The 8 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners of 2022

Car Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Keeping the car in the best conditions and completely clean is a job that, on occasions, the most demanding users will prefer to do on their own, so having the necessary tools is something that you should consider to carry out this task. On these occasions, car vacuum cleaners play a very important role, which is why the market offers a wide variety of models to choose from. Among the favorites is the ieGeek ZY-8601, a vacuum cleaner that works with 130 watts of power and incorporates a fully washable stainless steel HEPA filter. On the other hand, the Black+Decker PV1820L-QW is a cordless vacuum cleaner with a pivoting head ideal for reaching difficult places.

The 8 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners – Opinions 2022

Cleaning the car by yourself is a task that requires a lot of attention, especially if you want to save yourself the expense of taking it to a car wash constantly and that, in the long run, becomes a considerable investment. Therefore, having the best car vacuum cleaner will help you accomplish this task more easily.  

powerful car vacuum cleaner 

1. ieGeek 8000 Pa Car Vacuum Cleaner

Having a powerful car vacuum cleaner that can handle any type of dirt, whether dry or wet, is something that every user will want to have stored in their trunk ready for any emergency, for which the ieGeek vacuum cleaner is the ideal alternative, since that its dimensions are 9.5 x 37 x 15.5 cm.

Considered the best value for money car vacuum cleaner, it offers a high suction force of up to 8000 Pa thanks to the 130 watt motor and DV 12V power supply. It incorporates a practical stainless steel HEPA filter that can be washed up to 500 times.

Included with your purchase is a practical carrying bag with which you can easily carry this product and a microfiber cleaning cloth to always keep it clean when not in use. In addition, a set of spare nozzles is included that has an extendable hose, a brush and a flat nozzle.

To choose a model that suits your needs, it is necessary to make a comparison between the positive and negative technical aspects of the best car vacuum cleaners of 2022, starting with this product.


Filter : This vacuum cleaner includes a practical stainless steel HEPA filter that allows you to retain any particle from 0.1 to 0.3 microns.

Suction : Thanks to its high suction power of up to 8000Pa, you can easily keep your vehicle vacuumed.

Versatile : You can vacuum both dry and wet with this handy device.

Accessories : It has a complete set of accessories such as a carrying bag, replacement nozzles and a cleaning cloth.


Car : This is a model specially designed for use with the car, so if you are looking for a model for home, you should look at another vacuum cleaner.

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2. Hikeren Handheld Vacuum

If you are looking for a wireless vacuum cleaner model that you can charge in your car and does not require complicated cables for its operation, we definitely recommend you to choose this powerful car vacuum cleaner with suction power of up to 7000Pa.

For its operation, this model uses a 2600mAh battery, giving you autonomy of up to 35 minutes after full charge, which is done in just 4 hours. In addition, it incorporates a practical LED light with which you can illuminate places that are in the dark.

This handheld car vacuum cleaner is one of the cheapest and is equipped with a high-performance motor of up to 100 watts of power and highlights its double filter system with triple action layer for daily and deep cleaning. Also, if you want to take the opportunity to clean the house or the office, this versatile model is your ideal option.

If you are interested in knowing which is the best car vacuum cleaner, it is best to start by looking at the technical aspects of each model on this list. 


LED : Thanks to its LED lighting, you can easily vacuum in places where light does not reach.

Power : This equipment incorporates a powerful 100-watt motor that allows it to reach a suction force of up to 7000Pa.

Filter : Equipped with an easy-to-clean stainless steel double filter system that allows you to perform a deep cleaning.


Liquids : In case you need a car vacuum cleaner that allows you to clean spilled liquids, it is better that you lean towards another model.

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Black & Decker car vacuum cleaner

3. Black+Decker PV1820L-QW 18V Cordless Handheld Vacuum

This Black & Decker car vacuum cleaner has been manufactured by the manufacturing company Black+Decker, considered the best brand of car vacuum cleaners thanks to the features offered by its products. This model incorporates an 18-volt motor and has a 200-degree pivoting head that allows you to access small spaces that are difficult to reach normally.

You can achieve a high suction power of up to 599 mm/water, reaching an air flow of up to 1,170 l/min. In addition, it has a deposit for dust and dirt with a capacity of 440 ml.

This model uses a rechargeable lithium battery that will give you an autonomy of 10 minutes of use and you will know when to recharge thanks to the blinking of the LED light. In addition, the load is done 4 times faster than with any other similar machine.

To choose the best car vacuum cleaner of the moment, it is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of this and the other models on this list.


Flow : This car vacuum cleaner has an air flow of up to 1170 liters / min.

Power : Its powerful 18V motor and 35 watt power allows it to reach a suction of up to 599 mm/water.

Deposit : Stores a good amount of dirt and dust thanks to its deposit of up to 440 ml.


Battery : The weak point of this model is the battery life of only 10 minutes of continuous use.

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4. Black+Decker DVJ320J-QW Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Within the wide range offered by this manufacturer, the Black & Decker DVJ320J-QW car vacuum cleaner is another interesting solution. We are talking about a compact model, so it is easy to move throughout your vehicle. 

Thanks to its cyclonic power, powered by a 10.8 volt battery, it is possible to eliminate the most complex residues without problems. A task in which its wide-spread nozzle helps us, with which it is easy to sneak into the corners where dirt takes refuge. Regarding its power supply, it has an estimated autonomy of about 15 minutes, although without loss of suction with use. 

All the collected dirt is housed in its 610-milliliter capacity tank, which is easy to remove and empty. An efficient solution so that cleaning your vehicle is not a problem.

We leave you some more details of everything that this complete Black & Decker vacuum cleaner puts at your fingertips when it comes to cleaning.


Cyclonic : This system helps to eliminate larger residues with solvency, even those stuck to the upholstery.

Nozzle : The extremely long nozzle included makes it easy to remove dirt from the most difficult corners.

Deposit : The deposit has a good capacity and is easy to clean, once necessary.


Charging time: The charging time is about five hours, excessive for such a tight range of use.

Re-emission : The air outlet of the vacuum cleaner causes the displacement of dust in the environment at a level higher than desirable.

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Casals car vacuum cleaner

5. Casals VAC-100 Car Vacuum Cleaner

This model is a practical and compact Casals car vacuum cleaner, a brand specialized in the manufacture of tools and vacuum cleaners. This product allows you to vacuum even the most difficult to reach places thanks to its extra easy to adapt head.

With this versatile vacuum cleaner you can vacuum both dry and liquid, due to its optimal performance motor with power of up to 100 watts and powered by 12 volts. In addition, it has a suction capacity of 2.5 Kpa, making it ideal for keeping the vehicle completely clean.

Thanks to its dimensions of 36 x 8 x 12 centimeters and weight of only 900 grams, it allows easy maneuverability, as well as being able to transport it comfortably in the trunk of your car.

Although it is not one of the cheapest alternatives on the market, this vacuum cleaner has excellent features. Next, we show you its pros and cons. 


Cable length : It has a cable of up to 4 meters in length, ideal for reaching the most remote areas of your car.

Accessories : With your purchase, this model includes an extra nozzle and a liquid suction system.

Power : Its motor is powered by 12 volts and has a power of 100 watts, so it achieves a suction capacity of 2.5 Kpa.


Cordless : If you are looking for a cordless car vacuum, you should look at another model on this list.

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Other products 

6. Black+Decker PD1200AV Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

This model is a handheld vacuum cleaner with a cyclonic effect ideal for cars, which incorporates a flexible tube of up to 1.5 meters in length that will allow you to reach those places that are normally difficult to vacuum.

The strength of this handheld vacuum cleaner stands out, provided by its fabulous motor powered by 12 volts and power of 12.5 watts, which achieves a suction of 400 mm/water and generates an air flow of 1060 l/min. In addition, it employs a technology known as “motor in the filter”, this allows the device to have compact dimensions without sacrificing power.

The dimensions of this device are 15 x 27 x 30 centimeters and it weighs approximately 1.49 kilograms. In addition, the cyclonic action of this vacuum allows to keep dirt out of the filter, which helps to maintain maximum suction power.

To choose the car vacuum cleaner that perfectly suits your needs, it is vitally important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each model. 


Flexible tube : This model incorporates a flexible tube for suction that will allow you to reach the most difficult places.

Motor : It is equipped with a 12-volt motor that generates up to 12.5 watts of power.

Tank : Includes a large capacity dust tank of up to 400 ml.


Suction : If you are interested in acquiring a vacuum cleaner that has a higher suction power, you should choose a model that does not connect to the cigarette lighter socket.

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7. Audew Car Vacuum Cleaner 

If you prefer a traditional cut car vacuum cleaner, you can use the Audew Wet & Dry. A model that, as its name suggests, has the ability to clean both dry and wet, performing adequately in both cases. 

The product has a suction capacity of up to 5500 PA, with which to comfortably remove the most complex debris. A task in which you also have a wide variety of accessories, such as a dusting brush, a long tube and a narrow mouth, with which it is easy to reach the corners where the dust accumulates and that are not always accessible to time to clean. 

Among these accessories, there is also the connector for the car’s cigarette lighter, with a 4.5 meter long cable that generates adequate comfort when cleaning.

We leave you some more information about this efficient solution, with which you can comfortably clean your vehicle.


Power: Its 100 watts of power are ideal for removing all types of waste comfortably.

HEPA filter: This filter reduces the re-emission of dust and generates a more pleasant environment during vacuuming.

Accessories: Its various accessories make it easier to remove the most hidden dirt from any area of ​​the car.


Without battery: The vacuum cleaner does not have a battery, but works plugged in. At least, its cable is 4.5 meters long.

Suction Loss: Product loses suction as reservoir fills. Not much, but enough to perceive it.

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8. Lozayi Car Vacuum Cleaner 

If you are looking for a car vacuum cleaner that generates a low noise level, we recommend looking at this practical and silent model. On the one hand, it incorporates a motor that generates a suction force of 6000Pa, which can suck up pet hair, crumbs, dust and ashes, as well as spilled liquids.

Its 5 meter long power cable will allow you to comfortably access the most hidden corners of your car, in addition to being able to use any of the nozzles it incorporates, depending on the surface you have to clean.

Its portability stands out, since it is a model small enough to carry comfortably in your trunk. Its dimensions are 37.2 x 13.2 x 11.6 centimeters and it weighs about 998 grams.

It is very important that you take into account the most important technical aspects before choosing your favorite car vacuum cleaner.


Motor : This car vacuum cleaner incorporates a 100 watt motor and 6000 Pa suction power.

Versatile : Its versatility of use stands out, since with this vacuum cleaner you can clean dry and wet.

Cable : It has a cable of up to 5 meters in length, very useful to use this vacuum cleaner comfortably.


Connector : This vacuum cleaner is limited to be used only in vehicles, since it does not have a wall plug.

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Shopping guide 

You will already be aware of the wide variety of models of car vacuum cleaners that the market offers, there is one for each taste and need. This is why it is very important to take into account all the technical characteristics relevant to these devices when you are about to buy one. Faced with so many alternatives, to choose the product that fits your needs perfectly, the most reasonable thing to do is to look carefully at this guide to buying the best car vacuum cleaner, in which we have gathered the aspects that you should look at before making the investment, so you can get the most economical and functional vacuum cleaner on this list.

Next, you will be able to look at and evaluate some of the most relevant technical characteristics that we have grouped so that you can have an opinion base when making your choice.

The power

In any comparison of car vacuum cleaners that you find on the net, you will notice that power will always be a very important issue for this type of device. Above all, because car vacuum cleaners usually have a considerably lower power than household vacuum cleaners. However, taking into account that their use is much more specific and that they act in a more limited area in various aspects, such as a smaller space, a lower energy intake and vacuuming surfaces with various delicate textures, it is normal think that the power should not be the same as that of a vacuum cleaner for the home or office.

The power of the motor will determine the suction force, so it should not be too high. It is common to find models of approximately 50 to 100 watts on the market, which work in an extraordinary way to vacuum all dust, small accumulations of dirt, pet hair, among other residues that remain in the vehicle. In addition, it is highly recommended that you be able to regulate the power of the motor, so we suggest that you check if the device has an easy-to-use adjustment option that is easily accessible. In this way you can adapt the suction force according to your needs.

Battery or wired

A basic aspect that determines how much a certain vacuum cleaner costs is whether it works with a battery or with a power cable. The aspect of autonomy in all types of tools is always very favorable, however, it must be taken into account that battery-operated devices tend to have a slightly less powerful motor than models that connect to a power outlet. On the other hand, it is possible to find car vacuum cleaners that work in both ways, so they are considered excellent alternatives and very versatile in use.

While corded vacuums have a noticeably higher power, these models can limit you when you need to move around while vacuuming, so if you definitely lean towards a vacuum cleaner that connects to an outlet or cigarette lighter plug, it is important that you choose a model with a cable of about 4 or 5 meters in length so that you can move freely and clean all areas of your car with ease.

This is not a matter of concern if, on the contrary, you opt for a battery-powered vacuum cleaner, since you will be able to move with the greatest freedom without any limitations. However, remember that the batteries of any device are exhausted no matter how large it has capacity, therefore, you should be careful to keep it recharged so that it is ready for any emergency.

Maintenance and cleaning

This is an aspect that is very important, especially if we are going to use the vacuum cleaner frequently, since we will have to invest the necessary time in cleaning the waste tank when it is full. Therefore, it is important to know that the larger the deposit, the longer it will take to clean it. In addition, it is necessary that the tank disassembly and assembly system be simple and resistant to frequent use.

Likewise, filters are an essential part of these devices, so it is recommended that they be resistant to water. In this case, stainless steel HEPA filters are an excellent alternative, since, in addition to being easy to remove, they can be washed very easily in the dishwasher. Fortunately, most car vacuum cleaners today include these types of filters.

Finally, keep in mind the accessories that a certain vacuum cleaner has, since they usually help to optimally clean the different areas of your car and their textures. For example, there are models that include flexible hoses, elongated nozzles and brushes, each with its own unique use.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a car vacuum cleaner?

To use a car vacuum cleaner, the first thing you should look at is the type of power used by your model. If it’s a corded vacuum cleaner, you’ll need to plug it into your cigarette lighter socket, as it most likely uses 12-volt power. To make the connection, you must use the cable that comes with the vacuum cleaner and no other, so that you can avoid any damage to your tool.

After plugging it into the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle, proceed to turn on the vacuum cleaner and gently pass it over the seats, the floor and other areas of your car, always bearing in mind that, if your model includes several different accessories and types of nozzles, use the right one for the type of aspiration you must do. The same procedure must be done if your tool works with batteries.

Finally, when you finish vacuuming your vehicle completely, be sure to remove the waste container and empty it completely into a trash can. Likewise, remove the filter and wash it, if possible with water, so that it is clean for the next use you are going to give it.

Q2: How to use a car vacuum cleaner at home?

Using a car vacuum cleaner at home will depend on the model of vacuum cleaner you have, since many of these devices are connected directly to the vehicle’s 12-volt cigarette lighter socket, so it will not work with the plugs in your home. However, if the vacuum uses batteries, you can safely use it to clean your home or office of dust, crumbs, dirt and pet hair. These versatile models are a little more expensive than the corded ones, but allow you to use them anywhere with greater freedom.

Q3: How to know if a car vacuum cleaner is good?

To know if a car vacuum cleaner is good or worth it, there are several aspects that you should look at carefully. First of all, take care that it incorporates a filter or filter system that is easy to remove and wash, such as a stainless steel HEPA filter. However, the most important thing is that it has a motor with the necessary power to properly clean the debris, particles and residue that you have in your car. If the car vacuum you are testing does not suck up all the dust and crumbs from the seat of your vehicle, it is not a good model.

Q4: How to clean a car vacuum cleaner?

To clean a car vacuum, all you have to do is carefully remove the dirt container and empty it. Then, remove the filter that the device has inside and proceed to wash it together with the tank with water until they are completely clean. Drain the remaining water until they are completely dry and put them back in the vacuum cleaner.


Q5: Why doesn’t my car vacuum cleaner suck?

When car vacuum cleaners lose power or suction strength, it is very likely that the filter inside the device is completely clogged or dirty, so you will have to wash it to be able to vacuum with the maximum power offered by the car. product.

On the other hand, another latent possibility that is causing a decrease in the suction power of these devices, especially if they work with a battery, is that the battery charge has decreased, so the device stops working with all its power. force. To solve it, all you have to do is fully charge the battery of the vacuum cleaner.

Q6: Why does my car vacuum cleaner turn off?

There are several reasons why a car vacuum tends to turn off automatically after a short period of use, so you must be aware of certain aspects so that you can enjoy its functionality without any problem. Among the main reasons for the engine to stop is due to overheating, which causes the thermal protections to trip, turning off the engine as a precaution. Another reason is the accumulation of dirt inside and the filter, so it is highly recommended to always keep it clean.


Q7: How to reach the most difficult corners with a car vacuum cleaner?

On many occasions, the car vacuum cleaner that you buy usually includes a series of accessories that help to clean certain areas more easily. To reach the most difficult corners of your vehicle, the best thing to do is to use a special nozzle that usually comes with the purchase, which can be a flexible tube or an elongated tip, which will allow you to comfortably reach places that are difficult to vacuum.

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Black & Decker Pav1205 Aspirador de coche

La toma del mechero de tu coche resulta muy útil en algunas ocasiones cuando necesitas darle energía a determinados aparatos como, por ejemplo, este aspirador de coche Black & Decker que tiene un adaptador de 12 voltios para conectar en la toma del mechero y gracias a su cable de hasta 5 metros de longitud, podrás alcanzar cualquier lugar de tu coche.

Tiene un diseño inteligente que, además de permitirte enrollar el cable fácilmente alrededor del dispositivo, podrás orientar la boca del aspirador hasta 200 grados o 10 puntos distintos, lo que te ayudará a alcanzar aquellas zonas de difícil acceso como la parte inferior de los asientos del coche.

Considerado el mejor aspirador de coche, este modelo tiene unas dimensiones aproximadas de 36 x 19 x 18,5 cm y su peso es de unos 1,8 kg. Incluye un cepillo, una boquilla para huecos y una boquilla extra larga. Además, posee un sistema de filtración en dos etapas y una bolsa para guardarlo.

Si aún no sabes qué aspirador de coche comprar, no dejes de mirar los pros y contras de este práctico modelo. 


Cable: Podrás aspirar sin ninguna dificultad cualquier parte de tu vehículo gracias al extenso cable de alimentación de hasta 5 metros.

Diseño: Destaca su diseño inteligente que permite enrollar el cable alrededor del aspirador.

Ajustable: La boca de este aspirador es completamente ajustable en 10 posiciones de hasta 200 grados.


Precio: En comparación con otros modelos similares, este aspirador tiene uno de los precios más elevados de esta lista.

Osser Aspiradora de Mano sin Cable Potente

Una de las mejores alternativas de aspirador sin cable es este modelo de la marca comercial Osser, el cual destaca por ser un aspirador muy ergonómico y gracias a su filtro HEPA de acero inoxidable fácil de limpiar, podrás lavarlo con el agua del grifo cómodamente.

Este modelo incorpora un potente motor de 100 vatios y 4500 Pa de poder de succión, lo que te ayudará a limpiar de polvo, arena, migas y pelo de animal tanto tu coche como tu casa o la oficina. Tras su carga completa, podrás utilizar este producto de forma autónoma durante 30 minutos aproximadamente gracias a su batería de 2200 mAh.

Este aspirador tiene un diseño portátil con unas dimensiones de 32,5 x 10 x 12 centímetros y pesa aproximadamente 699 gramos. Además, incluye un completo set de boquillas para limpiar distintos lugares óptimamente.

El mercado de aspiradores de coche es muy amplio, por lo que las alternativas que tienes a disposición son muchas. Lo más recomendable, es mirar las características técnicas de cada modelo antes de hacer tu elección. 


Kit: Este aspirador de coche destaca por incluir un completo set de accesorios como un cepillo, tubo flexible, boquilla de grieta, cargador y estuche.

Filtro: Incluye un práctico filtro HEPA lavable que permite limpiar con más profundidad la suciedad de tu coche o habitación.

Autonomía: Equipa una batería de 2200 mAh de carga rápida que te brindará una autonomía de hasta 30 minutos.


Cargando: Ten en cuenta que no podrás utilizar este aspirador mientras esté conectado para evitar cualquier accidente.

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