covers are machine washable, making them easy to clean. 


Padding: One aspect to improve is the padding of the covers, since it could be thicker to increase comfort.

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Shopping guide

The use of protective covers in your vehicle is a good decision if you want to take care of the original upholstery or hide its deterioration. But, before buying any model, we suggest you review our guide to buying the best car seat cover and you can find out the most relevant aspects when making your choice.

Construction and material

The variety of fabrics and materials with which seat protectors can be made is very wide, models made of fabric being cheaper. But, if elegance is what you are looking for when making a comparison of car seat covers, then you can get some synthetic leather models that will give a very attractive appearance to the interior of the vehicle.

In any of the cases, the covers must be made of good quality, with durable finishes and resistant seams, since the durability of the product will depend on the material and manufacturing. It is also important that it has a padded padding that provides comfort during driving hours.

In this sense, choosing fabric covers is not a bad decision, as there are high-density Oxford models that stand out for their resistance and comfort. Likewise, polyester and nylon are the most used materials if you are looking for a good and economical cover. These fabrics are easy to clean and wear resistant. 

Whether made of leather or fabric, the covers must be able to be cleaned without complications, since they will not be exempt from contact with dirt, liquid spills, among others.


Many users previously ordered seat protectors to be made in upholstery workshops, paying a very high cost. Now, it is possible to buy the ideal car seat cover online, without having to worry about measurements and size, or excessive prices.

This is because the current designs have universal dimensions, that is, they are easily adapted to different models and makes of cars. Part of this adaptation is due to its placement system, which we will discuss in the next section.

For now, we remind you that you can always check the measurements of the cover with the seller, if you are in doubt as to whether that model will fit your car, since some users have already had the experience of receiving a product that does not fit exactly as they expected.. 

Adjustment and mounting

The fact of buying car seat covers on Amazon or another platform implies that you will assemble them yourself. But don’t worry, because today elastic or adjustable strap designs allow for quick assembly, without tools or complications.

In the case of rear seat covers, it is important to verify that they allow access to the seat belt for the user in the middle. Some models use side zippers that open and allow you to use the belt without difficulty. 

With regard to the headrest, most universal formats include an adaptation or cover to cover this area, others are secured directly to the headrest and, when it is placed, the cover is well attached. 

Consequently, the protective covers that are currently marketed have a simple and functional assembly system, without affecting how much the product costs, since the user’s comfort is always sought so that they can place these without help. 

styles and colors

Buying covers for car seats is an opportunity to renew their appearance, giving a highlight to the interior without spending a lot of money. That is why many manufacturers have been interested in proposing attractive designs, distinguishing themselves from the competition.

Thus, you can choose the covers from a wide range of colors or, if you prefer to go for the neutral black and gray, you can also choose models that have some detail in more striking colors that contrast with the chosen tones. 

You can also see different designs, with straight lines or diagonal patterns to increase the attractiveness of the covers and avoid smooth finishes, choose sports or more classic designs; In short, you can choose them according to your taste and personality. 


Protective car seat covers should provide comfort as well as safety. For this reason, it is necessary that covers compatible with the side airbags be placed on the front seats so that their functionality is not affected in the event of an accident.

On the other hand, some models of covers have opted to offer greater utility to users, so they include lower pockets to store small objects that need to be within reach quickly. Others have been designed for therapeutic purposes, such as those with wooden beads, to reduce driver fatigue by offering a massaging effect.

These are some of the extra benefits that you can find when buying covers to protect car seats.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to install a car seat cover?

Each manufacturer must provide specific instructions for installing seat covers, but the universal format of the most popular seat covers has made fitting a generic process. In this sense, you can start with the rear seat cover, in which it is recommended to stretch the fabric well so that there are no wrinkles.

If it has a hook system, you must secure it to the headrests or the back of the seat, while at the bottom you must adjust the elastics so that the cover does not retract.

For the front seats, we suggest you align the seams of this with the sides of the seat, sliding the cover on the backrest. Some models also cover the headrest, but in others this element must be removed to place the cover and then fix it in place. So this will depend on the chosen model. 

If doubts persist, you can always look for video tutorials on how to install and in a short time you will have your seats protected. 

Q2: How to make a car seat cover?

For those who have skills and abilities with sewing or the sewing machine, it will not be difficult to create their own car seat covers. And it is that to do it you can find numerous molds on the Internet with the measurements or tutorials on how to make the templates, so that the covers have the personalized size. 

Regarding the material to be used, you can opt for a synthetic fabric such as polyester and nylon. You can also choose PU leather, if you want the cover to look more elegant, and elastics or zippers to fix it to the seat. Now, you must transfer the patterns to the chosen fabric, make the cut and proceed to join the parts on the sewing machine. Once you have placed the elastic or zipper, make the finishing seams and the covers are ready to place on the seats.

Q3: How to clean a car seat cover?

If the cover doesn’t have widespread dirt, and you just want to clean a spot, you can use a damp cloth with some mild detergent and rub over the dirt. Afterward, you can use a clean, dry cloth to remove the detergent along with any excess moisture. Finally, it is necessary to let the cover dry or use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

Some models support hand washing. If your covers fall into that group, then you should carefully check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if they should be washed on a gentle cycle, at what temperature, and with what type of detergent. 

Q4: What material is best for a car seat cover?

Currently, there are several materials recommended for seat covers, but one of the most used is high-density Oxford, a synthetic fabric with good resistance and durability against stains, tears and daily use. This material can also be given a waterproof coating that improves its functionality, depending on the manufacturer. 

Q5: Why does the car seat cover move?

It is possible that the cover is not placed correctly or that one of the adjustable straps, the lower elastic or the tab that goes between the seat and the backrest has come loose. All these factors can vary depending on the model. Therefore, you should take a few minutes to adjust the cover in place and verify that it does not move again.  

Q6: Which car seat cover is best for summer?

You should look for models with good breathability. This property is determined by the fabric, so you should look among its specifications for the material to be breathable. Another model that has good ventilation is the one with wooden beads, since its design allows air exchange, avoiding excessive sweating on hot days. 

Q7: What color is coolest for a car seat cover?

Considering the principle that dark tones absorb more heat than light colors, because they absorb more light energy, if you want a fresh cover you can opt for bright colors such as pink or yellow, since these reflect sunlight, absorbing little heat. For its part, the white color is considered the coldest of all, so a cover in this tone will remain fresh, but with the observation that it needs more maintenance, because it is a color that gets dirty easily. 

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