The 9 Best Brake Pads of 2022

Brake Pads – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Brake pads are one of the fundamental components when it comes to driving safely with our vehicle. Having quality brake pads is all we need for the vehicle to stop efficiently on command. If you need to renew the braking of your motorcycle, you can resort to the Brenta PT 3015. These pads are of the organic type, suitable for mounting on iron and stainless steel discs and comply with all applicable regulations. If you need them for your car, take a look at the Brembo 448P85020 model. These high-quality pads include everything needed for mounting and have considerable durability.

The 9 Best Brake Pads – Opinions 2022

Among the parts that are worth looking at when driving, we have the brake pads. This component is essential for our safety, so having the best brake pads is always a good idea. To do this, you just have to take a look at the best brake pads of 2022, which we have selected for you. A list where we find products for motorcycles and cars, both rear and front, which makes it easier to decide which brake pads to buy based on your needs and preferences. By the way, do not forget to verify the correct compatibility of the part with your vehicle, in order to avoid returns.

motorcycle brake pads

1. Brenta Brake pads organic Moto for Alfer, Aprilia, Beta

Brenta Ft 3015 motorcycle brake pads are one of the cheapest proposals you have within your reach to renew the braking system of your motorcycle. A product compatible with brand models such as Aprilia, Beta, Derbi or Gas Gas. The good news is that these pads are TUV KBA ABE certified and also ECE R 90 compliant, which is always extra peace of mind.

For the rest, we are talking about parts made of an organic material, capable of offering good braking performance, although with somewhat less durability than other similar models. 

However, given its price and quality, we could say that we are dealing with the best price-quality brake pads in our selection, within the motorcycle segment.

We leave you more information about these cheap but good quality pads, so you can assess if they are what your motorcycle needs.


Certified : These pills have the TUV KBA ABE certification, which guarantees their quality.

Compatibility : The product is suitable for motorcycles from brands such as Beta, Derbi or Gas Gas, among others.

Versatility : The pads can be mounted on cast iron or stainless steel discs.

European manufacturing : This model is manufactured in Italy, which is always an extra quality.

Format : Its format fits perfectly in the support, in those motorcycles compatible with the model.


Material: Due to its organic base, its durability is less than that of metallic or semi-metallic tablets.

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2. Goofit Brake Pads, Motorcycle, Universal Set of 2

The Goofit C029-053 motorcycle brake pads are a universal proposal and with which it is possible to keep mopeds and motorcycles of 150, 200 or 250 cubic centimeters of different brands under control. To do this, the product has a sheet steel plate with an adhesive insulating layer and a friction blocking system, as the finishing touch of its construction. 

An approach of remarkable braking efficiency and with which to achieve high durability when moving on the road. Thanks to the high friction capacity of this material, it is possible to brake in a short distance and without the surfaces in contact wearing out prematurely. 

Regarding its design, the pads have two separate supports, with a distance between them of 40 millimeters. A size with which to cut the distance safely when braking.

Learn more about these brake pads and how they can help you improve your safety when riding a motorcycle.


Base: The base generates a high quality and fit of the pads, once installed on your bike.

Material: Its metal construction offers greater durability and resistance than other models on the market.

Finish: The baked finish gives the product greater braking capacity and improves its durability.


Installation: The installation is simple, but it is key to know how to execute it correctly.

Compatibility : It is important to check beforehand that this model is compatible with your motorcycle. 

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Brembo brake pads

3. Brembo 448P85020 Brake Pads, Set of 4

Considered the best brand of brake pads on the market, Brembo is a high-level manufacturer with great recognition among users. Something that is explained thanks to products such as the Brembo 448P85020 brake pads. 

We are talking about a complete set, which includes both the pads and the supports and the necessary screws for assembly. This set is OEM, original equipment quality and could very well have been fitted to your vehicle from the factory. This proposal has a manufacturing in which we find a metal support, with a layer that combines rubber and steel. This mixture improves performance, reduces the noise level and protects the discs during the braking process. 

A comprehensive offer that covers 98% of the vehicles on the current market. So if you are looking for the best brake pads of the moment, you will surely find them among their wide range. A simple search on Amazon is enough to verify it.

If you are not sure which are the best brake pads, we will give you some more details about this model and its properties.


Manufacturing : Its manufacturing combines a steel plate with rubber inserts, which improves braking and takes care of the discs.

Offer : The range of this manufacturer has models that cover about 98% of current vehicles.

Accessories : The pads are accompanied by both the screws and the mounting brackets.

Brand : The extensive experience of the brand offers a final result of quality and high performance.


Durability: The durability of the pads is reduced, if you perform intense or extreme braking.

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rear brake pads

4. Cyleto Front and Rear Brake Pads

If you need to change the rear brake pads on your motorcycle, the Cyleto 209 model is probably what you need. These pads offer a construction that combines organic and semi-metallic material, achieving adequate performance when it comes to obtaining your braking. 

This compound has the advantage of being almost “invulnerable” to environmental conditions, so if there is dirt, dust or moisture, this product does not lose its braking ability. Something that helps a perfect fit in all compatible vehicles, which cover different makes and models of motorcycles, as long as they conform to the measurements and mounting format of the set. 

For its part, the finishes of the pads not only have a good braking capacity, but also take care of the brake discs, extending their useful life by not scratching their surface.

So that you have everything clear, we leave you the results of our analysis regarding this proposal.


Safety : These pads respond optimally in all kinds of situations, even in the presence of mud, dust or dirt.

Discs : Its finish not only brakes well, but also prevents damaging the surface of the discs.

Noise : The high quality construction reduces the noise level and the vibrations typical of braking.


Durability : It is not one of the most resistant proposals, due to its organic materials.

Compatibility : This model is mainly designed for BMW motorcycles, although the brand offers other alternatives for other manufacturers.

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Bosch brake pads

5. Bosch 986424646 Brake Pad Set

Within the wide range of products manufactured by Bosch, apart from household appliances or power tools, there are spare parts for vehicles. Quality parts that are even part of the original equipment of numerous manufacturers. Among these components, we find the Bosch 986424646 brake pads. 

This set features a traditional format design and construction that helps avoid safety issues during braking. Among its accessories, the anti-squeak plate is included, as well as the necessary screws for its assembly. Regarding its structure, the pad has a material thickness of 14 millimeters, as well as an acoustic wear warning, which alerts you when it is time to change it for a new one.

A model that, in this case, is compatible with Lucas Girling brake systems and with different models from the Opel range. However, this manufacturer’s offer covers most vehicles on the current market, as you can see with a simple search on Amazon.

If you need pads from a well-known brand, take a look at the detailed review of this Bosch model.


Braking : The quality of this product guarantees efficient braking and adequate durability.

Warning : The pads include an acoustic warning, which informs you when they are worn out.

Plate : The assembly kit is accompanied by some protective plates, to avoid screeching during braking.


Thickness : The thickness of the pad is 14 millimeters, smaller than that of other similar models.

System: This proposal is compatible only with vehicles with Lucas Girling brake systems.

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Brake discs and pads

6. Mapco 47455 Brake Disc Brake Kit

Although it is not usual, sometimes it is necessary to change the brake discs and pads at the same time. A highly recommended operation when the discs are not good, because if you do not do it you run the risk that the scratches on the disc will destroy the new pads that you mount.

In these cases, you can resort to complete kits, such as Mapco 47455. This lot includes both the discs and the brake pads, based on the Bosch system. The discs have a diameter of 26.6 millimeters, as well as a thickness of 22 millimeters. Regarding the pads, these have a quality construction and, in combination with the discs, help you gain safety and recover the good condition of your vehicle’s braking. 

A model compatible with different types of vehicles, which is part of a range that covers a large part of the current car offer, so a search on Amazon is enough to find the reference that your car needs.

Completely renew your vehicle’s braking system with this complete kit of brake discs and pads.


Complete kit: This kit has a comprehensive and optimized design to improve your safety.

Bosch system: This product is designed under the Bosch system, which generates good efficiency during braking of your car.

Resistance : Its high resistance gives greater durability to the set.


Screws: The discs are not accompanied by the necessary screws for assembly, which you must buy separately.

Oil : The discs include a layer of protective oil, which must be removed before proceeding with assembly. 

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car brake pads

7.TRW Automotive AfterMarket GDB1330 Brake Pad

TRW is another of those brands that, although they are not one of the best known to the general public, are a good alternative when it comes to buying car brake pads. In this case, we have chosen the TRW Automotive AfterMarket GDB1330 model.

We are talking about a product equipped with COTEC technology, a high-quality coating that is responsible for improving both braking safety and the resistance of the pads. In addition, this proposal also reduces the amount of residue generated during braking through its DTEC function, in order to stain your tires less. 

The construction of the friction element is also improved with a high quality heat treatment, with which to achieve greater resistance in the first layers of the pad. Something that reduces noise, vibrations and damage to brake discs, while improving their durability.

Enjoy cutting-edge technology with this proposal presented by the TRW brand.


COTEC: This coating improves braking distance and makes the pads more resistant.

DTEC : This function is responsible for reducing the waste generated during braking, taking better care of the environment.

Treatment : The contact area has undergone a thermal treatment that improves its resistance and braking.


Filing : You may have to file some of the paint to get a proper fit of the pad.

Wear : Despite its resistance, the braking zone tends to wear out more if you brake too hard.

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EBC brake pads

8. EBC Brake Pads FA174

The EBC brake pads are another of those proposals with which your motorcycle can gain safety when braking. Something that is perceived in models such as the FA174, equipped with a high-performance construction and with which it is easy to enjoy greater safety on the road. 

A result that is obtained through an efficient construction, based mainly on organic materials and with a design that successfully withstands the high temperatures generated during braking. The best thing is that the pads give you a good modulation of that braking, to gain safety and control.

It is also easy to mount the product, on those motorcycles that are compatible. It will take you no more than 15 minutes to have the pads assembled in place and ready to ride. The only precaution you should take, apart from making a proper assembly, is to “roll” the pads during the first 100 kilometers, without forcing them too much.

If you want high-performance pads for your bike, all you have to do is take a look at this EBC model.


High performance : Due to its build quality, we speak of high performance pads.

Assembly : The assembly will not take you more than 15 minutes, as long as the motorcycle is compatible with this model.

Temperature : The product offers you high thermal performance, to withstand the most intense braking without risk.


Durability: Due to their manufacture with organic material, they are not the most durable options on the market.

Starting : It is necessary to run the pads for about 100 kilometers, to gain safety and durability.

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ATE brake pads

9. ATE 13047071172 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

These ATE brake pads are another of those interesting proposals to equip your vehicle, with the advantage that this model incorporates modern ceramic technology. This represents a change compared to organic or metallic models, so that the pads have superior quality both when it comes to driving and braking as well as achieving maximum durability.

In this manufacturer’s range, we find versions such as the ATE 13047071172 pads, which mount a ceramic braking layer with different layers of shock-absorbing material at its base. Something designed to reduce vibrations and discomfort during vehicle braking. On the other hand, the new finishing system of the product reduces the debris generated during braking, being more ecological and staining the rims less. 

Nor is the wear warning missing, with which to know when the pads have exceeded their useful life. A complete and high-level proposal, so you don’t worry when it comes to hitting the brakes.

Enjoy ceramic technology thanks to these interesting brake pads from ATE.


Materials: Its ceramic construction offers great braking performance and less heating.

Warning: The pads include a wear warning, which will tell you when they need to be changed.

Padding : Inserts in the middle layers of the braking zone reduce noise and vibrations.


System: This model is compatible with the Volkswagen system, although as always you have a wide variety to choose from in the Amazon catalog.

Price : The price of the product is somewhat higher than that of its equivalents made of traditional materials.

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Shopping guide

When it comes to buying brake pads, there are several things to consider. Above all, considering the importance that braking has for the safety of your vehicle. Therefore, it is convenient to put aside how much those pills cost and make an investment in security, which makes everything easier. Just follow the advice in our guide to buying the best brake pads, in which we give you the details you need to make the best purchase.

Pickup Construction

The first thing to know is that brake pads have different structures and manufacturing approaches. So one of the details that you should consider when buying good and cheap brake pads are the materials used for their manufacture.

Within any comparison of brake pads, we find options such as organic pads. These are made using rubber, Kevlar, or fiberglass. They are a good option to achieve adequate braking, although they are not optimal for the most extreme braking processes. They also have modest durability. More resistant are the semi-metallic models, which use steel wool, copper or iron powder, giving greater resistance to the friction zone and more braking efficiency.

We can also find totally metallic pads on the market, which increase the cost, but also the effectiveness of that braking. In return, these wear out the discs a little faster than organic models. Finally, we have the versions made with ceramic fibers. They are the most expensive and the most resistant, common in sports vehicles, high power and range.

original or equivalent

Another common question when buying pills is whether to use original products or opt for compatible or equivalent versions. Currently, all the pads on sale have high quality standards, so their braking capacity is more than guaranteed. In what there is a difference is in the price, which can be double in the case of the original versions.

When choosing between original or analog, it is convenient to take into account the parameters of use that we give to the vehicle, as well as its characteristics. After all, just as we evaluate the tires that are best for us depending on the use of the car, we should also do the same with this replacement.

Our advice is that if you have a utility vehicle, conventional tourism, and you do not have a particularly demanding level of use, saving money with quality analog pickups is the best option. On the other hand, if your vehicle is of a sports type, has a powerful engine or you do high-demand driving, then the best option is to opt for original or even sports-level brake pads, which will always offer better operating results.

Hit with the choice

If you are already clear about what material you want and which manufacturer suits you, all that remains is for us to make the right choice. Something important since, as with other parts, it is not difficult to make a mistake when choosing brake pads and buy the wrong model. If you don’t have a decided manufacturer, we also have solutions for you to find it.

To find pills for your car, you must use the specific data of your vehicle, so having the technical sheet of the car at hand is a good idea. Here you must search for the exact model of the vehicle, along with the year of manufacture and the specific version of the engine or chassis. All this without forgetting whether the pads you need are the rear ones or the front ones, as these vary in shape and design.

With this information, you will have to access the website of the spare parts manufacturer you have chosen, in order to know which is the specific model that corresponds to your vehicle. This is the best way to find the right pills and not have to order, test and return them. 

By the way, if you want to compare all the available offer, from various manufacturers, there are pages that do it for you. It is enough to access the web and enter the data that we have mentioned before. The result is a list of compatible versions from different manufacturers, which makes it easy to choose the one that suits you best to equip your car or motorcycle.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to change brake pads ?

The first thing you have to do is immobilize and chock the vehicle safely. Next, loosen the wheel hardware and carefully jack up the vehicle. The next step is to completely remove the tire to access the pad area. 

When you have them in front of you, you will have to use an Allen key to remove the screws that hold the pads, then proceed to pry them with the screwdriver, to remove them from their place. Never put pressure on the surface of the disc, as you can scratch it and damage it in the future.

At this point, all that remains is to put the new pads in their place, which will come under pressure in the corresponding area. Check its location and fixation. Once this is done, you just have to put the wheel in its place. Repeat the process with the other wheel and, if necessary, do it with the other axle.

As a finishing touch, it is advisable to step on the brake several times progressively, so that the part’s braking zone is in the optimal place to brake. It is also advisable that in the first 100 kilometers you drive smoothly and avoid sudden braking, in order to extend the life of the pads.

Q2: How to know if the brake pads are worn ?

The brake pads have a warning light that, once the friction area is sufficiently worn, generates a kind of screeching noise. This is one of the signs that tell you that the pads are worn. It is also when the vehicle wear indicator comes on, which shows that something is wrong with the brake system.

Another occasion in which you can evaluate the condition of the pads is when you change a wheel. If you disassemble the tire and look at the area where they are located, on the discs, you will be able to see how they are. If the braking zone, the one that wears out, has a thickness of 3 millimeters or less, then it is time to change the pad.

By the way, if your car has alloy wheels and proper spoke placement, you’ll even be able to assess those pads on the fly. For that you will not need more than a flashlight and a little skill when aiming at the area of ​​​​the brake system of the corresponding wheel.


Q3: How often should the brake pads be changed ?

As with other parts of the vehicle, brake pads are one of those parts whose durability is variable. In theory, manufacturers establish change periods of about 60,000 kilometers in the front and over 120,000 in the rear, in the case of cars. In the case of motorcycles, we are talking about 15,000 kilometers, in theory.

However, this depends on your driving style and where the vehicle rolls. If you have a smooth ride or do a lot of highway riding, it’s obvious that the pads will last longer, while if you do a lot of riding around town or in the mountains, you’re likely to get closer to the lower mileage levels mentioned above.

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