The 8 Best Motorcycle Locks of 2022

Motorcycle lock – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

No one wants their hard-earned stuff stolen, especially something as practical as a motorcycle. For that reason, taking precautions could help you make your motorcycle safer and avoid negative situations that can really affect you. A motorcycle theft will not be so easy if it is protected by an anti-theft system, therefore, buying one is a very good idea. The OF159 Oxford chain is an ideal product to hold your motorcycle comfortably, blocking the wheel and covering the frame so that it cannot be forced to move. While the Kryptonite Kryptoflex cable offers a flexible, comfortable and small method to tie down motorcycles, bikes and everything else you want to protect.

The 8 Best Motorcycle Locks – Opinions 2022

Getting the best anti-theft method for your motorcycle is essential to enjoy security, and this varied list will make you consider certain products and even complement them to have more protection.

Anti-theft chain for motorcycle

1. Oxford Products OF159 Chain Block

Those who want a classic motorcycle anti-theft chain will find in this product an attractive option to protect their main means of transport. This hardened square link chain may be one of the best motorcycle locks of 2022, as it is strong and has a length of 1.50 meters to cover more space and keep your motorcycle safe in different places.

The lock is double-locking for added protection and its head is 360-degree rotatable, giving you comfort when using it and reducing the time to open or close the lock. The hardened steel shackle also allows the product to function as a disc lock. The chain comes with three keys and Oxford gives you the opportunity to replace them in case they are lost, if you write down their number. Additionally, the product comes with a cover for the chain and a cover for the keys. Its thickness of 0.95 centimeters makes it suitable for different fastenings.

Scratch-free, completely safe and easy to hold; this is the protection offered by Oxford with its motorcycle chain.


Keys: The product comes with 3 keys in case one is lost and, in addition, the brand offers the replacement of these.

Padlock: The fact that the padlock is double-locking gives your motorcycle greater security.

Head: The 360 ​​degrees of rotation of the head allow the opening and closing of the padlock to be more comfortable processes.

Cover: The chain cover will prevent it from scratching the motorcycle, damaging it.


Weight: This chain weighs 3 kilograms, so handling it is a little more difficult, considering its size, than other light and small models.

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Motorcycle helmet anti-theft

2. Kryptonite KryptoFlex Security Cable

Most think of only protecting their motorcycle, however, there are products designed to take into account even its accessories. A motorcycle helmet lock is also available and the Kryptonite security cable is designed to take care of your motorcycle and everything it can protect. This product is not only the best value for money motorcycle lock, but also an ultra-flexible cable to adapt to your helmet, your wheels and the frame, if you wish, with its length that can range from 120 cm to 900 cm, depending on the model to choose.

Made of braided steel, this product is resistant to cuts from many tools used by thieves and is light in weight to be easy to move anywhere, effortlessly. It has a minimum diameter to be able to go through the wheels without problem and adapt to your motorcycle.

Kryptonite’s Kryptoflex is the perfect option for those who value motorcycle anti-theft systems with lightness and adaptability.


Versatile: This product is quite versatile, as it can be used on both motorcycles and bicycles. This way you will keep all your belongings cared for.

Flexible: This is a flexible cable to be able to adapt to your needs and to the different places where you leave your motorcycle.

Materials: The braided steel allows greater protection, making it more difficult to cut the piece.


Padlock: In order to use the product it is necessary to use a padlock, which means an extra expense.

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GPS anti-theft for motorcycle

3. PAJ GSP Looking for Motorcycles

This is definitely not one of the cheapest models you can find on the market, however having an anti-theft motorcycle GPS definitely makes a difference. This product does not really serve as a form of restraint, but it will serve to give you the location of your motorcycle at all times. By connecting directly to the battery, there will be no problem with it being discharged. Its small size and lightness make it possible to fix it quickly and easily, being able to adapt to normal, electric and even four-wheel motorcycles.

The modern device can withstand extreme temperatures, from -10°C to 50°C. In addition, it is waterproof so you do not have to stop in the rain. The product can be synchronized with mobile phones, computers or tablets, and the localization works in more than 100 countries. You will be able to program the GPS to alarm you for a movement or shake of its structure, for a disconnection or for excessive speed.

You won’t have to worry about not finding your motorcycle, because this product will give you its location instantly.


Resistance: It doesn’t matter if you drive in winter or summer, the device will withstand extreme temperatures below zero and high heat waves.

Water: Being waterproof, this product will have no problems with exposure to water.

Location: The GPS will be able to track the motorcycle in more than 100 countries, showing its location on various electronic devices.

Battery: The product is connected directly to the motorcycle battery.


Membership: To enjoy all its qualities you will have to pay an annual membership and this is a disadvantage.

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Anti-theft clamp for motorcycle

4. Agptek Motorcycle Disc Lock with Anti-Theft Alarm 

It is difficult to choose the best motorcycle lock among so many good options, however, this model was one of the best motorcycle locks and it will surely continue to be for many years to come. It is a device that works as a disc lock for different motorcycle models, but with the quality of also having a sensitive alarm to work when shocks or vibrations are detected. 

Its structure is made of aluminum alloy and has been manufactured to withstand water, corrosion, high temperatures and to be resistant to cutting attempts. A positive feature is its ability to adapt to different things such as motorcycles, scooters or bikes. Even certain cars will be able to benefit. The alarm produces 110 dB of sound to alert you correctly, even if you are far away. The anti-theft device comes with 6 batteries included and the keys to unlock it.

With a modern design and incredible protection, this motorcycle anti-theft clamp is one of the most outstanding on the market so that your motorcycle enjoys the best.


Multifunctional: In addition to locking the wheel to protect your bike, this lock also has a loud alarm.

Sound: The sound of the alarm reaches 110 dB so that you can hear the alert even if you are far from your motorcycle.

Versatility: This disc lock will be able to protect different means of transportation of your belongings.


Batteries: Despite being included, the fact that at some point you will have to buy 6 batteries is a point against it.

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Motorcycle lock for community garage

5. Jdc Hardened Steel Ground Anchor

A motorcycle lock for a community garage can be difficult to find, but if you have permission to give your motorcycle extra protection, this anchor made of hardened steel can ensure that it will be very difficult to move your motorcycle by force. The product can be used on walls or floors and comes with two M10 stainless steel screws, two bearings, an Allen key and the necessary instructions for installation.

It is a small item, with dimensions of 13 x 8.5 x 5.5 cm and a considerable weight that indicates its robustness and durability. Its 4.5 cm high and 6.5 cm wide opening allow it to be used with different types of chains and padlocks. This anchor will provide an extra method of security to complement chains and padlocks. Its yellow design will alert everyone of its presence so that they do not dare to steal your motorcycle.

If you are looking for a garage motorcycle lock, then this product may be ideal to meet your needs.


Opening: The opening is sized to fit different chains and can be used to secure bikes and motorcycles.

Assembly: The assembly of this product is quite simple, since it comes with everything you need, including the step-by-step guide.

Complement: This anchor reinforces the security of your motorcycle by giving a solid base to your lock or chain.


Chain: It is necessary to buy a chain to be able to use this anchor, so it is not possible to protect the motorcycle with only this product.

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Motorcycle lock for handlebars

6. Motorcycle anti-theft mobile parts for handlebars and grips

When wondering which is the best motorcycle lock, many imagine a chain or lock for motorcycle wheels and few think of a motorcycle lock for handlebars, however, these types of products are safe, as is this model. With its structure made of high-strength aluminum, this black anti-theft system works by trapping the throttle and brake levers on the handlebars, preventing unauthorized movement of the motorcycle.

The highlight of this type of security system is that, unlike other anti-theft devices, this product is small and light. It measures only 9 x 4 centimeters and consists of a very simple installation process, which makes it easy to handle, use and transport. In addition to this, the lock is compatible with different motorcycle models that have a diameter of 2.2 centimeters to provide greater security.

If you still don’t know which motorcycle lock to buy, keep in mind the advantages of this small piece. It is ideal to work as a complement to other security systems and maximize your protection.


Materials: Aluminum is a resistant material that will give you a product of greater durability and quality.

Lightweight: Being a lightweight anti-theft, you will have no problem carrying it in your backpack and even in your pocket, if you wish.

Adaptation: This product can be used with various types of motorcycles, which gives it an ideal ease of adaptation.


Security: Although it protects the motorcycle from theft, this product does not help with the forced disassembly of motorcycle parts, such as wheels.

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motorcycle anti-theft alarm

7. Fd-Moto Anti-Theft Devices Disc Lock with Alarm

By many it was considered the best motorcycle lock for 2022 and this option, despite being one of the cheapest, continues to get good reviews due to its optimal security system consisting of a disc lock with built-in alarm. Bright yellow in color, this lock will let anyone know that he’s protecting your motorcycle while the motorcycle anti-theft alarm stands ready to detect bumps or strong movements and alert you, reaching a noise of 110 decibels.

The lock pin is 0.7 centimeters and the dimensions of the product are 9 x 7 x 3.9 centimeters to be able to adapt to the wheels of different motorcycles, in addition to making the system easier to transport. It has 370 grams of weight. It comes with 6 batteries included, release keys and also a tool to change the batteries when they run out.

This product can be considered the best motorcycle lock of the moment due to its easy and practical use system, since it brings several functions in one.


Cable: The included 1.5 meter cable will allow you to tie the disc lock to the handlebars so you won’t forget to remove it before riding.

Color: The yellow color will alert everyone that your motorcycle is protected, which could deter certain thieves.

Alarm: The alert emitted by the alarm included in the structure will easily reach 110 dB. Enough to hear the noise from afar.


Batteries: This product will need 6 batteries to work, which is a constant cost in each download.

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Disc motorcycle lock

8. Backture Motorcycle Lock 110dB 

A disc motorcycle lock is one of the most common options on the market and that is because, despite its simplicity, its effectiveness is excellent. The product comes with a 1.5 meter blue coiled cable so you don’t forget to remove the drive when you leave. The frame is made of high-strength stainless steel to make it more difficult to cut, and being waterproof, it is also weather-resistant and will not tarnish in water.

The product comes with an alarm to let you know if someone is trying to remove the disc and, so that you are always on the alert, the anti-theft device has its 6 batteries included and 6 more batteries as a spare. For greater ease of use, this product comes with more additional accessories, such as the Allen key for assembly and disassembly, and the carrying bag. For this reason, many consider this model the best motorcycle lock.

It is difficult to choose the best motorcycle lock brand, however, Backture stands out for quality models, like this product.


Accessories: A carrying bag, spare batteries, Allen key for installation and a 1.5 meter cable. This product comes with several plugins.

Alarm: The alarm is an additional security system that will alert you from a distance if someone is trying to steal your motorcycle.

Materials: Steel is a resistant element to give you more security, and the fact that it is stainless will protect the lock from water and the outside.


Sound: The alarm does not have a very loud sound. So if you’re too far away, you might have a hard time hearing it.

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Shopping guide

You can’t stop thieves from stealing motorcycles, however, you can try your best to keep your belongings from falling into their hands. These are the characteristics that you should take into account when making your purchase of a motorcycle anti-theft system.


In your guide to buying the best motorcycle lock, you should keep in mind that you should not judge all models under the same conditions, since not all are made for the same thing. Each of them offers a different level of security to be able to adapt to the needs of the client and adjust the cost to the pocket of the person who wishes to save.

There are different types of locks, the most famous being disc locks, chains and, finally, “U” locks.

The former are usually chosen because they are small in size and because they completely lock the wheel to prevent it from moving. You must bear in mind that the pin must be adapted to the holes of the disc in order to achieve its task optimally.

The chains stand out for their ease of use, as they can be used on the wheels, the frame of the motorcycle or both at the same time. In addition, they can also be attached to something external like a motorcycle anchor. While the U-locks fulfill the same function as the chain but are less flexible and adaptable.

Despite these divisions, there are more differences between each of them. Not all chains or disc locks offer the same security, for that reason their price varies between one alternative or another. Security is often taken from 1 to 10, as the Kryptonite brand does, and anti-theft systems rank somewhere on that scale. The weakest ones are enough to take care of your motorcycle in quick stops and little crowded places, while the strongest and most expensive ones are in charge of taking care of your motorcycle for days and nights, without problems.

manufacturing and design

You can get an idea of ​​how well the anti-theft protection of your motorcycle will be just by paying attention to the manufacturing process of the product and the materials used for it. If it is a chain, the first thing you should notice in order to really find a good and cheap option is to check its Rockwell hardness. Chains can be cut with the right tools, however, there are chains that have extraordinary durability and definitely make this job almost impossible, or so difficult that thieves prefer to try another bike.

As for other artifacts, you should choose those that use stainless steel or case-hardened steel. Both elements have very good resistance to cutting and wear, however, if you don’t live in a very dangerous area and want to save money, there are models that use other materials such as aluminium, alone or supplemented with flexible plastic or rubber, for example..

Referring to the designs, just keep in mind what you want. Something flashy to tell thieves that your bike is being protected? Or something discreet so that your motorcycle goes unnoticed? It all depends on what you are looking for.

Technology and accessories

In addition to the commonalities between the various motorcycle anti-theft systems, there are some differences in the use of technology and the inclusion of accessories that make certain models stand out. When making a comparison of motorcycle locks you will notice that, although some increase in price and are not considered an economic device, they have qualities that will complement the protection of your motorcycle.

For example, certain systems, in addition to the useful chain, come with a global positioning system so that, should thieves succeed in taking it away, you can access your bike’s location at all times. This extra measure of security will keep you more protected and prepare you for extreme cases in which something like this happens.

In addition to this, there are certain anti-theft locks that have an alarm module included to alert you of any forced activity to get rid of the security of the motorcycle. Thus, if you are far away, you will be able to know if there is someone trying to free your motorcycle.

In addition to this, it is possible to find extra accessories in some motorcycle locks. Something as simple as a spare battery or a carrying bag for the device can make all the difference, giving you the convenience you need and saving you money too.

In the case of disc locks, some come with a coiled cable that you can place on your handlebar so you do not forget that the anti-theft device is there, avoiding accidents, such as falling because the motorcycle does not roll properly.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a motorcycle lock?

It’s easy to figure out how to fit a lock, but using it in the best way is what will give you the most security.

Always look for a closed place to leave your motorcycle, if this is within your possibilities and, if you use a chain, make the grip tight so that it is more difficult to remove the anti-theft device.

Never tie your motorcycle to a place that can easily break, like a post made of wood, for example. This weakens the grip and it will be easier to steal the bike. It is better to use ground anchors or solid railings.

In addition to this, leave the padlock hidden. It will be more difficult to open if it is not easily accessible.

Q2: How to install a motorcycle lock?

There are different types of anti-theft system and each of them must be placed in a different way. There are disc locks, U-locks and chains as well.

Disc locks can be pin or shackle. If it is the first case, you should insert the pin through one of the holes in the center rotor, if you use a shackle then put it towards the center of the disc brake as well. The important thing is to prevent the wheel from turning so that no one can easily take the motorcycle away.

When it comes to a U-lock you have to keep in mind that you will have to catch the wheel and also an immovable object, be it part of the motorcycle only or an external support such as an anchor, for example. The U-lock should go through the wheel, part of the motorcycle frame, and the external mount. These rules also apply to chains.

Q3: Where to take a motorcycle lock?

Most locks come in small Velcro bags and these are quite suitable for attaching to motorcycles securely. In addition to that, you could also place it under the seat of some motorcycles or in a space to carry luggage.

If you want to spend a little more money for added security and comfort, it is possible to install a small bracket to carry the anti-theft system. It is not recommended to carry the lock in your backpack, even if it seems like the best option, as this can cause accidents.

If you fall and the lock falls under you, this can lead to fractures and injuries. Also, the constant weight on your back can wear down your muscles.

Q4: How to make a motorcycle lock?

Making a lock from scratch safely is practically impossible, however, what you can do is buy several items that together form a quality lock to save money.

The most important thing is the chain. This must have a high level of Rockwell hardness, otherwise it can easily fall victim to a cheap chain cutter. To this you must add a good lock, made specifically as anti-theft and motorcycle protection. If you buy any padlock, it can also suffer the same fate as an economic chain.

Cover the chain with cloth or rubber to prevent it from scratching the motorcycle or the place where you are going to secure your motorcycle, and you will have a unique anti-theft system.

Q5: Is it legal to put a motorcycle lock in a garage?

It can be legal or illegal, depending on where you put it. If, for example, you own the property that has the garage then, obviously, there is no problem, since no one will complain.

However, using a garage motorcycle lock in a public or community space can have repercussions. There are exceptions, in the event that, for example, you have a fixed parking space in the garage and the people in charge of it have given you a permit, but if this does not happen, the action is illegal and can bring you serious problems.

Q6: How to change motorcycle anti-theft batteries?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the battery change only occurs in the alarm system, therefore, not all anti-theft devices need a battery change.

In most cases, this is what needs to be done. The lock should have the necessary tools for disassembly, so use the correct one to be able to open the padlock cover and remove the alarm module.

The position can vary between one anti-theft system or another, so you must pay attention.

Put the battery in the right place and reassemble the entire anti-theft system. The device should beep to indicate its operation.

 Remember that this process may not be the same in different models, so it is always recommended to read the instructions.

Q7: When to replace a motorcycle lock?

There is no specific date to change a motorcycle lock, as all models are different and their useful life may vary. This should be specified in the user manual included with your purchase.

Some motorcycle locks are made to remain impeccable and functional for years, so you won’t have to worry about changes unless you notice wear on the chosen lock.

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