The 9 Best 10w40 Oils of 2022

Oil 10w40 – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you want to get maximum performance from your car’s engine, then you will need to lubricate it properly. In this way, a protective cover will be created on the gears, which will prevent wear generated by friction after start-up. Thus, it is possible to extend the life of the machinery. For example, Castrol GTX Ultra Clean is a semi-synthetic 10w40 oil, suitable for gasoline and diesel cars, whose five-liter presentation is available in a robust, easy-to-handle container. For its part, Motul 4100 Performance oil has a synthetic formula that can be used in old and modern cars.

The 9 Best 10w40 Oils – Opinions 2022

There are many 10w40 oil brands, but not all of them are capable of satisfying the needs of all types of cars. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful with regard to the selection of said lubricant. Next, we present nine 10w40 oils positioned among the best of this year.

Castrol 10w40 Oil

1. Castrol Gtx Ultraclean 10w 40 A3 B4

Castrol presents what could be the best 10w40 oil, with a semi-synthetic composition based on petroleum and additives, which is suitable for any type of car that runs on gasoline or diesel. In addition, this product incorporates advanced “ultra clean” technology, in charge of quickly destroying all the residues and dirt accumulated in the engine filter.

This Castrol 10w40 oil has approvals as a sign of its quality level, as well as a viscous body, capable of correctly covering the gears, which prevents friction between all the mechanical components and provides smoother driving.

On the other hand, we have the presentation of five liters of the product, in a robust container with grip handles, and the reduced mouth, which allows the lubricant to be poured without spilling. Likewise, a hermetically sealed lid and a side gauge are incorporated to know the amount of lubricant left in the bottle.

This is a product recommended as the best 10w40 oil of the moment, whose positive and negative aspects you can learn about below.


Viscosity: This 10w40 oil has an adequate level of viscosity that protects the mechanical components from abrasion.

Cleaning: The incorporation of special “ultra clean” technology facilitates the removal of dirt accumulated in the engine filter.

Approval: It is an approved product, which offers a good level of quality for the care of the engine.

Container: You will be able to comfortably manipulate the bottle due to its ergonomic design.


Toxic emissions: This oil could generate a higher volume of toxic emissions compared to other synthetic products.

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Motul 10w40 oil

2. Motul 4100 Performance Motor Oil 10w40

When reviewing the purchase portals, it is possible to find this presentation of five liters of motor lubricant, manufactured by the Motul house and recommended among the best 10w40 oils of 2022, whose synthetic composition offers a chemically modified formula, to adapt to specific needs. of old or current cars, which work with both gasoline and diesel.

In addition, this Motul 10w40 oil correctly covers all the mechanical areas, to create a protective film, which prevents the wear of parts due to friction. Likewise, it softens the start of the car, reduces noise and optimizes engine performance, for total performance in the most adverse conditions.

Regarding the container, you will have a structure with a robust but highly ergonomic design. This way you can easily pick up the canister, release the screw cap and precisely pour the required amount of oil into the engine.

Motul is valued on the web as the best brand of 10w40 oils. Next, the positive and negative aspects of this presentation.


Viscosity: Thanks to its viscous but light body, you will achieve complete coverage of the motor gears to prevent wear.

Formula: Its synthetic formula is chemically modified to adapt to the needs of any engine.

Usage: This is a 10w40 oil that can be used in gasoline and diesel cars.

Packaging: The packaging of this lubricant offers a comfortable handling, to transport and pour the product.


Manufacturing label: The incorporation of a label with instructions in Spanish is missing.

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Repsol 10w40 oil

3. Repsol RP141N55 Elite Multivalve 10W 40 Motor Oil

This is a product that could answer the question of thousands of buyers about which is the best 10w40 oil, whose presentation of five liters is profitable and offers a composition with a low level of viscosity, to enhance the cold start of the engine, without causing deterioration in the gears. This is because the product creates a protective film on all the mechanical parts, with the purpose of significantly reducing the friction generated between them, after the engine starts up. In this way, it is possible to optimize oil consumption.

In addition, this Repsol 10w40 oil has a completely synthetic formula, which is responsible for generating adequate chemical stability, so it is possible to prolong the lubricant change cycles. Likewise, it is a product capable of providing correct protection to the entire hydraulic system and lubricating correctly, regardless of temperature.

If you don’t know which 10w40 oil to buy, you might be interested in the pros and cons of this five-liter presentation.


Lid: The screw cap offers a secure closure and easy opening.

Content: Its five-liter presentation is suitable for maintaining the level of your vehicle or changing the oil completely.

Viscosity: This is an oil with a low viscosity level, which enhances cold starting.

Synthetic: You will not have to worry about changing the oil quickly, since it is a synthetic-based product and has greater chemical stability.


Container: The container of this 10w40 oil could be a bit heavy when handling it, but this will depend on each user .

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10w40 oil for gasoline

4. Petronas Syntium 18165015 800EU 10w40

This is a 10w40 gasoline oil that has managed to capture the attention of buyers, due to its semi-synthetic composition, in which a type of additive called Cool Tech stands out, which effectively cares for the life of the engine.

In addition, it is important to mention that the body of this oil has an adequate level of viscosity, capable of completely covering each of the mechanical parts of the engine. Also, for its price, it is considered the best 10W40 oil in terms of value for money.

Among its advantages we can highlight that it creates a protective film against friction, generated due to the constant movement of the gears, after the machinery starts up. Likewise, this oil helps to significantly reduce the internal temperature of the engine and reduces noise.

Regarding the presentation of the product, we must mention that it is a container made of robust plastic, with a holding capacity for up to five liters of lubricant, a screw cap for hermetic closure and an upper handle with an ergonomic grip.

Next, let’s learn more about this 10w40 oil, which has received praise from various buyers and is one of the cheapest.


Mouthpiece: Its reduced mouthpiece prevents product loss when pouring it into the engine.

Transport: You can easily handle the container of this oil, due to the ergonomic built-in handle.

Viscosity: You will not have to worry about the wear of the engine parts, since the lubricant offers an adequate level of viscosity.

Presentation: With this product you have five liters of lubricant, so you will save money by not buying one-liter bottles.


Semi-synthetic: This is a semi-synthetic oil, so you should check the indications of your car’s engine, to avoid inconveniences.

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Oil 10w40 for Diesel

5. Mannol 10256600500 Defender 10w40 SL CF Semi Synthetic Oil

Mannol is a brand of lubricants with a German quality seal and a long history in the automotive market that, on this occasion, presents us with a product promoted as one of the cheap oils on the list.

Its presentation in a plastic container offers a sufficient quantity of five liters of lubricant. Also, the structure incorporates a reduced mouth, so you can pour the product with precision. The lid is screw-top, for quick opening and, under it, a cap with pressure closure is attached, in order to achieve greater tightness. Thus, you can avoid unexpected spills. In addition, thanks to the attached top grab handle, it is possible to manipulate the pot without complication.

On the other hand, we have the semi-synthetic formula that this 10w40 oil has for Diesel, by means of which it is possible to achieve a correct regulation of the internal temperature of the engine, as well as providing an adequate cold start.

Among the low-priced 10w40 oils, this presentation stands out, whose pros and cons could be beneficial.


Viscosity: The viscosity level of the oil prevents friction between the mechanical parts of the engine.

Lid: Its lid provides a secure closure, so you don’t have to worry about spills.

Meter: On the container you will find a measurement line, in order to monitor the exact amount of oil in the can.

Use: This is a 10w40 oil suitable for use in the engine of your car or motorcycle.


Compatibility: You should check the compatibility of the oil with the car, since it is not suitable for all brands.

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Cepsa 10w40 oil

6. Cepsa Genuine 10w40 Max Semi-synthetic vehicle lubricant

With this Cepsa 10w40 oil you will be able to easily take care of your car’s engine, because it has a semi-synthetic composition suitable for latest generation machinery, whose operation is by means of gasoline or diesel.

This is a lubricant with a light body and a suitable level of viscosity, so when it is poured through the engine valves, it creates a protective layer on the gears. In this way, the product helps to prevent the wear of the parts, due to the friction created during the start-up of the engine.

On the other hand, the packaging of this cheap 10w40 oil stands out. In this sense, you will enjoy a robust bottle with five liters of content, a side gauge to control oil consumption and a top grip handle, for correct handling and transport from one place to another. Also, you will have a lid with screw closure, which prevents spills.

With this 10w40 oil you will offer a good level of protection to the engine. Next, the good and the bad of this presentation.


Lid: The screw cap offers a secure closure, to prevent the deterioration of the oil.

Use: You will not have limitations to use this lubricant, because it is suitable for diesel and gasoline cars.

Meter: The container incorporates a meter, so that you know the exact amount of oil that you pour into the engine.

Formula: Thanks to its semi-synthetic formula, you won’t have to change the oil as often.


Viscosity: The viscosity level could be a bit light, but it still offers adequate lubrication.

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Full Oil 10w40

7. Total Quartz 7000 10w40 Synthetic Lubricant 

Total 10w40 oil is considered a universal type product, capable of providing the necessary protection to the mechanical parts of both gasoline and diesel engines. Its synthetic formula adapts to any type of condition, in the city or when undertaking a long journey on the road.

In addition, it has a series of special properties that enhance the cleaning of the internal part of the machinery. In this way, it manages to disperse all the dirt particles towards the filter, so that they do not settle in the engine and gradually cause its deterioration.

Also, you will be interested to know that this is a 10w40 synthetic oil with a light body, but, at the same time, it has an adequate level of viscosity. In this sense, when poured into the engine, it will create a protective film on all its parts, which allows the rapid reduction of friction and, therefore, wear.

By acquiring this 10w40 oil you will enjoy a series of advantages and disadvantages that you will then be able to learn about.


Cleaning: With this product you will protect the engine from dust and dirt particles, since the oil dissipates them to the filter.

Viscosity: Its adequate level of viscosity protects the engine components effectively.

Use: This is a lubricant that can be used in diesel or gasoline engines without any problem.

Container: The five-liter container is robust, offers a comfortable grip and secure closure.


Instructions: The incorporation of instructions for use in Spanish on the container labels is missing.

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Elf 10w40 oil

8. Elf Sporti 7 A3 B4 Oil 10w40

With Elf 10w40 oil, taking care of the engine of your gasoline or diesel car will be a simple task, since the semi-synthetic formula of this lubricant creates a protective film between the mechanical parts of the machinery, so that, when in motion, the friction generated between them does not cause wear.

In addition, this multigrade product has been made with some additives and base oil, which allow proper driving on any terrain, without forcing the engine to start, as well as cleaning all the dust accumulated inside the machinery. In this way, said particles go directly to the filter to avoid the deterioration of the gears or valves.

We cannot forget to mention the robust plastic container with a top grip handle, used to contain this oil. Likewise, a reduced mouthpiece is incorporated that will allow you to pour it with precision.

Here, the main details of this 10w40 oil suitable for any type of engine.


Mouth: The reduced mouth of the bottle allows you to pour the lubricant without wasting a drop.

Formula: Its semi-synthetic formula protects and cleans the engine for a smooth start.

Use: It is a 10w40 oil developed to be used in any type of engine, without affecting its performance.

Viscosity: Thanks to the degree of viscosity offered by the oil, you provide the engine with adequate protection against wear.


Allergic reaction: You must be careful when handling this lubricant, since it can generate an allergic reaction, since it incorporates calcium alkyl aryl sulfonate.

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Shell 10w40 oil

9. Shell Shx710405 Helix Hx7 10W40 5 L Jerrycan

Shell 10w40 oil is a highly positioned product in the market, commented positively in the different specialized portals, due to its high level of quality. In this sense, it is a lubricant with a series of beneficial properties for the life of your car’s engine.

This is a 10w40 car oil with a slightly dense body and a color similar to honey, formulated to deeply lubricate each of the mechanical components present in the engine. In this way, it is possible to avoid wear as a result of friction, generated by starting the engine.

In addition, it should be mentioned that it has been put up for sale in a five-liter presentation. The container is plastic, has a pair of grip handles and incorporates a small mouth, which facilitates the process of pouring the product through the funnel.

To make a successful purchase, you should review the good and bad of this 10w40 oil.


Grip: You can easily handle the bottle of oil, thanks to the pair of highly ergonomic grip handles.

Viscosity: You will not have to worry about wear caused by friction, due to the density of the oil.

Cleaning: The oil sends the ashes and dust to the filter to take care of the engine.

Lid: Its screw cap with inner seal allows the conservation of the oil and prevents spills in case of overturning.


Presentation: It is possible that the presentation of five liters is excessive for some users.

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Shopping guide

Taking care of your car’s engine is a simple task that you cannot neglect, and that begins with the proper lubrication of its mechanical parts. To do this, it is necessary to use an oil that adapts to the specific needs of each car, which provides greater performance on any terrain without causing wear to the series of gears. Here is a guide to buying the best 10w40 oil.


The composition of the product is one of the aspects that cannot be omitted from any comparison of 10w40 oils, due to its great level of importance in the operation of the engine. Therefore, the implementation of the wrong formula could seriously impair the performance of the machinery.

The important thing is that you know how to identify the right composition for the car. In this sense, you will find monograde motor oils that are of natural origin and have a single level of viscosity. For their part, multigrade lubricants are manufactured with chemical chains, capable of offering specific properties for each type of car.

In fact, this last type of composition allows maximum performance, both in the city and on long journeys, when going on vacation, because the formula adapts to low and high temperatures, for an effective cold start, without damaging the components. the motor.


The viscosity of the oil used in the car engine is of great importance for the correct operation and care of its internal parts, so we cannot select it at random, if we do not want to reduce the performance of the machinery. In addition, the issue of lubricant density is an aspect that, in most cases, influences how much the product costs.

Always keep in mind that the viscosity of this type of oil is determined by a numerical scale and a letter that, according to the nomenclature, corresponds to the type of starting offered. For example, oils designated with the acronym “W” indicate a cold start, which is the case with 10w40 lubricants. Therefore, you should check the specifications of the car, to get the right product for your needs.

In the market, you will find low and high density oils suitable for use in gasoline or diesel cars. These products, when incorporated into the engine, create a millimetric protective film between the gears, to prevent wear due to friction. In addition, they improve the performance of the machine in the most extreme conditions, without forcing the mechanical components.


The container of the motor oil to acquire is an aspect that many people let go unnoticed, but which, in reality, is of great importance, since it is the structure that contains the lubricant and we will have to manipulate it to fill the engine. For this reason, it is not only necessary to obtain an economical product, but also an ergonomic and safe container.

In general, manufacturers of 10w40 oils use bottles made of robust and slightly flexible polymer, which will hardly break after an impact. In addition, these structures incorporate a top or side grip area with an ergonomic and non-slip format, designed in this way so that you can hold the container comfortably, both when pouring the product and when transporting it.

Likewise, these cans have been provided with a reduced mouth, to extract the oil moderately, while the screw cap and the seal in the form of a cap, preserve the good condition of the oil and prevent spills, in the event of an unexpected overturning at the handle the boat

Environmental care

The quality of the 10w40 oil purchased is of great importance, not only for good engine performance, but also for the care of the environment. Let us remember that, after starting the engine, a combustion process is generated in which all the residues that accumulate in the filter are incinerated, which immediately generates an emission of carbon monoxide, which pollutes the air we breathe.

In this sense, more and more brands are committed to the manufacture of synthetic type lubricants, since in this way they can create special formulas capable of enhancing the control of toxic emissions. Thus, it is possible to significantly reduce the high volumes of contamination common in conventional oils.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use 10W40 oil?

To use 10W40 oil, you need to start by checking the level of lubricant in the engine tank, so you will have to remove the dipstick, clean it with absorbent paper, insert it again and remove it to know the exact measurement. Remember that the rod has a small mark, which is used as a reference for the measurement of the liquid.

Next, release the cap on the reservoir provided for the oil, carefully pour it in and wait at least five minutes. In this way, you will be able to repeat the initial procedure with the dipstick, to verify that the oil has reached the regulation measure for the correct operation of the engine.

It is important that, during the performance of this task, the machinery of the car is turned off and completely cold. Otherwise, the person could experience some kind of burn, due to poor handling of said areas of the car.

Q2: Every how many km is the 10w40 oil changed?

Changing the engine oil is a task that should be done periodically. In this way, you will be able to take care of the useful life of the mechanical parts and enhance effective performance. According to automotive experts, the time scheduled for the change could depend on the type of car, as well as the lubricant used.

For example, if you are one of the users who use mineral-type oil, you must change it after three thousand kilometers of travel. For their part, those who bet on oils with a synthetic formula, will be able to enjoy a maximum of six thousand kilometers of travel, before carrying out the oil change. Finally, if you pour 7100 full synthetic lubricant into the engine, you will have to change it after about 10,000 kilometers.

Q3: What base is 10w40 oil?

10w40 oil, both synthetic and semi-synthetic, has refined crude oil as its main base. However, the first of them is exposed to a laboratory process, in which the molecular level of the formula is changed through chemical processes.

In this way, a significant improvement is achieved in the results obtained when using it. For example, you will enjoy adequate temperature control and various levels of density, for better protection against wear of mechanical components.

For their part, semi-synthetic lubricants or also known as monogrades, add some mineral-type additives to the aforementioned petroleum base. Therefore, its formula only offers one level of viscosity.

Q4: What temperatures can 10w40 oil withstand?

With regard to the temperature supported by the semi-synthetic or multigrade 10w40 oil, it is important to note that it is suitable for climates that exceed 38°C and offers a smooth start from -30°C, while the synthetic or monograde models start from 10 °C onwards.

Q5: Which oil is better, 5w40 or 10w40?

Both 5w40 and 10w40 motor oil are high-quality products, but they have some significant differences, which could influence the performance of the engine in different scenarios.

For example, the 5w40 lubricant has a synthetic composition suitable for sports cars and, according to experts, its use is recommended for short trips, preferably within the city.

For its part, 10w40 oil is a semi-synthetic formula, which is convenient to be used in small cars, completing long road trips, without causing deterioration in the mechanical parts of the engine due to its high level of viscosity.

In fact, the density of both lubricants is one of the main differences between them, since, according to the 5w40 and 10w40 nomenclature, the first number indicates the viscosity; the letter, cold start; and the last number, the temperature. That is, the 5w40 is lighter than the 10w40.

Q6: Where is used 10w40 oil disposed of?

Once the engine oil change is complete, you must take care of the extracted lubricant, since it is a highly polluting substance, which we should not throw anywhere.

In this sense, it is important that you consult the official website of the brand used and investigate where the clean oil collection points are located. In this way, you will be able to help in the recycling process of this type of compound, taking said substance so that it receives the appropriate treatment and is regenerated, decontaminated or materialized.

Thus, this residual oil will be used to manufacture new products aimed at industrial plants or as part of the raw material necessary for asphalt, waterproof fabrics, among others.

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