The 9 Best 5W40 Oils of 2022

5W40 Oil – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Car oils protect and maintain the properties of your engine for longer, so it is very important to pay attention to the type and characteristics of the product before making the purchase. Among the most popular 5W40 oils at the moment is Repsol RP135X55 Elite, which is specially developed to achieve better stability in terms of viscosity, as well as optimal fluidity at low temperatures. Another product of interest to many netizens is Castrol 15C9CA Magnatec, a high-quality product that forms a highly durable protective layer from the moment it is booted.

The 9 Best 5W40 Oils – Opinions 2022

If you want to guarantee the correct operation of your engine and prolong its useful life, what experts recommend is to change your oil every 15 to 20 thousand kilometers, depending on the model of your vehicle. Therefore, if you are interested in acquiring the best 5W40 oil, we have made a selection of the most popular alternatives today.

Repsol 5W40 oil

1. Repsol RP135X55 Elite 50501 Tdi

People who own a vehicle know very well the importance of a proper oil change on the conservation of the engine. In this sense, Repsol presents a quality product specially created to protect both the mechanical system of the injectors and the valve train of various types of car such as Seat, Audi, VW and Skoda.

This Repsol 5W40 oil is made with a low ash content, which allows it to be applied to Diesel cars that require an ACEA A3, B3-04, B4-04 and C3 quality level, as well as models that incorporate filters to reduce emissions. of the particles that are polluting for the atmosphere.

On the other hand, it is an oil that is made with some elements that, thanks to their performance, allow a more stable viscosity level to be achieved, as well as greater fluidity when found at low temperatures.

This product is among the best 4W50 oils of 2022, so we invite you to learn more about it.


Content : This oil is presented in a container of up to 5 liters, which will allow you to apply the necessary amount of oil to your vehicle.

Test : Thanks to the fact that it is a product that complies with VW regulations 505.01, 502.00 and 505.00, it provides good performance and greater engine durability.

Ash : It is a suitable product for Diesel vehicles, because it is made with a low ash content.

Viscosity : It is made with high performance elements that provide a higher stability level of viscosity.


Mopeds : If you need an oil for 2-stroke moped engines, we recommend choosing another type of oil, since this is not valid for it.

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Castrol 5W40 Oil

2. Castrol 15C9CA Magnatec Motor Oil

5W40 oils are characterized by having a higher density, which is why they provide greater lubrication and lower oil consumption. In this case, the intelligent molecules of Castrol Magnatec adhere to the critical parts of the engine, forming a protective film, which reduces engine wear during the starting phase.

This Castrol 5W40 oil adequately protects metal surfaces thanks to its formulation that combines synthetic technology, which provides optimal care, whether under high or extremely cold temperatures.

Contained in a 4-litre container, this oil meets a high level of ACEA C3 regulations, making it a high-quality lubricant with a low ash content, being suitable for vehicles equipped with particulate filters. In addition, it improves fuel consumption, while providing great protection to the emission control system.

Considered the best value for money 5W40 oil, do not hesitate to review the positive and negative aspects of this product.


Versatile : This product is versatile as it is suitable for both gasoline and Diesel engines.

Particles : Contains a novel system of intelligent molecules that generate a protective film that remains prepared from the moment of ignition.

Ash : With a low ash content, this oil is suitable for vehicles equipped with DPF, FAP or CRT filters.


Content : Keep in mind that this product is packaged in a 4-litre container, so if you are looking for one with a larger volume, you should choose another alternative.

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ELF 5W40 Oil

3. All Lubricants SL ACELF5W405L Elf Oil

Developed with synthetic technology to achieve the best results, ELF 5W40 oil is specially developed for your Renault brand vehicle, however, it could also protect any vehicle that has a catalytic converter with a particulate filter.

Another quality that is positively valued by those who prefer this oil is that it can be used in both diesel and gasoline engines. Therefore, if you have two cars, you could avoid having to purchase the specific one for each one. It is even compatible with turbo models.

In relation to its presentation, this lubricant for vehicles is contained in a container of approximately 5 liters and it is a product that complies with the ACEA A3/B4 regulation, so they are synthetic and semi-synthetic oils that provide a high level of quality. and allow long periods of use between each oil change.

This lubricant is considered the best 5W40 oil at the moment thanks to all its features, so if you need to purchase a lubricant for your vehicle, this could be the indicated alternative.


Volume : This lubricant is presented in a container with a quantity of up to 5 liters so that you do not miss it in your next change.

Versatile : This is a versatile car oil, as it is suitable for gasoline and diesel engines with direct injection, as well as turbocharged models.

Cars : It is a suitable product for all kinds of engines with a particulate filter thanks to its high quality level.


Noise : With this oil, noise reduction is not perceived in some diesel engines, contrary to what happens with other types of oils.

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Total Oil 5W40

4. Total 3425901019277 Quartz 9000 Energy Motor Oil

Formulated for almost all engines running on diesel or gasoline, this is a suitable lubricant for systems with turbochargers, direct injection and multi-valves. In addition, it is a product indicated for the most intense driving conditions, such as highway travel and continuous urban circulation.

It is a compatible product for those engines that use liquefied gas (LPG) or unleaded gasoline, so it can be used in systems that are equipped with catalytic converters. On the other hand, it is a lubricant that provides good protection against blackening and wear thanks to its rapid action from the moment of start-up.

Likewise, with this Total 5W40 oil you will be able to keep the mechanical parts in better condition and preserve their power, which is why it helps to prolong their useful life and is presented in a 5-liter container that facilitates its application.

If you are investigating between several products and want to know which is the best 5W40 oil, we recommend you look at the pros and cons of this proposal.


Starting : The properties of this lubricant facilitate cold starting, since it has low fluidity at the beginning, as well as good resistance to high temperatures.

Change : It is a product resistant to oxidation, which allows carrying out the respective oil changes at long intervals.

Resistant : It is a lubricant suitable for the most extreme driving conditions, such as trips and continuous displacement in urban areas.


Synthetic: This oil is a 100% synthetic lubricant, so its main disadvantage is its high price compared to semi-synthetic products.

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Motul 5W40 oil

5. Motul 7250 Motor Oil 8100 X-Cess 5W40

For those who own a vehicle with a gasoline engine, this could be one of the best alternatives of the moment. Motul 5W40 oil complies with ACEA A3/B4 regulations, so it offers high quality and is indicated for direct injection engines.

It is a SEA 5W-40 grade lubricant, so it maintains good fluidity when cold, as well as good viscosity when hot, thus providing adequate protection to the engine, even from the starting phase.

The manufacturer indicates a list of cars compatible with its lubricant, including BMW LL-01, FIAT H2, M2 and N2, OPEL LL B-025, Porsche A40 and Renault RN0700 and RN0710. On the other hand, this product comes in a 5-liter container and is a 100% synthetic oil.

Motul is considered the best brand of 5W40 oils on the market and to learn more about it, we leave you below its positive and negative aspects.


Versatile : It is an oil suitable for a wide variety of car models, such as Renault, BMW, OPEL, FIAT, among many others.

Behavior : Thanks to the fact that it complies with SAE 5W40 regulations, it is a lubricant with good results on cold and hot engines.

Content : This lubricant is stored in a 5-liter plastic container, so it is appropriate to carry as a reserve in your trunk.


Filter : It is important that you bear in mind that this oil is not suitable for engines that incorporate a particle filter.

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5W40 synthetic oil

6. Shell 550040518 Helix HX7 Engine Oil

The correct choice of the type of oil according to your engine is necessary for optimum operation and to provide the best protection against the wear of its mechanical parts. This 5W40 synthetic oil provides good performance for light vehicle engines, facilitating cold starting.

It is a product specially made from synthetic bases and cleaning technology, which prevents the formation of residues inside the engine, providing a protective shield until the next lubricant change.

It is an oil with high sensitivity to oxidation, as well as low viscosity, low friction and a high level of fluidity, in addition to complying with API SN/CF and ACEA A3/B3 and A3/B4 regulations. On the other hand, after its application, a reduction in vibrations and engine noise will be noticed.

Although it is not one of the cheapest oils, its benefits and level of protection make it advisable to review the most relevant details of this product.


Viscosity : It is a low-viscosity lubricating oil, which allows it to form a protective film between smaller engine components and together.

Cold : Its protective action is adequate from the moment of starting, making it an appropriate oil for use in all conditions, even from the cold starting stage.

Care : It offers a high level of protection to your engine, as it reduces vibrations and noise.


Particles : It is a synthetic lubricant suitable for engines without a particle filter, so if your exhaust system has one, you should look at another model.

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Petronas 5W40 Oil

7. Petronas PET5405 Syntium000 AV

Every driver knows the importance of properly caring for the operation of their vehicle’s engine, so the lubricant must be changed every so often to ensure adequate protection on the metal parts.

Petronas 5W40 Oil is a fully synthetic lubricant with optimized action, suitable for improving driving. In addition, it is a lubricant with a viscosity level that facilitates the creation of a protective film on all the mechanical parts of the engine, no matter how small and joints they may be.

It is a product that complies with SAE 5W-40 regulations, which indicates that it has optimal behavior both in cold and hot conditions. Likewise, it has an ACEA C3 grade, so it has a low ash content and is suitable for engines with a DPF, FAP or CRT filter.

If, due to so many lubricants on the market, you still do not know which 5W40 oil to buy, it is advisable to learn more about this Petronas brand proposal.


Volume : This lubricant is contained in a plastic container of up to 5 liters, suitable for full service of your vehicle.

ACEA : It is a product that complies with the ACEA C3 standard, so it comes with low ash content.

Filter : If your engine is equipped with a DPF, FAP or CRT filter, this lubricant could be one of your best alternatives.


Price : As a disadvantage, it can be commented that this lubricant has a higher price than other oils of the same range and quality.

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Mobil 5W40 Oil

8. Mobile Super 3000 X1

This is a fully synthetic Mobil 5W40 oil, which works properly to provide the opportunity to give your engine optimum performance, providing adequate protection in any condition. It is a lubricant formulated to preserve the best viscosity from the moment the engine is started, so it creates a protective film on all the mechanical parts, keeping it longer, whether in cold or heat.

It is a synthetic lubricant, so it slides between the mechanical parts more easily than other semi-synthetic or conventional oils, minimizing friction. In addition, the Mobil 3000 series is a product designed for economical fuel consumption, since it is made with hc-synthesis technology, which gives it greater performance.

It is a product that complies with ACEA A3/B3 and A3/B4 operating regulations, so it is suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines with direct injection.

It may not be one of the cheapest alternatives on this list, but its great performance makes it a 5W40 oil worth considering. So we expose its advantages and disadvantages.


Volume : This product is contained in a 5-liter container, so it will help you easily carry out the proper maintenance on your car.

ACEA : It is a lubricant that complies with the A3/B3 and A3/B4 regulations, which indicates that it is a synthetic oil that allows better fuel economy.

Compatibility : This is a motor oil suitable for a wide variety of vehicle makes, such as Renault, Peugeot, Citröen, BMW, among others.


Price : It is possibly one of the most expensive 5W40 oils on this list, so if you are looking for a cheap product, you should opt for another of the alternatives on display.

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5W40 Diesel Oil

9. Cepsa 513923077 XTAR 5W40 505.01

It is a completely synthetic high-quality lubricant, made for those vehicles that are equipped with an exhaust gas treatment system and particulate filters, which is formulated in compliance with the VW 505.01 regulation for Volkswagen direct injection engines, which is They are usually found in Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat passenger cars.

Likewise, it is a suitable oil for engines that require a lubricant low in ash, sulfur and phosphorus, avoiding the degradation caused to particle filters and catalysts, since it meets the requirements of the ACEA C3 regulation. 

In addition, it is a product that provides extra lubrication, compared to low viscosity oils. On the other hand, it is a lubricant that is contained in a 5 liter container, suitable for carrying out the necessary application.

Before proceeding to make your purchase, it is recommended that you pay attention to the most outstanding aspects of this lubricant.


Synthetic : This is a 100% synthetic lubricant, so it is suitable for cars that have an exhaust gas treatment system.

Residues : It is a suitable oil for engines with particle filters thanks to its low level of ash, sulfur and phosphorus.

Protection : The application of this product will adequately protect the condition of the injection engines, in addition to taking care of all the internal mechanical elements from wear.


Environment : It is important that you use this product with the utmost caution, as it is harmful to the environment.

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Shopping guide

After the passage of kilometers and time, car oil deteriorates, losing its viscosity properties, which means that engine protection is reduced. This is why every certain mileage the appropriate change of the lubricant must be made, to guarantee the correct operation of your vehicle’s engine.

If you don’t know many lubricants and you don’t know where to start to choose the right one for your car, we have prepared the following guide for you to buy the best 5W40 oil, where we mention the most important aspects that you should look at before making your choice.


If when choosing the next oil for your vehicle, the first question you ask yourself is: how much does it cost? It is because you will surely be interested in buying the cheapest oil, either because you have a reduced budget, or because you do not want to invest too much in the lubricant.

However, it is important that you consider the importance of using a good oil with your engine, since it is in charge of adequately protecting the metal surfaces, avoiding premature wear of the parts. Also, because oils lose their properties over time, you should consider purchasing a product that guarantees good protection for longer, distancing the need for each maintenance and reducing long-term investment.

Therefore, before you want to save a little money and buy the cheapest lubricant, it is advisable to spend a little more and purchase an oil that adequately protects your vehicle’s engine.

SAE Grade

To measure the viscosity level of a car oil, there is a scale known as the SAE grade, which determines the viscosity according to the temperature of the engine. In theory, the higher the number, the better the viscosity will be maintained at very high temperatures.

However, it is important that the lubricant is fluid when the engine is cold, to ensure that it is distributed correctly throughout the engine and, in this way, can adequately protect the internal parts that are in constant movement, which favors the start. This means that oils change their viscosity level depending on the temperature at which the engine is working.

In this sense, the SAE regulations establish two levels of viscosity, the first number that is accompanied by a W (Winter) indicates the behavior at a low temperature, while the second number refers to its reaction to high temperatures. Also, while a low number indicates that the lubricant is more fluid, a high number will be more viscous.

ACEA regulations

Another of the most important factors that you should consider when choosing a new lubricant is its ACEA standard, which refers to a series of minimum criteria on the behavior of an engine oil according to the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers, for vehicle models. gasoline, diesel and equipped with particulate filters.

For gasoline or diesel cars, ACEA levels can be A1/B1, being of standard quality and adequate to save fuel. A3/B3, which does not have the fuel economy requirement. A3/B4, level that indicates a high level of quality for synthetic and semi-synthetic oils. And finally, the A5/B5 refers to the highest level of quality, as well as being fuel saving oils.

On the other hand, for cars with particulate filters, the ACEA level is shown next to the letter C. Therefore, if it is C1, it is an oil with a very low ash content and economizing characteristics. made out of fuel. C2 refers to a high-quality, low-ash oil, as well as fuel-saving properties. C3 and C4, for low and very low ash content oils, respectively.

API Classification

On the other hand, there is a classification that determines the quality level of the lubricant, so it is another factor that we recommend you check before making the purchase of your next car oil.

Their levels are: SH, SJ, SL, SM and SN.

SH : Indicates better protection against oil oxidation, wear and corrosion.

SJ : Maintains greater fluidity at low temperatures, protecting the engine against a high speed of rotation.

SL : Refers to better resistance to high temperatures and wear.

SM : It is specially developed for gasoline engines, improving fuel consumption.

SN : Generates greater protection against emission control systems.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to change 5w40 oil?

There are two general methods available to change your vehicle’s engine oil: by sump or by suction.

In the first, it is the traditional way of changing the oil in a vehicle, since it is done by removing the corresponding lower plug to drain the entire tank. The first thing you should do is start the engine for a few minutes, since the change must be done with the oil at a high temperature.

Using the appropriate wrench, continue by removing the drain plug that is commonly found under the engine. If your vehicle is Smart, you will know that its engine does not have a cap, so the procedure is carried out by suction.

In the first case of vehicles, remember to place a container just below the cap. Also, to protect the soil, you can place some newspaper around the container.

When removing the plug, you will need to be careful as the oil may be a bit hot. Proceed to remove the filter and wait the necessary time for all the oil to come out. Grease the rubber of the new filter and insert it in the place where the previous one was, remembering to put the drain plug back on.

Finally, remove the oil filler cap and apply the required amount of clean oil.

Q2: Every how many km is the 5w40 oil changed?

According to all specialists, there is no fixed number of kilometers with which you can guide yourself to know the perfect time to change the oil in a car. To find out the right time to change the oil, a series of important factors come into play, such as the brand, type, year of manufacture and even your driving style.

Many manufacturers indicate a clear series of recommendations, so you have to look at the technical specifications of each vehicle model carefully. For example, if you own a Ford vehicle, you should consider that there are models whose oil should be changed approximately every 10,000 kilometers. Whereas if you have an Audi, you will know that the oil is changed every 50,000 kilometers or so.

However, as a general rule, it is recommended to change the oil every 15 to 20 thousand kilometers, if your vehicle was manufactured after the year 2000, and 7 to 10 thousand kilometers, if it is older than that date.

Q3: Which oil is thicker: 5w40 or 10w40?

Taking into account the SAE regulations, we know that the numbers next to the W refer to the action limit temperatures under which the lubricants work properly, indicating their state of viscosity or fluidity.

In this sense, 5W40 oil is a lubricant twice as fluid as 10W40, allowing easy access to the moving parts of the engine. However, both are just as dense when running on a hot engine.

Q4: What temperatures does 5w40 oil support?

Considering that the first number indicates the cold temperature and the second the hot temperature, 5W40 oils support a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius in cold or “winter” and 40 degrees Celsius in hot or with the engine running. 

Q5: Which oil is better 5w30 or 5w40?

It’s not about which one is the best, but rather which one is more or less dense than the other. We already know that the second value indicates the label on the SAE regulations of a particular oil, it refers to its viscosity. Therefore, a 5w30 oil will be much less dense than a 5w40 oil, which means that it is less viscous. However, it also refers to the maximum temperature in Celsius at which the lubricant works optimally.

Q6: What happens if I mix a 5w40 oil with a 10w40?

While some users warn that it is not good to mix types of oil and, in case you are going to apply a different one, you must first remove all the previous one, the truth is that, if there is not much difference between the viscosities, it should not cause damage to the motor.

However, it will always be more reliable to apply the same type of oil on one already inside, in addition to the fact that if you have the possibility of completely removing the previous one, it will guarantee that it does not have residues or remains of ash.

Q7: Where to dispose of used 5w40 oil?

Car oil is recyclable, so there are suitable points to deposit used car oil, for which you will have to store it in a safe, clean container that closes well to prevent leaks. In many locations, a series of containers have been installed where you can deposit it.

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