The 9 Best Distilled Waters of 2022

Distilled Water – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Although it is one of those products that sounds like a bygone era, the truth is that distilled water is still a widely used fluid in the automotive field. This liquid is used, for example, to fill batteries or for the cooling circuits of your vehicle. In this context, we have options like Gadlane GLCDW5L water. This product has been doubly treated, by means of filtering and deionized, offering water of high purity and quality, suitable for the uses that we have mentioned. In the case of Holts 03033, it has been demineralized, guaranteeing a low content of lime and heavy metals, which favors the useful life of your engine.

The 9 Best Distilled Waters – Opinions 2022

Distilled water is a product with multiple applications, both inside and outside the automotive world. But when it comes to using it in our vehicle, it is convenient for us to know which is the best distilled water that we can find to take care of the engine, avoid oxidation and prevent the inconveniences of lower quality proposals. Luckily, there are many options on our list of the best distilled waters of 2022, so you will have no problem finding the option that best suits you according to what you require.

deionized distilled water 

1. Gadlane Distilled Water Suitable for Car Battery 

Deionized distilled water is a versatile product, with which to further protect those elements of your car in which this type of liquid must be used. In this segment, where it is not always easy to find the best distilled water, we find the Gadlane GLCDW5L model.

This liquid has gone through a first intensive filtering process, in which all the impurities of the original liquid have been eliminated, in order to achieve a good base purity. Subsequently, it is subjected to a deionization process, which eliminates the smaller remains endowed with an electrical charge.

The result is highly pure water that will adequately protect your vehicle during use. It comes in a five-liter bottle, with a design that makes it easier to pour it where necessary, without spills or inconveniences.

If you don’t know what distilled water to buy for automotive uses, learn a little more about this proposal from Gadlane.


Filtering : Its filtering process removes most of the dirt and particles present in the water.

Deionized : This process removes all traces of particles from the product that have an electrical charge.

Versatile : The liquid is suitable both for use in radiators and for filling batteries.

Durability : Its high quality gives it good durability, reducing maintenance intervals.

Carafe : The design of the carafe makes it easy to pour water where it is needed.


Resistance : The resistance of the bottle can be improved, so it should be treated with care.

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2. Chemical Ecosolutions ECO-302 25 liters Deionized water

Deionized distilled water from Ecosoluciones Químicas is another interesting proposal for all kinds of uses, inside or outside the car. This has received an ion treatment, by which the remains of metals, such as sodium, iron or calcium, have been eliminated. The result is a much purer water that prevents the deposits of these minerals inside the engine during the use of the product. 

Previously, the water has been filtered, in order to eliminate larger residues. Thanks to its quality, this high-purity liquid is useful for refilling your vehicle’s batteries or cooling circuits. But it is also possible to use it in cosmetics, heating and in any other field where this liquid is used as a base. 

As for its presentation, it is made in a 25-liter bottle and, thanks to its adjusted cost, it is one of the cheapest distilled waters we have found.

If you are not sure which is the best distilled water you can find for your vehicle, find out by reading the analysis of this Chemical Ecosolutions proposal.


Metals : The deionized process generates water free of all types of metals, lime and other harmful elements.

Conductivity : Its conductivity is very low, which is optimal for use in your car.

Versatile : The product is suitable for all kinds of common uses in the automotive industry.


Presentation : The 25 liter presentation may be excessive for those who do not need as much water.

Salt : Although its concentration is very low, the water maintains a minimum amount of salt in its composition.  

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distilled water for batteries


3. Holts 03033 Demineralized Water

The use of distilled water for batteries continues to be one of the most common applications of this liquid. And it is that lead acid batteries, which use this product as a filler, continue to be the most used in all types of vehicles. For these uses, we can resort to Holts 03033 distilled water. 

This traditional cut product has been designed both for recharging car batteries and for use in cooling circuits, either added individually or mixed with a suitable antifreeze. Thanks to the treatment of the product, the formation of lime inside the circuits is avoided, which favors the durability of your car’s engine. Something that brings the product closer to being the best distilled water of the moment. 

As for its presentation, it consists of a bottle of just under 1 liter, which makes it easier to handle, although it also makes the price of the liquid more expensive.

Let’s learn more about this distilled water and how it helps your vehicle to function better and extend its useful life.


Processed : The processing and demineralization used generate a high quality water with almost no residue.

Applications : Water is optimal for recharging batteries and supplying any cooling circuit.

Lime : Its composition prevents the formation of lime deposits inside the engine, which reduces its useful life.


Price : It is not exactly among the cheap options that we have found on the market.

Presentation : The presentation does not reach the liter of water, so if you need more product you will have to buy more bottles.

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4. BioFair® Demineralized Water

BioFair 555 Distilled Battery Water is one of the few products that we have found to indicate compliance with VDE 0510-1. This DIN standard establishes the requirements that the water used for refilling batteries must meet, so compliance with it is a guarantee of peace of mind when it comes to avoiding problems with corrosion or oxidation.

To do this, the water has been totally desalinated and demineralized, having an extremely low concentration of salts and other residues. Something that allows it to be used in vehicles and avoid lime deposits typical of poorer quality products or those generated by tap water.

Regarding the format of the product, the water is presented in a 10-liter bottle, so if you need a good amount of liquid you can have it without problems.

If you want a highly pure and ecological water, take a look at this proposal from Biofair.


Regulations : It is one of the few waters that meets the VDE 0501-1 standard, specific to these products.

Ecological : The distillation process is respectful with the environment, reducing its energy consumption.

Versatile : It can be used to power refrigeration circuits, fill batteries and in other types of common uses.


Presentation : Its presentation of 10 liters in total is not the most manageable, being more practical to fill smaller bottles to facilitate its use.

Conservation : It is key to conserve water properly, so that it does not lose its properties.

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distilled water for car

5. Carplan Diw250 Deionized Water Bottle

If you are one of those who do not want a single unnecessary mineral element when using distilled water for cars, you can trust the Carplan Diw250 product. This water has been deionized, in an electrical process that eliminates even the smallest mineral residue that has an electrical charge from the original liquid. 

This process generates a result with greater purity than distilled water or water filtered through traditional mechanisms, thus reducing calcareous deposits within the engine cooling circuit. Something that also prevents excessive oxidation, which usually appears in proposals of poorer quality or with a greater presence of minerals.

This water is presented in a total 2.5 liter bottle, in a sufficient quantity so that you have the necessary liquid to feed both the cooling circuit and the battery of your car, without having to spend more.

If you want to know more about the characteristics and functions of this water, keep reading our in-depth analysis.


Elaboration : This water contains a lower concentration of residues and mineral salts than the distilled versions.

Size : Its 2.5 liter bottle is enough for automotive uses, without having too much product or being difficult to handle.

Versatile : In addition to its use in your engine, it is also suitable for irons and steamers, among others.


Price: Its price is somewhat higher than that of conventional distilled water.

Medical use: It is important to know that this water is not suitable for medical or sanitary uses.

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6. Repsol RP711A85 Distilled Water 1 

Although Repsol is an old acquaintance in the world of fuels and lubricants, the truth is that saying that it is the best distilled water brand today is still an exaggeration. However, its Repsol RP711A85 distilled water for cars is all you need both to refill your car’s battery and to mix it with antifreeze or pour it directly into your vehicle’s cooling circuit. 

This product has two presentations. One of them is in a 1 liter bottle, while the second is in a 5 liter bottle. Both have the advantage of being comfortable to use and offer a design that helps to pour the liquid where it is needed. 

As an extra, this proposal is also among our cheapest options, so we could be facing the best value for money distilled water at the moment.

If you prefer domestically manufactured distilled water from a recognized brand, read what this Repsol product offers you.


Manufacturing : Thanks to its manufacturing process, high quality water and a high degree of purity are obtained.

Price : It is one of the cheapest options that we have evaluated when it comes to having distilled water.

Presentations : Its two presentations help you choose the amount you need at any given time.


Uses : Although it is suitable for automotive use, its use in other applications is not guaranteed.

Stopper : The stopper of the bottle is fragile, so it must be treated with care so that it does not break.

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Other products

7. Eurolub Distilled water

If you are looking for a simple and versatile distilled water, which you can use both to fill batteries and in cooling circuits or in any other use, you can turn to this proposal from Eurolub.

We are talking about a traditional cutting product made in Germany, so it meets the corresponding technical requirements when it comes to offering optimal results in your engine. Among them, we find a very low concentration of lime and metals, to avoid unwanted deposits and prevent the effects of oxidation within the circuits. 

On the other hand, this water has four different presentations, of 1, 2, 5 and 25 liters respectively, so you can choose the one that best suits you according to your specific needs. All of them have comfortable designs, to avoid spills and be more efficient during the use of the product.

We highlight below the most notable characteristics of this high quality distilled water.


Manufacturing: The water is manufactured in Germany, under the corresponding European quality standards.

Presentations: Its four different presentations offer you the amount of water necessary according to your specific needs.

Comfort: The containers have been designed to be comfortable when using the product.


Information: The bottle label barely includes information about the product and its characteristics.

Price: The price of the 1 and 2 liter containers is high for what is usual in this type of water.

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8. Top Up Water Deionized Water DW001

Among the most traditional proposals as far as distilled water is concerned, we find the Top Up Water DW001 product. This traditional product is everything you need to refill your car battery, prevent limescale when ironing or power your vehicle’s cooling circuit. 

Thanks to its careful preparation, using the modern deionized system, the water has a very low lime content. Something that helps you avoid the dirt and deposits that other lower quality preparations generate.

As for its presentation, it consists of a 1-liter bottle with an opaque exterior, so that the light does not alter its properties or its state while it is stored. In addition, this bottle has a dispenser cap, which makes it easier to pour the water in the exact place where it should be.

We leave you more details regarding this traditional cut distilled water. 


Lime : Its low lime content prevents the appearance of annoying deposits that can occur in the engine with other waters.

Metals : The product is made by deionizing, which reduces the presence of metals in the liquid.

Stopper : The stopper helps you to better pour water where it is needed, without spills or hassles.


Price : Again, this is a product with a fairly high price, even considering its quality.

Information : The information on the label is not very extensive regarding the specific characteristics of the product.

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9. Innovative Naturopathics Distilled Water

They say that obtaining pure water is practically impossible. But looking at what Innovative Naturopathics has to offer, it seems they’ve come pretty close. This distilled water is advertised as free of contaminants and mineral salts, thanks to a highly demanding process, capable of leaving only the purest water.

The result is a high quality liquid without lime or metal residues. This low concentration will favor the good condition of your engine or your batteries for a longer time, compared to other proposals of worse quality. 

A liquid that does not contain BPA either, since the bottle in which it is stored is free of this contaminant. This bottle has a 5.5-liter presentation, so if you need a large amount of water, this would be a good option in this regard.

If you prefer a highly pure water for your engine, keep reading the characteristics of this product.


Purity: The elaboration process eliminates any trace of lime, minerals and other elements.

Premium quality: This is a premium quality product, which your vehicle will surely appreciate.

BPA-free: The bottle is free of BPA, avoiding pouring this element into the engine.


Opening: The process of opening the bottle is complicated, according to some comments about it.

Expiration: Once opened, the water must be used within a period not exceeding one month, so that it does not lose its properties or become contaminated.

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Shopping guide 

Distilled water is a traditional automotive product that, despite changes in vehicle batteries and cooling systems, is still needed in many cars. For this reason, we want to leave you our guide to buying the best distilled water, in which you will learn what the most important aspects are so that this liquid generates the best performance when it comes to using it in your vehicle.

type of water

When we take a look at any distilled water comparison, we will find three different types, depending on the process used to obtain it. A process that influences the final result and, something else, how much each of these waters costs. The first of these is distillation, which generates the usual distilled water. In this process, the liquid is boiled and condensed right after. Subsequently, it is collected and bottled, trying not to alter its purity. This is the most traditional process and is still widely used, although it does leave some mineral residue.

As a second procedure, we would have that of demineralized distilled water. In this case, the water is not boiled, but is treated using a series of resins, which are responsible for absorbing the different minerals present in the liquid through an osmosis process. This filtering leaves a somewhat purer result with a lower mineral concentration, although there are still some deposits present in the water.

The third option is the one presented by deionized distilled water. This system uses a series of electrical currents to attract all electrically charged particles, leaving behind a highly pure liquid. Let us think that this system is even capable of eliminating the remains that are not captured by the osmosis membranes, as they are attracted with electricity. The result is ultra quality water with an almost non-existent mineral concentration.

technical parameters

Although almost all waters are the same, we said before that processes such as deionized usually leave less residue than traditional distillation. So if you are looking for a water with a low mineral concentration, this would be the most interesting option. The problem is that not all manufacturers clearly report how the water is made or what its mineral concentration is, which makes it more difficult to make a decision.

On the other hand, there is no precise regulation regarding the characteristics that water must have. The only reference is the DIN VDE 0510-1 standard, which speaks of the safety of batteries and establishes certain minimum requirements for the distilled water used in filling them. So, if the chosen product complies with the standard, all the better for your car.

As a last aspect, in this section, we have the issue of expiration. By definition, water in general and distilled water, by extension, do not expire. However, it is essential that the container containing the liquid has been stored correctly, away from sunlight and in a well-closed container. So when looking for water, keep this in mind, especially in the case of larger containers, which we will talk about below.

Presentation of the water

When it comes to finding a good and cheap distilled water, we must not leave aside its presentation. If we take a look at the market, we will see how the most common formats are usually those of the traditional style. It is also possible to find some bottled proposals in smaller and more manageable formats, and some of these products are even reminiscent of a bottle of mineral water, in shape and capacity.

With this last format, you should be careful not to confuse a bottle of distilled water with a normal one and take a drink. Although it is true that this occasional consumption does not pose a health risk, it is not something that should be drunk either. Therefore, if you pay attention and avoid its consumption, it will always be better for you, for safety.

As for the amount of water to buy, it depends on what we are going to need. There are sizes on the market that range from one liter or three quarters, in bottle formats, to 25 or 50 liters in industrial jugs. This greater amount implies a lower cost for that water, as we increase the size of the purchase. However, this saving has the inconvenience of assuming more inconvenience when handling that container and pouring the content where it is necessary.

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: Is demineralized water the same as distilled water ?

Although it may seem the same, the truth is that the final result of demineralizing and distilling the water is different, also varying the process that leads to this final product. In the case of distilled water, it is obtained by evaporation, due to the effect of heat, and the subsequent condensation of water, while demineralized water usually uses ion exchange resins and various electrically charged systems, in order to obtain the result final. This causes demineralized water to have a residual concentration of minerals slightly lower than distilled water, which favors the protective effects that we are interested in obtaining from this liquid.

Q2: How to make distilled water at home ?

To prepare distilled water at home, the easiest option is to use a distiller, one of which we can buy online. But if you don’t have this accessory, you can do it using a pot, a salad bowl, its lid and ice. To proceed, simply fill the pot with water, placing the salad bowl upside down and floating on top of that water. Next, we close the pot, turn the lid upside down, and add ice on top of it. The idea is that the water, when boiling, rises and meets the cooler surface of the lid. The rapid cooling causes the water to condense and precipitate inside the salad bowl, thus obtaining homemade distilled water.


Q3: What happens if you drink distilled water ?

Contrary to what was thought some time ago, drinking distilled water has no benefits or harm to health, as long as it is consumed on a timely basis. Distilled water has two parameters to consider: an acidic pH and a total lack of mineral salts. That pH is regulated in the stomach, where hydrochloric acid has an even lower pH, so it doesn’t pose a health risk. And regarding the lack of mineral salts, there is no dangerous absorption effect on the cells when taking it. Even so, there is also nothing that justifies consuming this product, since it has no associated benefits.

Q4:  What is the pH of distilled water ?

Compared to normal water, slightly acidic in nature, “freshly made” distilled water, so to speak, would have a neutral pH, value 7. However, if we measure the pH concentration after a couple of hours, it is around 5.8, which is its most typical value. This is because this water, due to its characteristics, is capable of dissolving carbon dioxide from the air until chemical equilibrium is achieved. Therefore, from the moment it is produced until the water is finally used, this pH can vary downwards, acidifying the final result of this production process.

Q5: What is distilled water used for ?

The uses of distilled water are multiple. One of the most common is in the automotive industry, where this liquid is used to fill batteries, cooling circuits or even as a windshield washer. However, this water is also used in irons, steamers and ironing centers, extending the life of these appliances. It is also common in laboratories, as a basis for all kinds of operations, as well as its application in the field of cosmetics, where it is one more ingredient in all kinds of products.

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