The 9 Best GPS for Trucks of 2022

Truck GPS – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


If there is one type of driver for whom finding the fastest route is key, it is truck drivers. A sector where losing time is equivalent to losing money. Therefore, having a GPS for trucks is essential when making any route efficiently. A task for which you can use the Garmin Dēzl 780 LMT-D Europe model. This GPS has a 7-inch diagonal, a quality interface and all the necessary information to move safely. Smaller is the TomTom GO Professional 520, at 5 inches diagonal. In exchange, you will have a powerful navigation engine and compatibility with voice commands, among other functions.

The 9 Best GPS for Trucks – Opinions 2022

Being clear about which GPS for trucks to buy without ever having done so is not easy, even when you have bought one of these devices for cars before. The point is that the devices needed by cars are not the same as those used by truckers. Something that changes what we should look for in them. To help you, we have taken care of locating the best GPS for trucks of 2022, making that task easier for you. Ideal so you don’t get lost among so many options.

1. Garmin Dēzl 780 LMT-D Europe Truck GPS Navigator

That among the candidates for the best GPS for trucks on the market there is a Garmin model is not surprising. We are talking about the Garmin Dēzl 780 LMT-D Europe, whose behavior is ideal for all types of trucks, thanks to high-level customization options. As much as to adjust according to the size and weight of each truck.

Once you’re on the go, it’s easy to manage your routes, move around them and even control aspects such as breaks, with the remaining time and even where you can rest being indicated on the screen. All this thanks to a first-class cartography, which is reinforced with the free updates for life that the brand offers.

As extras, the GPS includes WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. WiFi makes it easy to connect to the network to download new maps or check traffic conditions, while Bluetooth takes care of turning GPS into a hands-free device for your mobile. Ideal to gain security and avoid fines.

Enjoy more comfortable and safer routes with this complete proposal from Garmin.


Customizable : The equipment works with the measurements and load of the truck, to fully customize the routes.

Screen : Its 7-inch screen makes it easy to see everything clearly when driving.

Productivity : The included productivity options add an extra to the product, compared to other similar models.

Bluetooth : Since the GPS includes Bluetooth, it serves as a hands-free for your phone.

WiFi : It also has WiFi, thus facilitating map updates and receiving traffic status.


Manual : The instruction manual has a very small font, which makes it difficult to read.

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2. TomTom GO Professional 520 Navigator

Just as some are from Coca Cola and others from Pepsi, when it comes to looking for the best GPS for trucks, some are from Garmin and others from TomTom. For the latter, we have the TomTom GO Professional 520.

This device is somewhat smaller than expected, with a 5-inch screen. At least it offers good visibility, thanks to the simplicity of the TomTom interface. Inside, the device has a good navigation engine and adequate power to respond effectively to changes in traffic and other inconveniences.

What you will gain in is security, thanks to aids such as voice control. A system that avoids having to touch the GPS during use. The same goes for WiFi and Bluetooth, which turn your GPS into a hands-free device and make it easy to update maps, as well as giving you compatibility with Siri and the Google Assistant.

Let’s know more details about this proposal of what is, for some users, the best current GPS brand for trucks.


Customizable : The product can be customized with the precise measurements of the vehicle, for greater comfort.

Interface : The device interface is clean and clear, thus making better use of the screen space.

Assistants : The voice control system is compatible with Siri and the Google assistant.

Connectivity : Includes WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, adding more options to the device.


Screen : The screen is only 5 inches, perhaps a little small for an environment such as the truck.

Language : This product is not in Spanish, neither in the interface nor in the indications.

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3. Awesafe 9 Inch GPS Navigator for Trucks and Cars

Compared to well-known brand models, this Awesafe proposal is very interesting and stands out among the best GPS for current trucks. This equipment has a 9-inch screen, one of the largest on the market. A space where it is easy to move between your functions or find your way clearly.

A task for which the GPS engine is responsible for customizing it, depending on the characteristics of the vehicle. In addition, the maps cover all of Europe and you will have free updates for life. These maps include speed limitations, size limitations, etc.

As if that were not enough, in addition to the GPS mode, you can also use the product as a hands-free for your mobile or as a multimedia center. For this last function, an SD reader is included, which accepts cards of up to 32 GB. Ideal to take your favorite music and movies wherever you want.

If you are not sure which is the best current GPS for trucks, this model may be of interest to you. 


Screen : It is one of the largest products in terms of screen, offering 9 inches diagonal.

Maps : Includes maps of all Europe, with free updates for life.

Storage : The product supports SD cards up to 32 GB, to load all kinds of content.


RAM : The included RAM is 256 MB, somewhat reduced for what is expected in a current product.

Anchorage : The anchorage has a certain fragility, affecting the tremors of the cabin if it is not fixed well.

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4. Laydran Truck GPS Navigation System 

As with GPS for cars, among GPS for trucks there are also cheap and efficient models. We have the proof in the Laydran EZ LRL. This device has a 7-inch diagonal screen, where it is easy to see everything you need.

Inside, we find a good router, which includes maps of all of Europe with free updates for life. Regarding its interface, it has a simple design and it does not make it difficult to choose your destination or see the data of your route on the screen.

In addition to navigation, this model also has everything you need for your entertainment. Among these tools, there is an FM tuner, to send the audio from the device to the vehicle. It also serves as a multimedia center, so you can watch your favorite movies or read your ebooks while you rest. Interesting for a product located among the cheapest GPS for trucks.

Let’s see some more details of the best value for money truck GPS of the moment.


Maps : The kit includes maps of Europe, 46 countries, with a high-quality routing system.

Multimedia : In addition to being a GPS, the device serves as a multimedia player, ideal for your leisure time.

Adjustable : The equipment has a sunshade and a 360-degree support, to orient it as you see fit.


Traffic : Since the GPS does not have external connectivity, it is not possible to see traffic data.

Interface : Some configuration processes are more complex than would be desirable.

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5. Pomile Car Satellite Navigator for Truck 7 Inch 

We continue with alternative products to those of well-known brands, such as this GPS for trucks that Pomile offers us. In its design, we find a 7-inch diagonal approach and a good resolution screen, where it is easy to see everything clearly. Something to which the quality of its interface contributes, which makes it easy to see clearly even the exits and intersections of the route.

Its assembly contributes to this visualization, on a free-rotating support that includes a sun visor. Perfect so that the sun is not a problem and that will help you when you use the device in multimedia mode. 

For the rest, the GPS does not lack functions such as adaptation to all types of vehicles, with their weight limits and specific dimensions. It also actively measures your speed, alerting you if you sprint too far.

If you’re still not sure what to expect from this browser, here’s a summary of its main features.


Adjustable : You can customize the GPS according to the specific measurements and weight of your vehicle.

Multimedia : Includes advanced multimedia functions, to watch videos and play audio on the computer.

Transmitter : The integrated FM transmitter allows you to connect the audio with the truck without the need for cables.


Card : Although it is suitable for use with SD cards, these must be purchased separately.

Updates : The equipment update process is somewhat more complex than would be desirable.

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6. Carrvas Navigation Devices for Vehicles and Trucks 

The Carrvas GPS for trucks is another interesting proposal so you don’t get lost on the road. This device has a 7-inch diagonal screen, in a format that is already classic on the market. Its interface clearly shows all route data, including lane and exit indicators.

For its operation, the device incorporates a good variety of maps of Europe already installed, which are easy to update on the network. It also highlights the capacity of its battery, which is capable of supporting up to 3 hours of operation without plugging it into the cigarette lighter.

This GPS also offers you the versatility of its six modes of use, with as many other types of vehicle already configured. Something that makes it easy to use with the specific measurements of what you drive. And for easy mounting, the mount conveniently sits on your dashboard.

Driving safely is easier if you resort to quality options, like this Carrvas model.


Interface : Simplified interface makes it easy to see your route, including lane warning for exits.

Battery : The battery supports up to 3 hours of use, being one of those with the greatest autonomy.

Assembly : The assembly is very simple, offering various options for the orientation of the screen.


Signal : It is not one of the most efficient when it comes to preserving the satellite signal, although at least it recovers it soon.

Warnings : Voice warnings arrive a little later than would be desirable, so it should be taken into account.

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7. Awesafe GPS Navigator for Trucks and Cars

The Awesafe GPS navigator for trucks is another of the most recommended solutions to see everything clearly when driving safely. An approach that is helped by both the 9-inch diagonal of its screen and a simple interface, where each piece of information has its place.

Its system includes clear and specific voice commands, so maintaining safety on the road is very easy. The same happens when handling phone calls, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity. By the way, you can choose the measurements and weight of your truck, to adapt the routes to these dimensions and gain safety.

As extras, the model is suitable for vehicles with connections from 12 to 36 volts, also having an adjustable and quality support. Ideal to place it where you want and get the most comfortable position while driving.

If you are one of those who wants to see everything in a big way, this large-screen GPS is an excellent option.


Screen : The GPS screen is 9 inches and has all the necessary quality to see everything clearly.

Voice commands : The voice command system will guide your route without having to look at the screen.

Functions : It incorporates multimedia functions, so that you can also have fun while you are not on the road.


Memory : We are facing another model with 256 MB of RAM, which limits its operability a bit.

Battery : The battery life is short, so it should be plugged into the cigarette lighter.

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8. Garmin dēzl LGV 700 MT-D EU GPS Navigator 

The Garmin dēzl LGV 700 MT-D EU model is an interesting option for those looking for a model from this manufacturer, designed for larger vehicles. The device has a 7-inch screen, but its offer includes two “big brothers”, 8 and 10 inches diagonally.

All of them have both Garmin’s own high power and custom routing system. An approach that adapts the routes to the specific characteristics of the road and the truck, which allows you to be alerted to risks such as sharp curves, bridge heights or slopes.

As if that were not enough, it includes the Truck Parking Europe database, where you can locate parking lots with specific services such as WiFi or showers. Some functions that you can even control with your voice, to gain even more security.

Travel your routes with comfort and safety thanks to the interesting approach of this equipment.


Screen: Its 7-inch screen with a nice interface makes it easy to see everything clearly.

Voice control: You can control the functions of the device with your voice, for greater security.

Garmin Drive: This app offers you traffic data, fuel prices and your mobile notifications on the screen.


Maps: It is recommended to update the maps as soon as you receive it, to avoid routing problems.

Heating: The equipment heats up a bit, so it should be well ventilated during use.

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9. Electronics Masters New GPS 4.3 inch Sat NAV

The Electronic Masters truck GPS is a compact size proposal, designed for those who do not need more. This model offers you a 4.3-inch diagonal screen, with a good resolution and an interface that, at least, makes good use of the space.

The team has maps of all of Europe, segmented for driving trucks, cars or buses. Something that adjusts the behavior of the router to whatever is needed. These maps are easy to update through the network, to always travel up to date.

Its operation is similar to that of a tablet, also having multimedia functions and Bluetooth. Something that allows you to use it as an entertainment tool or as a hands-free device for your mobile. Ideal for traveling with greater security. As an extra, a touch pen is included, to make it easier for you to control its operation.

We leave you a detailed analysis of what you can expect from this EM model.


Maps: The included maps make it easy to get around anywhere, with specific parameters depending on the type of vehicle.

Bluetooth: Its Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to share the audio from your mobile and manage your calls.

Stylus: A stylus pen is included, making it easy to move between device functions.


Screen: The screen is 4.3 inches, one of the smallest of the models we have analyzed.

Memory: Its memory remains at only 128 MB, being one of the smallest on the current market.

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Shopping guide

The GPS is an essential tool for riding through unknown areas and finding the fastest or safest route efficiently. Something that is key in a car, but even more so when it comes to trucks. If you want to avoid getting lost along the way, the advice in our guide to buying the best GPS for trucks will be of great help, so that you find the ideal model for you. A device with which to roll with greater safety and efficiency.

navigation technology

The first thing that our new GPS for roads should have is navigation technology that is suitable for our specific needs. In this case, it is not about driving a conventional car, but about a truck with different characteristics. For this reason, it is very useful to check that the product allows you to customize the behavior of navigation, according to the specific dimensions of your truck. It is not the same to circulate with a small truck of 3.5 tons than with a large trailer of 20 meters long.

In parallel, it is key that the chosen product has updated maps to the latest available versions and with the necessary data to segment the routes according to the measurements of the different vehicles. Driving along a route that ends up taking you to a dead end with a large truck or that puts you through an urban or prohibited area is a real risk in low-priced and poor-quality products.

Finally, it is important that the GPS has the ability to capture the signal and not lose it easily, in a complex environment such as the cabin. Let’s think that a truck has a larger and more closed space than that of a car, so the antenna system and all the other elements must be adapted to this specific use.

comfort is key

Once we have chosen some products, it is time to continue eliminating those options of poorer quality. To discard products, it is convenient to look, for example, at the screen. In a GPS for trucks, it is best to have at least 7 inches of diagonal or more, so that you can see everything clearly on your route and also to make it easier to manipulate the equipment. Something that influences how much the GPS costs, but that is worth looking for. However, there are good options starting at 4 or 5 inches, suitable for small trucks.

It is also important to have a team that includes an efficient and pleasant interface when handling the device. If the screen has a good size and is also well distributed, it will always be easier to see your destination and route data. All this without forgetting the comfort in terms of configuring the equipment options or searching for your destination. Also don’t forget to check if the option to receive live traffic status is included.

Finally, there is a relatively modern function with which it is easy to enjoy safer browsing. We are talking about voice control. If the equipment is compatible with voice control, either directly or through your mobile, you will not have to touch the screen practically at all. In return, you will be able to tell the team where you want to go or what you want it to do without touching it, giving you greater security.

Features to highlight

Until now, we have given you some clues to sift through any truck GPS comparison that falls into your hands. Everything we have discussed so far would be the basics to look for in a device. However, there are other additional functions, which can be useful to make a decision.

One of them is GPS connectivity. If it has Bluetooth, you can use it as if it were a hands-free and talk comfortably from your mobile or play music without cables. If you have WiFi, the whole process of updating traffic conditions or downloading new maps will be much easier.

Finally, we must not forget about the installation. This usually consists of a support, whose ability to adjust on the dashboard will give you more or less comfort when using it. The greater the versatility of the mount, the easier it will be to find the ideal position to drive and have the GPS always at hand. Something that will also help if the product includes a sunshade or some other protection, for when the sun falls on the screen.

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