The 9 Best Car Air Fresheners of 2022

Car Air Freshener – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Car air fresheners are a necessary product to maintain a pleasant aroma inside your vehicle. In addition, the wide variety of products and aromas makes it easier to choose the scent that you like the most, as well as regulate its intensity. A task in which you can resort to options such as the California Scents CCSCCx12 air freshener, with a pleasant cherry aroma and a highly durable gel format, capable of lasting up to 60 days. More traditional is the Ambi Pur Car Brisa Marina, which generates a pleasant marine scent and also eliminates bad odors from the passenger compartment.

The 9 Best Car Air Fresheners – Opinions 2022

Having a pleasant aroma in our vehicle always helps make our trip more pleasant. A task in which it is convenient to have the best car air freshener, both for aroma and for its durability. If you don’t know which car air freshener to buy, we offer you a wide variety of products, with which it will be easier for you to decide to find the ideal aroma for your car.

durable car air freshener

1. California Scents CCSCCx12 Car Air Freshener

Among the best car air fresheners of 2022, we find this proposal from California Scents. We are talking about a product based on gel technology, which is released into the environment as it comes into contact with the air.

This gel is packaged in a can with a movable opening, which allows you to adjust the intensity of the aroma as needed. This air freshener offers a pleasant cherry fragrance, which also lasts for a long time inside the vehicle. As proof, each of these cans lasts approximately 60 days, as befits a quality, long-lasting car air freshener.

Regarding the use, this is as easy as opening the can, placing it in the car and enjoying its aroma. And for you to adjust your purchase, you have lots of 2, 3, 4 and up to 12 units, as well as loose cans. 

We give you some more details of this product, highlighted by its high quality.


Aroma : Its cherry aroma is very pleasant and has a high intensity.

Use : Its design in can format makes it as easy to use as opening it and placing it in your car.

Durability : The air freshener lasts about 60 days, maintaining its scent until the end.

Presentation : The different presentations allow you to buy the amount of air fresheners you need.

No spills : Its design prevents liquid spills and other problems during the use of the air freshener.


Sun : It is important not to expose the product to the sun, as this shortens its useful life.

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Ambipur car air freshener

2. Ambi Pur Car Sea Breeze Air Freshener Clip

This Ambipur car air freshener is one of the classics on the market, coming from the best car air freshener brand of the moment. This particular product, the Ambi Pur Car Brisa Marina, is proof of the high quality and fame of this company.

The air freshener has Odourclear technology, typical of the brand. Therefore, not only will you get a fresh and light fragrance, but the air freshener is also responsible for eliminating persistent bad odours. Ideal if you usually eat in the car, if you smoke or if you travel with pets.

Best of all, the product is among the cheapest in our selection, being the best value for money car air freshener that we have highlighted. All this in a product that offers you up to 30 days of good smells.

We leave you more information about this air freshener, highlighted among the cheap products in our selection.


Fragrance : The Brisa Marina fragrance offers you a pleasant aroma, reminiscent of a walk on the beach.

Duration : This product lasts approximately 30 days, maintaining its properties until the end.

Odourcontrol technology: This technology eliminates bad odors such as tobacco or your pets.

Compact : The air freshener has a compact design, so it does not attract much attention.


Installation : The installation must be carried out on the ventilation grids, which slightly impairs its operation.

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Rituals car air freshener

3. Rituals The Ritual of Samurai Car Air Freshener

Within the premium range car air fresheners, we find the Rituals The Ritual of Samurai. A product that faithfully reproduces the aromas of this well-known cosmetics brand and that, through this proposal, allows you to take the smell of its products into your car.

This air freshener has an intense and delicate aroma, where notes of amber are combined with musk, offering a powerful scent that is very suitable for the vehicle. The product is presented in a gelatin format and whose intensity can be regulated through the ventilation of the vehicle.

To finish off its appearance, the air freshener has an exterior design in imitation wood, which adds an extra class to the product when placing it in your vehicle. A more than interesting finish for a high-level air freshener.

Give your car a special touch thanks to this interesting Rituals car air freshener.


Aroma : The aroma reproduces the sensations of Rituals products, with a pleasant smell with hints of amber and musk.

Gelatin : Its gelatin-based presentation generates good durability, without the risk of spills.

Design : The design of the piece has a finish similar to wood, which adds a touch of class to the product.


Price : The price of this air freshener is quite high, compared to other similar products.

Ventilation : The intensity of the aroma is regulated through the ventilation, which reduces some of the comfort of use of the air freshener.

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Cristalinas car air freshener

4. Cristalinas Pack 4 Units Air Freshener & Odor Absorber

The Cristalinas car air freshener is another of the classic products with which to give a different atmosphere to any vehicle. An easy-to-recognize air freshener due to the design of its bottles, where glass and wood are mixed. The result is a long-lasting air freshener that adequately spreads the scent.

Its design makes it easy to hang the air freshener from the rearview mirror of your car, although as it is compact in size you can also place it anywhere comfortably. In fact, the air freshener includes a clip to hang it from the ventilation. As if that were not enough, the product has a duration of 16 weeks, despite not containing alcohol.

Regarding the scents, you have five to choose from. These range from the Fruits of the Forest to the Sea Breeze, passing through the Baby Colony, Apples or Blackberries. Each kit includes four air fresheners, of the same scent, as well as mounting clips.

Enjoy a classic smell and an efficient design thanks to this Cristalinas product.


Alcohol-free: This product does not contain alcohol, which is always appreciated.

Scents: You have five different scents to choose from, ranging from apples or blackberries to the sea breeze.

Assembly: The air freshener is easy to place, either hanging or using the clip for ventilation.


String: The mirror string may be short for larger mirrors.

Subtle: The aroma is somewhat subtle, which may not be to the taste of those who prefer more intense scents.

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lollipop car freshener

5. Paradise PER80121 Lollipop Air Freshener 

If you want to enjoy a different smell in your vehicle, then the Paradise PER80121 Lollipop Car Air Freshener is what you are looking for. This has a pleasant aroma of lollipop, with which to give a special touch to your car.

The model has a gel-type format, in a can that includes 100 grams of product. In addition, the upper part has an odor regulator, which makes it easy to choose how soft or intense you want the aroma to be in your car.

Regarding its duration, it is estimated at about 45 days in ideal conditions. Something that is in line with the rest of the gel-type products that we have analyzed. A duration that you can take advantage of both in your car and in any other space, such as cabinets or the like.

If you are not sure which is the best car air freshener, this alternative may be of interest to you.


Loyalty : The smell of lollipop is very successful and will delight the sweetest drivers.

Adjustable : The aroma is adjustable, so you can adjust the intensity of the scent to what suits you best.

Versatile : In addition to using it in your vehicle, it is also possible to use it in closets and other environments.


Size : The can is somewhat cumbersome, so you will have to find space for it inside the car.

Duration : Although the estimated duration is 45 days, it is reduced in hot environments.

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vanilla car air freshener

6. Tree Magique Air Freshener Clip

When we talk about air fresheners, the usual scents are fruity or herbal. However, there are interesting alternatives, such as the Arbre Magique Clip Vanilla Car Air Freshener. A product from a recognized and first level brand.

This air freshener has a pleasant vanilla aroma, with adequate fidelity and intensity when it comes to giving a touch of smell to your vehicle. For this, the most common gel technology is used, which gives you a pleasant aroma display during use.

On the other hand, the design of the product is discreet and easy to place, for example, on the interior handles of the car. By the way, in addition to vanilla, other different scents are included, such as new car, bubble gum or Black Ice, for when you want to change the scent in your car.

Give your vehicle a different smell thanks to the innovative proposals of this manufacturer.


Scents : Its offer includes scents such as vanilla, new car or chewing gum, which are out of the ordinary.

Design : The design of the air freshener makes it easy to place it inside your vehicle, without disturbing it.

Duration : The estimated duration of the air freshener is approximately 30 days.


Intensity : The intensity of the aroma is not very strong, with a rather subtle and slightly penetrating touch.

Synthetic : The product is made with synthetic elements, so if you prefer natural products, another option suits you.

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car air freshener can 

7. Areon Ken New Car Air Freshener

The tin car air freshener has become a very interesting proposal to give your vehicle a touch of aroma, compared to the classic pine air freshener or other similar proposals. A market segment where we highlight the Areon Ken air freshener.

This product has the can-type design that we have been discussing, with a size that does not make it very difficult to place it inside. This model has a new car smell, in a proposal that, little by little, is gaining users in the market.

Regarding use, simply open the can using the included handle to start enjoying the fragrance. The can incorporates an intensity regulator, which helps the aroma to have the strength you need at all times. Something that also influences its durability.

If you prefer a different aroma in your car, then this proposal that Areon offers us interests you.


Smell: The smell of a new car offers a pleasant aroma when it comes to setting your vehicle.

Adjustable: The air freshener is adjustable in intensity, through the selector included in the can itself.

Presentation: The lot includes three air fresheners, which reduces the purchase cost of the product.


Allergies: It is key not to touch the gel with your hands, due to the allergenic capacity of some of its ingredients.

Sunlight: As always, it is essential that the air freshener is protected from direct sunlight.

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car air freshener spray

8. Meguiar’s G16402 Car Air Freshener 

Sometimes, there are situations in which the bad smell of the car persists inside the vehicle and conventional air fresheners do nothing more than mask it. In these cases, there are solutions to recover the good smell of your car, such as Meguiar’s G16402 spray car freshener.

This product has a different system. The can with the air freshener is placed inside the vehicle, in the manner of certain insecticides. Once opened, the vehicle is closed with internal air recirculation activated, so that the gas reaches everywhere. When the air freshener stops coming out, just ventilate the interior for a few minutes to complete the process.

The result is that bad odors disappear, due to the ability to eliminate them from the air freshener. The end result is a pleasant new car scent, similar to what you get when leaving the dealership.

Renew the smell of your vehicle thanks to this complete spray product.


Elimination of odors : This air freshener not only adds aroma, but also eliminates bad odors from tobacco, sweat and many others.

Aroma : The final smell is that of a new car, which thanks to its approach is deeply impregnated in the vehicle.

Intensity : The intensity of the treatment is ideal to eliminate persistent odors and other similar problems.


Application : The application is complex, being key to respect it so that everything goes well.

Ventilation : It is key to ventilate the vehicle after the process, due to the intensity of the product.

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Red fruit car air freshener

9. Boles D’Olor Car Air Freshener 

Designed especially for those who prefer fruity aromas in their vehicle, the Boles D’Olor red fruit car air freshener is a good idea. A product designed with such a pleasant base, in which touches of berries, raspberries or cherries are perceived, among other aspects.

This aroma is concentrated in a liquid that is packaged in a glass bottle. Inside there is a wooden bar, which is impregnated with the smell and is responsible for diffusing it to the environment. Regulating the opening, a greater or lesser intensity of aroma is obtained.

Regarding the assembly of the product, this is as simple as its regulation. To do this, the top cap incorporates a rope, with which it is easy to hang the boat from the rear-view mirror or wherever you want. An interesting extra so that you hardly waste time placing the product.

Enjoying a different smell is easy, if you resort to this fruity and very pleasant proposal.


Smell : Its pleasant aroma of red fruits is a good addition to the more traditional scents.

Adjustable : The regulation of the aroma is easy, through the variable opening of the air freshener bottle.

Dimensions : The dimensions of the product make it easy to place it wherever you like.


Duration : The durability of the air freshener is adjusted, especially as we open more the scent bottle.

Subtlety : Once again we are faced with a product with a rather subtle smell, not particularly intense.

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Shopping guide 

Having a pleasant smell in the car is something that helps our comfort and, consequently, our safety. A comfortable passenger compartment is essential to move safely. Therefore, it is important to have a suitable car air freshener. However, the wide range that exists makes it difficult to choose, so our guide to buying the best car air freshener will be very useful to know what to look for and what to look for.

air freshener type

The first thing we have to know is what type of car air freshener suits us, according to our needs. Within any comparison of car air fresheners, it is common for us to find diverse products, with different characteristics.

Among them are liquid air fresheners, the most common. These consist of a soaking element, which later evaporates inside the vehicle and generates the aroma. This approach is similar to that of gel products, can-type or with support, which have a kind of gelatin or similar. This is impregnated with the aroma and evaporates, with heat and use.

Another common model is that of impregnated bases. We are talking about the classic pine car air freshener. This model consists of a base impregnated with an odor, which is emitted into the environment as needed. Finally, we have spray car air fresheners. These products can be liquid or treatment. The treatment ones are ideal for eliminating intense odours, since they cover the entire refrigeration circuit and maintain the aromas better. The liquids work like a conventional household air freshener.

The smells

If there is something in which there is variety to choose from, it is the smells. Before talking about the hundreds of options that exist, it is important to have some clear aspects. One of them is the permanence of the smell. Many scents tend to be stronger and heavier than others, which can end up weighing down the interior of the vehicle. Something that can even cause dizziness and other discomfort when driving. For this reason, it is advisable to resort to products that include a regulator or similar and that are not too heavy.

Another important aspect is the composition of the aroma. In most cases we are talking about products made with chemical or synthetic elements. It is true that natural options are scarce, but within the synthetic part, there are options that are somewhat more pleasant than others. The lower the amount of synthetic elements or the softer they are, the better.

Having made these two mentions, it is time to make the leap to scents, where the offer is considerable. In it we have herbal scents, such as lavender or rosemary. We also find products with a pine scent, for example. Another wide range are fruit aromas. In this case, we are talking about red fruits, lemon, vanilla and other similar aromas. Finally, we would have the alternative smells, such as new car, lollipop, sea breeze and many others. It is the widest range and the one that grows the most, with frequent new features. In this case, the choice is yours.

Other interesting aspects

To close our guide, we are going to talk about some aspects to take into account when looking for a cheap air freshener, beyond how much the product costs. One of these aspects is the duration of the air freshener. This durability is variable, according to the different types of presentations that we discussed at the beginning. In general, the base duration is usually one month, although some products extend this duration to 45 or 60 days. Obviously, the longer the product lasts, the better.

Another aspect to value is the ease of installation. This process is influenced by the existence of ropes for hanging products, clamps for those that are mounted on the grids and other similar elements. In canned products, it should not be too large, to facilitate placement. It is key that these products do not bother or hinder your vision while driving. 

Finally, there are some air fresheners that have the ability to give your vehicle an extra, by being able to eliminate odours. Therefore, we are not only talking about a product designed to mask odors with its own aroma, but it is also responsible for fighting them. A good alternative for when it comes to ending the bad environment inside a vehicle.

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