The 8 Best Parking Sensors of 2022

Parking Sensor – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


The time of parking by ear has become history thanks to modern parking sensors. Products with which to have eyes behind your back and know how far you are from obstacles located at the rear of your vehicle. Among these models, we have the electromagnetic ones, such as the Proxel EPS Dual, which includes sensors on the front and rear and does not need holes to work. If you prefer a well-known brand model, rely on the Valeo Beep&Park, equipped with four sensors and which effectively reports the distance to obstacles and even the most difficult to detect. 

The 8 Best Parking Sensors – Opinions 2022

Parking suddenly is an obsolete practice, which you can banish if you have the best parking sensor in your car. The problem is that this extra is not always included with the vehicle, especially if it is old. In this case, you will be interested in knowing which is the best parking sensor you can find to bring your vehicle up to date. A task in which you have our selection of the best parking sensors of 2022, where you have products of all types and functions, thus making it easier to find the ideal model for your vehicle.

electromagnetic parking sensor

1. Proxel Invisible Electromagnetic Parking Sensors

The electromagnetic parking sensor is one of the most efficient, since it turns your bumper into a kind of antenna with which to better locate obstacles. This is what we find in models such as the Proxel EPS Dual. 

As its name suggests, this model has two independent sensors, with which it can detect obstacles both behind and in front of your vehicle. A detection that is carried out at distances from 80 centimeters, so that you have controlled the environment adequately. 

In its candidacy for the best parking sensor of the moment, the model also offers you new tones and new software so that the operation of the device is always adequate. It also includes four different calibration modes, so you can adapt the behavior of the device to what you need at any given time.

So that you are clear about which parking sensor to buy, we give you some more details about this model.


Dual system: The product includes two sensors, to control both the rear and the front of the vehicle.

Electromagnetic technology: This system is more efficient when it comes to detecting obstacles, even small ones.

Improved version : This 2019 version improves the performance of the device compared to its predecessors.

Sensitivity : You can adjust the sensitivity to whatever you need, with four different calibration levels.

Capacity : The equipment is capable of detecting obstacles from 80 centimeters away.


Installation: Although the installation process dispenses with holes, the truth is that it is somewhat complex.

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2. Zerone Safety Reversing Kit

The Zerone A1w953suq electromagnetic parking sensor is a very interesting proposition and is among the cheapest sensors on the market. Something that is surprising considering its electromagnetic nature, given that these devices are usually expensive. 

In this case, we are talking about a product that includes all the necessary elements to warn you of the presence of obstacles at distances from 90 centimeters, regardless of their size or nature. A warning process managed by acoustic signals, more intense the closer you are to the obstacle. 

The model is finished off with a simple installation system, although it is only suitable for the rear area. As an advantage, being electromagnetic, it is not necessary to make holes in the bumper to leave the sensor working. Qualities that make the product the best value for money parking sensor of those we have chosen in this article.

If you are looking for a cheap and quality sensor, take a look at our analysis of this model and its main functions.


Sensitivity: The product detects obstacles from 90 centimeters away, regardless of their nature.

Notice : Auditory cues make it easy to understand the distance to objects after a few uses of the product.

No holes: It is not necessary to drill holes to properly install the device.

Versatile : The product can be installed in all types of vehicles, both passenger cars and industrial vehicles.


Mounting area: This model is designed to be mounted on the rear of the vehicle, not being suitable for the front bumper.

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Valeo parking sensor

3. Valeo 632200 Beep&Park Car Parking Sensors

The Valeo Beep&Park parking sensor is a solution from a quality manufacturer with extensive experience in the market. We are talking about a model designed to be mounted in the rear or front, for which the product incorporates four different sensors that are installed along the bumper. This allows the elements present in the installed area of ​​the vehicle to be easily perceived, which is reported to the user by means of the traditional audible alarm, which increases in intensity as we get closer to the obstacle. 

Coming from a high-level manufacturer, these sensors have a high capacity to perceive these obstacles, which reduces false positives and improves the quality of the warnings we receive when parking. The product is completed with a wide range of assembly elements, as well as additional accessories that we can buy if necessary.

We give you more information about this product, coming from the best brand of parking sensors according to many users.


Adjustable: We can adjust the activity time of the sensors comfortably from 8 to 20 seconds.

Capacity: Coming from a quality manufacturer, we are talking about sensors with a high signal perception capacity.

Accessories: In addition to the elements included, the brand offers accessories such as longer cables or already painted sensors, among others.


Installation: The assembly process is somewhat complex, although at least the kit includes everything you need.

Instructions: As an addition to the previous point, it is not that the instructions are as clear as they should be when explaining the use and installation of the product.

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4. Valeo 632000 Parking Sensor

The Valeo 632000 parking sensor is another interesting option to give your vehicle the ability to detect obstacles when parking. This model has a traditional design, in which we have four high-quality sensors that we will have to place in the bumper area. 

These are connected to a central unit, which activates the system when we put the reverse gear, as well as to a loudspeaker that is located inside the vehicle and that generates the audible warning signal. A simpler assembly than that of other similar models and that maintains efficiency when detecting obstacles, thanks precisely to the quality of the system and its manufacturer. Also, if you are interested, you can complete the kit with a high-resolution camera and screen, although this increases the final cost of the product, of course.

Park like a pro with this quality product from a well-known manufacturer on the market.


Quality: High-quality sensors are responsible for detecting obstacles at a good distance from the vehicle.

Installation : Compared to other similar models, this product has a relatively simpler installation.

Accessories : If necessary, you can purchase additional accessories, such as the camera and screen kit or longer cables.


Speaker power: The speaker tends to play at a low volume, so you should place it in a place where it can be heard well.

Delay : Some comments indicate that the product has a slight delay in the notices.

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parking sensor with camera 

5. Applic Parking Aid Sensor System

If the sound of a conventional sensor is not enough for you, then you may be interested in the Aplic A301836x60 parking sensor with camera. We are talking about a product that includes these two technologies, so that you will not only be able to “hear” the distance remaining to the obstacles behind you, but you will also be able to see them directly on its 4.3-inch screen. 

This screen has a color guidance system, which gives you a better orientation of the distance to which objects are, as well as a parking assistant that tells you when to stop so as not to collide. All this in a product that has both a night lighting system and a range angle of 135 degrees, to make it easier for you to see everything clearly in the parking process.

So that parking is not a problem, you only have to resort to this product with a camera.


Camera: The included camera has night vision and an angle of 135 degrees, to see everything more clearly.

Assistant : In addition to the image, you have a parking assistant on the screen with direct instructions.

Vehicle type: The product is suitable for installation in both passenger cars and larger vehicles.


Screen activation : The screen must be activated manually, since it does not turn on automatically.

Installation : The installation process is complex and the instructions do not help, according to the comments about it.

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wireless parking sensor 

6. BV & Jo 4 wireless parking sensors

Compared to the conventional product, the wireless parking sensor eliminates part of the wiring and makes the mounting process in your vehicle easier. Something that we can find in models such as the BV & Jo 12658827. A product where the cable that connects the sensors with the central unit disappears, thus simplifying the assembly and placement of said unit in the vehicle. 

In addition, this unit has a screen where you can see the distance to obstacles clearly, also having the usual sound signals that we are already used to. An interesting improvement that joins others, such as the range of 15 meters that the product has or the possibility of rotating the sensors and orienting them as it suits you, so that the installation of the system is even easier.

Take some of the hassle out of mounting with this cool wireless parking sensor.


Connection : The wireless system avoids having to run cables through the passenger compartment when driving.

Screen : The included screen gives you precise information on the distance to objects behind you.

Adjustable : You can rotate and adjust the sensors as you see fit during the assembly process.


Rain: In case of heavy rain, it is possible that the signal generated by the sensors loses some quality.

Colors : It is important to request the specific color for your body tone, as there are several available.

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front parking sensor

7. Proxel EPS-FRONT Invisible Electromagnetic Parking Sensors

If you want to complete your vehicle with a front parking sensor, you may prefer a specific product for this purpose such as the Proxel EPS-FRONT model. This high-quality product features efficient electromagnetic technology, so you don’t have to drill holes or worry about the orientation of the sensors during installation. 

In exchange, once the emitter is placed inside the bumper, you will have a complete radar with which to detect obstacles from distances of 60 or 70 centimeters. This process is customizable, since you have four calibration levels according to your preferences. So the behavior of the device will be the one you need at all times. It is finished off with other details such as CAN BUS compatibility, which simplifies assembly and does not interfere with other devices installed in your vehicle.

Complete the protection of your vehicle with this complete electromagnetic type parking sensor.


Technology: Electromagnetic technology is more efficient than conventional sensors in detecting obstacles.

Without drilling: Since we are talking about an electromagnetic type product, there is no need to make holes.

Sensitivity : You have four different sensitivity levels, to adjust them to your preferences.


Speaker: The speaker is rather small in size and its power is not very high.

Activation : It is necessary to press an activation button every time we want to start the product.

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wireless parking sensor

8. Beeper RK039-FR Parking 4 sensors Wireless Display

Simplifying the installation process of your parking sensor is easy with the Beeper RK039-FR model. This wireless parking sensor eliminates the most complex connection between the interior and the bumper area, saving time and hassle during assembly. This does not prevent the product from having everything necessary for assembly, including the bit for drilling the bumper.

It also includes an internal screen, which not only generates the sound signal but also indicates us by means of lights and a numerical indication of the distance to the obstacle behind us. These alarms are incremental, so the closer the object is, the faster it sounds. An alarm that activates 2.5 meters away from the object, for better protection during your maneuvers

Gain security when parking and eliminate hassles thanks to this complete wireless product.


No cables: The connection between the main screen and the sensor center is wireless, simplifying assembly.

Screen : The included screen adds very clear information to the operation of the device.

Range : The product is activated from 2.5 meters away from the object or obstacle.


Screen power: The screen is powered by direct connection, in a more complex process than the models connected to the car’s cigarette lighter.

Holes : As with the models with sensors, it is necessary to make holes in the bumper.

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Shopping guide 

We all know that parking is not always easy, especially if our vehicle is large or we have to do it in places where there is not enough space. A process in which our bumpers end up suffering the consequences. To avoid this damage, we can resort to specialized help, such as the one you can find with our guide to buying the best parking sensor, where we give you the necessary clues so that getting one of these devices is very simple.

sensor type

The first thing we must assess when buying one of these devices is the type of product we are talking about. In the current market we have two main technologies, such as the one based on electromagnetic systems and the one that uses ultrasound technology. By the way, there is not much difference in how much one system costs compared to the other.

Starting with the first, this technology has an electromagnetic wave generator that is located inside the vehicle’s bumper and is responsible for turning the bumper into a kind of radar. At the same time, it perceives the response of the waves when reversing and warns if it detects obstacles in its range.

For its part, ultrasound technology uses a system similar to that used by bats to orient themselves. This system generates a sound signal that cannot be heard by humans but is perceived by the sensor. Depending on the distance at which that signal bounces off the obstacle, the product is responsible for measuring the existing distance and informing us about it. It is a less efficient system, as it can be affected by rain, for example.

informative elements

If we take a look at any comparison of parking sensors we will see how there are several methods to inform us of what is happening around us. The first of these are auditory signals, which are present in all models. These signals become more and more frequent or intense as we get closer to the object, and in some models can even change the type of tone that is generated when the distance is very narrow.

The second option is products that include a display with lights, in which the distance to the object is indicated. Sometimes this distance is indicated by a greater or lesser number of lights, while in other models even the nominal distance is indicated in meters or centimeters. A little extra that makes it easier to assess the distance to the obstacle.

The third system that we have within our reach is that of products with a camera. In this case, a rear camera is added to the mounting kit and we can directly see what is behind us. In addition, it is usual that on the image display screen we also have indications regarding parking, to make the process even easier. It is the best option of all, although it does not have an economic price, really. In any case, it is an investment that may be worth it given the comfort it offers.

product sensitivity

As a last aspect, it is necessary to talk about the sensitivity of the device. This sensitivity is nothing more than the product’s ability to detect obstacles when parking. A variable parameter that in long-range models can add extra security even in conventional filming or in the event that surprising elements appear on our path.

The usual thing is that the range of these products is around a meter away. It is more than enough distance for conventional parking tasks and designed for slow manoeuvres. Some more advanced products increase this distance to about two meters, which gives a little more play when parking.

But if we want the most complete proposal, then we will have to talk about the higher-ranking models. These products have the additional advantage that they not only allow us to know the distance to the vehicle in front of us, but also the presence of other specific obstacles, such as pedestrians passing behind the vehicle, which may be more than two meters away. A little extra with which to avoid accidents when parking.

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to use a parking sensor?

Using the parking sensor is as simple as putting our vehicle in reverse and starting the manoeuvre. Practically, all the sensors include an activation system connected to that reversing light, starting to warn at the moment of the distance to the objects that we have nearby. It is key to recognize the alarms and what they mean in terms of distance to the object, both to avoid collisions and to rush the space when parking. Something that some models do aurally, while in other models it is produced by visual signals or even video screens. It all depends on the model that we have installed.


Q2: How to check a parking sensor?

To check one of these sensors, it is enough to put the vehicle in reverse gear so that the sensor is activated and bring an object, such as a stone or a wooden stick, close to it. As we bring the object closer to the sensor, it should indicate its presence by increasing the intensity of the alarm. If this warning does not occur, then it is a sign that something is wrong and we will have to check the connectivity of the system or if the orientation of the sensor is correct.


Q3: How to bypass a parking sensor?

To cancel the parking sensor, simply cancel the electrical connection of the device. Something as simple as unplugging the corresponding power outlet, which is usually connected to the reversing light. Once the current is cut off, the system remains disconnected until we reconnect the corresponding power outlet. If you want to disconnect it completely, you must also remove the signal connection to the information screen and the speaker, which must be connected to the transmitter that centralizes the sensors.

Q4: How to connect a parking sensor?

When it comes to connecting one of these sensors, generally this connection is made to the reversing light, since that is when we usually park. In most models we will also have to connect the product to the vehicle’s screen through a second connection, while in others this connection is made without the need for cables. In return, in these latest models you may have to mount the signal transmitter, which is located in the rear area and sends the information to the receiver located in the vehicle’s passenger compartment. In case of doubt, you can always take a look at the instructions of your specific model to know how to proceed.

Q5: How to repair a parking sensor?

The repair process depends on the problem detected. If the problem is that the sensor does not receive a signal or it is weak, this is usually because the sensor has moved or there are problems with the wiring, it is advisable to check that connection. If the model is wireless and the signal is lost, simply reconnect the system. Another common problem is that the readings are incorrect, which is usually due to the wrong orientation of the sensor with respect to the vehicle or because the sensor has moved, relocating it being enough to solve the problem.

Q6: How does a parking sensor work?

Parking sensors in most vehicles work through an ultrasound system, similar to what bats use to navigate. This system emits sounds and measures the time that the sound takes to return, thus calculating the distance to nearby objects. It is a simple and effective system, although it is necessary that the sensors adequately cover the rear of the vehicle, so that there are no problems. As an alternative, we have the electromagnetic models, which turn the rear bumper into a big sensor and detect objects precisely because of those electromagnetic properties.

Q7: How to install a parking sensor?

If your vehicle already had a parking sensor installed, simply remove the old sensor and install the new one, and in some cases you can even reuse the wiring. If this is not the case, you will probably have to make a hole in the rear of the vehicle to place the sensor or fix the detector element if it is electromagnetic, pull the wiring and place the screen or the indicator system in the part close to the driver. One of these wires sends the signal to the sensor, while the other connects to the reverse light and is responsible for activating the system when reverse gear is engaged.

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Sensor de aparcamiento – Guía de compra, Opiniones y Análisis 

El sensor de aparcamiento se ha convertido en una de esas ayudas con las que aparcar con mayor comodidad y sin riesgos. Este dispositivo se encarga de avisarte si hay algún obstáculo en la zona de estacionamiento, lo que supone ahorrarse golpes, disgustos y daños en la chapa. La buena noticia es que si tu coche no cuenta con esta tecnología, te será fácil agregarla. Especialmente gracias a la cantidad de propuestas que tenemos en el mercado. Para ello, cuentas con opciones como el modelo Cocar LED070-RD. Este sistema funciona con ultrasonidos y dispone de ocho sensores diferentes, ofreciendo tanto alertas visuales como sonoras, para que no se te escape nada. Más sencillo y económico es el Zerone 1w953suq, que usa tecnología electromagnética y simplifica de forma considerable el proceso de instalación del dispositivo.

Los 9 Mejores Sensores de Aparcamiento – Opiniones 2022

Aparcar con comodidad y seguridad es fácil, siempre que dispongas del mejor sensor de aparcamiento montado en tu coche. Si estás pensando en añadir a tu vehículo esta tecnología, te recomendamos revisar algunos de los mejores sensores de aparcamiento del 2022, que hemos elegido para ti. En este listado, encontrarás versiones tan sencillas o complejas como quieras, que te ahorran problemas durante el aparcamiento de tu vehículo. Así que para que tengas claro cuál es el mejor sensor de aparcamiento que puedes encontrar, estacionamos la introducción y entramos en materia.

Sensores de aparcamiento delanteros

1. Cocar Radar Aparcamiento Sensor Sistema 

Aunque la presencia de sensores de aparcamiento delanteros no es habitual en nuestros vehículos,  lo cierto es que estos elementos también te ayudan a estacionar con seguridad. Justamente esto es lo que conseguirás con el modelo Cocar LED070-RD. Este completo kit incluye tanto los sensores delanteros como traseros, contando con un total de 8 elementos de detección.

Estos sensores se colocan en el parachoques, perforando el mismo mediante el cabezal de taladro incluido. Una vez montado, solo queda colocar la centralita y la unidad interior. En esta última, se combinan señales visuales y sonoras, como corresponde al mejor sensor de aparcamiento del momento.

Esas señales visuales se perciben mediante un indicador por colores junto con uno numérico, que te dan más detalles sobre la distancia que te queda al obstáculo. Respecto de la señal sonora, la misma tiene intensidad suficiente como para ser oída con facilidad y también varía a medida que se reduce la distancia al obstáculo.

Si no sabes qué sensor de aparcamiento comprar, nada mejor que informarte con nuestro análisis detallado de este kit.


Protección integral: Con esta propuesta dispones tanto de los sensores delanteros como traseros.

Sistema de aviso: Este modelo combina los avisos sonoros con los visuales, para tenerlo todo controlado.

Eficiencia: Los cuatro sensores por cada parachoques te dan una buena precisión en la detección de objetos.

Apurado: La señal máxima se activa a unos 30 centímetros del objeto, para que te sea más fácil apurar el espacio.

Colores: Los sensores se venden en diversos colores, para encajarlos mejor en el aspecto de tu vehículo.


Montaje:  El proceso de montaje es algo complicado, siendo necesario perforar el parachoques para proceder.

Sensores de aparcamiento inalámbricos sin agujeros

2. Zerone Sistema de Sensor de Radar de Marcha atrás

Uno de los problemas más habituales a la hora de buscar uno de estos productos es el montaje. Algo fácil de resolver gracias a los sensores de aparcamiento inalámbricos sin agujeros, como el modelo Zerone 1w953suq. Este kit, situado entre los más baratos del mercado, cuenta con un eficiente sistema electromagnético de calidad.

Este planteamiento tiene la ventaja de ofrecer una buena eficacia a la hora de realizar la detección, simplificando el proceso de montaje. De hecho, basta con pegar el sensor en el interior del parachoques con la cinta incluida para dejarlo listo, sin necesidad de taladros ni agujeros.


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