The 9 Best 12V Transformers of 2022

12V Transformer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis 


One of the problems with vehicles is that their voltage is 12 volts, compared to the 220 that we usually use at home. This causes an incompatibility when using certain devices in our car. Luckily, the problem is easy to solve if you turn to products like the Bestek 200W transformer. This inverter has four USB ports, two conventional plugs and offers an efficiency of 90%. If what you need is to convert from 12 to 24 volts, we recommend the Aramox X73 model, capable of generating an output of 1.5 amps under this voltage, always maintaining signal quality.

The 9 Best 12V Transformers – Opinions 2022

Due to the characteristics of the batteries, you will not be able to use a product with a 220 volt current in your car, unless you get the best 12V transformer you can find. These products transform the current that comes from the motor or the battery, to use it in all kinds of devices. For this choice to be adequate, it is important to know which 12V transformer to buy, for which we have selected for you some of the best 12V transformers of 2022, which we break down below.

Transformer from 12V to 220V

1. Bestek Power Inverter 200W, Transformer 12V to 220V

The Bestek 12V to 220V transformer is one of the most recognized models among users both for its versatility and its extensive performance. We are talking about a model that connects to any conventional cigarette lighter socket, offering an output performance of over 90%.

In its design, we find four USB outputs, where to charge all kinds of devices compatible with this technology. It also has two conventional plugs for traditional cutting devices. A team that offers a power of about 200 watts, which expands what you can connect to it.

This operation is governed by a series of security measures, which prevent the most common risks during use. Among these measures, we have control against overloading or overvoltages, as well as overheating. And don’t worry about the size, because the inverter is only slightly larger than a modern smartphone.

Having power anywhere is easy with this product, which is close to being the best 12V transformer of the moment.


Performance : This model has an output performance of 90% of the energy it uses.

Connections : The transformer has four USB sockets and two conventional sockets.

Measurements : The product has a compact size, which makes it easy to place it anywhere.

Security : The device includes all the necessary security measures to avoid risks during its use.

Materials : It is made with quality, resistant materials and with a nice glossy finish.


Power : Power may fall short for devices that exceed the output offered by the product.

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2. Green Cell 150W/300W 12V to 220V/230V Power Inverter

Considered by many users as the best brand of 12V transformers on the market, the truth is that seeing Green Cell’s offer it is easy to understand this honor. We are talking about a brand that has products that range from 150 to 3,000 watts of output power, with tips that double those amounts.

To offer this performance, these transformers are connected either to the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle or directly to one or more batteries, depending on the chosen power. In all these cases, the transformer offers a homogeneous and stable delivery of energy.

As expected, investor security measures are up to par. Among them, there is no lack of protection against overheating, overload or good ventilation. Something similar happens with the power outlets, variables depending on the model, but always of quality.

If you are looking for versatile solutions, we give you more details of this complete Green Cell proposal.


Battery : This model offers you the option of connecting it directly to a battery, for which it includes the corresponding sockets.

Power : The inverter is sold with all kinds of powers, ranging from 150 to 3,000 watts of output.

Fan : The integrated fan is responsible for maintaining an adequate temperature in the device.


Connectivity : Compared to other models, this product only has a plug and a USB socket.

Wave type: The wave type is sinusoidal, so the most complex equipment may not work correctly.

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12v to 24v transformer

3. Aramox Power Converter 12V to 24V 

If what you need is a 12V to 24V transformer, then what you need is this Aramox model. We are talking about a converter capable of offering this voltage output at levels of 1.5 amps, which gives it good versatility in all kinds of uses.

The product is manufactured with a resistant aluminum casing, which includes spaces to fix the transformer to the vehicle using screws. Inside it is the circuitry responsible for this transformation, as well as a fan, which prevents the device from exceeding the recommended operating temperature.

Otherwise, the transformer is easy to install, thanks to a very simple approach. It also includes all the necessary measures to protect the device from overvoltages or short circuits, which is an extra peace of mind when using it.

We leave you everything you need to know about this model, to see if it is the one that suits you.


Signal : The generated signal is stable and suitable for use on different devices.

Ventilation : The integrated fan is responsible for cooling the device, preventing it from overheating.

Housing : The aluminum housing is very strong and easy to install, including the spaces for the hardware.

Security : Includes protection against overheating, short circuit and overload, among others.


Fuse : The transformer fuse is soldered, which makes it a bit more difficult to change it, when necessary.

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4. Autek DC/DC 12V to 24V Electrical Converter

The Autek LEPACA2302 model is another interesting proposal if you are looking for a 12V to 24V transformer. As usual, the circuitry of this model has a 12-volt input and a 24-volt output, offering a current of up to 10 amps and 240 watts.

This approach makes the product suitable for all kinds of uses inside your car, offering a little more strength than simpler designs. In addition, it is a very small transformer, with measurements of 7.4 centimeters on each side at its base, square in shape, as well as a thickness of just 2.7 centimeters.

To finish off this transformer, we can mention its performance, which is around 90% of the input power. It also has all the necessary security, among which we have protection against overvoltage, overheating or short circuits, without forgetting its self-recovery function.

We summarize the main features of this transformer below, so you don’t miss a single detail.


Output : Its 10 amp output gives you more versatility when connecting it to different devices.

Efficiency : Offers 90% output efficiency with respect to supplied power.

Size : It is one of the most compact options on the market, with a base of 7.4 centimeters on each side and just 2.7 thick.


Finishes : The finishes are somewhat weaker than would be expected, so it should be treated with care.

Cables : The cables are only 15 centimeters long, which can make them difficult to assemble.

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Transformer from 12V to 220V of 3000W

5. Edecoa inverter 3000w current transformer 12v 220v

The Edecoa E93210300L model is everything you need to have considerable electrical power anywhere. To do this, this 3000W 12V to 220V transformer offers you this output capacity, with a peak that reaches 6,000 watts.

One of the advantages of this model is its control system. In it we find a digital screen, which tells us at the time of input and output operation and the level of charge of the batteries. It also includes a wired remote control to turn the equipment on or off remotely and instantly know its charge level.

Regarding its connectivity, the panel includes two traditional plugs and two other USB sockets, in which to charge any device such as a mobile phone or a tablet. A complete approach that is finished off with the usual fans and security measures, so you can use it with peace of mind.

Discover everything you need to know about this model, ideal for supporting large electrical loads.


Display : The included display is ideal for monitoring system load status and performance.

Remote control : This control informs you of the status of the charger and allows you to turn it on or off remotely.

Connections : The equipment has two conventional plugs and two USB sockets, where you can connect what you need.


Cable : The remote control cable is only 2 meters long, but it can be changed for a network cable of the size you require.

After- sales service: The customer service is not the most efficient in its work.

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6. Green Cell 3000W/6000W 12V to 220V/230V Sine Wave 

If you are wondering which is the best 12V transformer among those that offer the most power, the Green Cell 3000W model is the answer. This is one of the best known on the market for its high power, which makes it easy to have all the energy you need to do almost everything you need.

Since we are talking about a 3000W transformer from 12V to 220V, it is obvious that you will need two batteries to power it correctly. This is not a problem, since the product includes everything necessary to connect them safely, without forgetting the safety fuses.

This security is also present in the measures included in the device, to forget about overvoltages, short circuits and other inconveniences. And so that the heat is not a problem either, the double ventilation system is responsible for expelling the heat from the interior of the device.

Enjoy high power anywhere thanks to this powerful Green Cell model.


Power : In addition to the stable 3,000 watts, its peak reaches 6,000 watts, being one of the most powerful options on the market.

Connectivity : The transformer is accompanied by the necessary cables and fuses for its correct assembly.

Double ventilation : This system evacuates more heat from the interior and reduces the risk of overheating.


Size : The size of the transformer is considerable, so it should be taken into account when looking for a hole.

Wave : The model offers a modified wave, which may not be suitable for certain devices.

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Other products

7. Bestek 75W Car Power Inverter 

If you need a simple solution to connect any device to your car, this Bestek model is what you were looking for. We are talking about a very simple transformer, which is connected to your car’s cigarette lighter by means of a rotary system. Something that makes it easy to orient it however you want.

In its body we find space for a conventional plug, placed next to two traditional USB ports. Ideal for connecting a low-power vacuum cleaner or any other small device to the car, while charging your mobile or tablet. It is enough not to exceed the 75 watts of power that the product offers as an output.

To top it off, the inverter incorporates all the usual security measures, avoiding problems of short circuits, overheating and overvoltage. It also includes low-voltage protection, so you don’t accidentally drain the vehicle’s battery.

Ease and simplicity are the keys to this interesting investor, which we analyze in detail below.


Installation : The transformer is connected directly to the cigarette lighter, by means of a very practical rotating socket.

Connections : In addition to the two USB sockets, with this model you will have a traditional socket inside your car.

Low Power : The product detects low battery power and stops the outlets from working if necessary.


Size : It’s a bit bulky, so it can take up a lot of space when you store it away when not in use.

Power : Its total power is 75 watts, so you should see if this is enough for you.

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8. Odoga 300W Car Power Inverter

Within the current transformers that you can use inside your vehicle, we find this Odoga model. An interesting proposal for those looking for a little more power, since this device is capable of reaching 300 watts.

This power is distributed between the main plug and the two included USB sockets. The latter have a 2.4A output, with which to have a fast charge when connecting your mobile or tablet. As for the plug, its performance is ideal for powering different devices.

This inverter plugs directly into the car’s cigarette lighter, for which you have a connector and a cable. And as always, the product has everything you need to avoid safety problems, with measures to prevent overheating, overloading, and low voltage, among others.

Enjoy improved power in your car thanks to this complete 12 volt transformer.


Power: The output power of the product reaches 300 watts, being one of the highest capacity.

USB ports: The two included USB ports have a fast charge function, reaching 2.4 amps of output.

Ventilation: The aluminum body and its ventilation prevent problems with the device overheating.


Size: The size of the converter is somewhat large, so you will have to find a place for it in your car.

Smell: It is possible that during the first uses you notice a somewhat strong smell, although it is normal.

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9. Cantonape 1000W Power Inverter, Transformer 12V to 220V

Although it is somewhat far from being the best value for money 12V transformer on the market, the truth is that this Cantonape model has good performance, although at a somewhat higher price. We are talking about a product with an output power of 1,000 watts, which can be connected to any traditional battery.

This current output is done through three plugs, two Schuko type and one English type, along with four USB ports. These ports have an improved output, with which to offer fast charging on devices that support this technology. 

Controlling the transformer is also easy, thanks to the two included LED displays, where you can see the input and output voltage. Nor are the usual security measures lacking, such as protection against overvoltages, overheating and almost any other problem typical of this equipment, despite being among the cheapest.

Use any electrical device in your car comfortably thanks to this interesting cheap and quality transformer.


Power: This model is capable of generating an output power of 1,000 watts, with a peak power of 2,000 watts.

Connectors: It has four USB sockets, two traditional Schuko plugs and another English-type plug.

Security: It incorporates all the necessary security measures to avoid risks during use.


Noise: The noise level generated by the device is somewhat higher than would be desirable.

Modified wave: The generated wave is not pure but modified, which must also be taken into account when connecting devices.

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Shopping guide 

12V transformers are a very interesting accessory to carry in the car. With them you can charge your mobile or even power small devices, depending on the characteristics of the chosen product. Since the variety of this type of product is considerable, with our guide to buying the best 12V transformer you will know everything you need to find the ideal device adjusted to your specific needs. Let us know what aspects are most relevant when it comes to equipping ourselves.

product potency

The first thing we must take into account is the power offered by the product. This power is measured in watts and is divided into two different sections. The first of these is the peak power, which is what the transformer can deliver at a given time and for a few seconds, as happens with the startup of certain devices.

The other power we have available is normal or continuous. This second power is usually half of the first and is the one that marks the number of devices that we can connect at the same time to the same current transformer. To avoid problems in your choice, the sum of the power demanded by all this equipment must always be less than that of the transformer, adding a certain margin for safety reasons.

If we take a look at any comparison of 12V transformers, we will see that the variety is considerable. The most basic models usually offer a peak output of 100 or 150 watts, with a continuous supply of 50 to 75 watts. These are suitable for charging mobiles, tablets and GPS. The most powerful models reach 3,000 watts of continuous power, with peaks of 6,000. However, these transformers with greater supply capacity must be connected to two or even three batteries, since the cigarette lighter of our vehicle does not support so much energy supply.


Another important aspect when choosing a 12-volt transformer is the connectivity it offers us. An issue that influences how much the product costs, but also the number of devices that we can physically connect to the same transformer.

The normal thing is that the product includes various USB ports, in which you can connect everything you need and that is compatible with this system. So, if you want to connect your mobile, tablet, GPS or even charge the emergency light, these would be the connections you would need. According to what we have seen on the market, some computers even have four of these ports, with a fast charging function as an extra.

But this is not all, since many units also include one or more classic plugs, where you can connect any conventional device. However, in these models it is important that you do not exceed the power capacity that you have chosen for the transformer. Therefore, with rare exceptions, forget about connecting braziers, dryers and power tools with high energy demand. 

Security measures

Whenever we talk about products intended to deal with electricity, it is key to choose models with adequate security measures. Something to look for even in economically priced transformers, whose power is lower. After all, when there is electricity involved, the risk is always present.

Among the most common security measures of this equipment is protection against overvoltage, which means avoiding possible discharges. It is also necessary to have protection against overheating, which prevents the transformer from heating up beyond what it can withstand. A task in which good ventilation also helps.

We cannot forget the short-circuit protection, which avoids risks in the event that there is a problem with the connections and they cross improperly. We also have to talk about the protection against low voltage, which cuts the current if the battery voltage drops below what is recommended. And as an extra, some models have a ground connection, especially in the most powerful models, which we can connect directly to the ground when necessary and avoid discharge risks while using the equipment.

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to make a homemade 12V to 220V transformer?

The construction of a transformer of this type is an accessible task, although as long as you have the necessary knowledge for it. On the net it is possible to find all kinds of plans to proceed, either based on more traditional systems or simple transistor systems. The latter have a somewhat lower power, so the choice will depend on what your system needs. 

In general, the idea is to connect the current that comes out of the battery with a series of capacitors that transform that alternating current signal into a continuous one, with the characteristics of a pure wave. Do not forget to isolate the corresponding elements safely, to avoid discharges, as well as having a box or similar in which to store the transformer and prevent access to the parts under load.

Q2: How to connect a 12V transformer?

The 12-volt transformers are connected directly to the power source, using the included cables, while the devices will be connected to them according to the connections offered by the product. In the transformers from 12 volts to 220 volts, traditional plug sockets are usually included, while in the cigarette lighter models what we find are USB sockets. However, some compact models also have these classic plugs.

Regarding the connection of the transformer itself, in the lighter models it will be to this socket that the product must be plugged into. Regarding the highest power ones, the usual thing is that they are connected to the battery terminals through the wiring included with the product.

Q3: How to connect a tablet to a 12V transformer?

Current tablets work with a voltage of 5 volts and 1.5 amps input, in general, so it would not be possible to make a direct connection between both elements. Well, yes it would be possible, but you have all the ballots to literally fry the tablet. 

To make this connection, you would need an element that is capable of adjusting the voltage to what you need. Luckily, some 12-volt transformers already include USB ports duly prepared for this purpose, being the ideal solution to connect your tablet, your mobile or any other device that you need to charge.

Q4: How to repair a 12V transformer?

Given the simple design of most 12 volt transformers, fixing the most common problems requires no more than taking a look inside and looking for any loose wires, which are common problems. The transformer fuse may also have blown, in which case it is also easy to see by the mark that the fault leaves on the nameplate. In this case, it is enough to desolder and solder the new fuse. Finally, the fault can affect the rectifier bridge, which you can check with a multimeter. It is another easy aspect to repair, if you have the necessary knowledge to do so.

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