The 8 Best Rear Cameras for Cars of 2022

Car rear view camera – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


The rear camera for cars has become an interesting tool for us to stop parking “by ear” and better assess the space when carrying out these manoeuvres. A function that today comes as standard in many of the new vehicles on the market. In this sense, among the most popular models is the Tuo3eu 7-inch rear camera, which has a screen of 800 x 480 pixels. In addition, it offers a wide field of view, since it incorporates a 120 ° wide-angle lens. Now, if you need a replacement camera for your vehicle, you can resort to the CAR ROVER CA009M model, which is universal in nature, easy to install and gives you high quality when taking images.

The 8 Best Rear Cameras for Cars – Opinions 2022

We have all parked by ear. Something that our bumpers and those of the vehicles around us suffer from. Luckily, to prevent these bumps and gain security, we have the help of the best rear view cameras for cars of 2022, which we are going to analyze in detail. We are talking about diverse and attractive products, among which it will be easy for you to decide which is the best rear camera for a car that you can mount on your vehicle, also having both cheap and simple options and others that are more costly and complex.

wireless car rear view camera

1. Tuo3eu Wireless Rear View Camera 

It is a wireless car rear camera, which offers a stable signal without interference, since it has a range of 100 m, so it is possible to use it in cars and long trucks with heavy loads, which increases its functionality.

In addition, it provides a high quality image, since it has a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels. It also offers display modes in 4:3 and 16:9, allowing you to adapt the image to your tastes. Thanks to this, it is considered by many to be the best rear camera for cars at the moment.

As for the installation, the screen can be placed on the inner dash and the camera next to the car’s reversing light. As if that were not enough, it has a waterproof structure with IP67 protection, capable of withstanding the elements.

The best rear view camera for cars should offer good quality and an affordable price, like this high-resolution model, which is also one of the cheapest on the list. Let’s review its pros and cons.


Night: This camera offers a night mode with infrared light that allows you to view the road at night.

Lens: It has a 120° wide-angle lens, capable of providing a wide field of view.

Protection: It offers IP67 protection and can withstand temperatures from -10 to 65 °C, which increases its versatility.


Instructions: The instructions for installation could be a bit lacking, so a professional opinion is recommended.

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2. Car Rover Wireless Truck Backup Camera

The Car Rover CA24V7MWL model is another wireless and efficient rear camera for cars, originally designed for trucks but also useful for vans or large SUVs. A top-level approach with which to enjoy considerable image quality and all the security necessary to maneuver heavy vehicles without any risk. 

To do this, the product has two separate elements such as the image capture camera and the image reception screen. Both elements work without the need for cables to connect to each other, so that the installation process is considerably simplified. This does not affect the quality, since the camera offers a resolution of 928 x 500 pixels, supported by an angle of 140 degrees for taking pictures and 18 LEDs for when you have to maneuver at night.

Let’s know more details about this model, manufactured by what is for many users the best brand of rear camera for cars at the moment.


Image quality: The camera offers images with a quality of 928 x 500 pixels, of considerable resolution.

No cables: It is not necessary to physically connect the camera and the screen, as it has wireless connectivity.

Protection : The camera has IP68 protection, so dust and rain are not a problem.

LED light: The included LED lights give extra vision at night or in dark environments.


Instructions: The instructions for use and installation are somewhat brief, although the process is not excessively complex.

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car rear view camera

3. Car Rover Universal Car Reversing Assistance

When it comes to changing the car rear view camera that we have installed, it is necessary to look for universal models. Something that the Car Rover CA009M model meets, which is also close to being the best price-quality rear camera for cars in our selection. And it is that, despite its simplicity, the product complies with note when it comes to offering you images of the rear area of ​​it. 

For this, the camera works with a resolution of 928 X 500 pixels and also with a wide recording angle of 170 degrees, thus eliminating blind spots in the images. The model also has high quality and durability, withstanding impacts of up to 6.8 Gs and having IP67 protection against water and dust. So it is an ideal product for mounting in the bumper area.

Replace your old rear camera with this option, among the cheapest and most efficient options we have selected.


Image quality: The camera generates images with a resolution of 928 x 500 pixels, giving high quality and clarity.

Viewing angle: The viewing angle is 170 degrees, thus eliminating blind spots on your route.

Bit : The necessary bit is included to proceed with the assembly of the camera.

Universal connector: The camera uses a universal connector, so you will not have problems mounting it in any vehicle or system.


Replacement : Let’s remember that it is a replacement camera, so by itself it offers nothing more than an image and needs to be connected to a screen or similar system.

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4. Uzone Rear Camera with Night Vision Backup Camera

The Uzone car rear view camera is another interesting proposal to renew the camera of our vehicle. This model has a good level CCD sensor and support by LED light, so it is easy to have all the image quality you need when it comes to seeing everything clearly in your parking maneuvers, both day and night. 

To improve this image, you also have a 170-degree viewing angle, which eliminates blind spots and gives a better view. A replacement model that is also easy to install, since it has universal connectors. And so that its resistance is not a problem either, we are talking about a camera made of aluminum and equipped with efficient shielding against the force of the elements.

So that you have more clarity about which rear view camera to buy, we give you some more clues about what this specific model offers you.


Image: The camera takes images in a 170 degree wide angle format and at a resolution of 537 x 505 pixels.

Connections : The product maintains the universal connections of this type of camera, making its installation easier.

Materials : The camera is made of high quality aluminum and has a high resistance against the elements.


Cumbersome: It is somewhat more cumbersome than other similar models, especially for the part of the support.

Darkness : Even including LED support for the night image, it is somewhat dark, according to some opinions.

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Wi-Fi car rear view camera 

5. 3T6B Wireless Rear View  Camera

Unlike conventional and wired cameras, the 3T6B 6666 model is an interesting WiFi rear camera for cars, which saves the wiring process of this type of model. Something that avoids the most complex connection, which is the one that goes from the camera to the screen, both elements being included. Therefore, we only have to connect the screen to the car’s cigarette lighter and place it on the dashboard, doing the same with the camera in the rear area and connecting it to the reversing light. 

The result is efficient image transmission, which is activated automatically when you engage reverse gear. These images are seen on its 4.3-inch screen, equipped with a suction cup support that makes it easier to orient it where it is necessary, as well as save it if you are not using it.

Enjoy a cable-free connection and easy installation when taking a peek at what’s going on in the back of your car.


Without cables: Being a WiFi model, the camera and the screen communicate without the need for direct wiring.

Suction cup mount: The suction cup mount helps attach and remove the screen when needed.

LED support: The camera includes LED lights, to help you see better in dark conditions.


Resolution: The resolution is 480 x 272 pixels, lower than that of other similar models.

Installation : Although it is a WiFi model, it is necessary to connect the camera to the reversing light for it to work.

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wireless car rear view camera

6. Autovox Wireless Car Rear View Camera

The AUTOVOX T1400W model is an interesting alternative if you are looking for a rear camera for a car without cables. This model includes all the necessary elements for assembly, although with a very pleasant simplified approach. In the part of the camera, the product has an easy-to-install unit, with IP68 protection and that obtains energy from the reversing cable, also turning on the system when the gear is engaged. 

In this area we will also place the signal emitter, of great power and capacity. This signal travels to your new rear-view mirror, which sits on top of the old one with simple Velcro straps to hold it in place. When reversing, all you have to do is look in the rearview mirror to view the camera images comfortably. And when you’re not using it, you have a large, high-vision, safe conventional rear-view mirror.

Enjoy a different way of looking at the rear of your vehicle with this new model and its attractive approach.


Installation: The installation process is extremely simple, it is only necessary to connect the camera to the reversing cable.

Rearview mirror: The rearview mirror gives a greater traditional vision than most conventional models.

Battery : The rearview mirror includes USB charging, so you don’t have the cable hanging while driving.


Image size: Due to the aforementioned integration, it is possible that the image of the camera will be a little smaller than expected.

Instructions : The assembly instructions could be improved, although the installation process is not very complex.

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car rear view camera kit

7. Pumpkin1 4Pin 4.3″ TFT LCD HD 800×480 Color Monitor

For those who need a car rear camera kit, the Pumpkin1 HK430662 model offers all the necessary elements to see more clearly. This product has two main elements such as the reversing camera with automatic activation and the 4.3-inch diagonal screen, on which to comfortably see that image. That has a resolution of 510 x 492 pixels and an automatic white balance, to see everything with quality. 

As for the camera, it has a viewing angle of 135 degrees and incorporates LED support, so you can see without problems up to 5 meters away in dark conditions. As for the assembly, thanks to the connectivity of its 4-pin cable, it is easier to achieve a quality broadcast and it is also shielded against interference.

We leave you a summary of the main characteristics of this model and everything that it puts at your disposal when parking.


Dual: This product works in both 12 and 24 volt connections, giving greater play in the installation.

4-pin cable: This cable simplifies the device connection process and generates higher signal quality.

Resistance : The mount is resistant to water and shocks, for greater peace of mind during use.


Viewing angle: The viewing angle is 135 degrees, somewhat less than other models analyzed.

Installation : The installation is also somewhat complex, due to the number of elements to connect.

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android car rear view camera

8. Uzone Wireless Car Rear View Camera

When it comes to looking for the best rear view camera for a car, many users opt for a wireless model. A design that gives us greater comfort when installing, since there are no holes to make or cables to run anywhere. This is what the Uzone UK-305 model offers us. A product that has a single element, such as the camera. 

This camera has a high-strength magnetic base and the ability to stay in place and not move. To see the images, we only need our mobile, with which to connect to the WiFi network created by the camera and view them through the included app. So if you are looking for an Android car rear view camera, you don’t need anything else.

Simplify the connection process and access to camera images with this interesting alternative with direct transmission to your mobile.


Installation: The camera is magnetic and requires no cables, so the installation process is extremely easy.

Connection : The connection between the camera and the cable is made with the WiFi connection that the camera itself displays.

Resistance : The camera incorporates IP67 protection, which prevents water and dust from damaging the product.


Charging: It is necessary to charge the camera’s internal battery when necessary, since it does not include a power outlet.

Manual activation: The product is not activated when you put the mark back, but you must open the app once you need to see what the camera emits.

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Shopping guide 

The car rear view camera has become a great help in removing dents and bumps from our bumpers. It is no longer necessary to park by ear, but now we can do it by clearly seeing the distance to the vehicle in front of us. To do this, all we have to do is look for a quality product adapted to our needs, like the ones you will find in our guide to buying the best rear view camera for cars, which we develop below.

What do you need

Before starting to talk about models, products and others, it is necessary to be clear about what we need, since things change significantly. One aspect in which there would be two large groups, formed by vehicles that have nothing installed in this aspect and another by those that have had a camera or have pre-installation for it.

Starting with the first, in this case we will need complete kits, which must include both the rear view camera itself and the screen on which those contents will be displayed. Luckily, any look at a comparison of rear view cameras for cars reveals a few kits of this type, with different connection systems, resolution and other interesting aspects that we will talk about later. 

It is also important to see what installation process this kit requires, since we have them from simple and wireless systems to the most complex, which are completely wired.

On the contrary, if the car already has part of the installation done or we simply need a replacement rear camera or to improve the one we had, it will be enough for us to look for just that element. In this case, it is advisable to verify that the product is compatible with the installation we have, which is usually easy due to the universal nature of these connections. In addition, it is a cheaper solution compared to how much a complete kit costs, usually more expensive.

camera features

In both cases, whether we need a camera or a kit, the characteristics of the product are key when it comes to finding a good and cheap rear camera for a car. 

Among the parameters that we must assess is the angle of vision reached by the camera. This viewing angle depends on the chosen product and, the wider it is, the greater viewing capacity it will offer us. In general, an angle of about 120 or 130 degrees may be sufficient, although we find products that reach up to 170 degrees and with which blind spots are not a problem when parking.

It is also important to see the quality of the generated image, which should be in line with what the screen supports. This camera should also include an LED light support system, so that the image also has the necessary quality at night or when we are in dark areas, such as garages and carports. The more light, the better, really.

Visual display

As a final aspect and only for kit or complete products, it is time to talk about the screen. Obviously, the larger the screen, the easier it is to see clearly the images sent by the camera. However, in this section there are several interesting alternatives.

One is the traditional one, with a screen like that of a variable-size GPS that offers images with a resolution that is also diverse, although it should not be less than 500 x 400. These screens have diagonals from 4.3 at about 7 inches. Other models come in a rearview mirror format with a small area dedicated to the camera. They are more compact and easier to mount, although they do not give images as large as those just mentioned.

Finally, we have the models connected directly to our mobile, such as the Android rear cameras or those that connect via WiFi. These products do not have a screen as such, but directly show the images on our mobile. A solution that simplifies the kit installation process by reducing the need for cables and other elements. So you won’t have to think about which option you like or suits you best to have a complete kit with which to see everything clearly and according to your preferences.

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to use a car rear view camera?

If you have installed your rear view camera correctly, then you only have to put the reverse gear in your car so that it automatically begins to offer images. If you have not connected it in this way, then you will have to activate it manually when necessary, using the corresponding buttons on your car radio or on the equipment to which you have connected it. Once the camera is used, you must “turn off” it using the same system you used to activate it.


Q2: How to install a car rear view camera?

To install the rear view camera, we will start by placing its sensor at the rear of the vehicle, depending on its characteristics. It may be necessary to make a hole to pass the wiring, either in the area of ​​​​the bumper or the sheet metal. If it is to be superimposed on glass, this process is not necessary. Once placed and fixed, we only have to connect the camera to the central unit, either wired or through the wireless connection that it includes, depending on the model with which we work.


Q3: How to connect a car rear view camera?

The usual thing is that the connection of the camera is made by means of two cables. One of them carries the energy, while the second is responsible for carrying the image of what the camera captures. Some products incorporate a third cable for a second video signal, although this is already optional. If we are talking about a cable-free model, then all you have to do is synchronize the camera with the central unit or with our mobile for everything to start working, although normally we will have to make the electrical connection that we mentioned at the beginning.

Q4: Is it legal to mount a car rear view camera?

Mounting a rear view camera is legal as long as the mounting is done in accordance with what the current standard says. In other words, that its installation does not interfere with or eliminate any of the vehicle’s own elements, such as the license plate lights, and that it does not pose a risk when driving. If the assembly follows the indicated instructions, we should not have problems when shooting or passing the ITV.

Q5: Why my car rear view camera does not offer images?

This problem can have two origins. One of them has to do with connection problems between the imaging unit and the screen, which may be due to the cable being disconnected or the wireless connection being lost. The other reason has to do with energy issues, which are also solved with an adequate review of the corresponding wiring. If all these elements are fine, it may be time to look for other problems or failures in the different elements of the system.

Q6: Where is it best to mount a car rear view camera?

In case we can choose, the usual thing is that this camera is placed in the rear license plate area, either to the side of it or at the top, next to the license plate lights. Something that simplifies assembly and also gives us a good image due to the special placement of the product. Some models are placed on the rear window and attached with suction cups, although this design is not entirely suitable for cars with a large trunk, despite being obviously simpler than the wired models or those that are placed in the trunk.

Q7: What are the LEDs on a car rear view camera for?

The LEDs of these cameras support the vehicle’s own lighting system, so that when we drive at night we will have the extra that those LED lights give us to see more clearly what is behind us. The good thing is that these lights only turn on when the light is low, so as not to over saturate the image with light when it is not necessary due to environmental conditions.

Q8: Which is better, wireless or wired car rear view camera?

Traditionally, wired systems always have a somewhat more complex installation than wireless models, although this installation does not lose the signal and guarantees a more adequate operation. On the other hand, models without cables are easier to assemble, but the configuration process is somewhat more complex and it may be necessary to have to pair the elements again from time to time. Therefore, it will be a matter of reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of each model and seeing what is best.

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