The 8 Best Motorcycle Carriers of 2022

Motorcycle Carrier – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are looking for a means of transport to move your motorcycle on board the car, then you need to acquire a motorcycle carrier. You can choose from many alternatives that offer similar benefits. However, among these two models stand out that are considered favorites by most users. Initially, we found the AutocaravanaSegarra PM-01, which is easy to assemble, suitable for motorhomes and campers, which includes its own 1.50 m aluminum ramp. The Towcar AEPM030 motorcycle carrier is another possible option, as it is made of steel and is suitable for carrying it anchored to the car’s hitch ball.

The 8 Best Motorcycle Carriers – Opinions 2022

If you have decided to buy a motorcycle rack, but you have doubts about which product you should buy, we suggest you choose among the most outstanding models today, according to user estimates, quality and performance. For this reason, we present a selection of the best motorcycle carriers and their main attributes, so that you can compare and choose according to what you need.

motorcycle carrier for motorhome

1. Motorhome Segarra Universal Adjustable Motorcycle Carrier with ramp

Those who are looking for a motorcycle carrier for a motorhome can find a probable option in the PM-01 model. It is a universal motorcycle carrier, made of galvanized steel with an aluminum ramp that provides resistance and measures 1.5 m. Its use is very simple, since it is only required to be fastened to the ground by means of two screws so that it is fixed with strength and stability. 

This motorcycle carrier is suitable for mounting light motorcycles in the garage of campers or motorhomes, to later disassemble it easily and store it in the same place, since its weight of 19 kg and size favor being able to transport it without interfering with the space, in case this is reduced. 

In addition, this equipment is favorable for the majority, as it joins the group of cheap ones, being on the list to become the best price-quality motorcycle carrier. In addition, it is suitable for suitably adapting to front wheels, which have a 17” radius, although it could be used for larger wheels, with adjustment using other parts.

There are some advantages and disadvantages that you should know about this model, highlighted among the cheapest, so that you can compare and choose properly, according to your convenience.


Practical: It is functional, comfortable to use and, in addition, can be easily stored.

Size: It measures 2 m long, 40 cm high and 30 cm wide, making it ideal for light and small motorcycles.

Universal: It is designed to fit most motorhome or camper models, due to its ease of assembly.

Resistant: Its galvanized steel construction makes it strong and robust to support the weight.


Doors: It is necessary to make some adjustments, in case the vehicle door prevents the ramp from being placed correctly.

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2. Towcar AEPM000 3676

Another feasible option for those who want to purchase a motorcycle carrier for a motorhome is the Towcar AEPM000 model. It is a practical and manageable piece of equipment, which can be folded for easy storage and transfer in the trunk of the car. It is ideal for transporting trial type motorcycles, pit bikes, minicross and any type of mopeds or motorcycles whose weight does not exceed 90 kg.

This model, considered by some to be the best motorcycle carrier, is light, small and portable, so it can be assembled without much effort, as it weighs just 18 kilos and measures 95 x 57 x 26 cm when folded. 

This Towcar prototype includes a ramp and, in addition, three straps to hold the motorcycle or small vehicle to be transported more safely. The equipment can be placed quickly and easily, since it is only enough to fix it to the hitch ball. In addition, it does not interfere with the speed of the vehicle that moves it.

This model brings together characteristics that exhibit quality and good performance, so it might seem like the best motorcycle carrier of the moment. However, do not stop analyzing its pros and cons.


Assembly: Placing it is very simple, since it is only hooked quickly and easily to the ball of the car.

Portable: It can be folded for convenient storage and transport.

Durability: It is made of anodized aluminum, a resistant material, appropriate to withstand use and a certain weight.

Utility: It is suitable for moving from children’s motorcycles to trial motorcycles and other mopeds.


Load: Its capacity could decrease according to the load that the car to which it is to be incorporated can support.

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ball mount

3. Towcar AEPM030 Racing Motorcycle Carrier

If you want to choose a particular model among the best motorcycle racks of 2022, you might be interested in knowing some characteristics that identify the Towcar AEPM030, which is also recommended for those who need to equip their car with a ball motorcycle rack.

This motorcycle carrier has a strong and robust structure made of steel. However, it is light, since it only weighs 21 kg, which makes it comfortable to handle, as it is also foldable and can be easily stored to move it inside the trunk.

This equipment can be used in a very simple way, since it is automatically anchored to the ball of the car and secured by means of the straps. The Towcar AEPM030 model has been designed to support up to 75 kilos of weight, making it suitable for loading various types of motorcycles, mopeds or children’s vehicles, whose weight is less than or equal to this capacity.

The Towcar manufacturer, with this and other models, advances and bets on becoming the best motorcycle carrier brand. Here, some pros and cons of this team.


Anchorage: It is fixed automatically and safely to the ball of the car.

Dimensions: It has appropriate measurements, to be able to place it, use it and remove it easily.

Foldable: Its size is reduced to 97 x 57 x 26 cm, in folded mode, to be able to store and transport it in the trunk or other area.

Capacity: It is capable of supporting an adequate load level of up to 75 kilos, ideal for small means of transport.


Adapter: Does not include the adapter for the front wheel, but it can be purchased separately.

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Motorhome carrier for 200 kilos motorhome

4. Power Parts Automotive GmbH Motorcycle Trailer 

You may not yet know which is the best motorcycle carrier. Therefore, we present this alternative from the manufacturer Power Parts Automotive GmbH. It is a 200 kilo motorhome carrier, known as Heavy Duty, ideal for transporting heavier bicycles, scooters and motorcycles, as it has the capacity to support up to 226 kg.

This motorcycle rack is made of high-quality black powder-coated steel, with a strong and robust structure, manufactured with the intention of providing strength, support and durability. Similarly, its design has been created so that it can be adapted to most American couplers with square tubes. 

In addition, its installation does not require a complicated procedure, since it is only enough to invert the square tube to fix the motorcycle carrier. Likewise, this motorcycle carrier includes its respective 97 cm long ramp, while the base of its structure measures around 1.93 m wide, with a depth of 17.7 cm.

Deciding which motorcycle rack to buy can be very difficult. Therefore, it is convenient that you know a little more about this model that might interest you.


Support: It has a strong base, designed to support more than 200 kilos of weight.

Installation: Its installation method is simple, as it easily adjusts to any vehicle with an American coupler.

Resistance: It is made of powder-coated steel, which makes it robust and resistant.

Functionality: It is useful for transporting motorcycles, bicycles, scooters and other types of vehicles weighing less than 226 kilos.


Vehicle type: Can only be used with American 4 kant trailer hitches, which may limit its usability. 

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motorcycle trailer

5. Neptun Motorcycle Trailer Galvanized steel

If you prefer to buy a motorcycle trailer, the manufacturer Neptun offers a suitable alternative. It is a trailer made of galvanized steel, designed to hook it to the rear of the car and drag it as the vehicle moves forward.

This trailer has a weight of 80 kg, its external measurements are 2.88 mx 1.46 m and it has sufficient capacity to transport a motorcycle or other type of moped vehicle weighing less than or equal to 270 kg, occupying a space close to or less than 2 m long by 18 cm wide. In addition, it has two 500 x 10” wheels, robust and resistant, which have the capacity to support the weight and friction against the ground. 

Similarly, this model has a tilting box that allows the trailer to be tilted to facilitate the entry and exit of the load. In addition, it includes the entire kit for its assembly and operation.

This team brings together several features that would be worth taking advantage of. However, there is also a downside and other advantages that you should consider.


Maximum weight: The model supports a maximum load of 270 kg, which is a suitable weight for professional or more robust motorcycles.

Lights: It has two indicators at the rear so that other vehicles can distinguish it. 

Approved: This trailer has the respective certification, as it is approved by the European Union.

Manufacturing: It is made of galvanized steel, a material that offers strength, support and durability.


Weight: It can be very heavy both with and without the load, so it should be handled with care.

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Motorbike rack for van

6. Erka Motorcycle Car Trailer

For those who need to acquire a motorcycle carrier for a van, the Erka brand offers this model made of galvanized steel, with a more spacious design, to accommodate two motorcycles, whose maximum weight together is less than or equal to 392 kg.

This Erka motorcycle carrier measures 2.89 mx 1.79 m on the outside, while each of its internal rails, arranged for different types of motorcycles, offer an area of ​​2 mx 18 cm. It is practical to use, as it incorporates a tilting box that makes it easier to get on and off the motorcycles with greater comfort.

In the same way, it has two 500 x 10” wheels and has a drawbar with a cambered rudder, which joins the trailer with the car hitch. It also includes the kit with the accessories to facilitate its assembly. This model also has the certification required to be able to circulate, as it is approved throughout Europe. 

If it seems to you that this model could offer you everything you are looking for, wait until you know some of its advantages and one aspect against it.


Greater space: Its design is designed to offer greater capacity, since it has space to transport two motorcycles at the same time.

Accessories: This model includes a kit with the necessary accessories to assemble it, so the process is facilitated.

Certificate: Its use and circulation are approved by the competent bodies in Europe, so its quality and safety have been validated.

Stability: The motorcycles remain firm and securely fastened during the tour.


Weight and size: It is a bulky and heavy motorcycle carrier, so it is recommended to use it only with large vehicles.

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motorcycle carrier 

7. ConStands Parking Stand for Moto Guzzi V7 II Racer

If you focus your search on finding an option that suits your needs, this motorcycle carrier may be what you expected. The ConStands model consists of a base made of steel, which works as a support for loading and transporting motorcycles, with a maximum weight of 450 kilos.

This motorcycle carrier is wide enough and long enough to hold larger motorcycles, such as the Racer de Guzzi V7 II, as it measures 2.12 m long and 27 cm wide. The ConStands motorcycle carrier allows motorcycles to be kept in a stable position throughout the journey, as it incorporates a chock for the front wheel.

In addition, it has four double wheels made of polyamide with a brake function, which provide better support and facilitate handling to move it more comfortably. It is suitable for rear wheels with width less than or equal to 20 cm and front wheels from 15 to 21 inches, offering a good level of compatibility.

This is another of the most recommended motorcycle carriers. If you liked its main features, also take a look at some of its pros and cons.


Versatile: It is used both to transport motorcycles by car, and to facilitate their parking and store them in small spaces.

Robustness: Its 3 cm thick steel structure provides strength and resistance. 

Maneuverable: It has a handle that favors manipulating the rail in a simple way.

Adjustable: It can be adjusted to suit the size of front wheels between 15 and 21”, with a width of 9 to 18 cm, so it is compatible with various motorcycle models.


Weight: Due to its heavy weight, it could be uncomfortable to handle and lift, although this does not limit its performance.

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Towcar motorcycle carrier

8. Balance Towcar 

Among the variety of models of Towcar motorcycle carriers, there is the AEPM020-8, as a pertinent option to transport from children’s vehicles, such as junior cross motorcycles, to trial motorcycles, minicross, pit bikes and other types of mopeds.

Its weight of 25 kg is light, therefore, it can be manipulated and assembled with more freedom and comfort. However, it is capable of supporting a load of up to 75 kg and can be tilted to make it easier to raise or lower the motorcycle, as its design incorporates a rocker-type movement.

Its rail is 13 cm wide, while the adapter is suitable to fit wheels with a width of around 10.5 cm. This motorcycle carrier is simple to use, as it automatically attaches to the car and the motorcycle is secured to it by means of ratchet-style straps, thus providing stability and support for as long as it remains anchored.

If this Towcar model has seemed like a good option to you, you could determine if it suits you or not when you know more about its advantages and a negative point.


Reclining: Produces a rocking effect that allows you to tilt it to get on and off the bike more easily.

Transportation: It is an adequate means of transportation to carry various moped vehicles such as minicross, trial motorcycles, pit bikes, among other junior models.

Coupling: It can be mounted quickly, as it is attached to the car automatically.

Lighting: It has the required lighting so that other vehicles can distinguish it.


Use: It could suffer dents, if it is not handled or used properly.

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Shopping guide

Buying a motorcycle carrier is not just choosing the one that seems to be of acceptable quality or has a price that fits your pocket. While this is important, you should also make sure that the equipment you choose guarantees good performance and provides strength and durability, depending on what you need. Therefore, you should take into account some features that we include in this guide to buy the best motorcycle carrier.


There are several types of motorcycle carriers from various manufacturers and, although their objective is the same, there are some characteristics that distinguish one model from another. One of these is its capacity. 

Some motorcycle racks are designed to support more or less weight and this, in turn, could affect the cost of the equipment. Therefore, before choosing, it is important that you can determine the weight of the motorcycle or moped vehicle for which you want to use it. Thus, you could also get an idea of ​​how much a motorcycle carrier costs. 

Some simple models are designed to support between 75 and 90 kilos of weight. While others, made for larger motorcycles, can hold up to a maximum weight of between 200 and almost 300 kilos. Likewise, there are certain models suitable for towing with the car, which have a double lane to load two motorcycles at the same time. These are designed to support up to 390 kg.

Weight and size

Among the characteristics that you should consider when choosing a motorcycle carrier are its weight and size. This is something that also tends to vary from one model to another, although it is not always indicative of its capacity and resistance, since there are light and small motorcycle carriers capable of supporting a great weight.

It is important that you can choose a model whose weight and size are favorable and suitable for your car and that, in addition, you can handle and mount it comfortably, since you must also consider the weight of the motorcycle or moped.

You can get small equipment, whose weight ranges between 18, 20, 25 and 40 kg, with an approximate length of 2 m. Similarly, there are even larger ones that can weigh between 80 and more than 100 kilos, with external measurements close to 3 m in length.  


Among the wide offer, you may find a cheap motorcycle carrier. However, before deciding on a specific model, you should make sure that the price of the equipment includes at least some of the accessories necessary to carry out its assembly and installation, otherwise you would have to purchase these accessories separately., which, ultimately, would increase the cost of the equipment. 

There are models of motorcycle racks that include straps and hooks to hold the motorcycle securely. Others include an adapter to adjust to the size of the wheel, as well as the tools to assemble the structure. Similarly, there are models that also incorporate their respective ramp, which serves as a link between the ground and the motorcycle carrier on the car, to raise and lower the motorcycle more easily.

design and construction

If you want to choose a motorcycle carrier that is suitable for your type of car and that adapts to the weight and size characteristics of your two-wheeled vehicle, it is convenient that you make a comparison of motorcycle carriers.

Most motorcycle racks are made of steel and some have aluminum ramps. There are models of motorcycle carriers for motorhomes, designed in a small and light structure. These are usually easy to handle and assemble. Some, in addition, can be collapsible, incorporate a chock, have lights and brakes and others can be adjusted to adapt to the size of other wheels.

There are also models whose support can be tilted to make it easier for the motorcycle to be raised and lowered comfortably and without much effort. Similarly, there are other more conventional motorcycle carriers, known as trailers. These tend to be larger and heavier, as they are designed to support more weight, have wheels, a rudder and a tilting box. 

hitch type

It is important that, before choosing a model that catches your attention, you make sure that your vehicle has the type of anchorage that the motorcycle carrier requires. When looking at the different alternatives available, you will notice that some motorcycle carriers are universal and most share a similar type of coupling, since they have a mechanism that automatically hooks to the ball of the car. 

However, there are also models that are located in the same position, but are attached in a different way, as they are manufactured to be used with the square tube of some American motorcycle models, so it is advisable to check this feature before making the purchase..

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a motorcycle rack?

There are different types of motorcycle carriers. Therefore, these can be used in a different way, according to the instructions and recommendations of their manufacturer. However, there are some practical tips that can be applied in general.

It is important that the motorcycle carrier is fixed correctly to the car hitch. To place the motorcycle, it is advisable to have a ramp and raise it in one go with the motorcycle on.

Having it in the correct position, it is necessary to turn off the motorcycle and rest it on the kickstand so that it is supported. Then, it must be attached to the motorcycle carrier from its four ends with the respective straps. 

It is also important to make sure that the vehicle to be moved has the appropriate weight, according to the maximum capacity of the motorcycle carrier and that it has the required signage, especially if you drive in life during night hours.


Q2: Is it necessary to homologate a motorcycle carrier? 

There are some types of motorcycle carriers that need to meet certain requirements to be able to circulate, among these, that the load is according to its capacity, have the V20 signaling and, in certain cases, they are required to be approved. For this reason, there are also models that come with their respective factory certificates and have homologation at the European level, so with some it would not be necessary to carry out this procedure.

 Q3: How to hold a motorcycle on a motorcycle rack?

Motorcycles should be attached to the rack from each of their front and rear ends, both on the right and left sides. However, it is advisable that the straps be tied to firm areas of the motorcycle, such as the front axle mount or the brake caliper, and to avoid using the suspension or mirrors.

When the straps are in the correct position, they should be pulled from the other side to make them snug. It is necessary to ensure that the straps have been fastened correctly, so that the motorcycle does not lose stability during the movement of the car.

Q4: What signage does a motorcycle carrier require?

In accordance with the regulations of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), motorcycle carriers must carry a V20 outgoing cargo signaling panel in a place where it remains visible. This is placed depending on the length of the vehicle load when it is located in a transverse position and protrudes with respect to the width of the rear of the car. On the other hand, in the event that the location of the motorcycle carrier interrupts the visibility of the vehicle’s license plate, it will be necessary to install another panel with the certified license plate. 

Q5: Which is better, a tow ball carrier or trailer carrier?

Both types of motorcycle carriers offer functional and highly resistant models, although their load capacity may vary, as some are designed to support more weight than others, so this rating would depend on the assessment of each user, according to their preferences and to the weight of the load that needs to be moved. 

However, ball-type motorcycle carriers are usually more practical and convenient to use, as they are easily installed and their weight and size make it easier to maneuver them, faster, while trailer carriers are much heavier and their assembly could be a bit difficult. more complicated.

Q6: How to make a motorcycle rack?

Building a homemade motorcycle carrier is a job that requires effort and some knowledge of mechanics. In addition, it is necessary to have some tools to cut the pieces and others to join them, so it would be best to request help from personnel specialized in the design, construction and assembly of this type of equipment. In case you decide to venture to build your own motorcycle carrier, the first thing you should do is draw a plan with all its parts and the required measurements, to take it as a reference when cutting the pieces.

Some trailer-type motorcycle carriers can be built using part of an old car chassis, cut to size. This could incorporate the brakes. In addition, you would need some bracing brackets, a couple of tires and, if you wish, an aluminum bar thick enough, to the desired size, to make the ramp.  

Q7: What load can a trailer-type motorcycle carrier support?

There are different models of motorcycle trailer carriers that offer different capacities, although, in the same way, this is usually higher than that which can be supported by ball carriers or other types. Some can even transport more than one vehicle at a time, as their structure is also heavy and strong and resistant enough to support a greater weight. In some models, the maximum capacity can be from 200 to 350 kg, while larger ones can support up to 500 kg. 

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